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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Bearing Public Office

By Anna Von Reitz

It's true that the actual original Federal Constitution has been moth-balled since 1860. 

It could not be otherwise, because the Confederation of States of States that was commissioned to exercise the delegated Federal Authority was blown apart when the Southern States of States "seceded" from and left "the Union" of States created by The Articles of Confederation. 

Please be aware that there were  two (2)  --- "Unions" involved.  The actual Federal Union was created in September of 1776 and includes the States --- like Maryland, New York, Wisconsin, and so on. 

But there was another "Union" --- a "Confederation" of "States of States" like The State of Virginia and The State of Pennsylvania, formed under The Articles of Confederation in March of 1781. 

See?  Two Unions --- one a Federation, one a Confederation.  

The Federation includes the actual States as members, while the Confederation included Federal States of States as members. 

A "state of state" is an entity formed to conduct commercial business in behalf of a State and must be "incorporated" by a State.  Why?  Because you can't have a "State of Florida" without first organizing "Florida". 

And so when historians are talking about "the Union" you can't tell which "Union" they are talking about except by context.  The "Union" that fought the Civil War wasn't the Federal Union of States.  It was the Confederate Union of States of States. 

That's why when the Southern States of States seceded from "the Union"  they called themselves "The Confederate States of America". They were not talking about seceding from the Federal Union of States. They were talking about seceding from the Confederate Union of States.  

Thus the Federal Union of States dba The United States of America (the unincorporated version) sailed right through the cataclysm of the Civil War and was only imposed upon after-the-fact by a process of "mistaken identity" and "presumption"---- deliberately mistaking the  States for the States of States, and confusing one "Union" with another. 

The original and only truly viable Constitution was left to gather dust and "set aside" by the criminals in Congress, who used the excuse that the Federal States of States were "absent", so couldn't conduct business. 

They conveniently "forgot" that the States that delegated the powers to the "States of States" to act in their behalf in commercial venues in the first place, retained the right and ability to conduct their own business, with or without the existence of any "State of State" organization. 

And we are still here, as we always have been. 

Damned inconvenient for them and good for us. 

So now we have the issue of Public Office in a lawful government versus Private Office in a corporation.  

We are still occupying our Public Offices in our lawful government despite any rumors or false claims to the contrary by foreign creditors of the Territorial and Municipal "United States".  

And while the actual Constitution has not been updated since 1860 and is in desperate need of attention by a Continental (Land Jurisdiction) Congress, we and our States are still owed every jot. 

Now, it has been observed that I am a woman and in 1860, women were not allowed to vote or otherwise affect the administration of government in this country.  No doubt things would have been better administered and more carefully cared for if they had been. 

But they weren't.  Likewise, American Natives and African Americans were restricted in their ability to conduct any public business.  

However, women have been able to own property since the Middle Ages and, if their husbands grant them "agency" can also carry his proxy and conduct business for him ---which is precisely what my husband has done for me and published on the public record. 

This enables me to occupy Public Office in the lawful government and to own and direct the dispensation of property as a Fiduciary and to do all the other things that a woman would not normally be able to do under the confines of the 1860 Constitution. 

Other women may also take advantage of this provision of Property Law and have their husbands sign a "Grant of Agency" for them, so as to enable them to act in his stead and in his behalf as his Agent, which in fact strengthens the position of the whole family and enables women to grab an oar. 

It was thought at one time that the rigors of "bearing Public Office" would be too daunting and the stings and arrows of public life would be too difficult for the sensitive Fair Sex to endure ---yet we were plundered and raped and starved when the men we entrusted to do the job for us proved too corrupt and stupid to own the responsibility.  

Do I have to underline the importance of empowering women and Natives and Black People to elect (not vote---elect) and direct and fully participate in our government?  So long as we persist in being hypocrites and allowing the existence of "second class" and even "third class" citizenship, we weaken our country, our ideals, and ourselves.  We also create divisions within our own country which serve to alienate and oppress whole sectors of our population. 

So now you know how I have come to "bear Public Office" and you also have cause to know that despite everything, I am "bearing" it with the same fortitude with which I faced child-bearing.  Each State Republic is being re-born and needs its people --- its living people, not its "persons" --- to come forward and answer the call to bear Public Office and enforce the Public Law. 

The last President of the Northern Confederacy was a black man. 

He served faithfully and well until the bankruptcy of the Northern States of States resulted in their liquidation. 

This should give everyone a solid idea of the importance of serving our country in its hour of need, and the almost-equal necessity of fully understanding the nuances of our history.  

Nobody in Public School ever told you about the Two Unions, did they?  Nobody explained about the Federation versus the Confederation. 

No, because then they would have to explain what they were doing, and it would be clear that they were operating a foreign government on our shores in flagrant Breach of Trust.


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    "Greg: I wanted to comment on an observation on a presentation made yesterday on the 14th amendment issue and as far as Ucadia is concerned put this to rest and I’d like your comment. It’s my view that the 14th amendment was the stepping stone to creating the District of Columbia act and the legislation afterwards. To sum it up I would say that Abraham Lincoln’s War between the States, or the War of Northern Aggression, The Civil War was the beginning implementation into the transition to the corporate government, and was something that had been working for quite some time even during the Andrew Jackson administration with the battles with the central banks, and then the final capitulation with the war. Just to tie it together the 14th in the first decade of the 19th century said no one with title of nobility could hold public office, and I’m not clear to this day whether Abraham Lincoln was an esquire when he was elected president which also make his presidency completely illegitimate. Once he completed his issuing of marshal law on executive orders and those continuations through today, and you take the initial civil acts and the legislation that was put through weren’t strong enough to bring the south back under the control of the north, as far as their legislatures go. So the 14th amendment was the next step to try to bind the south under the control of the north. Then the 1871 District of Columbia act and the implementation of those which was then the full completion of the full corporate take over. We have talked about California having 2 constitutions. There was the pre-civil war constitution and then another was in 1879 where it became a corporate state. Idaho was always established as a corporate state. So it is my conclusion that what many of the researchers who have written on the 14th amendment is pretty much irrelevant. Even though the 14th amendment was part of the stepping stone, solving the 14th amendment problem isn’t solving the ultimate issue of having this corporate system recognize anybody as having standing. "

    1. Continue ^"Frank: standing as we have discussed and as you know is a term that directly relates to the function of probate court. It means that either you have brought a claim to the court against the estate and by virtue of the claim you have standing because you are the one bringing the matter. Or, you are appointed to the estate in the capacity of the executor or administrator, or fiduciary. If you don’t hold any relationships and we don’t if we are standing there as the defendant then you have no standing. I agree absolutely that the 14th amendment was a stepping stone. When you look at how they implemented the concept of enemy of the state at the beginning of the 20th century, and that is before we had the concept of alien was brought in. They went way beyond the 14th amendment by effectively declaring everyone an enemy before they declared everyone a criminal. We talk about the system and I said this a few talkshoes ago, and I want to say this again because there may be new people on the call and new people monitoring the call, I believe that every society and every member of society must as a matter of duty contribute to that society. But I have a fundamental objection to a system of contribution called taxation based on the premise that to in order to make it ‘legal’ it declares each and everyone one of us a criminal. I object to that system that perverts the law and perverts me in order to make a contribution effective. And that, of course, allows a swag of people who can easily afford to contribute to nothing but rape and pillage society. I consider that to be a system that is fundamentally evil. So, the thinking of the switch over time for the congressional act for the constitution of the District of Columbia, that is no means relevant now as they have gone way, way beyond that with declaring us enemies of the state and in the case of IRS and the tax offices, declaring us criminals. I know there is more that you can say, Greg so thank you for sharing."

    2. can the expression of ---oh what webs we have weaved ---have any more relevance... nothing is as i have been taught or ever believed.

  2. Oh, yadda, yadda, yadda. 'They' are never ever ever going to surrender power, so why do you keep dreaming like this, lol. We sane thinking ordinary americans look at a map of our country and see a land mass with names on various parts. To us, that is america.

    ALL of those in power positions are just roll playing. They are pretending to be government, but in reality we all know by now that they are just there manipulating things for their OWN benefit, while pretending to be ''running the country for the good of the people'.
    Nothing short of rounding them all up and hauling them off to some deserted island without food or drinkable water. Otherwise, you are just playing a game that goes nowhere, spinning your wheels in a snowdrift.

  3. At this juncture we have a British military individual navy federal government vs. Municipal CIA deep DOJ. state jewish banking cabal .jockeying for all the marbles

  4. With each article covering States vs States of States the picture comes clearer. Our minds are conditioned to think in vague generalities due to the propagandizing we are exposed to every day.

    Your articles defining the distinctions between States and States of States, and Federal, Municipal, and Territorial are causing the minds eye to see more clearly.

    Thanks Anna.

    1. Joel, no is not making thing clearer. It just goes to show how deep and dark the rabbit hole has been dug.....and that it has been allowed to go on for so long that now it is made pretty much impossible to ever straighten out. Just like cancer; when it is left untreated for too long, then it becomes terminal.

      Now, only armageddon will get rid of such a well spread 'disease' and that is where this is all headed. Y'all are flustered of 'what to do' simply because you never read The Book which spells it all out clear as a bell.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Abby, I agree the term "State of State" is really confusing. There is another term similar to it, which is a Dba (Do Business As) NAMES of fictitious STATE. With this term, every body understands right away. Because it's a simple language, Anna explained before in her charts of America, and the Rats Corrupt 50 STATES. It works well in the rats Courts too. I.e. FOR..... COURT OF "STATE OF CA", a Dba of foreign, CA STATE. This is what you have to do to make it clear to them, that you know who they are. We are free to express of view or opinion, whether true or not. I know most of what Anna said are very true.

      Further more, if any one doubt about 1860's Corruption, fake Civil War; that's Bc they have no reference of where, how and Why did the British came back to scam America again. There are evidences, that the British learned to create fake Civil War from Siam (Thailand), from King Rama 3 - 4. Their interaction in old times, etc.
      Siam kings defrauded and kidnapped Laos Kings in 1789. They reduced Laos to poverty since than, Siam children admitted. It’s well documented in all 4 countries that Laos used to be a stronger larger country than Siam in 1550 - 1787. The British-French came in 1820’s and took the stolen land from Siam to return to Laos, then 120 years later gave the stolen land back to Siam to Conspire on Laos, due to the Indochina Kick-back.
      In any cases, 1822 – 1855, all 4 countries have evidences that the British knew and learned they can benefit from the fake Civil Wars as Siam did to Laos, by Fraud and manipulations. The Brits saw the grant scheme to Bankrupt America. Bc they stole America's wealth before in 1745 - 1760, and saw Great opportunity to steal everything from America from 1860 to present time, to deFraud every little country around the globe.

  5. Can someone please tell me if someone is gay, as supposedly Lincoln was, how is it possible for him to be married to a woman and have kids...what I'm saying is I know it happens all the time , but how can you be intimate with someone your not attracted to one bit....!!

    I couldn't have sex with anyone if at least I wasn't slightly attracted matter how drunk I've been...!!
    Are these people naturally "oversexed" to the point of screwing anything that walks...!! Can someone please explain this oddity so I understand it..!!
    Even if it were to give the impression of normality in the public arena, how do both people who are clearly gay, stay together and live...!! It makes no sense at all...!!

  6. Again...just more evidence of why we don't need governments on this planet....and definitely no military's that are funded to infinity to create "weapons of mass destruction"....!!

    The latest thing I read says the Banks are planning on making a Bond for 1 docitrillion...!!
    To see how much that is go here....

    Here is what they are planning now from the Banks...!! They can just come up with numbers that defy logic...!!

  7. James: I speak from close circle experience. My daughter-in-law was married to a gay man and they split when his two daughters were 3 & 5 yrs old. Now, she didn't know it until their oldest was 5, but it did happen. This was 20 years ago when gays were feeling safe to coming out.

    Society was and still is unaccepting about gay men more so than gay women, and depending on social status it was/is absolutely taboo. It is possible as a man to have intimate feelings for a woman and a man. It is also possible for a woman to have intimate feelings for both men and women as well.

    When society can just respect people for their humanness when no harm is being done then we can all just get on with living without judgement.

    Society has labels for this and depending on indoctrination whether it is good or bad. If sex is consensual, and no harm has been done, it really is no one else's business. In some cultures it is an insult for a visiting man to refuse a man's wife when offered. Assuming the wife is okay with this culture and if not, should not marry unless she has an agreement with her husband that only she chooses to whom she offers her body. If she is forced, it is rape.

    Some cultures today parents still choose the suitor for their daughters and while they do not necessarily ask for an endowment it is still an accepted practice. While there is some controversy over this practice, if we believe that a humans have rights over their property, then the couples who have children may also have the right to choose who they will marry especially if under the age of majority. Then again, these are man made rules and much of it is religious doctrine. Bottom line in my opinion is the heart knows what the heart knows and there need not be any more to it.

    Rape is not acceptable, not with human beings or animals, society or the raping of Mother Earth because it is not consensual. Most of us know that Mother Earth is being raped every second of the day. Many know now that Society is being raped by these bankster mobs. It is time to go after these rapists with the same vengeance we have as men raping men, women and children and women raping men, women and children as well.

  8. Well, I suppose if I don't weigh in here, folks will get the wrong idea, so......Dan, there is No way I could ever be physically or intimately attracted to ANY woman. And there are quite a few that are quite beautiful I suppose the world would say, but remove all the makeup and rich facade of all kinds, and they are quite ordinary.
    As for the 'men' you mentioned, many of them marry just to have someone to cover for them. Nothing could be more of an insult to a wife than that; imagine finding out you were chosen just to be used for a coverup.

    Dan, it is God who harshly judged sodomy. Its in the book of Romans chapter 1 I believe, maybe 1:28 or so. And back in earlier centuries it was punishable by death. It is also on the law books as a crime. I recall when I was very very young, some were arrested for sodomy in our central park restrooms. They were bankers and big wigs at the time and ruined their families. Those laws have never been done away with as far as I know, but they are just not enforced these days.

  9. Since dearest Abby doesn't remotely 'speak' for GOD...everything she writes above here about GOD is merely 'hearsay' as being merely her typical very dumb down opinions on what GOD gives a wit about♭♯🎢πŸ’₯

  10. Anna,
    The whole empowering women thing is in a large part (not all) of why we find ourselves here today.This was also part of the Rockefeller agenda.
    Also corrupt women have also been around from the very beginning. You often seem to omit this fact.
    As i understand the Bible, the Men and women, the Husband and the wife are supposed to interact as one, therefore they do work and grow together.
    Here is what i believe Anna, and yes it seems to be the opposite of your course and what you have said in the past.
    Do you recall how mankind’s reign on earth began?
    – Eve was beguiled by the serpent.
    Do you know how mankind’s reign is going to end?
    – Eve’s offspring will be beguiled by the serpent.

    1. aFollower, yes indeed, the bible does tell us that in the end 'satan deceives the Whole World'. IMO, he has just about accomplished his intended mission.

      Now I believe women are not second class citizens, but I also do not believe they are to be ruling over men, or trying to be empowered over them. This is what has happened and it has been quite ruinous to our entire societal makeup, which has already extended its reach down to our children, the next upcoming generation who are very much incapable of genuine leadership.

      At least now we know why anna wears the pants in her family; the elusive 'head of state' has run off to the shed to just paint and 'leave all the driving to the Woman.......since he doesnt want the job himself. So the country would get 'a disfunctional couple'?

      Well, I don't think that is ever gonna happen; they don't get my vote as I have no trust in them. But anna, at least you could tell us where we could go to see Mr. B's paintings to at least justify his strange absence.

    2. "For those not aware, Abyss is known, on this site, for having nothing good or wholesome to say about virtually anything. This person makes it clear that she alone represents the truth and takes on all challengers. I feel it is particularly important for Abyss that others submit to her rule. OK, here goes!

      Abyss is particularly biased when it comes to religion, or as she would say 'christianity'. Abyss says Christianity is a relationship whereas religion is not about a persons relationship to their god but rather to a set of do's and don'ts from which they can be easily measured. Abyss claims not to be religious, but from what I have verbally witnessed cannot be a Christian either. In fact I firmly believe Abyss is not one however, or even close to being one, since real Christians do not go around belittling others. I find it interesting that Abyss believes in the devil and therefore I presume, santa claus. Apparently Abyss also believes in something called a holy spirit, I guess in contra-distinction to an evil or malicious spirit. Abyss knows all the rules of who will and who will not go to heaven when they die, and when on that subject Abyss will blather you with what they're kind says the fairy tale bible book has to say about who will be saved, and who will not be saved. To hear her spirit through her writing one would think they had better get in good standing with Abby now, in this life, because she can tell you more about god than any writing in existence. This rather large group of apostates also believe god killed jesus cause he could not control how angry he got when he considered how bad and sinful his creation the human race was at the time, and for the most part still is. His human creation was in fact so bad, god decided to have his one son arrested, tried, beaten and crucified. Voices in his (gods) head, must have kept repeating the phrase 'you must kill your only son and then I will be happy'. I guess we should be happy about this because through it all somehow we all got saved from something we did not know was threatening. Then it gets really interesting because TRUE FOLLOWERS of Jesus were commanded to eat his flesh and drink his blood. Ish, but then this was making god very happy to view the tremendous suffering he imposed on his son Jesus and all because he just got so mad at his creation. Well Abyss sure likes their own point of view, but goes one step further in that their kind believes some kind of a holy ghost inspired various men and women to write words that they received in secret from god and that those words could get you saved. Whatever that means.

      Of particular interest to me is that their type also says that god does not have to follow his own rules, but rather that only his human creation has to do so. Abyss says in Galatians we learn of the fruit of the spirit; love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, meekness, temperance and faith, all of which, through what they call believers, are to be lived through their life, but god does not have to because he likes to kill a lot I guess. Kind of an unstable being if you ask me. But, Abyss says God does not have to ever display any of those things we just identified as 'fruit of the spirit'. Come to think of it, it is becoming clearer that the Abyss does not have to live a life in obedience to the rules of their unfair and madd god either. A god like that cannot be trusted. It appears that god and Abyss are the two beings that do not have to be like jesus, but that all others sure do, and that if all do not heed their instructions and insights, well they are just plain going to hell.

      Abyss claims to have great insight into the last days of the earth. I personally think most of her kind just believe in scattered darkness before dusk and scattered light just prior to dawn. In either case the meaner you say something the more likely you will look like an expert."πŸ˜‚

    3. I don't know who original "Author" of this writing Is, but my personal experience Is: in one aspect I was thoroughly entertained by this creative, accurate writing and another saddened by its factual accounting of abyss's nature and behavior expressed in exact opposition of any "Fruits of the Spirit" towards others and In FALSE WITNESS against All God's Creation and on another deeper level, humbled and grateful to be fully Consciously Now Aware of how much harm and destruction has been done in "God's Name" IN VAIN, without any real Substance-Spirit Conscience attached to our worldly trained/conditioned thoughts, behaviors and colorable "deeds" lacking any True compassionate, empathetic, and pure unconditional Love in actual "Good-will" service to others and All Living Creation.

      I'm Sorry

      Please Forgive Me

      I Love You

      Thank You

    4. Kelli Miller,
      Can you also see the AntiChrist? And this is but a small example.
      Leland RothJanuary 1, 2019 at 10:47 AM
      The only true 'King' ultimately a follower is GOD....not some cool dude who mythologically 'died for your sins' some 2000 years ago way before u as Soul came into your current vessel☇

      a followerJanuary 2, 2019 at 5:21 AM
      You can not know one without the other.
      It is interesting your seemingly personal vendetta towards the Son,Yahusha Mashiak.
      Within so many of Annas articles is there no Jesus? And if you know Paul Stramer at all, and the things he believes and has said to groups of people, how and why are you here on this site?


      a followerJanuary 2, 2019 at 5:29 AM
      If there is one thing, Anna,Paul, and myself will agree on it is that Christ is our King.
      Now if they disagree, i will stop contributing here on the blog.
      All they need to do is notify me of this.
      Do you comprehend?


      Leland RothJanuary 2, 2019 at 8:26 AM
      Do u comprehand a fool that I don't give a wit about your nonsensical biblical fables that u barely comprehend?🎢☇

      a followerJanuary 3, 2019 at 3:58 AM
      Here is what i comprehend Leland, You or the spirit that is within you speaks from a position of antichrist. John 2:22
      So now i am thinking more of our past conversations and am realising some other things about "your past lives."

    5. No a follower, I don't. I feel his frustration, intolerance for EGOIC and Narrow minded,(black or white)"Believers" who lack any true Depth-substance consciousness in Pure Love, knowledge-wisdom, compassion and empathy in their own hearts, but Falsely "THINK" they ARE "CALLED" (qualified) to "JUDGE" and "RULE" and Persecute others For "words" you twist & turn to fit your Black/White narrow, deficient perception. There IS SO much More Depth-layers to each one of us and to each of our own unique "His-Story" than you Or Anyone can possibly "Know" or begin to understand, let alone JUDGE, if YOU have not walked in Their shoes, experienced their Life's Journey, or learned the lessons that They specifically are here to learn. "Playing/Acting" as Worldly conditioned "JUDGE" without knowing and accepting ALL the entire, pertinent, elemental Facts of a Living Soul and their particular "state" of Being, IS a Worldly trained mental Illness/sickness lacking ALL True Substance-knowledge-wisdom Love, compassionate Spirit INfact and INDeed. I am Grateful to not only SEE this Now, as I was One who Could always hear and Feel-sense and perceive from a intuitive inner-connection within and I see way beyond the shallow mental "appearance" of what is being expressed and Feel the essence(or lack of) in their expression, which has Always served me and my personal purpose- life Journey as a blessing, but also So misunderstood and Subject to way too much Worldly Judgmental Persecution at the same time. I under-innerstand Why this has been So Now, and the higher purpose it has served for me specifically in this lifetime. Your Judge mental "opinion" Is your belief. Not mine.

  11. China Reunify Taiwan By Force, New Dictatorship, Israel Makes Cash Illegal, Train Crash
    Pay carefull attn. Do you see how this is all coming together? Do you see how order out of chaos works? Do you see the phoenix is still rising? Do you see that a full on collapse is coming?
    Cash, bad, cash fake, iou's = A false governments dreams realized?

    1. WOW...must be ALL TRUE a follower...end times r happening right nowπŸ˜‚πŸ•‡

      Maybe u r the reincarnation of Nostrademous?πŸ˜…

  12. I knew you would weigh in Abby. This comment is not attempting to diminish anyone's views, just questions I have and don't expect any answers from anyone.

    I took a long time in preparing my comment. Sex on it's own is inherently a natural function of the animal species including humans. The bible says #7 of the 10 Commandments Thou shalt not commit adultry. So I have some questions.

    Is it possible that the authors of Exodus and Deuteronomy were biased? Many versions of the "Good Book" explain the commandments, yet no definition of adultry. Why is it that none of the other stories in the collections speak of it?

    Is adultry a social construct? Why did the Creator instill in a male to think about sex 100 times a day and female 3 days of the month? Why are brothels outlawed if the members are consensual? How did humans co-habit before we had priests?

    What bible did Jesus read?
    How is it that the bible was printed by hand 500 years AD? Mass printing didn't take place for 1500 years AD. Who decided what collection of stories went into that compilation? We know that 95% of what we have learned has been taught to us by family and community. We also know that there is much discrepancy within that knowledge.

    Marriage is a contract verbal or written between two people. What are prenuptials? Are they public? If a man and a woman elect to marry with full disclosure to each other to create a barrier from the ills of society and have consensual relations with other like-minded people, then who is being harmed? If in the marriage vows, the agreement to forsake all others, does that mean that there is an agreement to submit to each other whether or not the mood is mutual?

    I don't, but if I had an agreement with my wife that if she wasn't in the mood, that it was ok to consensually frolick with the gal next door or go to a brothel, is that any concern to anyone else?

    Society says it is, but is it any of their business? I agree is if it is in violation of the people directly involved.

    Most adults who have no desire to have relations with others of the same sex does not in my opinion make it wrong for others who consent.

    And no, don't give me "the book" says so. I have a book too and mine says where consent is given it is ok regardless of what anyone says.

    At 17, while in Senior Sunday School class, the teacher was trying to tell us not to have sex before marriage. I asked him how does one determine compatibility? I asked him if he tried on a pair of shoes before he purchased them. While the class laughed, he never did answer the questions.

    Happy New Year!

  13. Oh, but I DO speak for God. And it doesn't matter a hoot whether you think so or not. You can sit there and whine and complain and keep on brainwashing yourself 24/7 but you will end up seeing how you wasted your time with your fantasy world and mocking and scoffing only to find out your wishful thinking held no power.
    So carry on, it matters not to me, lol.

  14. Dan, as for you comments, whats wrong with all that, is it makes for a very unstable and dishonest society. And if one is unfaithful to their own immediately family, then the entire family will carry on in the same way, and soon there is no honesty anywhere and society is a broken entity, overall.
    That would be the 'short explanation' of it.

  15. U probably have a space god in your dna 'Silver girl' AbbyπŸ˜…πŸ’“