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Saturday, July 14, 2018

"These References Don't Match Up!" --- There Is A Reason Why

By Anna Von Reitz

I've been getting complaints from my readers --- "These references you gave as part of the China article don't match up!"  and "Title 46 doesn't exist!" and even "You are publishing false and misleading information." 

So here's the explanation of where you have to go and where you have to look for those who are unaware of even such relative recent history as what went on in 1946:

You have to find and read the Old Federal Code pre-1946 when the Municipal United States took over as "service providers" and "revised" the Code and basically repealed all of it except for one small brutal section of Title 50, the Trading with the Enemy Act.   Everything referred to in the China article is pre-1946 and pertains to the time period 1922-43.  By the time the vermin in DC began their "Revised Code" scheme in 1946, the China Deal was already done and over. 

Just like when the Supreme Court goes back to the meanings of the words in 1789 to interpret the Constitution, you have to go back to the Federal Code as it was prior to being Revised to grasp what was going on in the time period prior to 1946.  The "Post-War" Era was the beginning of another round and run up of the Great Fraud.  Everything changed according to Bretton Woods and FDR's idea of America as the bank and policeman of the world. 

People also need to become more adept at reading and de-coding Federal-ese.  What does that long list of corporations and "mixed-government" corporations have to do with the generation skipping trust scheme that deprives Americans of the benefit of their own actual estates?   

These are the corporations (just a small partial list of corporations) that the "government" --- and now you understand that the "government" has been operating as a for-profit corporation since 1868 --- invested your money in.

This is the admission of the start of government investment activities "in your behalf".  

Whose money are they investing in all these corporations?  Yours.  Where are they getting your money from?  Your estates and your rents and leases of your assets --- everything these pikers stole from you when you were just a baby in your cradle.  

This is the revelation of when the gross corruption started and how Walter Burien's CAFR research ties in --- where all these "un-budgeted income accounts" go and how the "US Government" became the single largest investor on Wall Street and the the controlling interest holder in virtually all Fortune 500 Companies.  

They've been seizing upon your Good Names and Estates virtually at birth, working and taxing you to death during your lives, and investing your money for their benefit after your death --- and of course, you never see a penny of.  You are never even told that YOU have a stock portfolio. 

It all gets rolled over to fund new enterprises and buy more shares in everyone else's commercial corporations and the vermin involved in this scheme claim that this is a "benefit" to the poor --- you --- because it helps pay for public services. 

This is nothing but the extension of the post-Civil War Public Charitable Trust scheme.  The "government" which was just then beginning to be operated as a private, foreign, for-profit organization set up the "Public Charitable Trust" for the welfare relief of displaced plantation slaves who couldn't find work or figure out how to make a life for themselves after the plantation system broke down in the South.  On the surface this sounds like a good and philanthropic thing, doesn't it?  

But in order to get any benefit or relief from the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) the poor blacks in need of it had to re-enslave themselves and "pledge" their bodies and labor and any possessions they had to the Federal Government Corporation --- at that time, the Scottish shill calling itself The United States of America, Inc. 
Incredible as it may seem, the bankers and politicians are trying to do the same thing again, by setting up a Scottish corporation calling itself THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LTD. and are trying to foist that off on us right now, in 2018, as "our" government.  

And just like the poor black people who were forced to "voluntarily" re-enslave themselves by unconscionable contract with the "government" after the Civil War, the criminals responsible have colluded and schemed to establish the same kind of predatory interest in all of us and all of our estates using the same venal excuses and control mechanisms.  

First, they deprive you of the benefit of your own assets, leaving you in a state of "eternal scarcity and need", and then to survive, they entrap you into "pledging" your labor and your assets to them----that is what the "Pledge of Allegiance" is actually for.  

It's not a Pledge of Allegiance to this country or to the actual government of this country.  It's a pledge to a venal, self-interested, criminal Scottish member of the British Crown Group pretending to "represent" the republics we are owed.  

I keep forgetting that many of you are just getting started down the Rabbit Hole and things that I take for utter granted, like the existence of the Old Federal Code versus the Revised Federal Code, are unknown to you as yet.  Please forgive me for not explaining this before you went scrambling through the Revised Code.

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  1. Thank you Anna for the update. Makes perfect sense, the change and add to their codes every day. I travel down rabbit holes every day doing research and I hadn't looked at this situation yet as I am researching the Pure Common law trust to protect my home from the vultures. Attorneys are not able to set up a private trust so it is a commitment of hours of research to figure it out.

  2. Not only do they revise code, they simply delete it if they don't like it or if they are challenged on it too often. Here in NJ they simply deleted the code references to the requirements of assignment of mortgages from the usual code reference sites and unless you go digging to find them, you will never come across them leaving you to believe that there are no codes to require properly recorded assignment of servicer. Gee, I wonder who might benefit from that?

    1. 1Freeman I took your advice on Christopher at and it payed off. Got my ncsn passport back. How do you know how many stars you have? I have 4 stars below the word passport, first star starting at the p of port like " ****", and directly left of the word Nationality. My "USAUSA" looks like that, only the first three bold. Mailed my request for certified copy of passport records and they received cm on July 9. Got my USTC LOJ order. Sent out Form 12277 application for withdrawal of filed form 668(Y) denied b/c the provisions for withdrawal, as defined in IRC Section 6323(j) have not been met. What the F????????? Do you know of anyone who has gotten a response such as this, and how should I respond? Also do you have a LLF lawyer number for me? I think I could use some real help, quickly. Thank you so much.

  3. Between the banks and their attorneys and helpful intervenors like "MERS" who are only nominal players, they have successfully ruined the titles on probably 70% of all real estate...!! They have destroyed 400 years of real estate least at the county recorders level....!!! After they foreclosed on our house, they somehow got the county recorders to change all the property lines in my rural area, so no one will ever find the original recordings that took place on that property for the prior 15 years..!! The title ends with us...!! And a new one started someplace else...!! These are the smartest criminals in the world...!!


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