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Friday, April 19, 2019

The GIFT - Pillar to Post

By Anna Von Reitz

When I dug deep and down the rabbit hole, I was told that the Municipal PERSON -- aka --- Strawman, was a gift. Well, it was "conferred" on all of us without our knowledge or consent, based on the false presumption that we were British Territorial United States Citizens and "Wards" of their States of States, but giving us a "mask" --- a "person"--- that is slave and a criminal by definition is not my idea of a gift.
So what is really going on?
A scheme by the colluding criminal commercial corporations to get us in a crossfire and get us "both coming and going" -- and all under three false presumptions:
(1.) The false presumption that we are or ever were British Territorial United States Citizens;
(2.) The false presumption that we are or ever were a Municipal Citizen of the United States;
(3.) The false presumption that these two options (above) are the only possibilities.
In fact, our States of the Union and our Lawful Persons were here before any of the British Territorial United States Citizens and before any Municipal Citizens of the United States, either.
The "US Citizens" were created by the Constitutions.
We were created by God.
So, they simply tell Big Lies about us, and keep us defending ourselves, first as a Municipal and then as a Territorial Citizen---- and at no time are we either one.
It's just one big, jolly Lie Fest with the Brits telling lies about us on one side and the not-so-holy Romans telling lies about us on the other.
No wonder we are confused.
I suppose we could respond in kind by wantonly telling lies, but the Truth is far more devastating.
"I act exclusively as a lawful person. Where's your authority to address me?"


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  1. Re: "the false presumption that we were British Territorial United States Citizens and 'Wards' of their States of States." - Where in our Organic Laws is there a reference to any "States of States" having authority over the truly Lawful American people at any time and in any capacity? .........

    I especially like the very last two lines of this presentation!
    IMO - these kind of questions ("Question Authority") need to be at the very top of the "Always Ready" - "To Do" list of every American. Once jurisdiction is challenged the burden of proof is on the agent/agency, right Anna? .........

  2. Let us take this a little deeper to the Creator! There are no Countries, States, Territories or any other division of Mankind!!! We are All One with the Creator.

    1. Our rights were granted by the infinite Creator and are not subject to the dictates of others. Do not consent. Do not obey.

    2. i will be devils advocate

      farbeit for me to defend popes/kings "divine right" to govern lowly rabble..but the reason "memoirs illustrating the history of jacobonism" calls this manesism/templarism is because if we are all "one with the creator" "all men are created equal" it is a short step to we are all equal to "Satanists" (insert worst enemy here).it is true "catholics" or others who require proper "baptisms" are more "Strict" on this, because noone else is "saved", but i see the point as universal.

      true, america was founded on "all men are created equal".but it is in practice a giant loophole for "tolerate the satanists/inland piracy/usury/filthy bankers"

      in practice it leads to "defend the crooks" under a false veneer of "equality" and sophistic illusion of "freedom"

      the "divine right of kings" also agreed with "We are all one with the creator".but your place is below, king/queen is above you, and because "We are all one" is precisely WHY you must "OBEY". the king's creator is yours too.

      sounds like meaningless fluff to me. we can all be "saved" but no actual qualifications/studying/humbling oneself/work necessary/charity/restraint needed, just believe? you can see why the "jesuits" called this "manesism/templarism" in disguise, masquerading as "the rights of man", and why it is antithetical to any people with any permanent values/beliefs whatsoever.

      it is identical to "illuminist" philosophy, they are so "perfect" enlightened, they have no need of any "laws".

      with such philosophy, all opinions are "Equal" so there is no right or wrong, just different times/places/people. anything goes.

      it dissolves into meaninglessness when put to the test of "what does that actually mean"?

      "if men were angels, no government would be necessary." this is 99.999999% not the case, 99.99999% of the time.

      also, george washington paraphrase (military to be sure) "government is not eloquence, nor reason, gov. is force ." i dont see he was "Advocating" "martial law" it seems more of an argument to me for limited gov. as it is all based on "force" in the end.

      i say that, because "countries" "States" "Territories" in the end are just "who has the force to defend/enforce these fictional human constructs?"

      this doesnt make them "lawful", but that is the roman system. the bankers/kings/popes "divinity" is just "more equal/divine" than everyone else's.

      one can also say, "states" are simply power/money (at least illusion thereof, control). thus, the law merchant fractional resreve "banks" most certainly are acting as if they are "states", corporations most assuredly do act as though the "states" "countries" are theirs and theirs alone and it is all their "Territory" etc.

      the "communists" recognize(d) the subjective gov. (potemkin paper tiger gov. fake "democracy") versus the objective (the corporations banks are actual gov.)


      "the state as such is only power"

      this is the danger of "there are no countries/states" just leads to "well, i guess we don't have to do anything but let the crooked banks/incorporations/etc. enslave us all, it will all magically work out in the end"

      it is "turning one's back to objectivity/substance, deceived by appearances/subjectvity, so satan can more easily capture you" IMO.

      in that sense, i consider such philosophies to be "spellbinding" "witchcraft" "delusional".

    3. also of course, this is a CLASSIC example of "pillar and post" you must either a) accept "illuminist philosophy" or b) be in favor of "divine rights of kings/popes" and be a priest shouting "heretic!" at everyone else as you dragoon them.

      it is a feel-good phrase that sounds good, no "tyrannical king/pope" but in practice, this is precisely why "satan" runs 99% of everything. the "good side" just gave up.

      also, of course, the other reason this is a CLASSIC false "pillar and post" is the masonic princes/kings/illuminists/banks maintain their "divinity" behind the scenes, so you dont get "no pope/king" you get "illusion of freedom/democracy, reality is you get ruled by private/nonvisible kings/priests/princes/etc."

      as always, "satan" tells people one thing, doesnt honor his own "contracts".

      the reason the "illuminists" promote/promoted this "philosophy" is to take out the old kings/popes, so that they might replace them behind the scenes.

      if you disagree this still occurs today, that is your opinion, but i find it explains much of the modern world and delusional "philosophies" that people swallow blindly without knowing where they came from, or who was pushing them, or what was really meant by them.

    4. xerces yakir, THAT precisely is why the 1st amendment says: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof (even the religion of ruling satanist's & all their practices) [Malice aforethought is the "premeditation" &/or "predetermination" (with malice) REQUIRED AS AN ELEMENT OF some crimes in some JURISDICTIONS and a UNIQUE ELEMENT for first-degree or aggravated murder in a few. Insofar as THE TERM IS STILL IN USE, IT HAS A TECHNICAL MEANING THAT HAS CHANGED SUBSTANTIALLY OVER OVER TIME! (my capitalized emphasis)]

      or abridging the freedom of speech, or
      of the press (compelling evidence thereof today); or
      the right of the people (not defined, could be Nationals or persons/PERSONS or citizens/CITIZENS)
      peaceably to assemble (gather together in one place for a common purpose), and
      to petition (the right to make a complaint to, or seek the assistance of, foreign agents)
      the Government (which jurisdiction?)
      for a redress [the power to remedy the grievances of our citizens (not regarding Nationals)]
      of grievances (a real or imagined wrong or other cause for complaint or protest, especially unfair treatment).

      IMHO this whole document was written for the rulers to rule, not only their own agents, but to falsely be declared as OUR document that defined our rights -- albeit very narrowly limited, for THEIR purpose of mind control.

      Which sadly goes back to the words "We The People" who combined to rule and we thought they were talking about us, the Living Souls who subjected themselves again, to another to define & rule in this thought of representative government of, for and by the people: these foreign agents.

      Peace. ra

  3. Mankind will have to stand together in order to change the system. The indoctrination of mankind runs very very very DEEP!!
    Light , Love, Integrity!!!

    PS: Great work Anna and Crew!!!

  4. In Canada, we were lied to by our "forefathers" as well. The BNA Act of 1867 was supposedly our constitution until 1982 when it was incorporated with a bill of rights by the Pierre Trudeau governing corporation as a constitution. Meanwhile, the 1931 Statute of Westminster supposedly severed the British Parliament from making laws governing Canada but still our parliament then and now make their oaths to the Queen. The lie was that we were never told that we could create our own constitution of the people, by the people for the people. That Canada was a sovereign country and that each province was a sovereign nation unto itself, identical to the nation states within the America.

    When I posed the question of oath to the Queen to each candidate (of 14), before our recent municipal election not one of them provided an answer. With that in mind, who is briefing them when deciding to run for council? Is it part of the $100.00 application fee?

    The dates are too coincidental, 1867 Canada and 1868 America. Did they figure they got away with it in Canada and can do it in America as well? So many questions.

  5. Lawful vs Legal and knowing the difference!

  6. То же самое и с ситуацией на территории бывшего СССР. Просматривая работы цивилистов 19 века, пришел к выводу о действии на территории России римского права. Автор совершенно верно пишет. Все законы о частной собственности вводились на основании прецендента. Иными словами, просто издавался закон, который вводился в юридическую практику.

    1. Translation:

      The same with the situation in the former USSR. Looking through the works of civilists of the 19th century, he came to the conclusion that Roman law was valid in Russia. The author is absolutely right. All laws on private property were introduced on the basis of precedent. In other words, a law was simply issued, which was introduced into legal practice.

    2. Paul, Thank you for our synchronicity in thought to preserve. I was typing my response, so didn't see that you already covered it by the time my comment was complete. :-)
      Peace. ra

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Даты действительно нужно корректировать ровно на 100 лет. 1861, это значит-1961 год. Переделка матрицы произошла именно в это время.

    1. translation:
      Dates really need to be adjusted exactly for 100 years. 1861, it means 1961. Alteration of the matrix occurred at this time.

  8. C. Johnson and All other seekers:
    Thank you Unknown for these 2 comments, noted for posterity:
    1) "The same with the situation in the former USSR. Looking through the works of civilists of the 19th century, he came to the conclusion that Roman law was valid in Russia. The author is absolutely right. All laws on private property were introduced on the basis of precedent. In other words, a law was simply issued, which was introduced into legal practice."

    2) "Dates really need to be adjusted exactly for 100 years. 1861, it means 1961. Alteration of the matrix occurred at this time."

    And this quote, from Part Six, The Choice, paragraph heading The Two Pillars Decoded an excerpt on page 46. with link below:
    "Essentially, the five powers granted to the Virginia Company are the primary and foundational powers later to be vested in the United States by the Constitution for the United States of America (thus establishing the logical conclusion that the United States is in fact the Crown Corporation holding company known as the Virginia Company)." (document print out link>)
    An Overview of the World System of Bondage

    Love out-pouring to All gathered here for edification & unity.
    Peace. ra


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