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Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Federal Reserve and China

By Anna Von Reitz

The Living Law Firm and our crew of researchers have been digging into the corners of what went on in this country between the two World Wars and what is emerging is a startling view of China and the relationship of the Federal Reserve and the Territorial United States Government with China.  

Essentially, what it cranks down to is this: The bankers were getting ready to tank the American Stock Exchange (which they did with malice aforethought in 1929) but prior to that, they needed to stock up their own coffers with gold. 

Why gold? 
Because while we have always used silver for our domestic currency, the international exchange system has always required gold. 

The Federal Reserve and the Territorial Government cut a deal with the Chinese Nationalist Government beginning with The China Trade Act in 1922.  

In 1928, with Mao breathing down their backs, the Chinese Nationalists carried through on their end of the bargain and deposited huge amounts of Chinese gold with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  All the Fed had to do was act as a safe harbor for the gold and pay regular interest on it. 

This gold stash allowed the Federal Reserve Banks and their "System" affiliates to buy up huge amounts of land, whole industries, commodity interests and stockpiles, and everything else that wasn't nailed down during the Great Depression.

The Great Depression created the ultimate Buyer's Market for the banks and Chinese gold allowed them to extend themselves virtually unlimited credit to take advantage of all the Fire Sale prices they created for themselves at everyone else's expense. 

The same bankers that borrowed the Chinese gold next undermined the Nationalist Chinese Government and funded Mao's Communist Revolution.  Why? So they would have an excuse to keep the Chinese gold and not even pay the interest on it.  

This is the issue that Neil Keenan addressed in 2011 --- the repatriation of the Nationalist Chinese gold to China and payment of the interest owed on that deposit since 1928.  

As soon as the rats had the Chinese gold (1928) they were ready to tank the stock market (1929) and reap the benefits of their dirty work.  Fast on the heels of that dubious "triumph" they succeeded in undermining their Creditor, the Nationalist Chinese Government, and making a clean sweep of it.  

It appeared -- for the better part of a century --- (1928 to 2011) that the vermin had gotten away with their whole scheme. 

Of course, by 2011, the Federal Reserve had long-since "redistributed" and claimed the Nationalist Chinese gold as "abandoned assets",  and as they had bankrupted their trademarked "Federal Reserve System" in 2009, they conveniently had no assets left on the table to pay the debt when Neil came calling.

By then, the Federal Reserve was busily engaged in topping off another scheme --- the total defilement and debasement of the "US" currency, their own "Federal Reserve Note".  They had more or less succeeded in making the whole world believe that their "Notes" had something to do with us, the Americans, and our assets --- and that we were backing their I.O.U.'s.  

Without our knowledge or permission, of course. 

Toward this end, they and the colluding Territorial and Municipal "Government" officials attempted to confuse everyone about the meaning of "United States" and to claim that we were all citizens of their versions of "United States" and on the hook to pay their debts.  They also falsified the public records to make it appear that millions of Americans had "voluntarily" and knowingly accepted Territorial United States citizenship, when nothing could be further from the truth. 

Chinese gold and the other purloined assets these No-Goods had stolen by fraud, manipulation, and deceit from the American people and others around the world is what was backing their [Territorial] United States currency.  And none of it ever had anything to do with us, except that we were set up as the Fall Guys for all this.

Puerto Rico, a member of the British Commonwealth, was used by the perpetrators as the administrative hub for all this nefarious commercial fraud and also  served as headquarters for the privateers operating the "Internal Revenue Service"---which has engaged in shameless racketeering on our shores since its modern inception in 1925.  

Most recently, the vermin have moved their administrative operations to the Marianas Islands, where we are hoping their business will die a slow, painful, and well-deserved death.  

And the Federal Reserve?  

Just yesterday we learned that they are trying to get the Central Banks of Caribbean Islands to accept deposit of all their fiat currency.  Please realize that a deposit is a liability for a bank, so these shameless pikers are trying to get small and largely inexperienced banks in the Caribbean that have launched their own gold-backed currencies to accept all this fiat "money" as a deposit -- that is, as a liability the Federal Reserve is trying to foist off on them. 

Imagine that?  

They are trying to get these small banks in impoverished island nations that have abundant gold reserves but no cash liquidity to "bite the apple" --- accept the unrestricted deposit of the Federal Reserve Notes, and then, as the FRN value goes to zero, they could continue to claim the value of their deposit against the receiving bank --- and get their filthy mitts on the gold reserves and mines of the impacted Caribbean nations in exchange for the "debt" represented by their deposit. 

With some people and some organizations, the criminality just never ends. It goes on and on and on, until the rest of us just plain stand up and stomp them flat. 

Liquidate them. Nationalize them. Dismember them as monopolies.  Do whatever it takes to rid the world of their presence and block them and their shareholders from ever operating any kind of bank or investment or securities firm ever again. 

And unfortunately, as we saw just yesterday, the same goes for the World Bank and IMF and various other institutions like the Scottish Government, which has promoted fraud and infringement against our copyrighted name, "The United States of America" since 1868 and is still doing it, and still proposing to get away with it, too. 

(BTW--- why Scotland and not England?  Because Scotland was never brought under the obligations of the Magna Carta.  They are still running under the completely feudal system of the Dark Ages and Robber Barons.) 

What possible excuse is there for promoting the idea that your foreign, privately owned commercial corporation is "the same as" our Union of States?  Except to mislead and defraud and confuse people?  Scotland and its "Government" should be exposed for this gross transgression against our country and our people and the Queen should be reminded that Her Office in Scotland, The Chair of the Estates, is not referenced in our Constitutions.  

Everyone on Earth should know and should be outraged, because virtually everyone on Earth has been harmed by these shameless charlatans and their institutionalized fraud schemes. 

It doesn't matter if you are black, white or purple.  It doesn't matter if you come from Edmonton or Hong Kong or Philadelphia. You have been harmed.  You have been defrauded.  You have been robbed blind.  Your lives have been endangered. Your lives have been truncated.  Your horizons have been limited.  And for what? 

The megalomania of a few old men sitting like bloated spiders at the center of a web of criminality that spans continents and centuries. 

It's time, folks.  Share the news. 

China isn't the problem.  Russia isn't the problem.  The banks and dishonest "government services corporations" are the problem--- and behind them, just a handful of vicious, misogynist, evil old men who have committed treason and every other crime there is.  

We don't need thousands of indictments or yet another senseless war causing millions of deaths.  We just need to take care of business. 

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  1. Awesome series of posts here on this day 7/14/18

  2. The whole world is blaming us for this mess because of the high level of prosperity we reflect around the world...its become legendary...!! Everyone wants to come to America..!! Meanwhile, the French, the Scotts, Great Britain, and Lord knows who else are the underdog reaping all the benefits since Rome fell...!! I wonder how much history we lost during the "dark ages" when they burned all the books they could...!! History will never get back..!!
    Why would China TRUST them again after knowing their history...or do they...!!
    If we don't make an example of the traitorist BAR attorneys, they will only wait for people to forget about all this (about 5 years with the attention span Americans have now), and start all over....!! The biggest problem isn't the banks, it's the attorneys who make all their plans legal and complicated so no one knows what is right or wrong...!!

  3. And by " Take care of business" you mean : kill everyone of them , their families and henchmen then liquidate everything they have robbed and return it to us....Ready , willing and able !


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