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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Basic Misunderstanding

By Anna Von Reitz

The People (as opposed to "the Persons") do not "petition" their subcontractors (the "US" in all forms). 

The Right to Petition refers to the right of the people to address their own government without interference by the foreign contractors, but at no time does it suggest that we subject ourselves by petitioning any FOREIGN government. 

Our government is meant to control and direct THEIR government, but so long as we sit around and LET them run rampant, they do. 

Instead of petitioning those meant to be your servants, get on your feet, correct your political status records, assemble your State Jural Assemblies, and TELL them what to do.


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  1. is there a reading on setting up Jural Assemblies?


      Yes should be posted online or Michigan website off anna website... use search box

    2. I have a few questions regarding Anna's documents before I can record. Is there any one here who is willing to offer a little help? I am Bob from Saint Louis.

    3. Bob, I've filed the documents Anna Recommends and some others. My email address is and I would be glad to answer or find and answer to any questions to see if I might help you. I'm learning too, everyday so maybe you will have a question that will lead to more clarification. Finding the answers have taken priority in my life. I have also applied for my non-citizen passport and anxiously awaiting livery.

    4. charles robert walkerJanuary 4, 2019 at 7:11 AM

      I have noticed a lot of changes in the way the system is responding to me now that i have re sended the corporate veil. Anyone that thinks that anna and this process is incorrect dont realize that their ancestors and their childrens children are only protected by the truth if the truth is applied. The back bone of my lineage started with me correcting the falshoods that have been perpetrated on my kin.I have learned that putting my comfort zones to the side and looking past the nose on my face has brought a lot more light to the truth.Bless anna paul and anyone with the back bone to protect our children from the tyrants that have poisoned the truth .

  2. A sign, blue and white saying 'NO HUMANS BEYOND THIS POINT" was placed in Ferry County a few years ago. Local people went to the so called or named entity government and were told if they did not like the signs they would be re-locate, to Seattle. I have not followed up on this UN action obviously taken in some attempt at more land grabs from the already ripped off for billions of dollars and acres of lands states that are part of the States of America federation and not the UN. FAA seldom included in the lettered ABC and so on agencies and has been working a plan under "new agency laws" abandoning promotion of aviation on our shores and lakes, rivers instead only regulating. Since a large number of American pilots and even other countries have been damaged and ruined, cannot work due to psychiatric mental. However depressed pilots, as long as taking anti-depressants and seeing a psychiatrist are at the controls of airliners. Banking and medical, like an old letter alledged of Jews with a solution for them to become doctors, lawyers, bankers and any position where control over the people could be exercised mostly with people innocently swallowing the poison slave plan believing the good doctor works for them ( and in reality under license to phony government service contractor robber barons. Most do not know it or even think the paper they signed has any real effect.

  3. Anni...can you please tell me when you get that passport, or if not, let me know what they said if they try denying it, which they usually do the first usually have to be ready for that denial letter because you either mistakes something or some other reason that is bogus...They want to test your "will"...!!

    My email is

  4. Anni...also, how much total did it cost, because you also got the ID CARD for your wallet to show any cop or govt agent, plus I hope you pay extra for "expedited " delivery....!!! Thank you...!!