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Saturday, July 14, 2018

More of "Our" History With China

By Anna Von Reitz

Bear in mind that the information I just published concerns China in the 1920's and 30's and the Nationalist Chinese Government, which became a major Creditor of the Federal Reserve just before the Federal Reserve turned around and used the Chinese Nationalist gold to finance Mao's Communist regime in the war against them..... the demise of the Nationalist Chinese Government then allowed the Federal Reserve to keep the Chinese gold and claim that it was "abandoned assets" and avoid paying even the interest that was owed.

See how this works? The vermin borrow from and then attack their creditors. Just like the Nazis borrowed from the German and East European Jews and then attacked them. Just like the Bush and Obummer Administrations borrowed up the ying-yang against our purloined credit, and set up FEMA camps on our soil, planning to attack us.

But the history of fraud and betrayal and murder from these bankers doesn't end there. There is a sequel, which is the history of the Communist Chinese Government in the 1940's, and how the same vermin came back in and "rolled" the Communist Chinese Government.

Here is a long (very long, very detailed) movie -- All Quiet in Peking -- currently available on Netflix (thanks for recommending, Steve!) that tells what happened in China in the 1940's at the hands of these monsters.

When watching this movie, I want you to "take in the view".

The Federal Reserve is sitting there on a mountain of gold deposited by the Chinese Nationalist Government, claiming that now that the Chinese Nationalist Government has been deposed, all that gold is "abandoned" and claiming it for themselves.

This, after the same Federal Reserve has extended credit based on the Nationalist Chinese gold to Mao, enabling him to beat the Nationalist Chinese Government and so, enabling this false claim of abandonment.

Then they come back in and charge Mao for all the "war debts" that China and the Communist Government now owe the Federal Reserve.

See what the vermin did? They used China against China.

They defrauded two successive Chinese Governments -- first utterly betraying the Nationalist Chinese in the 20's and 30's, and then with all that Chinese gold in their pockets, charging the Communist Chinese Government for war debts that were actually owed to the Nationalist Chinese.

And the people of China suffered both coming and going, just as we have suffered here.

Our Father in Heaven have mercy on us and deliver us from these evil con men, these soul-less, greedy, demons in suits.

Put an end to these evils once and for all.

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  1. Reposted this a few places already...Thanks!

  2. Jews lead the boloshivic slaughter of Christian russians, then jewish head of red army Trotsky said as he starved Ukraine " mothers are not hungry till they eat thair children ".

  3. Best we can expect is a common law up serge .and over site of our lawful government . The country is bleed dry!



    For pdf access, follow the link below to a hidden page at our sister website. Download and save."


  5. The "vermin", "parasites" and "tapeworms" destroyed China back in the 1920's, Russia in 1917's as "Bolsheviks" (from Brooklyn, NY) then Hitler's beloved Germany in the 1930's, numerous countries in between and now our beloved USA. Now back to China. A flight carrying Apple I-Cloud servers with virtually the internet and much else was headed for China back in May but was turned around by White Hat forces... otherwise they were going to kill us all. They have no conscience it seems and laugh at the idea of being held accountable. Just look at 'rat' Peter Strzok grilled by GOP Ratcliffe about his 50,000 "F" Trump texts this past Thursday:

    'John Ratcliffe calls out Peter Strzok' 7/12/18 10:00

  6. That was a shameful display of "nothing but LIES" even to the uninformed...!! It was that blatent...!!

  7. These hearings are political theater, nothing more. Questions appear tough at times, however, there is no consequence for such criminality. If these hearings were real, the 5th amendment would be pulled out of the trick bag. Thats when you know the corp State is looking for a scape goat.

  8. URGENT: I have phone transcripts from calls to the Treasury and a recorded message from the Treasury stating that the process Anna von Reitz gave us for the Treasury packet to endorse and surrender the federal PERSON to the Treasury, appointing Treasury Secretary Mnuchin as Fiduciary, IRS Form 56, claim indemnified by private indemnity bond RA 393 427 653 US, opening a new Treasury Direct Account with RE nine digit number for the individual is a SCAM - a FRAUD and is being turned over to the Office of the Inspector General for review.
    I am requesting from Anna to post what action people need to take or a specific contact to clear up this crime that the Treasury is stating it is a scam a.s.a.p! We have a moral obligation to inform people of this serious issue and to stop anyone else from following the process. I will postpone posting a public notice on sites and sending out urgent messages until Tuesday, July 17, 2018. If there is no response of corrective action from Anna to this posting by then, I will assume this process is, in fact, a scam.

    1. To IAMTRUTH:
      Did you speak to the "DEPT. OF TREASURY"? Then, you have your alphabet AGENCY response.

      Have you done the process of authentication for a Birth Certificate, from one's birth state Secretary of State AND the current United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo? Have you submitted your BC & paperwork to Mnuchin? No? Then no actual factual evidence of your own deed.

      Do those things before you embarrass yourself more completely by "your moral obligation" to inform others-- about a process you didn't do for yourself--as inaccurate, untrue, false, fallacious. And then to threaten Anna? You may be the scam yourself.

      As for your transcripts and recorded message, that is your TRUTH and responsibility to follow--let us know how that works out for you.

      There are 1,000's of people here who have completed the whole process and their evidence is correct, accurate, right, verifiable, in accordance with the facts, well documented.

      true tro͞o/ adjective:
      1. in accordance with fact or reality-literal, factual, unelaborated, unvarnished, rightly or strictly so called; genuine.
      2. accurate or exact.
      antonyms: inaccurate, untrue, false, fallacious
      synonyms: genuine, authentic, real, actual, bona fide, proper; rightful, lawful, authorized, bona fide, de jure "the true owner of the goods" sincere, genuine, real, unfeigned, heartfelt, hearty, from the heart "the necessity for true repentance" real or actual.

    2. Thanx for the clarification ra.
      You can add 1 more definition above (to the noun, that is);
      Truth is; the exact time, place, form, & event. (be certain to fully clear up the word 'form' as a special note)
      Therein also lies how something becomes false. Omit or alter any of the above 4 components.
      "IAMTRUTH's" name is simply an assertion & only a disguise...
      All The Best, Wirkin

    3. ra string. Thank you for your reponse, I sincerely appreciate it. The Treasury website for Secretary Mnuchin Contact Us is: Department of the Treasury (202) 622-2000. This is the number I have called several times, as it is automated. I spoke with different people telling me to call another number. or transferred me. The last call was to Treasury Direct, a gal named Kristen said it was a scam after I gave her the information for the Treasury packet to endorse and surrender the federal PERSON to the Treasury, etc. When she said the treasury department has this as a scam, I told her it wasn't and asked where this specific scam was posted. She was very rude, said she didn't have to give me her full name,etc., just kept saying it was a scam.
      Yes, I did the process of authenticating BC and submitted BC and paperwork to Mnuchin. I told Kristen it has been over a year since depositing it with the Treasury and payments have been processed, so I know for a fact it is functioning. So, if it is a scam, why haven't authorities contacted me by now? She just kept saying, "This is a scam." The frustration is on my part. I can't seem to make contact with the right individual who understands this process.
      I also sent an email to Paul, so he knows who IAMTRUTH actually is. I apologize if you misunderstood the post suggesting that I am "threatening" Anna. I am not. It was Kristen who said it was a scam and then I received a message from the Treasury stating that the process (or whatever I was doing) and the BC bond is a birthright scam and those get sent to the Office of the Inspector General for inspection, suggesting that I was commiting a crime. She didn't even give me her name, just said she was calling from the Treasury. and left the message. Did I panic? Maybe. How would you react if you heard that message on your phone? So I reached out to those who know about this process. I know several people have followed this process because I've helped people with it, so I do feel I have a moral obligation to give them a head's up so they won't be shocked like I was. What number do I call and who do I talk to that actually KNOWS and understands this process is NOT a scam? That's a critical piece.

    4. IAMTRUTH, I too am now unsure of what your intent/Agenda WAS/IS here. WHY were you calling the treasury in the first place? What was the purpose? Why did you create this conflict/drama within yourself and with the "Treasury Direct" agent to begin with IF you are Now claiming:

      "Yes, I did the process of authenticating BC and submitted BC and paperwork to Mnuchin. I told Kristen it has been over a year since depositing it with the Treasury and payments have been processed, so I know for a fact it is functioning" IAMTRUTH

      Please explain so we can ALL get a better understanding about what you were trying to accomplish in the first place. Thanks

    5. Keli, no intent/Agenda here. I called the Treasury to ask where the new registered account is located and how to access our credit. That is all. It seems to me if the Treasury has this as a scam, with all the criminality in the system already, Kristen simply could have given direction and said, "Go to the Treasury webpage, where this scam is clearly posted, so you know that what I'm telling you is true." Why just tell someone "it's a scam" and not provide any evidence of it? Thanks

    6. Ok, I see now. I believe you may have misunderstood (Or your expectations are possibly clouded?) the purpose of "Surrendering the Federal Person" and appointing Munich as the fidicuary to setoff/discharge THEIR OBLIGATIONS on the OLD BOND Account (BANKRUPT ENTITY) and to NOW use your NEW Private National Credit side of the ledger to set off/discharge and Settle all accounts Now moving forward. From your statement it sounds like your new account is functioning just like its intended, and has been successful. Awesome!! If you are thinking of this new account as some "thing" you can "ACCESS" like some BANK ATM, for "CREDIT" at will, you're mistaken. However, isn't it great that OLD OBLIGATIONS are disappearing from your mail box??? That's awesome!!

      Please revisit:

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be Now

  9. The only scam currently is there is no law, no money and nothing will be honored in a system of slavery. With that said, when we reach a critical mass, things will change and without everyones effort, critical mass is impossible. One step at a time.

    1. Cube,"The only scam is there is no law,?
      That in itself is a scam. There is law and there is lawlessness. The choice is ours regardless of what the world chooses.

  10. Many of you complain about being slaves. Are you truly slaves?
    And if you are, we including the slaves and masters have been given instructions on how to behave.
    Many do not think we should pay taxes at all... ever. When and where were you promised this?

    1. Yes, agreed afollower.

      Free (surrender within) our worldly minds, and the truth Will follow. Be humbled by our own shallow, vain, worldly "color" blindness to Now See clearly within ALL weaknesses and vices that we have allowed to be our false Master, and keep US STUCK in darkness for too long. Its always been our choice to choose.
      It Is in consciously choosing to be aware moment by moment, and making those choices in thoughts, behaviors and deeds truly representing our natural origin, balanced state and fruits of our consciousness(as co creators) within into our New world. We got this Now!! The energetic scales have been effectively tipped, and we are uniting a more balanced world, in each moment Now!

      Much Gratitude, Love, and Peace Be Now

    2. afollower,
      There is a vast difference in a complaint and stating a fact. I will spare you how those words are defined. There is also a tax law that says what taxes are lawful and that which isn’t, not up for debate. Does anyone here really believe they are free, fully free within the public law circumscribed? Problems can be overcome only when one becomes aware of it. A fact isn’t good or bad, it just is. The mind can be fooled, the heart cannot, as such I look to the heart of the matter, no need to look further if we are at all connected.


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