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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2019 Awakening

By Anna Von Reitz

Another earthquake aftershock sent me bolting from my bed bright and early this New Year's Day.  This, after a 5.0 tremble last evening, that we received from another quake --and a separate fault system--- centered about 350 miles away in the Alaska Range. Looks like their stunt on November 30 has set off a whole domino-effect and gotten the whole Alaska fault system activated from the Aleutian Chain to the Permian Shield in far northern Alaska. 

So be it. 

Maybe it's a good object lesson to all of us to batten down the hatches and secure everything.  

The situation in America and throughout the world is far from pretty at the moment.  We have the looming prospect of open warfare between the Municipal Governments of the world and the Territorial Governments of the world ---- and the actual National Governments have yet to organize and take charge of this situation. 

I think it is important for everyone to know that it's not "just" America in the throes of awakening. By far the majority of countries in the world are in the same or worse position than we are, and have been victimized in the same way.  

We were merely the first in a long line of other countries that includes England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Germany and the rest of the European Union, Africa, the Middle East, Mexico and almost all of South America, Africa, India, and most of Asia.  

As we awaken, we realize that we have been "occupied" by our own Army for 150 years.  They have plundered and pillaged us and worked as mercenaries for European Powers while taking their paychecks from our pockets and filling their ranks with our sons and daughters.  

We have been in the thrall of a ruthless mercenary government for fifteen decades and nobody bothered to tell us what was going on. 

I have told you before and I tell you again that you have been lied to and that you must use your own faculties to research and discern the truth. 

The branches of the Federal Government are not "legislative, judicial and executive".  

The branches of the Federal Government are: Federal, Territorial, and Municipal. 

Anyone who talks about "legislative, judicial, and executive" is talking about the administration of a corporation, not the lawful government of our country.  

They are not being honest about the overall situation, which is that we are being occupied by our own army pending "reconstruction" of the Federal States of States. 

The "missing" Federal States of States are only an excuse which these blighters have used to justify (lamely) their continued occupation of our country and their endless "emergency" declarations ---- as if that ever justified their actions or granted them powers not allocated to them under the actual Constitution. 

Here is the further fact----we are not obligated to create new Federal States of States.  

We are enabled to exercise our formerly delegated powers directly via our own States, so their entire argument is bogus and the "missing" Federal States of States are of no account.  Our "failure" to reorganize them after the Civil War is no excuse for what has gone on here, then or now. 

All that just served as an excuse for the "U.S. Army" to take over and run things, which they have done behind the scenes for six generations.  

We have had the tail wagging the dog and the generals in charge for 150 years and they never fulfilled their duty to us to protect our National Trust and to fully inform the correct civil authorities---the people of this country--- in all this time afterward.  

The graft and corruption that began with Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant has simply continued on. 

Instead of working to restore the lawful government owed to this country, our military leaders have played patty-cake with a bunch of political lobbyists similarly "occupying" the seats of the Municipal Government we are owed.  

Now that you realize that the members of "Congress" are not acting as fiduciary deputies of your State, and are instead operating as lobbyists for their "political party" ---- that is, their chosen gang of thieves --- you can better grasp the whole situation. 

Both the Territorial Government run by the military and the Municipal Government run by the political lobbies are run amok and have been for a very long time. 

And you?  Well, you've been more than half asleep, doped up with deliberately promoted delusions and false assumptions.  Our own employees have been undermining our lawful government and pillaging us for over a hundred years. 

That's why the Biggest Housecleaning in History is now necessary. 

Donald Trump is doing his part to clean up The Swamp.  He promised to return this country to the people and he is doing that.  But the "people" also need to get their poop in a group and be ready to undertake the serious responsibilities of self-governance.  We have to be ready to receive back control of our country. 

That's why I have been beating on everyone for months to get your local Jural Assemblies set up and operating.  

Get involved.  Get on your feet.  This is your country.  This is your inheritance at risk.


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  1. Sure we are collectively waking up, but America is still in bed, lying down and at the very least... still 1/2 asleep. Hey America, WAKE UP, STAND UP, turn the TV off and get involved! Trump is only one man! Where are the real men and women like I knew when I grew up in the 50's and 60's?


    2. Thanks for the link. I hadn't heard about this. "Sorcha" does have some good information in addition to disinformation.

    3. Yeah, I have written the same about Sorcha...

    4. answer your question as to where all the real men and women are....they all decided to be transgender....!!

      A "jural assembly " will never have power over the "military industrial complex"..!!
      Like I said before, it's not govt that are running the world anymore, it's the military's of every country that are running their countries and anyone getting in their way will be taken out with a "strategic hit" if necessary...Trump has already been targeted by high ranking Generals and Admirals for removal by "any means necessary"...!!
      If they have that much influence,how do you suppose we counter their vast resources for death and destruction, with SO many "weapons of war" against us, including paper...!!
      People didn't work all their lives, especially in the military, only to find they are obsolete and not needed...I can tell you from experience that military trained people cannot function properly in the private sector...!! They have complete contempt for civilians who for the most part are not trained to recognize the "chain of command"...!! Or just don't care..!!

      And if the right General gets in that the men highly regard, they will follow his every command above and beyond the President...!!
      This country should have been designed more like Switzerland, who has never been invaded or been in any wars...!!
      And people say our forefathers were smart...!!
      We would have avoided all the conflicts we have ever been in if we just planted the British flag here instead of ours...!!

  2. Hi Anna, I am currently reading your book. I would like to know what African Americans can do in our current situation to join the effort?

  3. Anna, am I correct in thinking that to be active in a jural assembly, I need to have my political status officially changed to national? I am awaiting my authenticated BC to do that right now.

    1. Tony, no, it is preferencial but not necessary. You must be willing to serve on Common Law Grand Jury is only requirement if so called.

    2. According to Anna, yes you do need to be an American National. Otherwise you just perpetuate or allow the same old to happen again with the British BAR members running the show. How else do you run a common-law state with U.S. Citizens?????
      I'm not saying some assemblies are including the US Citizens, but Anna has explained this already.

    3. The problem will always be the same...who are we going to trust when no one can be trusted to do the right thing anymore...including "jural assembles"..!!
      I want NO GOVERNMENT PERIOD..How come you never push this idea judge Anna..!!

      Why are you so in LOVE with govt.....??? What makes you think that govt of any kind is our answer...Ill tell you what...Anna you can pick any govt you want over you, but I don't want any govt at all.....!!Not even "mural assembles"..!! It is just another "system of control", like NEO said in the "MATRIX"..!!!

      WE need a whole new way of thinking that doesn't involve money.

      Your worth should be based on how much you contribute to society by helping others instead of yourselves..!! The more you give, the more you receive, just like the "good book" tells us...!!
      Doesn't that make sense Anna...!!

    4. Which book is that James?πŸ˜‰♭♯🎢πŸ’₯

  4. Anna, I would not be ordering any draperies for any new Office in Philadelphia.

  5. Anna, are you or your family signed up members of your Alaska Jural Assembly?

  6. I though I was doing my part, started up Whatcom County Jural Assembly on facebook, surprise, I was criticized and removed from the washington group, they didn't want to hear about death. They don't put it together, their most personal constitutional right according to our Founders is our right to life and it's being forcibly taken away under color of law. Judge Anna has preached we are priority creditors to county, state and federal foreign operated corporations and pope and queen, it isn't much stretch of imagination to figure they want to get rid of us and simplest way is to promote brave people who choose suicide, all nice and septic to make it sound nice and legal, never mentioning it relieves all criminal or civil liability and murders patients who didn't want to die yet are euthanized against their choice under color of law while the state, who is suppose to protect the sanctity of life wrote the law and refuses to investigate, mengala couldn't have thought up a better idea to take over the world, what a gullible generation, perhaps they think they have a pass, they forget they murdered german soldiers also.

  7. Replies
    1. Agreed. The LasVegas and Alaska attack were the rats works, to take our gun rights away. Here is something people shouldn't underestimate:
      Computerized PREDICTIONS for 2019 with past reference.
      (Based on pattern recognition intelligent system)

      CONSPIRED ASSASSINATION ON: pres.Donald Trump,

      Detection code: 501, CoupD'Etat 2019.

      1st CpD'Etat Jan 18 - 24, 2019. (Rats may fail if ppl rise up.)

      Dishonest Gov't action: Jan 1 - 21, 2019.
      Very Serious illness on the country: Jan 22 - 23, 2019.
      Feeling stressed out, whole country: Jan 24 - 27, 2019

      2nd Attempt
      CpD'Etat Jul 19 - Augt, 2, 2019 (Rats may fail if ppl rise up.)

      6 of swords Upright: Jul 4, 2019
      4 of swords Upright: Jul 5 - 12, 2019
      Dishonest Gov't action: Jul 19 - Aug 2, 2019.
      Country stressed out: Jul 13 - 18, 2019

      Killers Info: Snipers of low Level politicians / lawyers.


      CONSPIRED ASSASSINATION ON: JOhn F. Kennedy, 1963 pattern.

      Detection code: 28, CoupD'Etat 1963.

      Murder planning action: Oct 29 - Nov 3, 1963. (Rats would fail if ppl rise up.)
      Dishonest Gov't action: Nov 4 - 8, 1963. (Rats would fail if ppl rise up.)
      Murder replanning actn: Nov 9 - 13, 1963. (Rats would fail if ppl rise up.)
      Dishonest Gov't action: Nov 14 - 24, 1963. (Rats would fail if ppl rise up.)
      Murder Covering up: Jan 24 ~ 1964. (via Investigation).

      JFK died; Friday Nov 22, 1963.

      Killers Info: Snipers of High Level politicians.

      CONSPIRED ASSASSINATION ON: Antonin Scalia, Head of Judges.

      Detection code: 501, Soft CoupD'Etat 2016, on Court system.

      Details stripped. NO Real Military Tribunals until.., see Anna Von Reitz site why.