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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Pre-Launch of new Partner with Mint Builder for Bullion instead of Collector Coins.

Get Ready...
The air is buzzing with Excitement of what is to come!

We have received tremendous positive feedback over the past couple days from those who were in on the "Sneak Peek" of the Pre-Launch Video! To those who provided the feedback... Thank You!

Through Quick Silver you'll have the additional ability to offer bullion on autoship to your MintBuilder prospects. That is something that simply does not fit the mold of the MintBuilder Compensation Plan.

Therefore, MintBuilder is simply Partnering with a New Company, Quick Silver to facilitate just that.

So rest assured MintBuilder is not going anywhere and now you have the benefit of another way to introduce people to the wonderful world of stacking silver assets!

Be on the lookout for an email announcing
that "The Gates Are Open..."



  • Quick Silver is a BRAND NEW Company with a BRAND NEW Concept NEVER been done before!
  • Quick Silver will begin its Pre-Launch on May 1st.
  • You will have the first mover advantage to participate!
  • Be prepared to take action!
  • You won't want to miss the window of opportunity about to open!
  • This will be a Game Changer to Networking with Silver!

Mark Your Calendar...

May 1st it all begins.

Stay tuned for Pre-Launch!

To The TOP!

- Member Services

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