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Friday, April 19, 2019

"Beacon 37" Just New Version of the Same Old Scam

By Anna Von Reitz

As I explained yesterday, building materials --- straw, sticks, or bricks--- count.  

Beacon 37 is a house of sticks.  

It's a "States of States" organization by definition.  

It's another attempt to set up another round of the same old fraud against the actual States and People.  

It doesn't matter if these people are acting in good faith and ignorance, or purposefully trying to co-opt the effort and derail actual progress. 

The result is the same: you get nowhere, you get no protection, and you get no recognition as anything but another new Territorial or Municipal "State of State" organization.  

Why?  Because Beacon 37 is building with sticks, not bricks. 


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  1. The following appears on paperupnow under Conference Calls, showing The Republic as a replacement for "Beacon 37". Is The Republic an acceptable unincorporated "state" organization for American Nationals or State Nationals?

    1. Response from Anna:
      NO. The "Republic" is a State of State organization by definition.

      No organization that includes "United States Citizens" or "Citizens of the United States" can assemble an actual State of the Union.

      All they can do is form a new Territorial State of State organization or a new Municipal STATE OF STATE organization, and that is NOT what we need to do.

      We need to assemble our States of the Union.

      Next, we need to charter new States of States of our own.

      The Federal Government is supposed to be run by American owned, operated, and controlled States of States --- not British Territorial States of States, not Roman Municipal STATES OF STATES.

      The only ones that can reconstruct actual States are Americans acting exclusively as Lawful Persons.

      The only entities that can enforce the Constitutions and the only entities that can reboot our American States of States -- are our States.

      Not Territorial States of States which are trying to reboot and usurp upon us.

      Not Municipal STATES OF STATES which are trying to reboot and usurp upon us.

      This situation has to be understood and people need to get their heads around the fact that most of us are not and have never been any kind of "US Citizen" --- EVER.

  2. Have any of Anna's followers been aware of the work and outrageous claims of Mark Christopher? He seems to have inherited David-wynn:Miller's quest and is building a network of something called federal postal court judges? They claim to be the superior authority in all earthly contract matters. At least that's my analysis (I don't know how else to describe it). Interested to hear anyone's take on this, especially Anna's, if she has the time!

    1. I recently watched a video of theirs on youtube.
      There may be some truth in what they present but even a pot of chili with a few deer turds in it is something I care not to digest.

    2. Response from Anna:

      Mark Christopher is deceived. He is using DOG LATIN unawares. They make all sorts of claims, but PARSE is just another iteration of DOG LATIN and invalidated for any purpose because of that, no matter what the corporate "governments" want to try to shuffle off. See the work done on The Justinian Deception by Romley Stewart.

    3. Thanks for the validation. Just doesn't pass the smell test. Even when your use of language, grammar and syntax are superior, it's still DOG LATIN; and a rose by any other name...


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