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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Ordo ab Chao

By Anna Von Reitz

A few days ago I reported that Queen Elizabeth II is stepping down from her perch as leader of the infamous "Committee of 300".  

The Committee of 300 was formed to oversee the wealth resulting from the investment of the D'Avila Trust and other private trust assets --- the interest and rollovers and new assets developed from the deployment of these private trust assets that never belonged to the Committee in the first place and still don't belong to them now.  

Essentially, the bankers and the governments involved decided to defraud private people and to seize upon and use private assets left as "Special Deposits" in the care of the banks for their own investment purposes.  By and by, these shady bank investments bore fruit and the Committee of 300 was then formed to oversee the use and management of the profits. 

So now they will have a new leader for this illicit group engaged in profiteering and theft, and he allegedly made the following statement: "The 13 ruling bloodlines and I have had enough of this world and the minions charged with its curation.  All Sovereign Heads of State and all respective governments are fired. Ordo ab Chao." 

Pretty heady stuff for the leader of an un-elected group engaged in criminal activity, don't you think? 

Am I the only one with a visceral "slap them silly" response?  

"Ordo ab Chao" means "Order Out of Chaos" and it is the peculiar anthem and watchword of Scottish Rite Masons of the Thirty-Third Degree.  

He is calling out to his Scottish Rite Brethren worldwide to impose "order" on all the rest of us by undermining and unseating all the Heads of State.  

Sounds like the "Hidden Hand" isn't so hidden anymore--- if it ever really was.  

Also sounds like the Scottish Rite needs to be viewed as an insurrectionist and criminal conspiracy aimed at the overthrow of all conventional governments, using resources stolen from private individuals by banks.  

Now, isn't that fascinating?  First, we corrupt the banks and steal the use of resources that don't belong to us, to make profits that also don't belong to us, and then we use those profits to destroy traditional governments worldwide ---- in order to do what? 

Obviously, to create a global kingdom of Mammon at the expense of everyone else, ruled via a Nazi-like sense of "order" imposed by whoever to Hell these monsters are. 

Do I have to underscore the importance of getting your local and State Jural Assemblies up and running?


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  1. Anna, I would love to form a state jural assembly, but I have never found ANYONE in my state who I can even open up a discussion of the fact that every level and branch of government in America is a corporation and the implications of this fact!

    1. You can contact the national group or someone can connect you to your state group.


      I have contacted them in the past regarding Canada and no response, so you may have to actually go onto a call and get more info if the website doesn't provide any information.

    3. I am having the same problem. The entire Delaware state is all corporate. No real sheriff here either. I contacted the man the national assembly said was here on Delaware twice by email and have gotten no response.

    4. The Republic( formerly Beacon 37) and the National Assembly both have weekly calls and are in the process of working together(as far as I know). The introductory call for the Republic is Thursday at 9 pm EST. Please message me at and I will give you the number and PIN to get on. The other meetings are Sundays and Tuesdays. The National Assembly is also at 9 pm Thursdays and their info is on their website. If your local contact isn't getting back to you, go directly to the teleconference meetings and see if you can make some other contacts from your state.

    5. The Republic still has some of the 50 states to bring forward. Once that is done, they are reaching out to the Native American Nations and the Canadian Provinces since that is stated in the Articles of Confederation. We need about 5 people from the following states...Id, La, Ms, Ok, Vt, Wy, Tn, Mt to form the core jural assembly to lawfully bring the state forward.

    6. Deborah Conklin: is there a website for The Republic? Or is it just a branch of the National Assembly?

      Just a note of interest. The National Assembly was last updated in October 2018. That to me doesn't show much encouragement for new people and the lack of response to email requests is another. Their site also says the first hour is business then Q & A. From an introductory perspective, I would not sit on the phone for an hour waiting to ask a question.

    7. "There isn't "a" Republic and there never has been. There is a Federation of fifty (50) State Republics. Anyone who talks about "a" Republic is talking about a foreign, mostly French-sponsored commercial corporation. And they are trying to deceive you, once again, into mistaking their commercial corporation for your lawful government. Explain that there are fifty "republican states" and never a single "Republic". And if they won't listen and won't stop spreading garbage and deceit, denounce them as traitors, because that is what they are." Anna

      This "ORGANIZATION" calling Itself the "National Assembly" Is IMHO a Group that has Not even bothered to Learn how or what it truly means to Be "Self-Governed" and "Mind" their Own Wholly assembled Re-Public-Private trade business or Re-Established their Sovereign-In Full-Life EStates for themselves yet, to even be qualified AS Responsible or Trust-worthy to even "Claim-Declare" that they are competent in any degree, to serve the best interest of others. More Vanity and Insanity brought to you by the Worldly conditioning of Man-mind of limited Logic and "territorial" reasoning in JUDGMENT-RULER OVER-LORDING OVER Others!! That IS "His"-Story and a Vicious Cycle that IS Breaking Down and IS at its End Now!! Its time!! New Her-His-Our Story time!!

  2. He Who??He is calling out to his Scottish Rite Brethren worldwide to impose "order" on all the rest of us by undermining and unseating all the Heads of State.

    1. That's what I was going to ask too.
      Who is HE?
      Also, Anna said the Devil was killed by his own on November 19th under the sea with a special sword. WHO was he who was killed? Because I was thinking GHWB, But then heard he was executed by leathal injection.

    2. Yeah sure, the devil was killed, LOLOLOL. That right there tells us that anna does not know what she is talking about, and most assuredly does not know anything about God or the devil, either one.
      Some of her past history diggings may hold some water, but we know that even history has been revised and tainted, till its really hard to tell what is actually true anymore. So I don't take any of it too seriously.

      And so now we have some mysterious ''he'' that has taken the reins of the world's conjured up idea of 'royal bloodlines of such importance'.......but has no name. So then why should we believe this story at all. It wont change anything, but will be just more of the same, or worse. What makes the difference.

    3. I assure you all that the devil is far from dead. The devil is not some man, but millions and billions of men and women work on his behalf, following after his evil deeds. In our Time, the devil is a spirit of evil, is invisible to us, but I assure you satan is quite active and gets into the minds of some people, and works invisibly in the world.
      To give you an idea of how that is: A few years back we had a man who was going out and shooting from overpasses down onto our outerbelt interstate. He did kill a few drivers of cars and caused much havoc.
      But he was eventually caught, and upon investigation they discovered that this young man had become very overwhelmed with the game Dungeons & Dragons. He admitted then that he began hearing voices in his head demanding he go out and do these shootings. He said that he did them because it was the only way he could get the voices in his head to stop. Then it would repeat again, thus the number of shootings he did.
      That is clearly the working of satan and how he works. He is very successful at using those who are most vulnerable. Entertaining his evilness can and does lead to some very dastardly deeds, and lands these people in prison or institutions. But far too many of them are out here walking the streets, living next to us, and hold jobs of power.

      Here is where God himself will finally send an angel from heaven to lock up satan. Meanwhile he is still quite alive and NOT DEAD.

      Rev. 20:1 And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. 2 And he laid hld on the dragon, that old serpeant, which IS THE DEVIL, and satan, and bound him for a thousand years.

      Now keep in mind, that this is from the literal visions that God took John the Baptist ''away'' and showed him The Future of things yet to come. This verse has NOT yet happened,but tells us what is going to happen.

      Anna, go study your bible and stop with the nonsense and telling shit that is not true. You did not even give us the name of whoever you claimed was killed who you portray as being ''the devil' and telling people the devil is now dead......but regardless, whoever it was was NOT the devil.

      Such a LIE being told in here, only serves to get people to relax and FALSELY think that Satan is no longer a threat or doing anymore dirty deeds. The Fact of the matter IS, satan has yet to do his worst deeds of all, and when God allows him TO have complete control over this world, during his reign as world Dictator for 7 long years, the Devil will stop at nothing and I mean NOTHING. There will then be such havoc where there will be no restraints on evil doing.

      Anna, then how will you explain THAT to your gullible followers?
      It is time for YOU to wake up, anna. Get your own act together before you can lead or advise others. How many EQ's does it take for you to realize God is trying to tell you something.

    4. It looks like "HE", whoever he is has the same idea as me...get rid of govt altogether...completely....but where we differ is "HE" still insist on "Control" to achieve "Order"...!I am never going to buy into the idea of governments ruling over people ever again...!!
      The only good govt is no govt....period..!!
      It's so easy for me to see it..Why can't anyone else see it..!! That tells you we aren't ready for even "jural assembles" ...!! I am not going to be controlled by a "jural assembles", anymore than I will be controlled by ANY form of govt.

      I know what people are thinking already...without govt there will be nothing but chaos....another LIE..!!
      WE just need some form of equal exchange that isn't based on DEPT and run by Bankers...!!
      That will solve 90% of people's problems...!!
      Govt are formed for only one create FEAR in the minds of living people, thereby stiffening createtiveity and honesty...!!
      It's time we try it, but not until we get rid of all "globalist" that inherently are all evil by design....!!

    5. I would like to know that too, and I had heard the same thing, though hard to believe.

    6. What is it called when someone chooses willingly to associate-participate with "wicked" liars and "good-willed" thieves all day long??? I know its called something.....???? ------ By Association??? What's the "Word"????

    7. Maybe Frank knows ~ Kelli?😂

    8. Hahaha, funny guy...who's frank???

    9. Frank O'CONNOR

    10. Awe I can see how you thought My question was referring to the liar and thief that posts here under the Name "Ucadia………." however, "Ucadia…..." wasn't even present when I was inspired to ask that specific question and post. It was after I "published" my post that my question followed.....hmmmmm strange how those "Inspired thoughts" come at just the right moments, eh? Fascinating InDeed!!

    11. "Strange" as in funny, not as in "weird" lol

    12. But Abby♡Armus🎶💥

  3. First militias, then we can at least have someone to fend off the nazis...guerilla of course

    1. Do not see the relavance of who he is here Sir??

  4. Do not see the relavance of who he is here Sir??

  5. I ran (unsuccessfully) for Mayor of our small town to unseat the Nestle Puppet 3 time incumbent Mmayor.
    Although I did not win, I did bring light to some shenanigans I believe are going on in our city hall.
    I would like to find out if City Administrators are SES. They travel from town to town and in some cases, nearly bankrupt them, before moving on. AND setting them up with the Climate Change and Resiliency programs that Deborah Taveras speaks of.

      has a link to the plum books- the members of SES. It is quite likely that the Admins are descendents of the UN Agenda 21 et al.

    2. The UN agenda is rampant. Last year there was a comprehensive by-law up for review and the changes were definitely UN objectives and the pusher was the county supported by unelected conservation organizations. It was clear what was happening by those who have been exposed to the approaches, but the constituents were ill-informed. As I pressured the current council I was cut down. Our mayor was re-elected in the fall of 2018 and doesn't even have an email address other than the one from the municipal office. That is how illiterate he is. While he is a farmer, his only source of information comes from the UN persuasion. Sad, but true. I am working on a couple of successful reps because they showed interest in my info prior to elections but they have a lot of work to do to educate the rest of council and admin.

      An example of how things get out of control is in the beginning, the by-law was 150 pages and mid way through after county updated it, it became 300 pages. Talk about burying control. We have a team of advocates for the property owners going through every detail, but for the average owner, the data is a nightmare. Omnibus bill should be abolished period.

  6. Dave, this is what came up from doing a google search of the quoted statement in Anna's article:
    No names mentioned yet, but lots of links in that posting to travel on and decipher..

  7. The dude she is mentioning that said that is Ben Fulford.
    Posted on

  8. I stumbled across one of those Rockefeller "local or regional whatever" councils. It was on the net, new laws concerning cars and road things (motor vehicles and driving them a commercial money making). It sure seemed odd, they do not seem to advertise, and were writing legislation for use in the zones, couple of states. Those need to be gone slow erosion until we are all swept away and merely an old memory. Each and everyone is important, any special privilege secret offices stopped. Sherriff's here say they are under city managers and can only be Sheriff on unincorporated county land. Since when is Roman Civil municipal rule anything Americans would tolerate on our own home and lands?