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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Moms of America

By Anna Von Reitz

When my Mother (born 1920) discovered what the Vermin had alleged against my sister and I and our children as a result of her signature on the hospital records, she wrote a scathing rebuttal and explained the source of the "misunderstanding" -- the failure of the perpetrators to fairly and fully disclose which "United States" they were talking about.
She filed her Testimony on the land jurisdiction record and revoked her signature and her purported election to have herself or anyone in her family "considered to be" a federal citizen of any kind.
Thus when the U.S. Attorney General comes to me and pretends that my Mother "gifted" me to their corporation, the opposite set of facts and counter-claim is already part of the international land jurisdiction record.
And he can go blow.
I shall never forget the look on my Mother's face when she understood what these Vermin have done. It was a look of sheer outrage, and I have felt it myself, because the same extortion and the same repugnant demands were made upon me by hospital personnel when my son was born.
I repudiated them on the public record, too, and gave full testimony of how a huge male nurse and two female accomplices came to my hospital room which I paid for--- and demanded that I complete their paperwork, or they would seize my son and never let him come home from the hospital.
This is what is going on in America. Unfortunately, it's going on all over the world. A giant crime syndicate has built this "system" and administered it via an interlocking trust directorate.
They are stealing our babies and using them as slaves and as chattel backing their corporate debts.
If you can think of anything more repugnant, more un-American, more inhumane, more evil or more false --- let me know.
Now, all you women, all you Mothers out there --- the U.S. Attorney General is holding your babies to this unconscionable "contract" based on your signature. They, the Vermin, are claiming that you "willfully" and "voluntarily" donated your children as gifts to their corporation. Just like they are claiming that your Mother's donated you.
Is that true?
Are you mad?
You ought to be.
This evil system has been clicking along for decades, like a lawn mower, cutting the living people down to mere corporate franchises. Their corporation has been racking up debts against you and your children purportedly with your "voluntary" and knowing consent.
Is that true?
Are you mad?
You ought to be.
Who owns your children? You, or the foreign government service providers?
Your children are being stolen by racketeers and as, in my case, by extortionists, threatening actual physical kidnap.
Your children are being sold into debt slavery and your rightful ownership of your minor children is being by-passed to the State of Whatever. Even your marriage is being "interpreted" as a "licensed" Joint Venture, with the State of Whatever playing an undisclosed Third Party role with an interest in the "products" of your JV -- your children.
The men and women who are supporting this unconscionable theft and this whole system of enslavement are lower than snakes bellies in deep, deep wagon ruts, and they need to be stopped. Permanently.
So what are we going to do about it, Moms of America?
Are you content to have your children stolen and sold into debt slavery to benefit foreign corporations? How about having yourselves identified as "Unwed Mothers" who are "voluntarily" donating your kids as "wards of the State of State" and delivering them to the U.S. Attorney General as "Alien Property"?
Isn't it more than past time for all this CRAP to end?
So let's begin with the U.S. Attorney General, who is an Officer of Interpol, not an American at all, and not even a "U.S. Citizen" anymore.
Let's ask him what in the %1$!#%^^@ he thinks he is doing seizing upon our children via false commercial claims solicited under color of law?
He's got a lot more to think about and answer for than any Russia Investigation.
And so does Donald J. Trump.
We can address the long-running international fraud and we can reclaim our assets from the Philippines and elsewhere and we can settle all and any lawful debts that are owed by anyone on Earth, but in order to do that, the political lobbyists occupying Capitol Hill and other "administrative agencies" like the DOJ, FBI, DOD, IRS, et alia, have to be brought to heel.
And that's where you come through the door, Moms of America.
This is where you grab those political lobbyists by the crotch in your Mama Bear jaws. This is where you nail the "U.S. Attorney General" and all his stinking little minions to the wall. This is where you tear up and return all the licenses. This is where you pigeon-hole the local country and State of State vermin and tell them: (1) what is going on and (2) where to get off.


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  1. Leland,
    Why r u here a follower? Short answer: Already have gave it.
    Neither one (Kim or Anna)have to be right. Of this i am more than convinced.
    i see the format has changed, comments are being closed after an amount of time?
    Mind the things above, not those on the earth.
    For you have died, and your life has been hidden with Mashiak, who is our life,is manifested,then you also shall be manifested with Him in esteem.
    The entirety of Colossians 3 Tells us how we are to behave, it includes Wives husbands and children, it includes servants masters, it is all about the One and only True Master and Mashiak.
    So how many of us and the people we are listening to and are following are adhering to these words and guidelines? i do fail at times just as many before us including Paul.
    The world seems to be looking ahead into the future making all the same old plans and mistakes,(the wheel continues turning.)
    They continue to plan, and scheme for tomorrow scheming for worldly gain.
    "when you do not know of tomorrow.For what is your life? For it is a mist that appears for a little, and then disappears...
    ...But now you boast in your proud speeches...
    Sound familiar?
    The Bible is the "Living Word", His Word alone is "The Living Law Firm."

    1. Yawn a follower to your words in general...

      Nice subterfuge to trickly attempt your non-answer elsewhere withOUT Dan's amazing post, too😅

      [Dan CarpenterNovember 10, 2018 at 11:24 AM

      Here is My Opinion Anna:

      As a Canadian, I don't as yet have the same options the Americans have in reclaiming my birthright to the land. Canada has always been under British control and never a referendum otherwise. There is a chance under the Westminster Act however that requires 51% of the people to sign up to change the corporate structure. 

      The USA however, can make this shift with less than that percentage if by all norms, 5-10% shift, it will bring the curtain down. I agree with Anna's approach even though I think there should be a simpler way of achieving land status etc., but unless and until the jural assemblies and/or the courts are converted back to constitutional operation, we are all just floating on the sea. 

      Kim's method is purely financial as remedy but within the same clubhouse as the bankers now, just from a different bedroom per se. While that may be a great short term, it definitely is not a long term solution. It means that the grandchildren will face the wrath without the opportunity to turn it around.

      Lincoln and JFK had the right idea, just the wrong approach. Trump appears to have been given the right approach and that of taking on the unjust courts by replacing the judges and targeting the justice system first along with the financial restrictions as a beginning. Slow and sure wins the race. I know there is a lot of controversy at this time, but the solution has to be prepared in every possible way to back these guys into a corner they can't get out of. While the "how we got here" can be summarized in simple terms, the cabal has been very forward thinking in their subtle preparations of the end game and it shows. Their disrespect for any rule of law is the first observation.

      The cabal has chosen long term mind control to persuade the masses to honour their plan with violence as their control mechanism.

      However they are now in a reactive/defensive position which means their long term plans have been interrupted. In defensive mode they are not thinking straight so now they are showing their true colours. Gains can be made now at a faster pace than ever before but it will still take time. 

      Do what you can now to affect the long term even if it seems ineffective for our immediate needs and wants. Remember, the second set of teeth don't grow in overnight.

      Commenters are welcome to rebut, but my opinion stands. ]

  2. The solution for Moms is not to go to medical-mafia in the holocaust aka hospital to give birth to their children.

    1. I did home births with our children, but was not educated enough then to not register their births to obtain BCs, which i thought were necessary, at that time. ALways a continuing education process isn't it? Isn't there a template anna provided for this wherein i could name all in a single recorded document?

  3. I was told years before, I got sucked into the Rabbit black hole, the Hospital gets paid $2000. for that signature, a friend said to us don't sign... STATE OF VIRGINIA, my son is ward of state & everyone I can see... Yes this has been insane for too long!


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