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Friday, May 10, 2019

Deadly Assessment Letter to End IRS False Claims

By Anna Von Reitz

Okay, you have sent in your Revocation of Election to Pay Federal Income Taxes and identified yourself as a private Lawful Person, but the IRS doesn't want to take "No, thanks." for an answer.  They will often continue to send you letters and threaten and harass you in various ways even long after you have cut the cord and sailed away. 

In order for them to collect a tax, someone must assess a tax.  In order to create a lien, someone must first assess a tax.   

If you refuse to do that for them, they will happily appoint someone on their staff to do it "for" your PERSON, however, that IRS employee will never have any first-hand knowledge and can't validate the debt. 

It is this assessment process which underlies every lien and every other action they undertake without your participation or consent that is the Fatal Flaw in their system.    

If you are sick of getting letters from the IRS, especially threatening letters claiming that you owe them debts, and offering to lien your assets and take you to court, etc. --- send them a counter-offer.  

Here's an example of a clean strike letter sealed with a self-fulfilling contract. 
Notice that you take charge of the situation and secure your position up front. You are polite and professional.  You are reasonable and give them sufficient time to respond.  

When they don't respond within 30 days, you stamp "Second Notice" on a copy of the same letter, write in a new Registered Mail Number and cross out "thirty (30)" and write in "ten (10)" on the Second Notice copy as the amount of time they have to respond. 

When they don't respond within the additional 10 (ten) days, you send a third copy of the same letter stamped "Final Notice", and again, change the Registered Mail Number, and number of days for them to respond from 10 days to 7 days. 

They won't respond because they can't do so without endangering themselves. They are telling a Big, Fat Lie and you are calling them on it.   

Your self-fulfilling contract has been "accepted" and all "Due Process" has been served.  If they ever rear their ugly heads again, trot out your correspondence. 
This same process can be used to reply to State Tax Collectors. 

Always bear in mind that there are some PERSONS who do owe Federal Income Taxes, and be sure that you are not one of them before revoking or contesting with the IRS.  

The checklist is simple--- are you a Federal Employee?  If so, you owe Federal Income Taxes.  Are you a Dependent of a Federal Employee?  You may owe Federal Income Taxes, too.  

Are you a recipient of unearned Federal Welfare payments or retirement income based on Federal Employment?  You may have to pay some back as Federal Income Tax --- but in the case of Social Security payments based on mixed Federal and Private Sector earnings, only the portion attributable to Federal Employment is taxable. 

Please note that many veterans owe a dollar or two of Federal Income Taxes based on their two-year employment in the military decades ago, but this and similar trivial income is exempted by the standard deductible. 

Are you a "political asylum seeker" like the Hondurans at our Southern Border?  You will owe federal income tax on any federal income you receive until your political status is changed and settled. 

Last, are you operating (knowingly, willingly, voluntarily) a commercial corporation or maritime VESSEL registered in the Municipal United States (Washington, DC)?   

For the vast majority of us, the answer to that one is ---- hell, no, I am not knowingly, willingly, or voluntarily operating any such contrivances, but now that  I have been made aware that such a "franchise" has been created "for" me and in my name, I have corrected my political status and removed the franchise to a permanent domicile on the land and soil of.... Illinois, Minnesota, Vermont..... 

Still, always remember that there are such things as "US Corporations" and those corporations that have been enfranchised as "US CITIZENS" under the Diversity Clause of the Federal Code, are subject to paying -- guess what? Federal Income Tax.  

This is just another reason why you must go through the Turkey Trot of formally recording and reclaiming your Good Name and birthright political status and natural estate as an American.  This is why you have to expatriate these NAMES and establish their new permanent domicile on the land and soil jurisdiction State. 

Until you object to the "presumption" that you are conducting your business as a US Corporation, you owe the franchise taxes --- that is, Federal Income Tax. Until you take exception to these presumptions and record your counterclaims (the paperwork available on and Article 928 on my website,, there is no evidence on the Public Record in support of your position that you are an American and not a Federal Citizen nor Federal Employee and not operating as a Federal Corporation Franchisee, either. 

Okay?  I don't want anyone going off half-cocked.  I don't want anyone getting in trouble because they don't completely understand the web they are in or are unprepared to rebut the legal presumption of US Citizenship/US CITIZENSHIP. 

On the other hand, I don't want Joe Average American taxed for taxes he doesn't owe and never did.  I don't want to see Joe Average suffering wage garnishments that don't apply to him.  I don't want to see Joe losing his home or his retirement to these voracious foreign bill collectors. 

The vast majority of us are naturally exempt from Federal Income Taxes and don't get a drop of Federal Income.  So.....  if you are Joe Average, get busy, record your paperwork to reclaim your birthright political status, and.... when you get threatening mail after you have revoked your election to pay Federal Income Taxes, send back a letter something like this: 

April 24, 2018
First Middle Last
c/o 1111 Any Dirt Road
Town, State

To: Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Any City, ST 64XXX-0010

Via Registered Mail Number: RI 340 309 790 US

To Whom It May Concern, [or the name of specific officer harassing you]

Re: Notice CP40, Dated: April XX, 2018  

I have your Notice CP40 which is dated: April 22, 2019. If I had any federal income during the referenced year it is my intent to comply.

Your offer regarding the referenced tax year is accepted and returned. I will provide an information return upon proof of claim that I had taxable federal income during the year in question.
In order to reply, I must know the character, nature and venue of the alleged assessment. Please have a designated Assessment Officer of the Internal Revenue Service send me: (1) a dated and certified and signed assessment and (2) a copy of the supporting record used to create the assessment. I will also need the Assessment Officer’s Internal Revenue Service Employee Identification Number and contact information for my files.
Upon receiving the signed assessment and supporting documents, they will be reviewed. If the applicability, validity and correctness of the claim is demonstrated, I will settle any debts. If I do not receive the requested documents within thirty (30) days, I will take it as your agreement that the assessment was faulty, that no taxes are owed, and that the claim is withdrawn with prejudice.
               by: First Middle Last (red ink         thumbprint,  a Lawful Person and Attorney-in-Fact
Enclose: Notice CP40 / Dated: April XX, 2018

God bless and Godspeed you all, each and every American who takes up the challenge and learns the ropes and does the work. 


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  1. ANNA wants you to send to the IRS a "Revocation of Election to pay Federal Income Taxes" as Dr. Louis Delynn Hansen did back in 2017.

    Who is Dr. Louis Deylynn Hansen? Well he currently prisoner number 24899-081 at Florence FCI and is scheduled to be release 3/27/2020. He was indicated and convicted for attempting to evade or defeat a tax, 26 U.S.C. § 7201, and impeding Internal Revenue laws, 26 U.S.C. § 7212(a).

    In his Motion to Dismiss the Criminal case, he file appeal insisted that he was criminally liable because he sent a "Revocation of Election to pay income taxes" to the IRS.

    The District Court rejected "[] Dr. Hansen's contentions that he is not a "person" subject to federal taxation; or that he is a citizen of a state and not a citizen of the United States; or that his debts are discharged by the notices he has filed; or any other tax protester argument Dr. Hansen may be asserting in this case. These arguments have no basis in the law." United States v. Hansen, No. 2:16-cr-534-CW-PMW (D. Utah July 5, 2017)

    If you follow ANNA's suggestion, make sure to say Hi to Dr. Hansen.

    1. well idiot if Dr Hanson is actually a State regulated Licensed DR then he is also an idiot to believe he doesn't owe income taxes??? Did he ever establish alternative standing in the 'private'?

    2. Wasn't Atticus Finch a fictional lawyer in the fictional classic movie To Kill A Mockingbird?

  2. correction to the above:

    2nd paragraph:

    Should be "In his Motion to Dismiss the criminal case, he file an appeal insisting that he was NOT criminally liable because he sent a "Revocation of Election to Pay income Taxes" to the IRS.

    1. Well deadbeat thanks for the gaslighting session. Look it up.

      You are a deadbeat because you carpet bomb here from 30,000 feet but then are nowhere to be found when it comes to actually defending your cowardly propaganda drops.

      You are trying to sway the opinion of any of the 50 Million or so readers Paul says this blog serves, and who aren't entirely comfortable and whose position is still not solid because it causes a condition known as cognitive dissonance that prevents them from accepting or defending a position that conflicts with their world view. Could that be you dude? A useful idiot?

      There are plenty of people who will eat you for lunch here but you refuse to engage with them because those are not your orders now are they? Get over it, there are many more people on the right side of this equation than the side you are launching from.

      Resistance is futile...

  3. They are creating computer generated fake return requests and also creating a Substitute for Return that goes into the file, these gentlemen are using FOIA requests to request the actual documents they claim to exist that initiated the whole process.

  4. It is to dangerous to keep the IT'S around Anna, just because some Federal employees and corporations owe taxes....tough...!! It's easier to make a law that makes "incorporating " a major felony, and that is especially true of state and local govt as well....Everyone has to unincorporate and run privately from now on...!! And our military is exempt...!!! The entire tax code is under title 26, which is all corporate....!! But they have received taxes now for 100 years unlawfully, so that is enough to bring a criminal indictment against them and put them in front of Congress....and no one in that agency has to waive all "liability" from now on and can be arrested and charged without the IRS attorneys being involved.....!! I don't care how it's done, but the bottom.line is that agency is to beauacratic to understand their own laws and they will always send you a letter saying you owe something, which is the beginning of their unending terrorism against you....!! On top of all their other crimes, they are sending false bills through the mail, which is mail fraud right from the start...!! And even though title 26 does talk about corporations (persons), the code of federal regulations that give authority to their collection dept, is in title 27 which is all about "Alcohol, Tobacco, and firearms "...!! Neither I or hardly anyone else is involved in those endeavors.....title 27 has nothing to do with corporations unless they are involved in those specific areas....!! That's why all our master files have us coded as "gun runners, illegal alcohol manufacturing, or growing tobacco without a license, and dozens of other nefarious endeavors...!! The bottom line is we are forced to deal with their private script, which is a benefit because of its "eleasticity" considered by them as a benefit...!! So if you do send them a letter in the form of a "conditional acceptance", your file will immediately be labeled TP120...TAX PROTESTOR...!! And will remain on your file forever...!!

    Trump just needs to declare a "National Emergency" and declare war against a foreign collection agency that has no business in America and collecting taxes under conditions of fraud and non- discloser, and mis- application of the law....!! Enough is enough...!! All big corporations are "globalist" not "Nationalist"...!!

    1. James, rumor has it from several sources that the IRS will be dead by August 1, 2019.

    2. 1Freeman I for one told James that a couple of days ago, Field McConnell said it on his recent video this week actually. Are you hearing it from any other sources?

      Anna has mentioned Field and he has mentioned her on at least one of his videos that I have seen. So they know of each other if nothing else, but I wonder why there isn't much collaboration. Maybe there is behind the scenes and Field passes info back to her. And American Intelligence Media is busting open the whole British fraud, SES, Serco connection with all their research confirming in great detail what Anna has said, she doesn't tend to go into the gory details. They don't seem to talk about any of the aspects that Anna does with regard to the great fraud, they tend to skirt around the edges in a way that still seems to give some kind of credibility to the fake government, even though their research should show them it is not legit???

      I find it very odd that so many dots are being connected but it feels like they are all out there doing their own thing, Field McConnell included. Why isn't he bringing in more of Anna's work? A shoutout on a regular basis even? I get that Field's work by his own admission is to expose evil. I do watch his videos and you have to listen to everything you never know when some piece of intel will drop out like the Aug 1 drop dead for the IRS.

      If anyone is familiar with Roy Potter's Youtube channel he is a devout Christian and devout patriot, ex-military and very passionate about seeing things put right. Goes back and forth on Trump. I haven't ever heard him say he knows about the US corporation government fraud thing, he is frequently frothing at the mouth that Trump isn't doing X or Barr isn't doing Y to help reel in the traitors. So does he not know that Trump is only the CEO of a bankrupt corpse, and he is presiding over the burial of the body?

      Why does nobody know what everybody here knows, even though there is some overlap at times?

      That was a rhetorical question actually but I will send that out to anybody who can say why? I think it is mind boggling quite frankly.

    3. And Trump the 'apprentice actor' will do none of the above he is NOT on the side of the people PERIOD
      He would not be playing the role if he was not in their pockets or amoung or one of the thieves
      He knows exactly what they are doing to this country and everywhere else
      What people don't seem to grasp is that there is no money and they know it but they can make or break the entire world by removing the currency period and that is how they will collapse it all and watch as the people kill each other to survive
      This is where there cannablism comes in, their Amazon
      Caution when reading the following
      This is why the urgent push for 5G and all the electrical grid stuff they got going on 24/7 they need that stuff up to control their mega regions as planned and the rfid chips they got ready for their chattel
      They've already got alternate government in place so the ones they show us on tell lie vision will go away once they make the switch
      Hell there is no United States only the North American Union
      Scroll down on the left and see the Catholic North American Union
      THEY ALL KNOW THIS ITS THE SECRET THEY ALL SHH ABOUT and their hand signals and symbols
      Just my opinions and some material for those interested in reviewing
      God Bless everyone for their continued efforts to free mankind
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    4. Will, I heard it from Abel Danger and confirmed with my LLF lawyer who says he is hearing the same. The video is rough and not synced properly.

    5. 1FREEMAN, HEY! Believe it when you see it until then occupy. Keep doing what needs to be done.

  5. Excellent put up or shut up response! Thank you, Anna. And if they still persist and send you their knee jerk 45, 60 or even 90 day letter (90 days turns it into a security) hoping you will simply do nothing while their clock keeps ticking, just send them this simple letter:

    Dear _________,

    This is in response to your letter 2645C, dated Oct. 27, 201.

    As you state in your letter, you are in receipt of my correspondence in which your offer regarding the referenced tax year(s) is accepted and returned. As I stated in my reply letter, I will provide an information return upon proof of claim that I had taxable federal income during the year in question.

    Your offer to extend the amount of time I have already offered to settle this account is not accepted and herewith declined.

    Please take notice that your delay in settling this matter does not toll the time given.

    Please settle and close this matter immediately.

    Thank you.


    by: ____________________(right red thumprint), a Lawful Person and Attorney-in-Fact

    1. Seems like this letter could be converted to just about any "offer" we receive. I'm thinking especially of a property tax statement received AFTER having corrected our status.

    2. Has this letter worked lately 1Freeman? In my experience, they just keep sending more letters and never zero the balance.

    3. It's not about whether it works or not but to establish the fact that you are not accepting their offer to extend the deadline to settle this account when they cannot prove their claim. If you have surrendered your fed person using Anna's process they will zero out your account. Just look at the last digits on the coupon and you should see all zeroes where the balance normally is. They are all zeroes in my case.

  6. Curious, has anyone checked to see if they have all of us labeled as UN Citizens?
    We are already under martial law and the control of the UN from what I have been listening too this morning - the UN is here taking land, water rights, mineral rights, everything all over the country
    Even burned 50,000 out in California to get the land
    Pre meditated murder, war crimes
    From what I'm gathering they're about ready to blow the orville dam and make it look like natural disaster to reclaim the valley below that will flood and kill millions
    From this article you will see that they have plans to return this land to it's former self and the people will be removed however they see fit
    And on the back end they making millions selling weather derivitives and operating Climate Stock Exchanges all over the world
    See this is how they came up with their population reduction figures that they have published on the net - they know how many they gonna kill before they kill them and where
    Every bit of it is pre meditated and planned for all across the country and the planet
    And every single person working for this system is working for the enemy no matter what capacity, from school teacher, doctor, clerk in a court or at taco bell
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. correct shelby and i did an email to you 3/4 months ago to explain situation HERE !!!

  7. Cracking the code,Pete Hendrickson
    Legacy 10 class Jean Keating
    Neutral response letter @

  8. Paperwork schmaperwork. County clerk recorder won't record Anna's paperwork in my County. All that work only to be rejected and told I can't retry without the Courts approval. Any ideas?

    1. growroom, I find your comment very interesting. I am finding the counties are more corrupt than the federal govt.

      after my research, I am becoming certain, because of the legacy accounts [u.s. title 31] the counties [STATE REPS] are our representatives/partners and have our TRUE AND OFFICIAL birth records [private] unlawfully seized in violation of 4th, 5th and 13th amendment rights to privacy and they have misrepresented, schemed and concealed the truth [U.S TITLE 18-1001, 18-241, 18-242 AND 18-96 VIOLATIONS].
      They seized the private birth records [which do not have a legal name on them] as public property in violation of us title 5. It is time. the first thing we do, is call them out and get those birth records and get them certified as a TRUE and OFFICIAL copy. Then we need to use ANNA'S POA form and her other forms and fire the county reps from being are representative and partners and let them know they are no longer our reps/partners. I truly believe this is the part that has been missing!By the way, the birth records are on white paper, the same paper they gave to freed slaves and indentured servants. u.s. law 13th amendment says involuntary servitude is a serious crime, but that is exactly what the county clerks are doing. that county clerk used inferior admin. procedures against you. get your birth record and then go use supreme law of the land against her. also check your state codes, betcha you will find, all notarized docs are public records and no office can refuse them. hit her over the head with a code number or two and then ask her if she is trying to be a lawyer and she needs to cease and desist with her threats. also look at federal law regarding notaries and their importance to public records. you got the balogna claim, its time you hit her with the salami!
      If someone steals your lawnmower, and you know the theif, you go get it back. Well, your life was stolen and all their B/S is just that and you are right about the paperwork schmaperwork. If you don't know what you are doing with the paperwork or how to stand on it, then its just paperwork. It's meaningless. However, when you know what you are doing, the paperwork becomes very powerful.
      Get this fully, your life has been stolen and the pirates are not going to return it, unless you give then a good darn reason. REASON-VIOLATIONS OF LAW:IN FACT! They threaten you, you tell them, you will take them down. You have the power not them.

    2. PS. Trumps DOJ is telling them: we are taking you down, now all the rats are scurrying and turning on one another. Its time the America People stop cowering around and stand up and call a rat, a rat! HELLO, THEY HAVE TAKE YOUR LIFE AND WEALTH BY FRAUD....HELLO IS ANY ONE LISTENING. THEY WANT THE VERY GROUND WHERE YOUR 2 FEET TOUCH AND ENOUGH IS NEVER ENOUGH FOR THEM! GET IT! wait just a moment, here's the definition of legal entity [person]:

      Legal entity: An association, corporation, partnership, proprietorship, trust, or individual that has legal standing in the eyes of law. A legal entity has legal capacity to enter into agreements or contracts, assume obligations, incur and pay debts, sue and be sued, in its’ own right, and to be held responsible for its’ actions. Read more:


    3. growroom

      You should fill out the form at the bottom right corner of and get shirley to help you record the paperwork in Yavapai county Arizona.

      Ask her why that works when she calls you.