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Monday, October 29, 2018

Bretton Woods 2?

By Anna Von Reitz

Let's get this straight.  There should never have been a Bretton Woods 1. 

What came out of Bretton Woods 1 was a total airy-fairy disaster, an economic plan and theory so flawed that a zombie with an I.Q. of 10 would give it a thumbs down. 

The centerpiece of Bretton Woods 1 was the idea that if we can keep the world economy constantly expanding at a given rate per capita we will never have to pay our debts.  Never. Ever. 

Isn't that just a nice example of "sophistication" ---- ?  And I do not mean that as a compliment.  

It's also emblematic of a bizarre kind of out-of-touch-with-reality Wishful Thinking that seemed to invade the planet after the hostilities of the Second World War.  

Anything seemed possible --- apparently even such known impossibilities as a constantly expanding world economy.

Big surprise.  It didn't work. 

The world economy has sputtered along as it always has, and the weight of the first Bretton Woods Conference has fallen on America and we have taken it in the shorts for every discrepancy between Keynes' "Ideal World" and actual fact ever since, and now, we have Bretton Woods 2, which if possible, is even worse. 

Remember that I told you the plan of the Vermin a hundred and twenty years ago was to force us all to use fiat currencies, inflate them so as to make them worthless and meanwhile collect all the gold, silver, and platinum reserves in one huge stockpile, so that the Rats could sell it all back to the grandsons and granddaughters of the people they stole it from?  At a vastly inflated profit?  

Well, that is in fact what they are still pushing for.   

Thanks to Obummer and Biden and Company signing off on 25,000 trillion "dollars" in debt cast as "US Treasury Notes" the last viable fiat currency was tanked --- with or without the Midterm Election results.  

We have repudiated any suggestion that their actions pertain to us or any American or any "United States" related to us, and we have invited all their Creditors to collect from them directly.  Semantics being what they are, there are bound to be misunderstandings. 

I keep remembering Hillary Clinton saying, "If he [Donald Trump] gets elected, we will all hang!"   It's the only cheerful thought in all of this.  I keep imagining the criminals in bright orange, hand-cuffed, awaiting the gallows. 

Bretton Woods 2 produced two answers to the dilemma the Fraud Artists have created: (1) Depopulation of the Earth (not the first time this has happened) down to a tiny fraction of the current population, so as to "collapse the debt pressure"--- which is in fact just killing off one's Priority Creditors, as I have also described, and (2) Arbitrarily setting the "value" of an ounce of gold at $25,000 per ounce.  

Considering that the Vermin stole most of this gold and paid around $40 per ounce for the bulk of the remainder I will leave it to you to do the math and figure out what percentage of profit they are anticipating. 

As one Bretton Woods 2 Attendee snickered, "It's going to be a "killing" either way!" 

We have a different plan and vision for the world.   If you despised Bretton Woods 1 and hate Bretton Woods 2, it's time to be pro-active.  

Our government hasn't been paid for all the American soldiers who were used as mercenaries and sent out to fight under Color of Law, having been told plenty of Big, Fat Lies on their way to the Front of two World Wars and endless other wars and conflicts.  I think it's time to present our bill to the schemers responsible for all this ---  $250 trillion per life lost under such conditions sounds about right, doesn't it?  Who knows?  With a push it might be enough to buy some comforts and consolations for all those left behind. 

Paid in gold.  


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  1. Absolutely a bullseye writeup Anna.

  2. I see you will be working as the attorney for the K Group Anna, Neil Keenan and group, thats excellent, thank you and the group for all you have done!!

  3. So is that what we are, or should be, a nation for sale?
    Trading our blood and life's treasure for gold and or oil (The Donald.)
    250 trillion per life sounds like a lot, but is it? $$$ in exchange for human life is that your final price or shall i make you another offer?
    i hope some of you see the problems here.

  4. Wanting Gold or payment as payback for all the lives given, many of them freely given simply diminishes their sacrifice.
    So your government is no different than the government you aspire to replace.

  5. The "InPower Movement" has started using "Lex Mercantoria" as a means of conditional clauses to contracts. It is the ancient rules of "Law Merchant" which they claim is how the courts are operating. In this case regardless of the numbers, Anna is not necessarily trading human life for money, rather using the Liability clause as leverage against the vermin who are dealing solely on contract law.

    In short, "I will agree with this contract as long as...." Soldiers? "I will go to war and if I die, you owe my family/estate 250 trillion in gold."

    a follower: since even before the beginning of money, everything is contract. "I will trade my chickens for your turnip" and so on.

    What the Inpower Movement has done regarding smart meters and now working on 5G is to turn the contracts for services back to the service providers with conditions that if they can prove no harm then I will accept the terms of contract. Failing that, you will pay me $XXX per day or remove the smart meter from my house.

    All of these type of service contracts use tacit agreement formats that if you don't rebut then it is assumed you agree to the terms. Therefore: Contract or Merchant Law. As a note, the rebuttal here is "Notice of Liability" back to the service provider.

    Here is a summary pdf - only 14 pages:

    Here is a recent interview with Cal Washington in Ireland explaining the process. While the interview is an hour long, the message can be learned within the first 15 minutes.

    Obviously I am simplifying here, otherwise we could get into hours and or pages of explanation of which I am not qualified for. However, the concept is working.

    One must realize that the "fine print" is there for a reason- most won't read it. The same theory applies to these multi-page contracts, twisting and confusing the non-lawyer types so we don't understand or read them. Most of us have been taught to act based on the headlines not the content. Why do commercials for drugs hype the benefits and then in a lower tone and 3-4 times the speed specify the side effects? They comply with the law, but do it so sheepishly that we don't or can't pay attention to it.

  6. Bretton woods 1 America was represented by two zionest our secretary of treasury morganthau and his #2 man Stalin informant Harry Dexter White .
    Later busted as a spy but Truman promoted him to head of the IMF.
    all a pack of criminals!

  7. ''Our government hasnt been paid for all the soldiers lives lost'? Anna, why should government be paid? What happened to your original idea of The People being paid? Where did you slip back to the same ole crap we have always had; money going to governments? Take that idea and stuff it; when does money EVER rehydrate the grass roots? You are sounding no different than the tyrannical gov. we've always had.

    ''we have a different plan and vision for the world'?? Since when do you think You and Yours get to plan anything? And since when did you EVER run ''Your Vision'' past us, We The People? How do you know ''your plan and vision' is something WE the People will even be in favor of?

    Anna, When do you intend to Tell Us The People, just what IS 'your plan and vision'? How about spilling the beans here, Anna. And try with all your might to actually give the ''fine print' to us, in large letters.

    P.S. Our World and especially our country, has done much evil, and there are consequences to be Paid for such conduct. You have left out that part of the entire equation.

    1. Oh Dear! Abby, where have you been? The cabal puts life insurance on every military person and keeps it to fund their agendas. Those life insurance proceeds should be paid to the organic government which in turn lessens the burden on 'we the people'and support those vets that have returned with the results of war. Anna's overall plan is in the best interest of ALL the world's human flesh and blood people- to free us from the cabal. Once free of this tyrannical fraud, we can then re-design government to what it was originally intended. A service organization for the benefit of the people. Your country has done no evil, the cabal has and directed the blame unto you people through deceit. Put the responsibility of those tyrants and the consequences where they belong.

    2. Dan, you are only assuming what you have posted here. I cannot assume anything; I need to have proof. First, we don't know who puts life insurance on anyone of us, who pays the premiums - if they are paid - and we do not have any 'organic government'.

      We also do not know if there is any such insurance money, how much that Account has in it, and no accounting to the People nor any Audit. We've all heard of Ins. Policies on all of us, not just military folks. That is nothing new.

      Dan, the picture you paint is a Theory. It is just not going to happen IMO. And the reason why not is because our nation has done plenty of evil things,not only done by those in positions of power, from top to the very bottom grass roots positions - but also within the we the People population, as they have refused to stand up against the evils that are being done.

      Let me give you a very current example: This is the devils holiday season and just look at how americans all across the nation are embracing it, participating in it, and spending tons of money ON it to celebrate it. They even offer up their own children to participate in ''the fun and games' when they should be coming full force protest of it, or at least refusing to participate.
      Look at hollywood, and the ungodly movies they make, and in fact how our population even adores those ungodly evildoers. Not to mention all of calif. is full of evil doers, and yet little is said against them. I don't need to expound on all that, do I?

      Those are just a few of the evils of this Nation and withIN the very population. In fact I will go so far as to even say that our 'churches' are full of evil, as well. Their 'evil' is that they LIE and preach lies.

      It may be that you need to re-evaluate just what evil truly is. And then tell me ''its the cabal' and try tell me the country as a whole and its population as a whole is not guilty. Who is it that has turned our country into 'soddomnation'; who is it that is participating in that. And that is just the tip of this iceberg; so Dan, I might as 'where have you been'.

      And sorry, but few of us Thinkers see where 'anna's overall plan is in the best interest of all of humanity'; she has not given us any fact of that being the case. She has only given us some Theories consisting of words on paper, but theory is theory, it is not factual.

    3. To acknowledge Abby, I got your message. We can agree to disagree. Thanks for your input.

  8. That sounds good to so let's get the show on the road! , what do you want me to do?

  9. Joe...sit back and watch the coming storm....Right now Trump is in charge...the best thing everyone can do at this point is to vote all Rebublican, not because they are so great but because Congress simply will not let Trump do what needs to be done without having a majority in both the house and Senate....all of a sudden they are telling him he can't even make Executive orders without Senate approval....!! The intensity of the left's strategy is that of shere, then wait for the storm to take place in November....!!! If it doesn't then we can regroup and come up with a strategy that will change things....!! But other sites agree with me.....
    We have to get rid of all our intelligent agencies except military ones and get rid of the WALL that is keeping all this evil in place...our judiciary......if our courts are all corrupt then all we have is a "Criminal Syndacate" running the world....Anna was right about that....!!!

  10. Just because something is'legal,' does not make it right.

    1. Exactly....!! But everyone does what is legal and not lawful....!! Especially law enforcement who only take orders from the "gestapo"...our traitorist judges sitting on the bench.....whos idea was it anyway that we should have courts at all...since when do you put mere mortals in charge of judging other people when no one has that right...!! They are just as evil as every one else..

      ...NO DANN COURTS...AT ALL..!!

  11. I'm afraid you are showing your true colors: the red, white, and blue of the Union Jack! Just after the leading patriot and economic thinker Lyndon LaRouche intervenes and begins to get significant traction with his proposal for a New Bretton Woods agreement among leading nations to deal with the looming financial blowout, all kinds of incompetent criticisms or delphic counter-proposals for a "New Bretton Woods" like that of Yanis Varoufakis and Bernie Sanders suddenly start appearing. Your comments show you know nothing of the battle between the incompetent Keynes faction and the FDR-Harry Dexter White faction at Bretton Woods. Either we get back to a gold reserve system, with fixed exchange rates and a growth orientation or we are headed to hell. Fortunately, most of the world is currently lining up that way, along with China's Belt and Road Initiative. As President Trump would say, that's a good thing, not a bad thing.

  12. Nothing wrong with courts! What is wrong is that they follow the "rule of men" rather than the rule of law. The rule of law is a higher standard--as john adams said, "that great legislator from above" tHE LAW IS DISCOVERED, NOT MAN MADE. AND the rule of law is the very essence of a Republic.

  13. Unfortunately, there is no "Rule of Law" at all....It has and always will be ruled by men ...unless we get rid of attorneys....everyone has to prove their case themselves without attorneys or legalese being used....!!


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