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Monday, October 29, 2018

The Maxim of Law That Applies

By Anna Von Reitz

This is a message for the Pope, the Queen, Mr. President Trump, Karen Hudes, Kim Goguen, and Everyone Else who needs to know: 

"Possession by pirates does not change ownership." 

This is your commercial law from time immemorial. This is your Pontifical Law.  The World Commercial Law.   The Law ever since Hammurabi.  

We are pointedly reminding everyone of it. 

The bankrupt British Territorial and Municipal Corporations are in possession of stolen goods that belong to us and so are the Secondary Creditors and the Bankruptcy Trustees. 

The minions of the guilty parties have in their possession goods and gold and silver and art and titles to land and "slaves" and corporations and bank accounts and other property that belong to the American States and People.  

All these assets need to be returned to the administration of The United States of America [Unincorporated], the member States of our Federation, and the American People who are the rightful owners of these assets without further obfuscation, excuses, or delays. 

The disposition of these assets is not the prerogative of the thieves, especially as all the Delegated Powers have returned to us by Operation of Law.  

We do not accept Karen Hudes as our Trustee in any matter whatsoever, and we do insist that our actual Public Law be honored: no member of the Bar Association can hold any public office or position of trust related to us or our government.  Period. 

Likewise, we do not accept Kim Goguen, aka, "Kim Possible" as our Trustee. 

Since when do pirates get to choose Trustees for the victims of their theft and deceit?  Marduk was a pirate, pure and simple.  His choices mean nothing to us and should not be honored by anyone else.  

The pure and simple truth of the matter boils down to walking into these banks, removing the criminals in charge, and bringing enough competent troops and auditors to finally get the job done. 

Upon our arrival and our presentation of our own interests in this matter, all trusts related to us collapsed by Operation of Law.  Just like our Delegated Powers have returned to us by Operation of Law.  

Ask Mr. Alvarez at the United Nations Rule of Law Unit and Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh exactly what this means. 

Nobody can claim to be our "agent":, our "representative" or our "trustee" when we are present and competent and taking care of our own business.  We are here presenting our own interests.  

The Donors, who are also the Beneficiaries, of the legal fiction trusts, public utilities and other entities associated with our names however styled, abbreviated, punctuated, ordered, or declared, demand that all assets held in our name(s) and under our charters and all Public Assets and all right, title, and interest that logically and naturally belong to us, including control of our assets, be returned to us without further interference, obfuscation, deceit or delay.   

We are the lawful and still-standing Government of this country and it is insupportable and insufferable that various parties, including our employees, have conspired to steal from us and from our countrymen while occupying positions of Trust.  

These breaches of trust are dishonorable and criminal, in the extreme. It is owed no further discussion.  We have competent administrators in place and we have bonded President Trump's Office.  

If Ms. Hudes and Ms. Goguen have any goodwill to share with us or the rest of the world, it is high time that they came forward, dropped all false pretense of "special authority" or "trusteeship" related to us, and worked with us and the rest of the lawful governments and actual private Trustees to put an end to the gross injustices that have been promoted by these monsters in suits. 

Otherwise, all these conflicting claims and pretenses of trusteeship do no good for anyone and do not present the truth.  And why is that? 

It's because: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership."


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  1. Lol. Read and weep.

    1. Actually it wouldn't surprise me if this post(Anna) is in response to reading said link.

    2. Robert, you're really behaving like a child. If you would like to provide us with your profound, learned wisdom and actually start to be proactive instead of reactive and show the people in this post how YOU are single-handedly defeating the Cabal, please feel free to do so. Otherwise, kindly shut your yap.

      Your failure to understand the simple meaning of the words you are choosing to profess your own ignorance and what those very words mean in 'legalese' is evidence that you know little or nothing at all. If you don't understand those simple words, then yes, YOU will end up slapped upside and down the courtroom.

      Unless and until you know what WHO you are, WHERE you live, WHAT your name really is and WHO these people running these courts really are, you will lose and lose big.

      Would you like an example of your the improper word choices you made earlier in your smug comments you've made in posts I had to endure reading?

      FILE.. you don't file documents, you RECORD them onto the Land Record. Land being the key word here.

      RESIDE - RES (thing) IDENT (Identify)

      If you self-identify as a RESIDENT, you've sealed your fate.
      If you know yourself to be a "lawful inhabitant" then you are an entirely different kind of being.

      PERSON - to any reasonable individual, would mean you and me. To those in the legalese professions, it means CORPORATION, in their varied forms.

      What you also need to understand CLEARLY is that it's all about the CAPACITY in which you are OPERATING.

      An individual (note I didn't use the word PERSON) can OPERATE as a POLICE OFFICER for 8 hours a day and a CIVILIAN for the remaining hours of the day. Depending on which CAPACITY they are functioning in, they are able to or unable to perform certain DUTIES.

      I really cannot stand looking at your smug smiling face in your photo, so I am going to stop here.

      I have personally used the information I have learned from a former Deputy Sheriff who actually read the CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE and the TEXAS TRANSPORTATION CODE and has unveiled the outright FRAUD being perpetrated upon the PEOPLE (not PERSONS) and is shoving it down their faces using their own legalese. He does not think anything that anyone else does holds a candle to what he does.

      However, I have also used Anna's documents during two traffic stops to successfully send the Revenue Collecting Agents posing as Peace Officers scrambling like the rats they are.

      You have much to learn and until you learn it, please just keep your comments to yourself.

    3. Anonymous, you pop your brain in here, out of no where,using a handle that has been requested by Paul not use. Where have been since June? And you profess to know me by one post, seriously. Go back and stick your head in the sand.Whining that you had to endure reading it. What you don't have a turn off or skip over switch. I have been in this forum almost if not everyday. Kiss off.

    4. Anonymous, LOL, your instruction are just a lot of hot air. You see, some of us are too smart-and too dumb to go playing the stupid game that these deceivers have set up. But hey, if you wanna fall into that silly trap, go right ahead. BUT you have NO right to try to tell anyone else what they should do.

      Bottom line: Some of us are just not playing ''their game''. How long is it going to take you to realize what nonsense it is, playing that silly word game that THEY dreamed up.
      Now go mind your own business.

  2. I clearly see what Anna is saying here. On the one hand we have Kim who claims she has inherited her Job by appointment. While Anna is claiming to approach this problem from a Lawful Uninc. governmental position.

    It seems to me that this gridlock will continue unless these 4 people meet face to face (Anna, Trump, Kim and hudes) and settle the matter truthfully and logically, and do it at once. And if they cannot come to a Right conclusion and move forward, then I suggest Anna take it to the Supreme Court and just see whose side Kavanaugh is really on.

    Otherwise, as it is, and as it has been now for years and decades, the People are caught in the middle and are suffering the brunt of all this childish heady hassle.

    And take note people: I have been saying ''possession by pirates does not change ownership''. Except that I have said it in different words: "just because they CLAIM to have stolen us, does NOT change the fact that I still OWN matter what they say. I was initiated as the First and True Owner of myself to begin with. That makes me the true and rightful owner; and just because thieves have claimed to own me, does not make them the Owner. And that is why I still feel I do not have to reclaim Myself or fight and battle with anyone to 'regain ownership of myself'.

    Anna, I strongly suggest you take this directly to the Supreme Court. It will tell us a lot about who stands for what and where. It will get this out in the open. If nothing else it will tell all those who have no idea of their 'holdings' being withheld from them.

    I think most of us are sick and tired of just hearing about this, and seeing a tug of war going on, with NO clear and decisive winner - - which ought to be the People.

    1. Abby, exactly. To do the paperwork to "claim" who you are is play in their ball park and they make the rules regardless of what protest you make. None of the paperwork means squat to the very pirates who claim ownership. On one hand what Anna has been professing makes sense in an honourable system, but we don't have that in any country anymore. I'm not even sure the Supreme Court will have any weight even if a favourable decision is made. Getting judgement in any court means nothing if you can't get blood from a stone which is a mantra that I have believed for a very long time.

      So, while Anna has presented to the world courts, the queen and Vatican, and seemingly they have, with the exception of the queen, all agreed with Anna's presentation, still there is no enforcement. As many have said, it appears it will be a physical stand-off in the end and that will take masses to be successful.

    2. Abby, Hudes is nobody. There is no question on that debate. But I agree with you that these others need to put their heads together in the same room. Enough emails and posturing.

    3. Dan, absolutely. And why play the game when they know very well what they have done, how they have twisted words, and misled us, and they know very well we are not dead,but are just as alive as alive can possibly be. And IF they question that, let me SPIT on them, I think that should explain I am indeed NOT dead, LOL.

      When we give real thought to this, they are just loving to see people squirm and show all their 'proof' in defense of themselves - - when all the while, they already KNOW it; there is no sane reason for us to ''try to persuade them we are right' about something they are well aware of.

      See how silly our Defense claims are? In reality, it should take nothing more than reading your own short statement which says ''I KNOW YOUR GAME and how crooked and childish it is, and Im not playing. Dismiss and I'm outta here'.

      Because thats really what it amounts to anyhow. How many are wise to the stupid Game, and can expose them.

      How long will it take some of these people to realize ....''they'' just decided to change the meanings of words, twisted them all around, and made up their OWN Dictionary which they know almost none of us have ever seen (you either have to go and spend lots of time at the law library looking up all their words OR shell out a ton of money to buy Black's LD)- - -

      and then they speak their Black's LD language of twisted up words and use it to play their word game with us. ! And they even call that Justice ! Then people wonder why they did not get a fair shake with the ''Justice System'' ??

      Don't you all see, it is not a ''justice system' at all; its a Word Game.

      So again, I ask you all to THINK. How long are you going to participate in their Game? I know we don't have much of a choice, but wouldnt it be easier to suit the bastards and call their bluff and james pansini said in here......go back to the plain ole websters dictionary and stop with the Black's LD of Satan himself. Satan is The Deceiver, and thats what has been going on.

  3. Anna as great points often, but if I may challenge Anna and all of you, my mentor as written a book called the America we never knew, a spiritual history of the United States of America. He has spend over 40 years in research including reading all 33 volumes of the "Continental Congress" twice. By Richard Brown
    Blessings to you all,
    Reno NV

    1. Great, another person with 40 years invested. More to digest and regurgitate. Yet No one in positions of any authority is taking the action needed to get it done. Close down the Bankers, Open New Sovereign Banks, repurpose all IRS and UN, and Fed employee's stop waiting for imaginary RV's and arrest all the calluder's, minions already! Gitmo is finished.

    2. Nothing is going to happen until all this is done and in motion.

    3. And open a broadcasting system that puts everyone on the same page to update and re educate the populace in full transparency. The QFS is already in place, It just takes a tion by the right people.
      I know this can't be done at this juncture, but the only one's I see even coming close to scenario I have already mentioned.

    4. Chip! Would it be possible to provide a hotlink here to the book that you are referring to?


  4. The issue for America is that the constitution put Jesus and Heaven under the bus, with Article 6. The convention was only to make proper changes not replace the Articles of Confederation and Declaration of Independence. Those documents no matter if they were written by Masons blah blah still gave God the glory as being the sovereign over this nation. The constitution Article 6 changed that to this constitutional document(oaths etc) was the sovereign and not God. The constitution is a well written document, however there is talk that we may have a time when Article 6 will no longer contain the same verbiage, but change to God being the sovereign again over this nation again. Believer of not of God this would help so much in the blessing of out great nation. Not the corporate one!
    Reno NV

  5. Chip, Thanks for looking beyond the surface mirage of the "Constitution" that holds everyone in its Masonic spell to nearly worship it, because it is a faulted pretense in many respects. Upon careful evaluation, with a literal reading, one begins to discern and discover many discrepancies which are its faults.

    So Chip, are you aware and can you provide any evidence that the Article 6 Constitution of 1787 requiring all officers of the United States government to support "this" constitution, (the written one created at the secret Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia),that that specific oath is being taken or has been taken by any such officers?

    I agree with your observation that the convention was not to replace, nor did it in fact replace, the Articles of Confederation. It is only being pretended by usurpers to have replaced them.

    It is my understanding that no one then (in Washington's time) or now in our time has taken or does take that Art 6 oath binding them to abide by "this" (written) constitution, but that instead these bureaucrats are using the oath, when they even take an oath, patterned after the Article II oath taken by the POTUS, to "support the constitution of the United States". Because that phrase "support the constitution of the United States" is undefined, so then taking that oath leaves those officers who may have taken that oath and not taken the Art 6 oath free to re-invent what "the United States" is whenever and however it suits their selfish interests. So much for an honest and accountable "government", and for a written ("this") constitution we can rely upon.

  6. If papers do not mean anything why do I have so much paper trash containing contract offers, amounts due, recurring fines ( driving license for instance to prevent hassling an loss of property) consistently, credit card offers etc. If the papers mean nothing why is everyone acting like they do? Myself I prefer more the tribal, keep it in you heart and a minimum of words that obviously can be used to paint anything and memorialized on paper. God says my people are eaten up by ignorance and the intended Kingdom robbed by violence. Bad things happen due to good men doing nothing. And some of these men having offered up their lives thinking they were defending their family. So it turns out people will be willing do die for the cause as long as the state says it is OK. Sure a lot or people were shot up in Iraq and elsewhere all on state say so. Just following orders, bravely of course. Your protective Army tells soldiers that no man has greater love than one who would lay down their life for another, right out of the Bible that is not optional as far as mentioning it other than to ban it from ritual oaths etc. So you go and shoot people and not it is not better but worse over all in the world from all this killing, shooting and exploding, all done by papers signed as orders. Once back home those same brave soldiers are now not allowed to enjoy the rights they have by birth and most would cower at the idea of looking into their own governing system and if necessary arrest and correct it for the very people they claim to serve. Odd, brave or brainwashed? By operation of law long ago the military should have located culprits, arrested and exposed them so their would be a Supreme Court working for the people. How do you take something in to a court or a people that are occupying you land in their own made up offices laughing at and harming at the very people who feed them. They claim by paper that in fact they are not reponsible for those offices since they are in corporate ones that papers show you are subject to.
    See 14th amendment where it is clearly stated "subject thereto United States, or a sub-corporation entity of a larger incorporation. Before 1860s no such status of all people on the land, all the American State Nationals with full rights and constitutional protections existed long before this and do still today. Most just don think it matters since it it true God does not fine us for living and gifted existence to us so in reality it is ours, not the state, the Rotchild's Karen Hudes or anyone other than everyone.

  7. I’ve said this before and I am going to say this again.

    It is my personal opinion and I do not think it matters too much for the general population if they do Anna’s paperwork.
    A “few” living souls may have some relief from the government corporation by doing this, but in the grand scheme of things this is never going to end until Jesus himself returns.
    All of this must lead up to the one world political system, it’s eventual deadly wound, which gives rise to Satan‘s casting out of heaven by Michael, and his appearance here on earth to heal that deadly wound and set himself up as the leader of the church and government . That is prophesied in the Bible in Revelation 12:6,7.

    Whether or not you believe it that is your problem.

    It will happen.

    There is no remedy for the entire state of nations on this chunk of dirt we live on.

    You cannot change God‘s prophecy. I feel quite sure if you get in his way and mess with his timetable, he will surely put you in your place!

    All you are doing is beating your head against a brick wall.
    Some of us may be able to do Anna’s paperwork and get out from under their radar and live like that, but I doubt it’s going to be very many. I think only those that understand what’s really going on with respect for gods souls and His overall plan for his terra-firwill be allowed to remove themselves from the situation.

    I believe this is why there is never any actual step by step remedy, with detailed instructions included, put out for the general population to use.

    Has anybody ever seen that put out in the open for general consumption in any forum?

    I haven’t.

    There are a few sites that have specific paperwork and basic limited instructions for filling out these forms. If you want detailed instructions your expected to pay for it. And then all the disclaimers say that this “doesn’t constitute legal advice.”

    Or you might be lucky enough to get the help from someone that has already gone farther in the process then you have and is nice enough and willing to help you with instructions for filling out those forms.

    Otherwise, it is “good luck!”

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. On a personal level, I have done a lot of this paperwork already. It would be nice to have more than one or two people actually produce concrete proof in the form of some sort of documents showing that they are out of the governmental corporate system and free from federal and state taxes, and have discharged more than one or two debts using this process.

      I wonder why Anna does not produce for inspection, any of her documents that show where she has benefited one iota for anything she is asking the rest of us to do?
      Are we supposed to believe that she has done all of this and has gained no benefit whatsoever? If this is true why do it? Nothing has changed. Status quo.?

      If I am expected to go all the way through this process, it would be nice to have evidence that it really works as intended.

      To date, only one living soul has produced any documented proof showing me that Anna’s system works.
      I am not at liberty to mention that living souls identity. That soul is a visitor and sometimes a commenter on Anna’s posts.

      I feel like I have run into roadblocks myself. It is taking me forever to go through this process and I am not even doing anything major!

      If one chooses to do this, make sure you follow everything and get the correct documents read everything three or four times.
      And remember, you must put everything that goes to a court in the legalese of that court. Or they will reject it for not being in the correct form, as they did with a couple of my things.

      A birth certificate is not a certificate of live birth.
      From the time I needed a copy of my “birth certificate “ for school through my attempts at college attendance, all I was ever sent was a certificate of live birth, and it was always accepted as a birth certificate.
      They are not the same and if you decide to fill out form 56 you will need the state file number from a birth certificate. That is not on a certificate of live birth. One is issued by the county in which you were born, the other one is issued by the state based off of information on the certificate of live birth that the county files with them. At least that’s how it is in California, or how it was over 50 years ago.

  8. Wow, almost 10 hours. I received this article at 8:45 am EST this morning and still no comments, nobody is bashing Anna over this article, amazing!

    Thank you Anna for providing information that we can look up. A Maxim of Law can not be argued with, I guess. Not even by the Bible interpreters!

    1. Annie, may I clarify for you; I do not live on the internet, and this Forum is merely a sideline for me, as I have a real life that I live. And for your information I am not a bible 'interpreter' as it needs no interpretation; it is self interpreted just as it is. It says what it means, and means what it says, and no one is at liberty to 'interpret it to their own liking'.
      What I am though, is a bible scholar and have been for over 40 years. I do not mock you for being an unbeliever, and it would do you well to curtail your mockery,for your own Sake...if you get my drift.

    2. " I do not mock you for being an unbeliever, and it would do you well to curtail your mockery,for your own Sake...if you get my drift."

      Abby threatening black majic on those don't git her 'drift'?πŸ•‡

  9. I've been telling you guys this for years!


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