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Monday, October 29, 2018

Getting Wise to It

By Anna Von Reitz

The Satanists worship duality. They only think and act in terms of "either/or". And that is how they train you, like a salivating dog, to think and act, too.
Ever wonder why they constantly prod little kids to segregate objects according to their differences and not their similarities?
The better to divide and to conquer. The better to "habituate" conflict and thinking patterns that support conflict.
If they can get the white people to hate the Jews and the Jews to hate the blacks and the blacks to hate the whites and the Hispanics and the Hispanics to hate everyone else who isn't Hispanic and the Asians to despise whites, blacks, Hispanics, Jews, and Palestinians, and the Saudis to hate the folks from Yemen.... hey, it's a lot less likely that everyone is going to sober up from the Hate Fest and notice who and what is actually manipulating all of it.
And the easier it is for the actual culprits to take advantage of the polarity they have created: sell arms to both sides, put both sides in debt, collect on the life insurance policies, foreclose on the widows.....
Am I wrong?
We have one common enemy, and though they are slippery as eels and masters of disguises and deceits, you can tell them by their fruits.
It's always the same stinking May Apples. Always the same trick: find a difference and exploit it. People are too stupid to see through this, which allows the Vermin to profit.
So, by all means, wake up and see the way this works to our mutual detriment.
When the Jews are gone, it will be the blacks, and after the blacks it will be the Hispanics, and in between it will be the old and the fragile and the unborn babies and the Jehovah's Witnesses and the LGBT crowd and all the Archie Bunkers, and at the end, there will be just one big ball of hate and fear destroying everyone and everything that is "different".
That's the snake oil the reptiles are selling. It's what they always sell. And we will not be free of them until we all learn better and say, "No, not falling for it anymore."


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  1. "A house divided cannot stand"
    - JESUS

    1. mtman2, just curious, why do you always duplicate your comments?

  2. Best article in a long time.Satan also wishes and manipulates us to compromise, so yes satan is also getting a foothold on the middle ground the High ground, also.
    Just something else to contemplate.Truth is also a divider, in fact Truth is the greatest divider of all.

    1. Xerces, How long is it going to take you idiots to understand that the catholic church/Rome has absolutely NO connection to God whatsoever. It is a dishonor to God to even insinuate it is ''a church of God'' ! The RCC is NOT ''The Church'. So get over that shit. And STOP spewing their crap in here.

      Wake up, lucifer is totally EVIL, and for you to even post the he is in any way 'holy' it an Oxymoron, Moron !

      Xerces,you are NO teacher of truth, so I advise you to go bury your stupid opinions that you were brainwashed with; you are more dangerous than a wildfire in california.
      God is not a ghost,he is a Spirit; called the Spirit of God. And there is NO mystery about the Holy Spirit OF GOD.

      P.S. Everytime you post, Xerces, you show how ignorant you are.

    2. when antichrist tells you "a house divided cannot stand" then the correct answer is "wrong house, dude"

    3. Xerces, again you show how messed up you are: It is NOT ANTI-christ who tells us a house divided cannot stand. But Im done looking up scriptures for you or anyone else.

      Just know this: God is totally against mixing with unbelievers. He mandates we Separate ourselves from them. And it is Antichrist who wants Believers to contaminate themselves with unbelievers. Such as ''All Faiths' uniting, in spite of their antiChrist beliefs.

  3. Anna, what is your preoccupation with satanists all the time? Why do you give them so much credit. Why do you always harp on 'division' when in fact Jesus himself was a Divider, not a Uniter. While you always want to Unite people. Did you skip the part where He said He came to bring Division? Yep. Sheep FROM the goats.
    He was also a Separator; come out from among 'them' and be ye separate, and then you can be my sons and my daughters, thus saith the Lord Almighty. For what does light have to do with darkness?

    But, only a kook goes around harming those they separate from. But lets hand that 'honor' over to the Medical profession and the Pharma Industry, who has pushed all these mind altering drugs on the People, even starting at pre-school age. Few are connected with satanists.

  4. Abby just curious:Think before you blow your lid- Did YHVH,Jehovah,I Am, not say that he created all things? that he created good and he created evil, I assume you would have to know one before you could know the other. From what I have studied and learned over the years this planet is the only one that has duality,(hot-cold, love-hate,rich-poor,good-evil) so It would only make sense if earth here is the only duality planet then in our spirit bodies in heaven there is not duality, hot or cold,rich or poor, good or evil, hmmmm, would that mean everything is neutral? no evil, no good just nutriality, then coming here to experience the emotions and experiences we forgot who we really are, or we got hijacked by (beings that wanted to keep this matrix running because they like to be able to control other (beings or spirits- Us- fratuals) of the only Creative Conscience God or Source that wanted to experience the conscience creation that the Creative Conscience thought into existence which in order for their to be only one of existence would have to fratualize itself in order to experience the creation, with each fratual building or creating its own personalization or growing its own soul or individuality from experiencing all theses different experiences and when finished here returning back to the complete ONE GOD or SOURCE so the complete God or Source experiences everything all the fractals of itself or oneself experience here on this duality planet that it was thought into existence for and each of those fratuals are each and every one of us. We have got so trapped into this experience and forgot who we are, or possible some fratals that learned faster than others became control freaks and learned how they could control others by creating gods and demons and devils and put crap in our water and food to keep us from waking up.(And told Abby that she was the only one that really knows the truth- lol)

    1. Michael...Abbbbbby can't process God creating the negative forceπŸŽƒ

    2. Michael, the bible is very clear that God said 'I create good, and I create evil'. So the answer to that, is Yes. And IMO the reason for His creating both is so that Man can have a choice. The only two choices are choose to do Good or choose to do Evil. Way better than multiple choice, lol.

      Now as for the rest of your Comment, I don't fully understand what you are trying to say. So let me just say you are making it way too complicated; God and Life and the Ways of God are really not complicated.
      It just comes down to choose to live righteous lives, or unrighteous lives. There is no test 'until you get it right''. Do you want pancakes for breakfast, or bacon and eggs. The choice is just as simple as that decision.

      Then we read the Guide Book, which is the Bible (KJV is my choice) and the New Testament gives us our Directions, so we know what is Good and what is not good. What is expected of us, and what is not acceptable to God.

      We talk to God just like we'd talk to another person; we tell him we want to do what He wants us to do, that we want to live the way He wants us to live, we ask him to take us and clean us up and help us to Walk the Walk we need to walk. We Repent of all unrighteousness that He finds in us, rid us of it, and mold us into what He wants us to be.

      Thats pretty much the overview, and its what it amounts to. Best not to make it complicated because its not. Remember, there are many people who are not highly educated, so it is made simple enough that anyone can Come to Christ.

      However, I need to make a Note here: All of mankind does not make it into the Kingdom of God. In fact there are many that dont even want to. But for those that do, they need to have a real heart to heart with God, and they ought to do it pronto, as nobody is promised tomorrow. And I tell you we are on our One Last and Final chance. God is not going to strive with this sin infested world any longer that is within the general population,nor the corruption within our governments and high places.
      If this was like a football game, I would tell you we are in the 4th Quarter and its the 2 minute warning. (I can also tell you that warning will just go right over most people heads.)

    3. Michael, what are 'fratals'? I have never heard that word. ?
      But as to your last remark there it is Cults that are ''control freaks' as they openly try to control everything a person does.

      I have no part in any such thing and in fact I am one of the few in here that does not bark orders at people; I just throw out stuff that I know that I know and people can do what they want with it. And I've said so many many times. I control no one and have no desire to control any one.
      As for my knowing what all I know, I surely ought to after Ive been around the Word for so many decades and studied that long.
      If you prefer to hang around a bunch of unlearned folks, they are everywhere and easy to find, Lol.

  5. Leland - just a poignant sense of humor. Time for a chuckle.

  6. Leland - very sorry to hear about that car theft. I had a 1969 Mustang I would like to have back. Who knew they would be so admired today?
    That's unreal about the BLUE Hi-lite, Red Heart and Blue dot. What are we seeing happen? Targeting our comments to our location by the zionist-run GooGle?

  7. Wink Wink, I do not like that at all and I hope you are right, turning the tables on them. Q claims that is what they are doing.

  8. Leland - Maybe I misunderstood. I thought it was your post on this board. I don't get e-mails except for when there is an article posted by Paul Stramer. Am I missing something?

  9. Leland - Yes we're familiar w Bjerknes too & the Armenian Christian Genocide. Bjerknes also has a lot to say about fraud plagiarist patent clerk jew fink Einstein.
    Nope, nothing blue but the your name & link. We didn't get a read heart, we're not that special.

  10. Wink Wink, thanks. Yes, I hear about that an so much else. That's why as much as I appreciate Judge AVR articles I had to LAUGH at "When the Jews are gone" becuase it is the Jews who are tring to make Whites Gone and leave the blacks last soi they can rule over. Henry Makow does a great article about this by exposing "Social Engineering for the 20th Century" written by a Commie Jew in London, 1912, named Israel Cohen. Lays it all out how the Jews plan to lift up the "Black man" in all aspects of society to make him more attractive to the White woman. Well, we see it everywhere today don't we?

    That's some detailed info. I try to keep up with many events going on and when looking down that 'rabbit hole' I see something staring back that is loyal to Israel, England,The Vatican... Not USA.
    I grew up being taught my ancestors were very cruel enslavers of another man, woman and child. Am mad that garbage is STILL being taught and worse, believed. Thanks for some info to the contrary!

  11. Hey Mustang 1969 did you by any chance get your Mustang from Florida? hee hee

  12. Leland - beg your pardon, the link to this blog. Leland Roth is blue & Getting Wise to It, is blue, both links:
    Leland Roth has left a new comment on the post " Getting Wise to It"

  13. LOL Wink Wink, no. Mine came from Bay City Auto Auctions in CA. They may not be around anymore. Very powerful car for a 302 CI (cubic inch). No indication it was the "Boss" version.

  14. Thanks Leland - I was missing something. Got it now.

    That's disturbing about being notified like that by GooGle AI. Thanks for letting us know.

  15. Leland- ha ha yeah we're sitting around listening to vids & reading Anna's articles & pitch in commentary.
    Q: why do you think the Crowley's were killed? That so beyond evil. A drone... so evil. Who did it? Article says theory gov assassins. ?? What say you?

  16. Drone...I was threatened, too, in 1996 when my dad's childhood buddy Bob Dole was running for Prez. My NYC brother was to be 'their' target if I kept exposing via inside info thru a former rear admiral's nephew some major shenanigans (ufo stuff in particular & Foster's murder) currently then going on that I knew alot about. This was an 'insider' who was part of deep state now living the 'good' life in the Brookview Heights neighborhood in Edina, Minnesota.

    After Clinton's camp wiped out a Dole camp's technical jet near Jackson Hole just before election day '96...'my' rear admiral got a live canary sent to him & u anti semites fans know the rest of the story winky, wink♩

    Ps Remember Monica Lewinsky lived in same Watergate apt complex as Doles then, & LA Times killed the expose of that Mossad spy Lewinsky affair Aug of 1996, too. Also Dole later gave Trump a HUGE boost back when Crux stole Iowa via vote fraud. Dole said nobody liked Cruz in the Senate πŸ’£πŸ˜‚☇πŸŽƒ

  17. Leland - that's book material! Sorry for your horrendous experience. So your NYC brother was to be outed? UFO stuff: is it our UFO's or ET? We see triangles in the sky every day, all sizes, small to massive, photographed them.
    Cruz was Canadian til 2014, wife a bankster'ite, dad was said involved w JFK assassination, more to him am sure. How can anybody 'like' that crumb? We also think his dad & he are cryptos & is why they 'escaped' Cuba. We notice 'special ones' got out.
    So the 'canary' is living the good life, eh?
    Yikes. All this adds new possibilities to a little 'heart & blue spot' indicator, quite interesting, indeed. That's one full post. A 'Be safe' wish is an understatement.

  18. hee hee PS: Leland - no anti-semites here. We have no qualms with a long extinct language spoken by a long extinct peoples.
    And to the 'great deceivers' rat-finks sending 'hearts & blue spots' this message is for YOU: We're not fooled nor do we consent to being cast as enemy, criminal by a fraudulent self-serving tribal death cult identity politic whose 'anti-semetic' schemes are used to escape culpability for ((their)) criminality.
    Hee hee just so ((they)) know, they're being tracked, even paid ((students)) in their "shut it down" synagogue's black computer rooms who seem to think they're anon.


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