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Friday, April 19, 2019

For All the Jural Assemblies - 48 Banking Corrections

By Anna Von Reitz

There are two kinds of banking institutions available --- Federal and State. These institutions operate under different kinds of charters.  As American State Nationals and American State Citizens, we should be using and supporting State-chartered banks and credit unions.  

Why?  Because of the legal presumptions involved and the relative safety provided to Depositors by State-chartered banks and credit unions.  

We long ago advised that non-federal employees and their dependents, should shift their small business and private trust and Trade Name accounts to State-chartered banks and credit unions.  

We also suggest that people who have accounts in Federal banks and credit unions provide the bank CEO's with a Registered Letter, Return Receipt Requested, specifically instructing that all funds being deposited in and transferred out of such accounts held in our NAMES be "denominated" as "lawful funds".  

This prevents them from getting grabby in the case of a bank holiday or "bail-in" or similar fiasco.  Federal banks don't actually have sufficient United States Notes to trade in them --- USN's are a foreign currency --- but they are required to "denominate" the digits held in their accounts "as" United States Notes, if and when Depositors require this.  

Many people have had trouble locating the State-chartered banks and credit unions in their State.  In Alaska, this information is available from the State of Alaska, Division of Banking and Securities.  The State Banking Commissioner in all States should have that information or be able to direct you to the proper office.

A search by one of our more diligent researchers shows that there are only four State-chartered banks left in Alaska, only one of which is truly accessible and statewide in scope.  

There is only one State-chartered credit union --- Credit Union One.  Thankfully, Credit Union One has State-chartered organizations in every State of the Union. 

Each State Assembly needs to research this topic for their State and their Members, and make the information available to them.  State-chartered banks and credit unions are in-state Depositories by definition, and as such, are not as likely to be affected by any international banking collapse resulting in the loss of Depositor's assets.  

To bring this home to Americans --- the State-chartered banks and credit unions are "George Bailey" and the Federal-chartered banks and credit unions are "Mister Potter".  It has been this way since the days when the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life" was made, and it continues to be true today.  

The trouble with banking began in 1913 with the passage of The Federal Reserve Act, which imposed conditions that can only be described as contractual lunacy--- leaving only Section 16 of the Act as remedy for it.  From that time on, federally-chartered banks were obligated to function under this patently criminal scheme.  Section 16 of The Federal Reserve Act was "codified" as Title 12, Section 411, [12 USC 411] which spells out the remedy via proper endorsement of all banking instruments. 

Is it a check?  It's a banking instrument. 
Is it a signature card?  It's a banking instrument. 
Is it a court case?  It's a banking instrument. 
Is it a savings account?  It's a banking instrument. 
Is it a safety deposit agreement?  It's a banking instrument. 
Is it a mortgage application?  It's a banking instrument. 
Is it a mortgage closing document?  It's a banking instrument. 

All these and more are being bonded, subject to bailment---- and unless you specify otherwise using your signature correctly, you leave the federal agents free to presume whatever they like and whatever profits them.

You have a choice.  You can deal in "Federal Reserve Notes" --- I.O.U.'s, or, you can deal in lawful money, "United States Notes".  You can use the bank as a "Gratuitous Bailee" or the bank can use you as a "Subject BAILOR".  

As American State Nationals and American State Citizens, we should not be using federal "notes"----but as our identity was stolen while we were still babies in our cradles and we were never told otherwise, we were never given disclosure, afforded our exemptions, or told about this choice.  

When we endorse anything, that is, sign a banking instrument, we need to use a by-line, reserve our rights, and declare our intent by writing "Redeemed-- 12 USC 411--  in lawful money".  This backs up our instruction to the local bank CEO regarding our accounts and assures that our instruction regarding each instrument will be followed. 

Every time we do this, we reduce the so-called "US National Debt" by the amount being transferred.  

Since the Perpetrator's intention was to create an insurmountable, eternal "National Debt" nobody was ever told how to discharge it via proper signature, and thus we didn't sign the bank instruments in this way---- and the debt simply grew and grew and grew...... ad infinitum. 

So we need to use the Magic Words and say, "There has been a mistake." and we need to transfer our accounts and we need to instruct any Federal banks or credit unions we have to work with and we need to properly endorse all bank instruments from now on.  

A small red-ink stamp set up with the by-line like this:  By:_________________ with space for your signature, a small "c" with a circle around it providing copyright notice immediately following, and the disclaimers, "All Rights Reserved" and "Redeemed-- 12 USC 411--  in lawful money" underneath. You might also add your account number, but if you are going to change banks, maybe not. 

This will make properly endorsing checks and other bank instruments far less tedious and make sure you get the verbiage right every time from now on.


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  1. IMPORTANT !!!!!

    Take photographs of both sides of every check you " convert " with your autograph and email them to yourself, back it up with a thumb drive every nkw and then...its evidence.
    Remember, we are building a superior body of evidence against these horrific evil criminals. We need enough so there can be no appeal and they can be hung.

  2. The IRS has mandated a new law and trying to impose it on everyone , making their already complex forms, into even more complex, but just hoping they are FEARED so much (and they are), that people will just comply..!!

    What's the new law....That all cryptocurrencies , especially "BITCOIN" be stated as income and reported, but even Congress doesn't understand the correct way to fill out a form using Bitcoin and asking for clarification since it potentially could lead to criminal charges and wiping out your bank account.....Everyone is looking for funding because there are none that can be accessed anymore except through a quantum computer that only one persoperson seems to have access to...Kim Possible (Grougen)...!!

    Pretty soon the Banks will just resort to outright theft of everyone's accounts if they can't get funding...!! Be prepared for more distractions in the coming months....!!
    So much for blockchain technology...!!

  3. Bank of America gets the lowest score online. It lies again on Wiki saying it was found in 1998. In 2014-16 It said among other 6 majors Banks that their annual earnings was each $2.4 Trillions. +/- 10%. Now they’re saying they earn $98. Billion earning. They must be hiding our assets to avoid litigation.

    Many depositors said BofA stole customer’s moneys. BofA also closed down it’s local legal dept. to avoid litigation. Shame on the crooks for their shameless Theft.


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