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Saturday, July 14, 2018

The False Claims of the World Bank and IMF

By Anna Von Reitz

The attached file is a letter from Karen Hudes to officials in Japan conclusively demonstrating the false claims being made by the World Bank and IMF against our lawful government as Secondary Creditors of the bankrupt Territorial and Municipal United States corporations.

This letter fully discloses the basis of these false claims being made by the banks and the identity of the entity held in abeyance --- the Federal United States.  

Pursuant to these false claims the IMF and World Bank have proposed to take over our government administration and to declare the election of President Trump invalid. 

Please note their appeal to "the rule of law"  when it suits them, and how they totally ignore that actual rule of law and operation of law which automatically returns delegated authority to the Donor of that authority upon the incompetence of the agent exercising the delegated power. 

They had already secretively crippled the Federal Level of the United States Government during the Reconstruction Era, and now they planned to "vacate" both the Municipal and the Territorial Levels of the Federal Government by consecutively bankrupting them and leaving us at their mercy. 

They conveniently forgot the existence of the actual Donor of the Delegated Powers --- The United States of America [Unincorporated].  And the "several States" of the Union Federation, too. 

Imagine their amazement when we stepped forward with all our ducks in order and posted the Indemnity Bond for all the States?  

Sphincters must have closed all over the planet.  

This is why we have invoked our sovereign power and called for the States to Assemble.  Our country is under attack by international banks that in fact owe us more than they can ever repay.  Our debtors have "offered" to take us over and they have attempted to bribe the rest of the world into this criminal plot with promises to distribute our wealth and give our assets --- including all the gold confiscated by the criminal known as Franklin Delano Roosevelt -- to whoever would support them in their aims. 

It is an interesting side note that the original "Delano" that Franklin Delano was named after, was a drug lord in charge of Territorial United States heroin and opium trade in China.  

These are the criminals --- both Democrat and Republican --- that have been running our country into the ground for six generations.  

And it is an interesting side note to China that these parasites are no friends to the Chinese Government nor to the Chinese People, either.  By moving their fraudulent "Registry" to China they have merely involved the Chinese in a disgusting and insupportable fraud scheme which cannot bear the light of day.  

The Decree and Demand published June 6, 2018 is our acknowledgement and acceptance of our Delegated Powers and Notice to the Trustee of the Territorial United States -- the Queen--- by the Donor --- The United States of America [Unincorporated] that we are accepting their return of the Delegated Powers as a result of the final bankruptcy of the Territorial United States Government. 

Please also note that our objections to the presumptions of the French-backed corporation calling itself "The Republic for the United States of America" and to the Scottish-backed entity calling itself THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (LTD.) are hereby published for cause and as Notice to the international community and to President Trump. 

The States are being Assembled to address the large back log of business including the disposition of the commercial service contracts.  Nothing is accepted or agreed to beyond a 30 day provisional quid pro quo for any 
federal service or service organization.  

It is essential for all Americans to understand just how close our country has come to being overcome by slick criminals with law degrees.  It is also essential that those responsible for these false claims and international fraud schemes to repent and honor the actual Rule of Law. 

The people of these United States have suffered for 150 years under the scourge of criminal Breach of Trust. We have been grossly misled and mis-characterized and robbed blind and kept at constant war for the profit of these international crime syndicates and it is now time for the entire world to wake up and be set free.

Americans -- reclaim your "reversionary trust" rights, your Good Names, and your heritage.  Everyone, worldwide, realize that we are not "those" United States.  And that you have all been targeted and robbed by these same perpetrators.  

Please read the letter from Ms. Hudes posted on my website: www.annavonreitz,com and grasp the real threat posed to our "national security".  

Download it to your computers.  Send copies together with this explanation.  Make hard copies for your files.  Be prepared.  If any flunkies of the World Bank, IMF, or SwissIndo show up at your door, give them a copy of the Decree and Demand of June 6 and send them on their way.  

And if anyone is really concerned about foreign intervention in "US" elections, see what Ms. Hudes had to say.  

Bear in mind, that because of these dishonest bankers, we are still in the process of recouping American assets and we still don't have access to our own gold, silver, and other actual assets we are owed.  As a result, this entire operation --- the assembling of the Counties and States, the international diplomacy, the court suits, and everything else is being funded with Cookie Jar money from Spot, Jane, and Uncle Fred.  

And in addition to all my "other duties as assigned" I am still the Paymaster: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652; Paypal account:  

Lord knows, we've been bearing the brunt and so has Donald Trump.  If you have funds you can spare to expedite our work, pay for court fees, light bills, printer ink, travel expenses --- all these things that volunteers who are already donating their time and expertise --- otherwise have to bear, please help.  And if not, please pray.  Ask for a peaceful and just resolution.  Ask for protection for all those in the field.  

And no matter what else you do, take the time to claim back your own Good Name and estate.  Protect yourselves and your families and your homes and make use of the information found on my website, especially Article 928. 

See this article and over 1100 others on Anna's website here:

To support this work look for the PayPal button on this website.  


  1. A thousand thank yous to you, Anna, for this information, and yes, you, James, the Living Law firm and all the good souls fighting to restore our country and rightful estates are in my prayers. God speed!

  2. attachment only has page one, where is rest of it, signatures?

  3. Blah blah blah.. Bullshit opinions passed off as absolute truth. Keep churning out extremists. That's what you do best.

    1. Likewise unknown . B.S . don't even have a real name troll troll troll!

    2. Unknown, why are you wasting your time here? No one is listening to you or your extreme BS. Please go find another blog where you can dump your SoreAss sponsored garbage.

    3. How do we get to meet this Unknown?

  4. Does everyone know that these slick criminals with law degrees don't actually have a license to practise law? All they have is voluntary private club membership BAR card that they have to jump through hoops to get. Read it yourself on the ABA website that they state they are a voluntary membership organization and not a state agency chattered to license attorneys. As such there is not one attorney who has a license to practise law. Next time you are in court, you may want to object when an attorney starts talking. When the judge asks why you are objecting, just say "Your honor, counsel is testifying. He is not a witness under oath and does not have firsthand knowledge. I request the court take judicial notice of Trinsey v Pagliaro which states that an attorney is either a witness or an attorney but he cannot be both. Since he is not a witness, he must be an attorney and cannot bring evidence into this courtroom. Will the court take JN?" Wait for the judge to acknowledge and then say "Your homor, if the plaintiff is going to act as an attorney, I request that he present his state issued license to practice law, his oath and his bond or be dismissed from this case and from this courtroom."

    1. Riiiiight..... Sure they don't. How's that designer tin foil hat holding up, nutcase?

    2. Well, unknown, since you claim to be such a know-it-all, why don't you post a link to a picture of a valid law license?

    3. Just to be clear, it must be issued by a state and not by a court.

    4. It's too true, ask for a subscribed oath to the union state. Attorneys work out of DC only, there are no offices occupied in the states after the reconstruction Acts. They only handle charity cases too, foundling children, fruit from the poison tree.

    5. Do you ever wonder what happened to the 7th king-dome? Most are aware of the 6 kings known as the VI= 6 kings/vikings. V equals vitruvian man/5 and man is half man, half woman with preponderance of one half, man or woman. This system is based on one half, woman and Y is-MIA. V is half of X stated differently, now remember the sacred twin/foundling child? X is VV of you can see it. You and your twin are a W/double you. Ever heard of VW? Coincidence? The zygote is us as mom and dad, XY, now you now why they need Y for joinder. Is this ewe? The bar only deals with X for the church/maternal line or succession.

    6. 1Freeman I took your advice on Christopher at and it payed off. Got my ncsn passport back. How do you know how many stars you have? I have 4 stars below the word passport, first star starting at the p of port like " ****", and directly left of the word Nationality. My "USAUSA" looks like that, only the first three bold. Mailed my request for certified copy of passport records and they received cm on July 9. Got my USTC LOJ order. Sent out Form 12277 application for withdrawal of filed form 668(Y) denied b/c the provisions for withdrawal, as defined in IRC Section 6323(j) have not been met. What the F????????? Do you know of anyone who has gotten a response such as this, and how should I respond? Also do you have a LLF lawyer number for me? I think I could use some real help, quickly. Thank you so much.

  5. Why doesn't Michael Moore make a documentary about this, since his movies make him out to be the "voice" of the "PEOPLE" , just like Pochantus...!!!

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    1. C,
      Mans thinking process is division itself and must create conflict if acted upon. Too true, the word is not the thing.

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  8. Oh, one of the realms of nature, really.

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  11. The Chorion is the One ring to rule them all.

    "Lord of the Rings"

    1. cube, as I glean down thru all your comments here, I can't help but think your time would be better spent going out and washing and waxing the car, clean out the garage, and maybe help out your wife in the kitchen.....instead of all this fruitless meaningless endeavor.
      The past is dead and gone, and tomorrow's out of sight.....the only Kingdom that matters or worth any focus on, is the One that is to Come.
      Why are you still playing that silly word game? (whenever you decide to post something meaningful, I will read it)
      Kiss yesterday goodbye......just sayin'

  12. I have time for all that too, do not be too concerned bout me. This process is going on right now, 24/7, and you can't make good decisions based on ignorance. Don't bother reading any of my posts, it will not profit you, I assure you. No one can discover any of what I posted without a work ethic, can not happen, so work on yourself and step out of the retrograde.

    1. Cube, I for one am enjoying your contributions and continue to SEE the value & timeliness of your messages shared!! Please Do Keep em coming!!! Very Grateful Indeed!!

      Much Love, Gratitude, and Peace Be Now

    2. Kelli,

      Glad to hear it! Sometimes one never knows what will light that spark that may illuminate and provide insight to something wholly unexpected, thats what I call living in the moment. Abby is a lost soul and relies on memory, bounded by time and thought where nothing new can ever be, sad. By the way, my cars are ceramic coated and only need rinsed, working smarter not harder seems to be the order of the day.

      "All will come to me in due time, but theirs is the agony of awaiting"
      Walter Russell-The Divine Illiad.

    3. Oh my, so touchy touchy, like another one who starts fuming when anyone isn't interested in your interests, lol. Why should that bother you so much; sounds like somebody who thinks only their interests count and everybody else is just Poof !
      I assure you that does not make everybody else a ''lost soul' just because they aren't interested in your tearing apart words, as if it really matters. I also assure you Abby is not Lost in any way whatsoever, either physically,mentally, or spiritually.
      At least I am honest about my frankly being bored with such endeavors; and I still can't muster up any interest in 90% of this battling the sick Goliath's of the world, for reasons I've already stated numerous times.
      Then why am I reading and watching? Just to see whatever develops that just might be of value, thats why.

      But I don't get all nasty with people who think differently than I do.

  13. So dr. south is just another nutty fruitcake.

  14. Sovereign citizen domestic terrorist Nut cases.



    Icertianly dont see eye to many if you and have made it abundantly clear but I will go to battle with the Leviathan for your Right to be wrong...

    Its not "Right and Left " they are the same
    Its " Right and Wrong " , they are opposites.

    You know the difference.


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