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Friday, May 10, 2019

NOT Rocket Science, But....

By Anna Von Reitz

There are three kinds of "citizens" here in America.  

There are actual Americans who are citizens of their States --- Virginians, Californians, Dakotans, Kentuckians, New Yorkers, Texans...... These People live in the actual, factual, physically defined States of the Union.  

This is the actual Nation-State government "of the people, for the people, and by the people" that occupies the land and soil jurisdiction of every State.  The People are owed all the assets of their States, but instead, two branches of the Federal Government that survived the Civil War have been taking it upon themselves to take our assets into custody "for" us, for "safe-keeping".   

Thus it is that our Federal Employees have been ruling the roost and cracking the whip over the actual owners of the States, and undermining our rightful government in the process.  So, now let's look at them: 

There are British Territorial United States Citizens who are citizens of the British Commonwealth.  These Persons exist as military or corporate Officers and their Dependents, employed by the Territorial United States of America. [Notice this is not The United States of America, which is an unincorporated Federation of actual States and People.  This is a foreign corporation in the business of providing government services called "the" United States of America, Inc.]  These people operate within Military and Judicial Districts that overlay the land and soil of our States.  

They also operate the Territorial States of States organizations in every State.  These States of States organizations are supposed to be serving the British Commonwealth citizens on our soil, but they have usurped upon us and "presumed" that we are all British Commonwealth citizens.  They have done this by establishing illegal contracts and falsifying documents. 

There are also Municipal Citizens of the United States who are citizens of the Municipality of Washington, DC, that are franchised by the Holy See.  These PERSONS exist as Federal Civil Government Employees and their Dependents.  These are the Postal Workers, the Agency Workers, the Welfare Recipients, the Political Asylum Seekers, and the US Corporation Franchises. These PERSONS also work within "Federal Districts" that are variously defined: Postal Districts, School Districts, Service Districts.  These people operate the STATES OF STATES organizations and businesses like the DMV, FBI, IRS, etc.  They also got into the act and established unauthorized STATES OF STATES to, purportedly, serve all their Citizens.  

So you can be a Citizen of your State of the Union.  You can be a British Citizen of a State of State on our shores.  You can be a Municipal Citizen of a Municipal STATE OF STATE on our shores.  

Or, you can choose not to be a "citizen" of anything at all, and simply call yourself a "national" of any of the fifty States, or the [Territorial] United States of America, or the [Municipal] United States.    

Always remember that being a "citizen" implies an obligation to serve whichever government you are a citizen of in some capacity.  Maybe you agree to serve it as a voter or a juror or a tax withholding agent, maybe you are employed by that government and become a "citizen" of it that way.

The problem is that millions of innocent American State Nationals and American State Citizens have been "mistaken" for either British Territorial Citizens or Municipal Citizens ---- and railroaded accordingly.  

It always comes as a shock when we tell people, no, the United States Citizens have never been protected by any American Constitution, and neither have the Citizens of the United States been protected by our Constitutions.  Why?  Because they are citizens of entirely different governments.  

Think about it for five seconds. 

The States contracted originally with the Confederation of States (a group of commercial corporations doing business as the States of America with franchises doing business as, for example, The State of Georgia) to provide them with mutual governmental services--- a common defense, a common form of money, a common immigration policy, a common trade policy, etc. 

The States of America (Confederation), the Original primary provider of all these services in common was destroyed during the Civil War.  This Confederation included both the Northern States of States known as "the Union" and the Southern States of States known as the "Confederate States of America".  These were supposed to be "Reconstructed" after the hostilities ended, but they never were.  

Our intended Federal Government which is supposed to function with Three Branches --- Federal (States of America), Territorial (British), and Municipal (Rome) was destroyed.  

To gloss over the "missing piece" and continue the story line of three branches of government, we were told that the branches of government were "executive, legislative, and judicial"----- which they are, but only within each branch.  

In other words, each actual branch of the intended Federal Government structure had its own internal executive, legislative, and judicial functions, but that was not the original meaning of the "three branches of the Federal Government".  

Just step back and observe for yourself  that there are State of State (Territorial) Courts and STATE OF STATE (Municipal) COURTS, operating at the same time, and that "Congress" wears numerous hats, for example, "The Congress of the United States" and "The United States Congress".  

If it were just a simple business of executive, legislative, and judicial, this vast multiplicity of courts and kinds of government organizations would not exist. So you may be sure--- just by using your own eyes and ears--- that there is more to this than you were ever taught in school.  

Begin by asking yourself---- am I a citizen?  And if so, what kind?  American, British or Municipal?   Am I one of the People, or am I functioning as a Person or as a PERSON?   Who am I?  Maybe I am not a citizen at all..... but at least think about it and think deeply.  

American State Citizens and American State Nationals are both owed protection and peace---- especially from their own Employees.  United States Citizens and Citizens of the United States have no such pleasant guarantees.  

So think and think hard.  Are you an American, a US Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States?   Or are you no kind of "citizen" at all?   Whatever shoe fits, its up to you to sort things out and declare your political status.  Nobody can make your choices or live your life for you.  

As for the Living Law Firm, it is not our part to make choices "for" you, but to present the choices to you, to make you aware of the actual history and condition of your government, and explain how and why you are being denied the protections of the Constitutions: the Constitutions are still there, but because you are being misidentified as a United States Citizen or a Citizen of the United States, those protections are not applicable to you.  


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1 comment:

  1. Future generations will tell the truth about even our original organic constitution....that it was the biggest failure of all time, and so poorly written that we are still arguing about it after 150 years....and the sad thing is it never gave anyone any rights whatsoever....!! But I've personally witnessed judges asking stupid defendants if they had any rights and if so can you tell me what they are ....what rights do you have under the constitution or under the law of the United States....!! They just sit there like a dear that was hit by headlights....huh..!!

    That "infernal " document has led this country into the biggest deception of LIES history has ever seen.....!!

    Anna, if you were there during the time the constitution was being formed, would you give a 10 million square parcel of LAND , and give them 19 delegations of authority to the most powerful entity on earth....the military industrial complex....!! I would have told them to "go to hell "...I think we are quit capable of taking care of ourselves along with those 19 delegations of authority...!! That is incorrect wording and highly dubious and intentionally unclear...!!
    That statement is the equivalent of giving the "keys to the kingdom " to a bunch of war mongering , and power hungry assholes shoes only purpose is to destroy anything that gets in its way....!!

    Oddly enough, Corporations are in fact "The military equivalent " in the civilian sector of our industrial military complex....They all work by a "chain of command", where the employees are nothing but pauns to upper mangement...the store manager being the general, and his lieutenants and corporals give orders to everyone below them as to what orders all employees will follow to the letter...!! Or face a civil terms
    .."YOUR FIRED"...get out..!!

    It's not govt that have ruled the world since time immemorial....its always been their militaries...!!

    Don't kid yourselves...this military leaders actually love war and think of controversies as the "superbowl" of conflicts, giving them all totally inflated egos , that comes with total power....corrupting power...!!
    I would rather arm every man and woman over the age of 21 with sidearms as a public military for the people than intentially give a small group of military men and women the power to destroy the world with the push of a button....real smart....!!

    We need to take this country back from the military.....anything , including UFO's and aliens (real ones), is automatically declared to be the military's for reasons of "National Security", so the public is purposely left out of the loop....where is the transparency in that....!! Why shouldn't we also be privy to sensitive info to see if the info they collect is known to all of us...!! Secrets always in the end always destroys confidence in any relationship, whether it's between spouses or between the people and their military and political leaders ....!!