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Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Kingdom of the Dead

By Anna Von Reitz

People ask me--- what are we to do?

First, realize that our Enemies are Liars.  They worship the Father of all Lies, all Errors, all Delusions. 

Second, realize that they operate by pretending to be us.  They just ram around taking up fake personas, pretending to be Catholics, pretending to be Muslims, pretending --- even --- to be Patriots.  Or Republicans. Or Democrats.

To them, it is all just a matter of playing a part, like an actor plays a part.

Third, realize that they have little or no conscience.  They are motivated by the most base kinds of needs and wants --- sex, food, ego.  When you look at all their crimes it is apparent that a base and mindless kind of selfishness permeates their every move and motive like a bad smell.

The "bad smell" attribute of all their works and ways is understandable in part, because these people are, in a sense, dead.

Their souls are dead, so they are rotting from the inside out.

The presence of our Creator, His Life extended to us all, withdraws from them and leaves them in a queer muddle of existence. Their bodies function, their mouths speak -- but only to spew lies and snide ego-driven comments -- like what you see on television every day among "news commentators". 

Since when did we ever need "news commentators"?  --that is, politically motivated editorialists to tell us what to think?  As I recall, the only need a sane society has is for "news reporters", not "opinion makers".  Left alone to use our own minds, we can all form our opinions very well.

But we are not living in a sane society.  We are living in a modern-day repeat of the Babylonian and Sumerian Abomination, "as in the days of Noah". 

Not only are these people Liars and devotees of all things fraudulent, deceitful, illusory, and dishonest, they are also devotees of all things that are unreal, fictional, "made up".

They love names and labels and use these as "handles" --- literally --- to grab and steal and attempt to alter identities and realities. 

I have spent an inordinate amount of time teaching you all how they have made up and used "styles" of your own name to defraud you, but the same and worse has happened to whole countries. 

Ask yourself--- when did "Gaul" become "France"?   When did "England" become "Great Britain"?  Observe how they have endeavored to change "The United States of America" into "the United States"? 

They have used this same device to "re-brand" and "re-define" you from being a living man with rights and protections, to being a dead thing --- a corporation franchise that can be murdered and pillaged and plundered at will. 

They have killed you on paper and probated your estate while you were still an infant in your cradle.  And they think it is all a fine joke--- and will think so, until we prosecute them as the criminals they are. 

Things are looking bad for Scotland, very bad, indeed.  It was a Scottish corporation doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated" that kicked off the Great Fraud against America.  It was Scotland where the Templars fled after King Philip got wise to them in France.  And now, it's the Scottish Rite Temple Master of Rosalyn calling for "Ordo ab Chao", ordering all the 33rd Degree Freemasonic "Brothers" to wage war to "restore order" when their own Overlords, the British Guilds, have been so uniquely responsible for the Disorder we are facing.

It's like the left hand of a monster declaring "war" against the right hand of the same Beast, all for show, all for the purposes of blame.  They are at it again, playing their endless game of pretend, pretend, pretend, and it is truly as if they don't realize the difference between fiction and fact.

People ask me--- why is Donald Trump having such a hard time? 

First, Donald Trump is an outsider to all this craziness.  He is "Nouveau Riche", he actually has Jewish people in his family, he doesn't get the joke when certain Catholic priests declare that the wine in their communion cup is transmuted into the actual blood of Christ.

Drinking blood?  Where have we heard that before?

Second, Donald Trump is surrounded by and dealing with gangs on every side: political gangs, professional gangs, gangs even in the military.  These gangs are a logical result of the corruption of governments worldwide by corporate interests and by the secretive "redefinition" of actual national governments as incorporated "territorial" and "municipal" governments.

Third, Donald Trump has had to go through a very onerous and dangerous process of testing "his spirits" even among those closest to him to try to discern who is telling the truth, who is compromised, who is corrupt, who is a viable ally --- and who is a deceitful enemy in ally clothing.

All this sorting and sieving is accompanied by loads of gross dis-information and propaganda and outright lies that are being pumped at Trump from every side, but--- like me, God blessed Donald Trump with a Shinola Sensor, so while it may take him a little time to cut through all that mustard, he is actually getting down to the ham and roast beef in record time.

Last week I forwarded his Tweet about shutting down the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve has been operating without a contract since 2009 and should have been shut down a decade ago, but they were allowed to continue merrily taxing the American people on one hand and counterfeiting "US Dollars" on the other. 

What else do you call it when an unauthorized person or group prints money?

So, not only is the Federal Reserve being shut down, it doesn't take rocket science to figure out that various parties will be prosecuted for these crimes.

That's why I told everyone to batten down the hatches and take those disaster preparations seriously: food, water, heat, some cash and barter items, medications, pet food.... all the things you need so that you can stay home if need be.

If the word out of Washington this week is true, a gang of 50 Federal Reserve Operatives embedded in the Treasury Department tried to pull a New Year's Eve Putsch, one that would have resulted in stealing another five trillion dollars from the American States and People and resulted in another catastrophic Depression. 

Why 50?  Odd number of co-conspirators, don't you think?  Unless there was one for every State of the Union manning a bank terminal and trying to work the same sleight of hand at the same time.

Luckily for us and everyone else who enjoys eating, they were caught in the act and whisked away to join their friends at Gitmo, and despite the obvious disarray and silence of the so-called "News" Media, the word is on the street.
The IMF just clobbered the Federal Reserve.

Now who is going to clobber the IMF? 

As I have so often observed, in the Kingdom of the Dead, there are no good choices, just lesser or less flagrant and irresponsible evils.  This is primarily because corporations are not held accountable and those running corporations are not held accountable. 

The Roman Curia is supposed to rule over their creations --- trusts, foundations, C-Corps, S-Corps, LLCs and so on --- and is obligated to liquidate any corporation that is caught engaged in unlawful activity, but as you can now perceive, quite a number of Satanists pretending to be Catholics have infiltrated the Church and the Curia neglected its duty. As a result, entire countries have been run by incorporated crime syndicates in an interlocking trust directorate affecting every country on Earth.

Now, to their credit the Curia has weighed in and liquidated a great many municipal corporations involved in criminal activities. This includes the UNITED STATES, INC. which has been subjected to Chapter 7, Involuntary Bankruptcy.  They are now in the process of "vacating" the premises and have to shut down and leave DC for 90 days. 

How long do you think the "government shut down" is going to go on, if the members of Congress have anything to say about it? 

90 days.

The problem with all of this is, that until the people running these lawless corporations are brought to justice and punished by losing their unjust enrichment and paying damages and never having the privilege of forming, owning, operating, or profiting from a corporation again --- the same Bad Actors just flip around slap a new name on their shingle, and keep on skating.

I have already observed two good examples of this --- the Tavistock Institute has renamed its American branch the "A.K. Rice Institute" and the infamous mercenary operation known as "Blackwater" has re-branded itself as the "Academi". 

This re-shuffling and re-branding and re-naming is also apparent in the grocery stores --- old brands and labels you recognize are disappearing and new ones are taking their place --- albeit at much higher prices.

Rapid inflation and devaluation is underway, with a cup of yogurt that cost $1.09 last week now costing $1.89 and a loaf of bread that was $3.99 now costing $6.97.  But you will have to observe these things for yourself on your own grocery shelves, because the "News" Media isn't really about news.

I was at the grocery store in Big Lake, Alaska, within an hour of reading Trump's Tweet about closing the Federal Reserve, filling my cart with last minute supplies.  I heard a young couple behind me arguing over the prices and obviously in distress over a $.30 price per can increase of beans.

They were already on the ragged edge and she was saying to him, "We have to cook the dried ones. We can't afford these. My babies have got to eat."

And he was saying, "I don't know what we are going to do, then--- you know how much it costs for heat and electricity."

There, in that little microcosm, is The Problem.  While some crime syndicates have helped themselves to trillions of dollars worth of credit and assets, billions of people have been reduced step-by-step to a choice between food and heat in the winter.

Mr. Trump, please arrest everyone involved in the Federal Reserve and its operations, including its owners and share holders and affiliates.  Nationalize their holdings and return the value of their liquidated assets to the States and People who have been ruthlessly victimized by these Vermin for over a hundred years. It's time.

And don't think that the IMF is a bit better.

Make sure that no young couple has to choose between beans and heat, by returning to them what should never have been stolen from them. 


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  1. Thank you, AVR, for noting Trump's familial jews. We take it further, he's up to his gills in jews, Chabad jews at that! Even his own daughter, married to the son of a federal criminal who was imprisoned, has said White Nationals must not be tolerated! IN OUR OWN NATION! A jew converso are the jews most useful of idiots for they pontificate exactly what the jew propaganda.
    In this instance, idiot Ivanka promotes jew tyranny as Charlottesville to subjugate Real Whites. Does she not know Charlottesville was a jew-op? That jew Heather Heyer died from obesity complications? That Heyer's "mom" a false flag actress, who spoke derogatorily of Trump & Whites before paid 'rent-a-crowd'. Ever notice how their hero's, their victims are always jews?
    Like 911 first hero, Daniel Lewin, who fake called his fake mom on a fake hijacking by fake Muslim terrorists whom he fake attacked to get fake killed by fake jihadists w a fake box-cutter (then we couldn't find box-cutters at stores). Well what if Daniel Lewin has risen from the dead, found haven in Israhell rewarded for being such a good jew, with his own multi-million shekel company Akami (see Akami video insider coverage of Trump etc), & stealing OUR patents via jew-run Talpiot, Unit 8200.
    Then we find Chabad, w Broward County Fla hosts the most Chabad centers in the world, brings in jew-thugs, providing visas, or vending machine companies or biggest yogurt company in our nation which also has exclusive school contracts to feed our children (one little mistake in yogurt ingredients genocides our children & us), & so on.

    Ivanka Trump condemns white nationalist rallies: There is no place for neo-Nazism in US
    Ivanka Condemns 'Racism, White Supermacy' After ...
    Ivanka Trump did not hold back in her reaction Sunday to the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia that left three people dead and 19 injured in the wake of a white nationalist rally. "There should be no place in society for racism, white supremacy and neo-nazis," the first daughter tweeted after ...

    1. Now if only some onlybegotten would finished the hit job with 'em dna certified bad seed😉

    2. Maybe the son is coming? "Here Comes The Son" 💥

  2. I have the wood amd rope to build the gallows, nails and know how...where do you want it ?

    1. Patriot58....I bet you can't wait to pull that cord and witness the first head coming off...!! Kind of a "ribbon cutting" for a new project....!! I would do it myself if I wasn't queezy about blood and guts...!!

  3. I dont happen to see any real brilliance in the donald. He shows No discernment of people whatsoever, and seems easily fooled by everybody he has selected or appointed. He doesnt even seem to know what is going on half the time. How smart is that? Right now I don't think there is a single person ''in service' that is very smart. Folks, you really do not have anyone looking after your best interests.

    Half of what anna has said here makes me just yawn. Old news, and half baked BS.......such as 'scotland doing business as the USofA, Inc. How laughable is that; a foreign country doing business as another foreign country LOL. That just goes to show the vastness of Insanity of our so called 'leaders of the world' and nations. This world has gone totally bonkers, there'surely not much of the population worth saving.
    All that is left now is a world full of Deceit and its spreading like an incurable disease. ALL of this stuff is what ''they'' have put on paper, and tried to tell ''us'' that its ''facts'. And THAT is how we got all this deceitfulness that so many think is real.

    1. Abby, that is why he will be assassinated easily, only people would save him, if they would in 2019. Jan 18-24, and other time in Jul 19 - Augt, 2, 2019. Only then he will realize how dangerous the world is.

    2. PinkhPinkham...he has already had at least 12 assassination attempts, all of them failed...!! The reason why Trump can't seem to pick anyone he can trust is because everyone in govt has become traitors to our Republic, and that's the way everyone likes it now...!!

  4. Ucadia I find your comment deeply offensive and disrespectful You are revealing yourself to be a narcissist

    1. Thank you Paul for deleting Ucadia's comment

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. "People ask me--- why is Donald Trump having such a hard time?
    Well, Trump even if being used by God, is not the messiah, just as Obama was not. And neither is this pope nor any other pope.
    Prophecy 'is' going to happen, we can not and will not stop it. Prepare accordingly.
    Trump has been used to set in motion many things.
    Ending the fed, leaving the UN, kicking them out etc. etc. So what in reality your plan? Do you think the actual gold is coming to your doorstep?
    Did you see the commemorative gold coin with Cyrus and Trumps image on it? Do you see the groups and the connections involved?
    Do we see what is hiding (not so much) in the wings? Do you think Q has a plan and that you can put your full trust and faith into the Q?
    The Son has a plan, and has had a plan for centuries.
    Even if you think you are being directed by God, you do not know all.

  6. "Make sure that no young couple has to choose between beans and heat, by returning to them what should never have been stolen from them."
    Why? These are the choices many have to make, these are the choices that make us stronger, and allow us to grow. Sometimes these choices are because of poor decisions of the past. Suck it up and overcome!
    This perfect 'world' you all believe you 'deserve' is a farce.
    Until evil is all exterminated (not by nooses,) lasting peace will not prevail.
    A large part of Heaven and earth combining and us residing there is upon us. We can change when we begin making the proper choices as individuals.

  7. The Kingdom of the Dead:
    Blame everyone else,
    The kingdom of the dead have taken no personal responsibility for their actions, their words, their choices.
    The kingdom of the dead is full of victims!

  8. I watched an old video, years ago now. A Russian KGB escaped by wearing sunglasses and looking like the other Americans in India to learn the Mahrashi ways. He boarded a plane and went to Canada then US. He said there was not place left to run and that eventually when they got everything in Chaos the tanks and guns will come and no place left to run. And ordinarily the people confused, helpless and weaponless are then reorganized in to ORDER. That is the first step with chaos the last. It is made up by councils of men and is not God's law and involves mass slavery wether done by force or getting people to sign up and agree to be enslaved. What matters is not what group you happen to be in. Jews, Cowboys, bankers associations, one church or the other. Its about the life that everyone has a right to. That which God gave to us to take care of and take care of each other. Running scared from clever bankers just because they like to rob people and it seems the people accept it is not going to provide a good answer when explaining why you wasted your life and did not obey God so therefore did choose and support murder and special privileges for the murderers rejecting Gods offer of life and greedily choosing death.