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Monday, December 31, 2018

Blue Beam, Green Beam, and Now, White Beam

By Anna Von Reitz

The "Blue Beam" revelation came from Canada, which has long been used by European King Rats to mis-administer our property. There is a logic and history to this misuse of Canadian sovereignty by the Governor of Ottawa and The Chair of the Estates office, but will spare you for now.

Suffice it to say that the perps behind so much of the misery in this world found a way to feather their nests in Ottawa via essentially the same mechanism as some vermin "declared" New York City to be a separate international city-state and used that as a mechanism to promote crime and treason in this country.

Part of the crime issuing out of Ottawa and also Ontario has already been reported: Prince Philip's "erroneous" collection of over $950 trillion dollars worth of "Life Force Value Annuities" actually belonging to Americans and Canadians.

Another part of the same crime center's activities resulted in Jamie Dimon (J.P. Morgan) defrauding the City of Rome Trust (AUC) of $479 Trillion that surely doesn't belong to him.

So the Tin Hats (used here as an affectionate and honorary label) who first reported on "Project Blue Beam" --- notably Canadian journalist, Serge Monast, [who died mysteriously of a "heart attack" soon after publishing his findings about a NASA project aimed at faking a "Second Coming" and using that as a means to establish a New World Government under the leadership of an Anti-Christ pop idol] found out about this because they were in Canada and not the United States.

Everything was being staged out of Canada, via the use of these bogus independent international "city-states" being established in violation of Canadian sovereignty --- just as all these huge financial credit swindles have been staged out of Canada. And once again, the villains are the Municipal Government Agencies ---- NASA, NSA, CIA, et alia. which are all private sub-contractors of the Municipal United States Government.

Now, in view of all else that is happening, do you think that the recent "Blue Beam" attacks in which electrical transformers were taken out in plain view of millions of people in New York were "real" enough so that we can dispense with the convenient "conspiracy theory" label and hit the Liars where it hurts?

We have Project Blue Beam in evidence. And here in Alaska, we have "Project Green Beam" too --- just as the sky over New York lit up blue, the sky over Anchorage, Alaska, lit up green just moments before the 7.0 Earthquake.

And last night, here in beautiful Big Lake, Alaska, we had the entire sky light up pure white, three times in succession, brilliant white light so intense that it "faded" out the black outlines of trees.

Now, you can think that the Tin Hats are crazy and call us names, but time after time, the Tin Hats have been proven right and have done the right thing while all the fashionable and "trendy" people have been silly, self-interested fools adept only at infantile lies and name-games and propaganda techniques promoted by Tavistock Institute, now known as "A.K. Rice Institute".

And if I am any judge of things, you are about to see a mercenary "war" between Black Water, now calling itself "Academi" ---- and the former Muni "agencies" ----- to which I say and I warn everyone concerned --- better not take place on our land or affect our people.

We are not "domestic targets" with respect to either one of these groups, and if they bother us in any way, they are guilty of war crimes ----and we are owed the full support and action of the United Nations to put a swift end to them and their activities, under the Geneva Conventions and the ENMOD Treaties.

This is not political, and it isn't going to be regarded as commercial, either. These are criminal activities and will be treated as such.


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  1. Back to the French /Rothschild funding the north in civil war . And the british Rothschild funding the south.

    1. Except this time it should be called the "hemispheres war", because it will involve the entire planet, not just one country like last time...!!

  2. I am almost ashamed to be Canadian, but I know that many of our problems began to escalate back in the Lester B Pearson days followed by Pierre Elliott Trudeau, then Mulroney, Chretien, Martin, Harper, and now Justin Trudeau. We know the residential schools and first nations issues stemmed from the UK and the Vatican. I have always said that Canada won't have sovereignty until the Americans do and that means taking on the Crown.

    1. "I have always said that Canada won't have sovereignty until the Americans do and that means taking on the Crown."
      What chance does any nation have in True sovereignty? And is this not the absoluteness of Pride and arrogance to think and claim this title? If a nation claims this, where is God, where is Yahuahs government? Is He first or is He last?
      In many ways is this not what many of our nations have done and then we slowly began dismissing the True God part of the equation?
      "We have forgotten the face of our Father"
      Now we are ridiculed for even bringing this up?
      We are watching the collapse of much of man's government and many false churches are being exposed.
      And yes i am grateful and these are amazing times.

    2. Well, the true god certainly isn't JC😉

    3. Evidence is coming out that the Crown used both Canada and Australia to hide behind for a lot of nefarious dealings. While we can have the True God first, we still are in the flesh dealing with other in the flesh beings who violate the love of God and the followers of Satan is very powerful force. As the story goes with Jesus turning over the tables, we now are playing that part.

    4. is OUR TURN to be onlybegottens😂🎶💥

    5. aFollower, God gave dominion of the earth over to Man. God is not governing and wont, until Jesus Returns and takes his Reign. And He will do just that whether leland likes it or not, LOL.

    6. Yep Jesus is coming back along with ALL those other martyrs & saviors to help those who can't help themselves think straight☇

      Ad 2000 Richard Noone Predicts Ice Age To Start 5/5/2000 based on planetary alignments.

      AD 2006 Presidential (2012) candidate Michelle Bachmann predicts world will end in 2006.

      AD 2008 Doomsday cultists fear the Large Hadron Collider wil create an Earth-swallowing black Hole when it is switched on September 10, 2008. Fortunately for Earth, the LHC breaks down.

      AD 2009 Yet another prediction of the Rapture, this time on September 21, 2009.

      AD 2011 Harold Camping (See 1994 above) again predicts the Rapture, this time on May 21, 2011. May 22, the Christians are still on Earth, while Harold heads for the hills.

      AD 2012 Mayan mythology predicts the end of the world on December 21. Despite hundreds of TV shows "documenting" this prophecy, the world did not end.

      The fact is that there is ALWAYS some con-artist in a robe, waving around portents, signs, and holy writ, claiming that the world is coming to an end and offering to tell you what to do about it for only $19.95 (plus if you act now they'll throw in a free glow-in-the-dark plastic Jesus statue).

      Now, if you really want to believe in these predictions, that's fine. This is a land of religious freedom and you are free to go hide in a cave and pull a rock in on top of you while you wait out the end of the world. And if you really want to,. you are free to turn over all your worldly goods to the guys in the funny robes and follow them off the edge of a cliff. But what you are NOT free to do is set fire to the planet the rest of us live on because you think this is going to win you an inside track to wings and a harp. That's selfish and rude.

      Throughout history, every single idiot who bought into a prediction of the end of the world was made a total fool of. In worst cases, entire lives and even entire towns were wrecked by these con-artists. And the worst con-artists right now are those trying to get you to support wars in the Mideast on promises that it will bring about The Rapture and open up those pearly gates wide for you.


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    7. Abby,
      God gave dominion over the earth over to man, and many will agree that satan is also a ( prince of this world)
      Many only see this, do they see the rest of the story? No, they see what they perceive as a "contradiction" they cannot or will not see the complete Truth. They seek a contradiction because they do not want to believe.
      Do they see the Prince of the kings of the earth? Do they see that to Him be glory and dominion for ever and ever? Do they see that He is able to cast satan down, do they see that yes He is able to unleash satan upon the earth? Do they know or seek the reasons why?
      Why does He allow the grass to burn? Why does He allows the earth to shake?

    8. The complete truth ABSOLUTELY CERTAINLY doesn't involved what's his name being the onlybegotten either😂🕇🎶💥

  3. Now, in view of all else that is happening, do you think that the recent "Blue Beam" attacks in which electrical transformers were taken out in plain view of millions of people in New York were "real" enough so that we can dispense with the convenient "conspiracy theory" label and hit the Liars where it hurts?

    We have Project Blue Beam in evidence. And here in Alaska, we have "Project Green Beam" too --- just as the sky over New York lit up blue, the sky over Anchorage, Alaska, lit up green just moments before the 7.0 Earthquake.
    Here is what i am led to see, and believe, the world is so caught up in the utter nonsense of many tin foil hatters that it can not or will not see the Truth. Now if you believe that man by way of satan was given power over all the universe including the sun, stop reading now. i do not believe satan was given power over the stars and the universe nor the sun. satan is referred to as the prince of the power of the air and is at work in the sons of disobedience. Do you think this includes radio, tv and this is the biggie, the www. world wide web? Of course it does. And with that all the "tin foil" hatters can not be 100% correct.
    Some people and stories are Deception!
    Our Creator has the Greatest part in all of this, the cycles of the sun, the magnetism, the solar flares, the sun spots, and how this affects the earth and yes our electrical grid and transformers ,the cell phone towers etc. etc. etc. The sun, the planets, their movements and alignments affect earthquakes, volcanoes, and yes colors and hues in the sky. Have you ever seen the Lightning that accompanies volcanoes? and earthquakes FOR YEARS.? These lights have been recorded through history.
    i have recommended this site, and no, do not trust me, do your own research! This site has taught me much in the last 6 years, i do not pay, i just take in the free content, and no i do not understand nor pretend to understand it all. Very often through their understanding of the ways of the Sun and the planets they are able to forecast coming events on earth and our atmosphere, including sporadic electrical interference on the planet. So is it man caused or something much much Greater than us? Hello, wake up call?
    i see a danger in attributing every disaster to man, to false flags etc. Once again we seem to take God out of the equation. Very often when we begin to fear man, each other or satan, in this do we not, in away begin to serve the wrong master?
    What do you have to lose by looking at alternatives? How long have you been at this? What have been the results?
    Solar Storm Electric Effects Across USA | S0 News Dec.29.2018

    Earth catastrophy cycle/ solar micro nova prt.4

    1. afollower Just as the Kubrick films of the 60's fulfilling JFK's challenge to land on the moon were able to deceive billions of people, it is also possible that these type of websites might be mis-interpreting cause and effect intentionally as a distraction from reality.

      Surely these cosmos events have been happening for millions/billions of years all over this planet, but it seems really strange that they are picking with so much accuracy, these targets that have been photographed. I admit, the New York could fall into a natural phenomenon, but the Louisiana one tells me otherwise. Why just the powerlines and not affect the people so closely videoing it? Or was this just another Kubrick-like film placed on YouTube and the MSM for distraction?

      Paradise was an example of telling the awakened masses that "we have the power to pick you off anywhere, anytime-stay out of our way". And how many millions through MSM have believed it to be just a freak forest fire?

      When you listen to the researchers operating HAARP, tell of the experiments they are doing with no regard to the consequences of their actions, anything is possible including the effects picked up by these people monitoring the atmospheric anomalies.

      We have been misguided before. This is my open mind working.

    2. Yes i agree many open ended questions in either event. The important thing is to have and keep an open mind.
      "Paradise" the complete truth is somewhere in the middle. i do not necessarily believe the 'all' of either side in most of these matters. There is room for much deception and sensationalism by all concerned.

    3. Bad boy Edison named a HUGE financial DECEPTION years ago & nothing changed😠💣

      "People who will not turn a shovel full of dirt on the project nor contribute a pound of material, will collect more money from the United States than will the People who supply all the material and do all the work. This is the terrible thing about interest ...But here is the point: If the Nation can issue a dollar bond it can issue a dollar bill. The element that makes the bond good makes the bill good also. The difference between the bond and the bill is that the bond lets the money broker collect twice the amount of the bond and an additional 20%. Whereas the currency, the honest sort provided by the Constitution pays nobody but those who contribute in some useful way. It is absurd to say our Country can issue bonds and cannot issue currency. Both are promises to pay, but one fattens the usurer and the other helps the People. If the currency issued by the People were no good, then the bonds would be no good, either. It is a terrible situation when the Government, to insure the National Wealth, must go in debt and submit to ruinous interest charges at the hands of men who control the fictitious value of gold.

      Thomas A. Edison

    4. If the "Statesmen Three" book is accurate, For every bond issued, currency was also issued, the problem is the government allowed the Fed/Banks to hold the currency and if it was not released, therein lies the problem. There is according to the book, evidence of that manipulation which caused the devaluation and inflation. I have determined from my past experience Lawyers make shitty accountants, and perhaps that is the reason why so many lawyers can be coerced to occupy government positions.

    5. Dan,
      Why just the powerlines in either scenario?
      It was not a full on emp event caused by man nor from the Sun. And as far as picking up with accuracy. Picking up could be caused by the cycle we are in. As far as accuracy? How do we know what the target is, if there is an actual target? Could be random, and "never let a crisis go to waste."
      No i do not quite believe in the totally random.

  4. Emotions are high. The time for character assassination is over. If one cannot voice constructively, then restraint is in order. Tearing someone down for voicing views is destructive and serves mankind no value and makes us no better than the monsters we are up against. So please, character assassination is harmful not only to the target, but all those seeking resolve. We are better than that!

  5. Yes, Agreed Dan, Thank You!! We Are Learning, We are Growing and We Are getting Better than that Every moment Now!!