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Saturday, July 14, 2018

And Another Tidbit and Proof of the Guilty Parties

By Anna Von Reitz

Thanks, Tom!

I often I get people "bridling up" against me. I am telling them things they don't know, haven't heard of, can't believe.... bad things about what they have mistakenly thought of as their own dear government, outrageous evidence of Gross Breach of Trust and international law, fraud by banks on a Titanic scale, all sorts of things that must --- to many people --- sound crazy.

So it always helps when the rest of you speak up and add your piece to the jigsaw puzzle.

Today, I went back over the history of the rats (no, I know, "rats" is too good, but I try to keep it clean) preparing China as their next parasite host. I covered the seminal period from 1922 to 1943.

And here, below, the 1980 Trilateral Commission Plan for benefiting China (and their own investments) at our expense:

And yes, Donald Trump is finally putting the kabosh on the Globalist Agenda of bleeding America dry and charging the Americans for everything and leaving all our markets wide open to benefit other nations while their markets remain closed to us.

Yes, thank God, we can begin to recoup and see the actual "Enemy" that has been here all along, insidiously eating away like a tapeworm.

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  1. Like a giant squid plunging it's blood suckling beak into anything that has money" rolling Stone magazine .

  2. Your a judge at least..Imagine when we try telling everyone that they have been lied to by their teachers, the pastors and rabis, their great and awesome govt. And how much better we are than the rest of the world....especially to expat Brits like our friends family and their 4 siblings who came to America via Great Britain, but were all born here....the DAD thought he was a genius because he knew the mechanics of the war, but never knew anything about the underlying cause...and finally one of the siblings recently did a history of the family tree and it turned out that they had no Brittish bloodline at was all Irish...!! But they still proudly claim that they are Brittish because of their soccer team...manchester...!! And there is no talking to any of them...
    If China has to pay their fair share at NATO then they are going to be broke soon too, especially with Trumps fair trade policy...and his import fees for not compitulating...!!But it looks like China is going to make the same mistake they made in 1922...GREED blinds even the smartest economist...!!And has a funny way of erasing the past of all the LIES they have agreed to by contract...!!

  3. Bear in mind, with what we know now, the "countries" listed are simply some of their largest "corporations"!
    Needles to say, a formidable foe. i believe it would be better than a good idea to band together & form up our local & national governments & get back to the business of governing ourselves for ourselves!
    Does anyone besides "Unknown" have a better "idea" on how to bring this "beast" under control? (rather than vice-versa)
    By their own admission, these criminals have set this entire 'house of cards' up with fake money! Go figure...They really aren't any more 'powerful' than a bunch of thugs playing a children's board game! It's the biggest 'bluff' ever...Call it!
    All The Best, Wirkin

  4. Its called thw " Normalcy Bias".. seeing or hearing something so different from your narrow perspective that you actually deny hearing or seeing it..when the proff is actually and in actual reality right there to see , smell and touch...


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