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Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Missing Republic Found!

By Anna Von Reitz

The prize goes to my friend, Tom, a long-distance trucker based out of Phoenix, Arizona.  You gotta watch those truckers.  They have a lot of time on their hands to just sit and think.... 

Many good theories were proposed, many people drawing a connect between the old Roman Republic and the Municipal Government, but still, nothing very conclusive in terms of any official singular "Republic" associated with any level of our Government. 

Until Tom said to himself.... well, what else is missing that should be there? 

The original Confederation of Federal States-of-States is missing.  And sure enough, if you dig around a bit, you find that the Confederation of States was sometimes referred to as the "Federal Republic".  

We still have to be very careful to define what we are talking about.  

Just because there was once "a" Federal Republic doesn't mean that there is one now, and it doesn't mean that any organization calling itself "the" Republic has any relationship to the original Federal Republic, either.  

It all depends on how such an organization is structured, what its articles are, what its purposes and leadership and ownership interests are.  Is it American? 
Is it really our Federal Republic being restored?  Or another look-alike, sound-alike Ringer trying to sneak in the back door? 

Obviously, a French commercial corporation calling itself "The Republic of the United States of America" is no more our Federal Republic than a Scottish commercial corporation calling itself "The United States of America, Incorporated" is our Federation of States.  

And any foreign government infringing on our copyrights and promoting any such confusion needs to have its ass kicked, Mr. President.  

We've been fooled before with this kind of hooliganism and con artistry.   

As we have seen, a lot of fraud has been based on similar names deceits in the past and the same Bad Actors are most likely to try to pull the same.


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  1. "Confederation of States was sometimes referred to as the "Federal Republic". "

    After the Constitution, the old Confederation of States under the Articles which was also called the period of Confederation 1781-87, was now called a Federal Republic but now recognized as 1 single State called the United States. Confederation and Federal are never used interchangeable there was one then it transformed into the other after the Constitution, the Confederated States retained 100% sovereignty BUT as a Federation they all gave up certain sovereignty to create a definitive central government, so never the same after and not interchangeable concepts.
    It was a far cry from the current information age certain terms obviously took decades to be re-evaluated and corrected 95% of the people had no clue what was happening in government until years after the fact. They say like only 3-5% of people had any part in the Revolution, British citizens woke up and found out they had to make a decision now or be mass naturalized as an American citizen no vote on it no ballet most took no part in any Revolution.
    Ive also heard "American Republic".

    For a break down of the origins/creation of Roman Law and the Republic read the "Introductory" section.

    It reads like a literal mirror understand the foundation and realize its all the same system going back 2000+ years, commercial debt based, rich verses poor battle between all the classes,church state senates kings presidents, this country was founded as New Rome!!!

  2. While Thomas Jefferson refered to his State of Virginia as a 'Nation', his opposit in politics, Alexander Hamilton the Centralist did not nor would not recognize any State as a Sovereign Nation. We all should speak of the States as Nation States.

    1. Hamilton was a Rothchild 'plant'... NOT an AMERICAN!

    2. Probably so & in this life says he was Washington's illegitimate son back then. Ask best selling author Brad Sczollose about it yourself & mention me if u like🎥

  3. Someone left the cake out in the rain, and.........

  4. Dear Anna, Would it be possible to have Tom's award winning theory presented here in his own words? .........

    Thank you!

  5. Thank you for bringing up the $64 question about the "original" republic.
    It is like looking for a needle in a haystack of historical-power-grabbing-straws.
    Deciding this, looks to me like, THE historical-decision of the now-living-American-generations.
    Yes. We should take it very seriously.
    One group, not a fly-by-night-cabal-agent, calls itself "The United States of America".
    I know the discussion-history of this group and the feuding arguments and name-calling.
    One thing this group must be given credit for is their very serious discussion of this issue.
    There are 100 T-ROH broadcasts talking about it.
    I consider this question the primary political question of my lifetime.
    I've overturned a lot of rocks and found a lot of things.
    I am also not done looking.
    My motto is "the tree is known by its fruit".

  6. Your $50 💰 will be sent shortly...under protest, of course, Anna, for dubiousness😂

    'Federal Republic'💛

  7. Republic is the post office. Open a po box “ anywhere”
    Designate FULLNAME, estate
    c/o Office of the Executor
    UM (is united states outlying nation islands, a sovereign state)

    Outside of their jurisdiction of the world govt

  8. Except for one one wants to deal with a P.O. BOX #, unless govt. But normal people are routinely asked for their address and no P.O. BOX #...!! And even to get a P.O. BOX #, the post office demands you give a real address to attach to it....!! That's because the IRS wants to know where to really send their letters to...!!


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