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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Fact One, Fact Two....

By Anna Von Reitz

1. No organization that includes "United States Citizens" or "Citizens of the United States" can assemble an actual State of the Union.
2. Beacon 37, The Republic, the National Assembly, RuSA, etc., etc., etc., are all organized and "inhabited" by US Citizens.
3. Therefore, NONE of these organizations are competent to assemble our actual States of the Union.
4. Our States are the only ones that can enforce the Constitutions because our States are the Parties to the Constitutions.
5. Our States are the only ones that can re-charter the American owned and operated States of States that we are owed.
6. Various parties, either in ignorance or on purpose, want to avoid abiding by the Constitutions, so don't want us to assemble our actual States.
7. Various parties, either in ignorance or on purpose, want to usurp upon the "vacancy" left by our missing Federal States of States.
8. So none of these organizations -- Beacon 37, the Republic, the National Assembly -- none of them are set up and aiming to do what We, the American People, need to get done.
9. You need to come home while there is still a home to come home to.
10. The only organization(s) out there that are properly constituted of American State Nationals and State Citizens are organizing under the heading of The American States Assembly:


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  1. As time has passed and my experiences with sharing the facts of the political and economic takeover (heists) of our free nation by corporate pretenders - who are actually foreigners to our land, with foreign self interested motivations - it has become clear to me that the minds of the average Americans are so heavily conditioned, propagandized, filled to the brim by false notions of their being citizens of the United States, being dependent on the foreign corporate pretenders "benefits", that even with persuasive facts about what has been done to us by the pretenders, Americans generally, consciously, haphazardly, choose to remain as they have been placed into the political economic matrix and to continue on as before, allowing the presumptive evidence of a falsified Birth Certificate record to remain as THE fundamental fact of their identity (as covertly created for a control handle on that persons birthright estate), and they continue on, willy nilly, to do nothing.

    This suggests to me that a very purposeful, focused plan of identifying the people who have demonstrated interest in living independently and are acting upon those interests, can be identified as good candidates to work with, again purposely and carefully, teaching and mentoring these particular people to the point where they realize the necessity of their emancipation from their captivity, and providing personal and group guidance for them in that process.

    Each of us moving forward with emancipation and re-claiming our State National capacity need to embark on this journey to enlarge the population of State Nationals by personally mentoring specifically identified others who are good candidates to respond to the call to "Emancipate from Slavery and Reconstruct Free America".

  2. Thank you Joel!

    I was thinking right along these same lines as you have presented so very well here just within the last three hours! I (very much like you) literally made note of this - starting with the "so heavily conditioned" minds of our fellow American people. I "made note" with the intention of possibly blogging about this today however - "lo and behold" - now see and read it here! That is something! .........

    This is true at least in regards to your first paragraph. IMO - understanding by way of you demonstrating your second paragraph is crucial for the appeal that you present in your third paragraph. Therefore I would so appreciate seeing your "very purposeful, focused plan." Even if it is "a plan" that only works really well for you - at least we will be able to have a better idea of the power of having and working a plan.

    Bright Blessings!

  3. IMO, if people knew an inch of what has been done to them, there would at the least be, including the most ill-educated and the laziest and cowardly of all, a staged "sit-in" like the so-called "left" does. an "occupy the law merchants/roman civil law" or some such.

    really sad is "the left" "the unions" are always bragging about how they look out for the "workers" ... by "paying" them with their own credit? gee, thanks.

    that tells me, considering what people ARE obsessed/worried about (climate change, toothpaste, sports, credit cards/scores, car insurance, a new car, getting laid...just watch the boob tube)...that the deceptive language, the fact the lies are so prevalent, is what keeps people in the dark.

    most people IMO probably know things are seriously astray, but dont know where to begin, or the details/extent. i think most people shut down because it is just too far gone. it is only after deliberately avoidiong "mainstream" sources, and doing ones own research/verification of things, and adding up the various angles (types of law, types of money, types of citizens, types of baptisms too, types of juries (who are ones peers? not law merchants and federal citizens. actual juries also decide fact and law, not just whether someone broke a roman civil law "code")) then it is easy to see how large the lies are.

    but, if the "lawyers" and "judges" and "churches" "business people" and "(supposedly) elected officials" dont know these things (or, they never say a word about the, not in public) ...then how can joe average citizen, too busy working to pay off a fraudulent mortage, ever going to?

    most people, IMO, dont know where to begin. because there is no "state gov." naturalizaing people, because the war flag is everywhere, because the banks/real estate people/landlords/schools/"churches"/people on tv (exception: old westerns perhaps)/"employers" are all doing law merchant funny money/ is difficult to see what is "true" because it is practically invisible, and how can anyone know what to look for? noone alive today or for a few generations has ever SEEN any actual "government". how could they know something is "gone" if they never saw/had it in their lifetime?

    in this sense, i am optimistic. the chief problem IMO consists of getting people "old" sources, compare with the "modern" and ask them "why the switch?" "was this really progress?" "who benefitted from this? who "lost"?" . it is because one has to go out of their way to find "old" documents/law books/bibles/etc. that people have no idea of the "switcheroos"

    the "lawyers" are deliberately lying to people, otherwise, ANY profession would send letters to newspaper/news/etc. saying "that's not true" "please don't spread misinformation" etc.... instead, they seem to enjoy just sitting back and making people "pay" to "consult" them. feed off the confusion.

    ditto with the "bankers". i blame those two "professions" more than anyone else. they seem to want a culture/world where people have to beg them for sustenance. teach a man to fish...they seem diametrically opposed.


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