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Monday, December 31, 2018

Clinton Indictment

By Anna Von Reitz

The only Clinton Indictment I have seen is a Common Law Indictment.  The only place that the Federales have left where such an indictment can be served is the Federal Postal District Court --- and that has to be manned by people occupying the land jurisdiction of this country, like me, and enforced by people occupying the land jurisdiction of this country.  

None of the Municipal or Territorial employees can do this, because the Constitutions allowing their operations forbid it.  

That's how the Clintons and other criminals have gotten away with their activities for so long.  

It's like the old movies where the guys running gin to New York during The Prohibition got their hot rods "over the county line" and thumbed their noses at the pursuing County Sheriff. 

The criminals are using our land jurisdiction as a safe haven, because they figure we will never have brains enough to figure out what they are doing and come after them.  They cross over the line and stand there grinning at the cops, who, after all, are only "law enforcement officers" ----and can't cross the line. 

The Territorial and Municipal employees --- have to stand back and suck their thumbs, because they can't pursue these criminals if it means trespassing on our land jurisdiction. 

So even though the Indictment against Hillary Clinton being circulated on the internet is correct and lawful, it requires people to wake up to enforce it.  We have to seat the appropriate Federal Postal District Courts and we have to appoint men to act as Bounty Hunters to arrest these criminals, who otherwise shelter in our jurisdiction the same way that pirates used to shelter in the Caribbean Islands. 

As more Americans "come home" and "re-populate" the land jurisdiction we are heir to, and as more people understand the jurisdictions established by the original Constitution, and as more competent Americans step forward to organize the necessary Courts and also to enforce the Public Law, we will bring these fiends to justice.  

Mr. Trump is doing a good job maintaining control and cleaning out the Swamp on his side of the fence.  We need to do the same on ours.  

I realize that this is easier said than done.  We have relatively few people who are competent to fill the vacancies of the Federal Postal District Courts and even fewer who are up to speed on the nuances of the Bounty Hunter provisions of the Territorial 14th Amendment.  But we are paying attention and we are making progress and more and more people are learning the facts of the matter.   

This situation developed over the course of 150 years.  Fixing it isn't easy or instant. 

We aren't going to be able to click our heels like Dorothy and resolve it simply by "going home" --- once we get home, we have to deal with the criminals who have infested our farm back in Kansas. 


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  1. Like the Colorado 9 the FBI is what is called in by local judges that removes dirty hands locally .
    So we need a strong sheriff . Just like the left always has in thair pocket . When a falce flag event occurs .

  2. Anna, has/is Rod Class an American National or is he still on the other side?

  3. Anna, you lost me on this one about Federal Postal District Court vs Clinton indictment. Some please help me to come into understanding.

    Thank you and...

    Happy New Year!

    1. @Danika Happy New Year to you as well. The Federal Postal District Court system is the lawful land status jurisdiction for American Nationals. While so many have called Anna out for being fake in her posts, this is evidence that there are multiple jurisdictions.

      It would appear in my opinion, that the Clintons have been playing the systems for a long time with regards to their citizenship status. Land status American National, U.S. Citizen, Israeli citizen and who knows what else. Regardless, hiding behind the veil of deceit, theft, fraud, complicity in murder, human trafficking are crimes in all these jurisdictions.

      Brings clarification to the old addage: You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time but not all the people all the time.

    2. I assumed Alaska is not one of those corrupt 50 states, thereby Anna didn't see the increasing corrupt Post Offices in 50-states, working for the rats by deceiving me that Bankers, SS, Fake Gov't office etc. never received my high cost Registered mails. The Bankers and SSecurity received my papers, some responded, many ignored. This proves that all 50-state post offices now working to protect the rats. Please make a note of this lawlessness.

    3. Their post offices are likewise giving me railroading process to detour me from getting my refunds for failed services. Their officers gave me fake ID's too, and 800 to track the complaint case where they never created one for me. On line or in person are all corrupt. So I will charge them, in this life or after.

  4. I didn't think Hillary was going to be tried in our courts...She was supposed to be sent to GITMO awaiting a trial she would never get or if she did it would be in a military tribunal, that wouldn't be biased....!!

  5. Im not sure I can agree with this. Seems to me she will be tried by Tribunal. And besides, why bother with abiding by the so called law anyhow? They dont so why should they be dealt with 'fairly' then?
    Its called treason afterall.

  6. Hillary know about the status of a person and surely is not under thair jurisdiction probably gotten on the land and captured all variations of her name too.

  7. Yea, I seen where Bill and Hillary changed there status back in their collage days.

  8. Anna I see you are still hoping to be God, lol. Sorry, but you are not, will never be, in fact will never get any say in the governing of this country in any way. Keep on dreaming, but one day you will have to wake up and see the depth of the real rabbit hole and that ''little ole you' do not have the power to ''shuffle papers, courts or laws' to your own very imaginary victory. You still don't seem to realize the depth of the evil you think you can defeat. Not trying to be a smart alec here, but geesh lady, you just refuse to face reality, and worse, you refuse to acknowledge the one true God and his Ways.

    1. End timer 'Silver Girl' trying to get whom to face 'reality'?🕇😅

      Ad 2000 Richard Noone Predicts Ice Age To Start 5/5/2000 based on planetary alignments.

      AD 2006 Presidential (2012) candidate Michelle Bachmann predicts world will end in 2006.

      AD 2008 Doomsday cultists fear the Large Hadron Collider wil create an Earth-swallowing black Hole when it is switched on September 10, 2008. Fortunately for Earth, the LHC breaks down.

      AD 2009 Yet another prediction of the Rapture, this time on September 21, 2009.

      AD 2011 Harold Camping (See 1994 above) again predicts the Rapture, this time on May 21, 2011. May 22, the Christians are still on Earth, while Harold heads for the hills.

      AD 2012 Mayan mythology predicts the end of the world on December 21. Despite hundreds of TV shows "documenting" this prophecy, the world did not end.

      The fact is that there is ALWAYS some con-artist in a robe, waving around portents, signs, and holy writ, claiming that the world is coming to an end and offering to tell you what to do about it for only $19.95 (plus if you act now they'll throw in a free glow-in-the-dark plastic Jesus statue).

      Now, if you really want to believe in these predictions, that's fine. This is a land of religious freedom and you are free to go hide in a cave and pull a rock in on top of you while you wait out the end of the world. And if you really want to,. you are free to turn over all your worldly goods to the guys in the funny robes and follow them off the edge of a cliff. But what you are NOT free to do is set fire to the planet the rest of us live on because you think this is going to win you an inside track to wings and a harp. That's selfish and rude.

      Throughout history, every single idiot who bought into a prediction of the end of the world was made a total fool of. In worst cases, entire lives and even entire towns were wrecked by these con-artists. And the worst con-artists right now are those trying to get you to support wars in the Mideast on promises that it will bring about The Rapture and open up those pearly gates wide for you.


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