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Monday, December 31, 2018

A Question For You

By Anna Von Reitz

I get asked questions about all sorts of things all year long, everything from, "Where's the ketchup?" to "Why is soap slippery?" and "What can women do about leaky bladder syndrome?"  and "Why is the US Navy always in a bind?"

Okay, well, fair is fair.  I do my best to answer all your questions all year long.

Here is my question to all of you ---- would you trust an unknown foreign lobbyist to house sit for you? 

No?  Am I crazy? 

Then why are we letting 515 foreign political lobbyists "house sit" our entire country? 

Hmm?  It's a fair question. It is nothing personal.  It certainly isn't anything against Donald Trump, nor, for that matter, is this question "aimed" at anyone. It's just the pure fact that for a century and a half we've been doing something that amounts to lunacy.

We've been letting paid political lobbyists run our government, instead of running it ourselves according to the blueprint our Forefathers established and gave to us.  And most of us have been so clueless that we haven't even realized who those people in Washington are----and in what capacity they are acting.

They aren't acting as our agents and representatives at all.  That's why they are so arrogant and non-responsive when we bring forward our questions and concerns.  That's why they spend our money like drunken sailors.

We've got foreign lobbyists house-sitting for us, and they are throwing drunk-drug-sodomy-pedophile-you-name-it parties on our expense accounts every night of the week ---- and when the neighbors (other countries) complain, the Pretenders throw the blame for this situation on us: "the Americans".

Well, it's not the "Americans".  It's the "US Citizens" guilty of this, and of war-mongering, theft, and a great many other crimes, too. 

But at the end of the day ---- it's our house. 

Now you've got the Municipal United States Government promoted by the "US CONGRESS" duking it out with the Territorial British and French Corporations.  For us, it's all the same proposition --- merely which unknown foreign political lobbyist is going to "represent" us and live in our house while we clean the pig sty. 

Me?  I choose to live in my own house without giving free rent to any foreign political lobbyists.  I choose to operate my own government, thank you, very much.  And I invite you to keep that thought in mind.

In the days leading up to this January First, as we wave good-bye to the old Municipal Government and it's agencies, there is a blessed sense of relief --- but in order to make that relief count for something and ensure that we are not simply bamboozled once again ---- we have to keep awake and on our toes.

Otherwise, they will just pass off "two of anything else" to keep the same old "pillar to post" scheme operating.  There's a danger that they will just say, "Oh, don't like a choice between Municipal and Territorial Government?  Okay, well, then, you can have a choice between two Territorial Governments, one run by a British Corporation and one run by a French Corporation....."

And set up the same old game again.  

Yes, we do have to finish the so-called "reconstruction" and put all the federal corporations and lobbies back in their boxes.  

And there is nobody here to do it, but us.  Think about that as you toast in the New Year, and join me in devoting yourself to literally finish the job we've started. 


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  1. They will only yield to large numbers be it the 25 grand jurist or massive law suit s or masses sitting out side thair office.
    All the above !may we all see clearly .

    1. With pitchforks and torches, good hemp rope and 350,000,000 armed pissed off vengeful ex slaves....then it gets done.

    2. Back in the previous decade, there were a million Patriots who teamed up, ordered up all the busses, and marched on D.C. in protest of this flim flam govt. and all the things complained about in this Forum. And you know what happened?
      The police stood by, let them peacefully protest, it was very uneventful, and all of D.C. just sat back and let those Protesters run themselves out, and go back home.
      That is what One Million Patriots accomplish by getting in their face. NOTHING. Media was told not to put it on TV, don't print it in the papers, just ''ignore them and they will go home' and we will be back to business as usual.

      Again, I wish as much as any of you, that it would be that simple and actually work. BUT you gotta realize, we have not a real leg to stand on that will be recognized. While ''they'' are all 'in bed together'' which means NONE of them are going to go against any of their bedfellows. So they will always cover up for each other. This is WHY nothing is getting done. I have told you if you really take a look, you will see we are deadlocked.

      'They' mean to win, and will stop at nothing to keep the upper hand. What does it take for you to all see that. But if you wanna spin your wheels thinking you are ever going to fix this broken down foresaken country, then go ahead and waste your time.

      Truth is, this country has forgotten the one true God, and so He is NOT on your side. Its tit for tat now. Americans are not even outraged by the depth of ungodliness that is transpiring, so how do you really expect to fix anything while simultaneously allowing all the ungodliness to flourish? (sort of like washing clothes then hanging them out on the clothes line in a dust storm. See?)

  2. Re: "it's our house." Is it really? .........
    If so what might that be based on? .........

    Happy New Year!
    2019 adds up to 12/3. A most excellent number/frequency for expression especially with words, i.e writing and speaking. Happy expressions throughout 2019! May all your words be living, abiding and life-giving!

    1. Chef, speaking of expressions, we went to the drug store late yesterday to buy some 2019 calendars. So I saw one that had Outhouses. Each month has a picture of a different ''outhouse of the month''.
      So today we flipped to January to get our New Year started, and lo and behold the Outhouse for January is a rather large one, two doors - his and hers, I guess - and painted a bright red, probably so it can be seen from afar. So that has gotten us started off on the right foot I think; at least interesting, and will give each month a new intrigue. So that one is by one of the computers.

      Then I saw one with seashells, and that one will get hung up in the central area that is between the bathroom and the laundry room entry way. Very appropriate.
      So it looks like we have pretty much made it through Day 1, and ready to tackle the rest - one day at a time, and one outhouse at a time; I think 12 will be enough to keep up our optimism, just knowing we have a new outhouse to look forward to each and every month.

    2. Hmmm, I guess you all lost your sense of humor, LOL. Or is it you never had any to begin with.

    3. πŸ˜‚ "Here Comes The Son" πŸ˜‚πŸ’₯

  3. Anna, I could not agree more! Dual Citizenship's, introducing bills which are in violation of Bill of Rights, taking money to lobby for foreign countries, money from Corporations to promote their interests and not the average person. They are truly Foreign Agents and should register as such.

    Question, how do we get all the groups to work together? It will take a large portion of Americans to accomplish this.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  4. We were never to have 'Trust' any of them!
    So do you see, some of this is on us?
    "Well, it's not the "Americans". It's the "US Citizens" guilty of this, and of war-mongering, theft, and a great many other crimes, too."
    What a crock, this is at best false separation. You shop at the same stores, you reap from what wee all sow, you complain of the same sometimes overbearing governments, you will suffer when the same natural or unnatural occurrences happen.
    Flashing your sovereign citizen papers is not what saves you in the end.
    What saves you or condemns you is, what is in your mind,your heart and what your hands have done. Do you know what i mean?
    If the world comes a knocking in bloody vengeance because (ahh yes they too are all victims) They will not first ask you for your papers.

    " Me? I choose to live in my own house without giving free rent to any foreign political lobbyists. I choose to operate my own government, thank you, very much. And I invite you to keep that thought in mind."
    So now that you mention it, (and yes i see your meaning)& Intent.
    What do you mean by your own government? Or did you mean My Own Government? You see i do not Trust you either just as i have never put my full Trust in nor upon other men.
    Also in regards to "my own house" ( and yes i still see your meaning)
    How did you and your "executive officer" pay for such a house and business without iou's, without the system, without paying taxes, without paying for government services?
    Many of us work for a pay check, not cash donations, many of us that bring in cash also turn these $$$ in also.At least some of it? Yes many of us are guilty at times.
    It has been of my mind, that those who deal in cash and are law breakers are also part of the problem and will be used for the government of this world as an excuse and cause to bring in a chip, or a digitized currency only.
    So yes we all have been a part and parcel to this, denying it is futile.Denying that we too are or have been guilty will only lead to more and more lies and deception.

    i do not require papers nor documentation from the Prince or princess of this world to be a sovereign, nor a set apart individual.
    There are two marks, both affect your Heart, your mind and your hands, choose well. You choose the Prince of this world or you follow the King of all.

    1. The only true 'King' ultimately a follower is GOD....not some cool dude who mythologically 'died for your sins' some 2000 years ago way before u as Soul came into your current vessel☇

    2. Leland,
      You can not know one without the other.
      It is interesting your seemingly personal vendetta towards the Son,Yahusha Mashiak.
      Within so many of Annas articles is there no Jesus? And if you know Paul Stramer at all, and the things he believes and has said to groups of people, how and why are you here on this site?

    3. Leland,
      If there is one thing, Anna,Paul, and myself will agree on it is that Christ is our King.
      Now if they disagree, i will stop contributing here on the blog.
      All they need to do is notify me of this.
      Do you comprehend?

    4. Do u comprehand a fool that I don't give a wit about your nonsensical biblical fables that u barely comprehend?🎢☇

    5. Here is what i comprehend Leland, You or the spirit that is within you speaks from a position of antichrist. John 2:22
      So now i am thinking more of our past conversations and am realising some other things about "your past lives."

    6. Glad u can comprehend past lives as a truth a fool...Gotta start start somewhere.

      Now get past being 'a victim'of others this particular lifetime a fool & u can get well beyond nonsensical anti-whatever bs🎢πŸ’₯

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  7. Anna,

    I just heard this morning that there was another tremor or earthquake(?) in Alaska. Is that true? Please share your thoughts...


  9. Have a listen
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