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Sunday, November 11, 2018

What ISN'T There 4.0

By Anna Von Reitz

One of the things that "isn't" there is any conscious agreement by our Mothers or Fathers consenting to any of this.

The entire process is predicated on forcing unknowing women to sign away their children into lives of debt slavery, and doing it under color of law --- pretending that there is some mandate by their lawful government demanding this, while on the other side of their lying mouths, the miscreants responsible are claiming that this is all "voluntary".

It's not mandated by our government. It's not allowed by our government. It's against our Public Law and against the Geneva Conventions and against at least a dozen United Nations Declarations.

Maybe someone should inform the Government of Westminster what their American Bar Association and United States Bar Association members are doing here?

Oh, wait, we did that twenty years ago....

Maybe someone should tell the Roman Catholic Church?

Oh, wait, we did that twenty years ago, too....

Maybe someone should complain to the U.S. President?

Ah, yes, well, did that more than twenty years ago....

It's racketeering, identity theft, and credit theft on a vast international scale, carried out by private, for-profit governmental services corporations and members of the Bar Associations, and all supported by the treasonous and/or clueless Generals and Admirals of the U.S. Army and Navy and clerics of the Roman Catholic Church.

So let's look for some other missing elements.

Does anyone have a peace treaty ending the Second World War with Hungary or Bulgaria? No? Curiously, they are both named as "enemies" in the Trading with the Enemy Act and are the only parties that could still be considered "Enemies".

Which means, baldly, that these animals have been knowingly preying upon their friends and Allies in gross breach of trust and violation of their commercial contract obligations--- exactly as our Final Civil Judgment of 2014 finds.

It means that this is the thanks that we get for saving Britain's butt in World War II, and the thanks we get for our religious tolerance of the Roman Catholic Church, too.

So, Campers, are you inspired enough to sit down and write some nasty notes and take action to clean up this mess? Peaceful actions of course. They've only killed us on paper so far, so it's time to return the favor and take out the entire B.E.A.S.T. System.


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  1. So if I understand this correctly, everybody has been Notified/Noticed/Informed of all their wrong doing; been exposed, but by their actions they are all thumbing their noses at The People and refuse to do what is Right.
    So that would make it clear the only Solution would be some kind of ''shock and awe'. Make London and Rome both ''an offer they couldnt refuse'': Right outside their doors, guns cocked, surrender everything BACK Voluntarily or we will have you 'on display for Entertainment on some of Patriot58's Handiwork for the World to see'.

    THAT is the right answer, the right solution, and the quickest and cheapest solution. They've had decades to think about it, now its Artillery Time.

    1. Pulling on the scab does not help heal the wound.

    2. I concur - the burning issue/s that have been presented here indicate a long-standing need for healing, a deep healing extending throughout the whole the American psyche and I don't see this directly addressed in this forum even though the "injuries" have certainly been pointed to.

      The inside job of healing remains. When it occurs it will open people up to the possibilities of real resolution within the "Rights Sphere". Conversely - without addressing this need for healing the efforts to "direct" people to resolve the collective issues through the "Rights Sphere" will continue much like an attempt to ascend up a slippery slope.

      The whole well-being of the "climbers" need to be considered for this highly challenging task!

  2. As you can see, we talk about doing what is "right," and, of course, "right" is a matter of opinion. If an act or something is in your favor, then it's the right thing to do, isn't it??? If something is against your favor, then, of course, it's the wrong thing to do.

    This is what the world leader do at their meetings, i.e. they talk about what is right and/or wrong, and that is why so little gets done.

    If you will take notice, President Trump always talks about getting the job done, just get it done.

    Many years ago, back in the 60's & 70's, I was part of the delegation representing the U.S., in a particular sport/art, at the I.O.C. and other international conferences and we had to talk about and decide on what would be the best way to go about accomplishing our task of arraigning the international and world tournaments. Everyone had their opinion but, finally we came to a conclusion: "What will work and what won't work"!

    It all came down to that; "will it work or won't it work." If it will work, then do it, if it won't work, don't do it, and find something that will work.

    For the past 40 plus years, I have talked to my clients and "we," together, will decide what will work and what "we" believe won't work. I have always tried to conduct my business, i.e. law and finance, in that manner. I involve my clients, as much as possible that that they feel that they are involved and contributing in whatever course we decide to take in their case.

    This is a principle that we (all of us) can implement in our business and everyday lives. It works, when you don't try to dominate every decision.

    1. Calvin, No, what is Right and what is Wrong is Not a matter of opinion, as far as Im concerned. With me, Right is Right. And Wrong is Wrong. Period. And it is easily determined by what God says; not by opinion.
      ''What will work' does not necessarily mean its what is Right. As a rule, what is Right doesn't work simply because we have too many a55holes in this world who are so screwed up in the mind, that they dont want what is Right; they just want what THEY want, and they really don't care what is Right. Thats why I call most of them a55holes, Lol.
      What we generally see going on is Compromise, which means that nobody is satisfied; The People only ever get some of what they want, but never enough to bother with. (sort of like getting one slice of bread to make a sandwich; takes 2 slices to make a really good one, lol)

    2. Thank you, Abby for the reminder.
      Creation-natural-law is not up for debate, only consciousness-awakening.
      If the decision aligns with creation-natural-law, it will succeed.
      There is no guarantee that anyone understand the manifestation of the success.
      The practical solution is for us to put our heads together
      to awaken consciousness of what creation-natural-law is in play.

  3. Lost you. Sure you are in the right thread?

  4. Churchill was a pig, too...Murdered FDR according to some folks☇

    "This successful practice was very soon followed by the Allied forces in the cases of other German cities,[4] like Würtzburg – a tightly packed medieval housing city that exploded in a firestorm in March 1945 in one night with 90% of city-space which had no strategic importance destroyed.[5]"