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Friday, July 13, 2018

June 6 Decree and Demand

By Anna Von Reitz

We have just posted the Decree and Demand and Address Letter issued on June 6, together with Proof of Mailing. Please download and keep copies of these documents on your computer and feel free to keep hard copies, too and pass them around.

These were issued the same day and sent in the same Registered Mail package directly to the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

This serves as the official Notice and Demand for the accounting and return of delegated power owed by the Trustee to the lawful donor.

The Documents are available here:

The Pope has already liquidated the municipal corporation(s) that usurped against us. Now it's the Queen's turn.
The perpetrators will attempt to keep their game going, so we all need to be on point and keep squelching their hydra-headed commercial asset-grabbing machinery until they are well and fully stopped.

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  1. Blah Blah blah. There you nutty sovereign citizens go claiming shit that does not belong to you.

    1. Unknown; what is "unknown" is the depth of your ignorance. Tell us please, who, exactly DOES the "shit" belong to? By the way, genius; there is no such thing as a "sovereign citizen", as that is an oxymoron, not to be confused with a simple moron, as in "Unknown". But, all readers of Anna's articles already know that, it's interesting that you don't.

    2. Term "Sovereign Citizen" is an Oxymoron. Anyone using this term is either uneducated or a fool. Sovereign=Master Citizen=Slave

    3. Thanx U!
      A perfectly brilliant demonstration & execution example of a carping criticism combined with a thoroughly incapacitated ability to help anyone by a chaos merchant the likes of talking-head employees for George Soros, Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner & similar ilk. Or, in a word Psychotics!
      You know the type... Cowards that have degraded to the point where they fear all people everywhere stemming from their belief that if anyone became more able or free, they would most certainly treat one's self as he already treats others, justifying his insane behavior directed at harming & destroying everyone!
      Fortunately such people have no real power or ability of their own but rely entirely on utilizing the abilities & skills of those doing good will against themselves by spreading rumors, bad news, falsehoods & generally upsetting statements in hopes of distracting them.
      i admire the consistency of your behavior throughout the entirety of your posts on this blog!
      All The Best, Wirkin

    4. Wirkin: Can we get something straight in here, once and for all? Nobody in here is trying to distract, or destroy, or to stop progress, or against the Goal of this Forum....NOR do I see anyone posting in here who is working for Soros !

      Now, if you can hush up for a minute, and actually listen:
      NOT everyone in here thinks this Goal can be realized simply because some of us SEE and KNOW how damned deep this rabbit hole really IS.
      Some of us have actually thought this whole scenario thru, and just do not believe it can get accomplished. That is all, so all of you in here that are so quick with your vicious mouth against those who don't think like You do...well, we are not all alike, and we are all entitled to our own Views of things.
      So lets stop with trying to revert us back to being 'politically correct'' We left that back there in the Demorat Dumpster.
      You are entitled to your opinion, you are entitled to deceive yourselves to thinking you're really going to defeat those with the artillery and money and the power seats if you want to - - BUT those who don't agree with you, are also entitled to their own opinions.
      If you disagree, say so, but calling people cowards and making false accusations against those who don't agree with you, does not make them cowards; it might mean they are actually smarter than you are.
      (If you read your own comment here, you will see you are guilty of doing what you are complaining about. Isnt that a bit hypocritical? )

    5. Doesn't belong to you, obviously.

  2. ''the pope already liquidated muni corps''. Really? When did that happen and what did he do with what he 'liquidated'? Generally, that means 'stuff' was returned to Creditors, right? So then why were we Creditors not informed of this before, and what happened to the ''goods' they liquidated? Did it just vanish into thin air? And why was there NO apparent improvement on the part of the Creditors as a result of that liquidation? Or is this just more of ''take your word for it, it happened'....and don't expect to actually SEE any visible results?
    Well then surely we don't need to take this letter to the queen to have any meaningful impact on our lives either.


    1. My Dear Archbishop George

      That work was completed in 2014 with the issuance of the Final Civil Judgment in April of that year, but I continued to inform members of the clergy and not just the Catholic clergy. I gave the Mormon Elders a pretty good send up, too.

      So when you see these names and hear the Bank Troll video rants, know what to think. If I am "outed" then I outed myself together with all the evidence and long-established public record of what was actually going on.

  3. i believe there will never be a response; the fictional title Her Majesty The Queen cannot communicate with the living only the dead; my question is why have the jesuits not honored their blood oath and assassinated these flat- lie royals; they must be sea-sick (maritime commercial law) also...

  4. Abby, better be careful there are the moderator will tell you to "shut up" for stepping on his idol toad!!! Good points and took the words/thoughts right of my mind!!! Perhaps the toadie Hamilton would like to answer all of the questions you posed since he knows so much!? One thing for certain, queen ann isn't going to answer any of them as I've been asking the same questions and still have not seen any reply. Trouble is, until she answers what you post, it invalidates everything she claims!!! Yes, the poop has "liquidated" the corporations ( disagree, he only lifted their protection from prosecution) so, we have a mischaracterization of what the poop really did, typical of this forum!!!

    1. Dr. Stephen Strange: Ok, let me ask you this one time: What master do you serve?

      Peter Quill: Oh, what master do I serve? What am I supposed to say, Jesus? (Avengers Infinity War)

  5. A SC use to mean, prior to 1933, man has divine right and the person/State Citizen - ship we were given was protected by the constitution. This was not slavery in the beginning, I suspect slavery was part of the plan as the record reflects. Citizen can be private and therefore not a slave. If you use the word now, SC, it’s a green light to kill you, not good. The pope decreed moto propio regarding corporations out of control. Interesting that we were deemed corporations and what is being liquidated?

  6. ThanK you James & Anna:

    In view of the Hereditary Head of State registered mailing of Decree and Demand and our Fiduciary's direction regarding "including the misappropriated "Life Force Value Annuities" owed to six generations of Americans, we shall be continuing with Mr. Trump's Administration to restore and rebuild our First Estate, to convene a Continental Congress to resolve unfinished business, and to resume exercise of our formally delegated powers."

    Not being an understudy of the military protocols, I have my observations, to wit (see with knowledge). As you will see, the details that were caught in this CNN version, though there are probably others of which I haven't yet seen, which may include more.

    Taking place at Windsor Castle, with House of Windsor's Queen
    0:00 A General(?) two steps back and behind, to the Queen's right under white canopy
    0:21 Mr. Trump & Melania enter, no bowing to the Queen and equal hand shakes--Trump accepts Her Majesty's surrender.
    0:55 Troop commands, not distinguishable
    1:03 Star Spangled Banner, The United States of America National anthem
    1:43--1:50 Lyric "Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there" Mr. Trump closes his eyes and nods
    2:21 A military flag is on the ground and an Officer raises & waves it on his right to left twice and returns to right to Mr. Trump, then keeps it raised throughout the ceremony to marching off the field.
    2:39--3:17 Officer(?) raises & lowers sword twice to Mr. Trump and speaks (unable to hear his words). As Mr. Trump & Queen exit white canopy to walk around, through and by the troops, as a medley of American songs are played, General and Melania stay behind
    3:29 Air Force song, Wild Blue Yonder
    3:47--4.00 The Queen indicates to Mr. Trump to walk in front of her along the troop line, he makes eye contact with the men, then she remains on his left
    4:04 Navy song, Anchors Aweigh
    4:35 Marine song, From the Halls of Montezuma
    4:50 Again, British Officer raises & lowers the sword twice, then Mr. Trump & the Queen walk back to the white canopy
    5:07 Army song, The Army Goes Rolling Along (Caissons song)
    5:40 Troops are directed, through various commands, not distinguishable
    6:00 General two steps back and on the right of Melania, the Queen indicates that Mr. Trump change places with her for the center position, with Melania to his right, and Queen to his left
    6:07 Officer with sword leaves the canopy area
    6:13 RAF maneuver (and salute?) over head
    6:31--8:26 Call out to troops to parade in front of the canopy and turn their heads to look at Mr. Trump in their passing as they march off the field and the band is the last to leave
    I am not familiar with the last music but hazard a guess that it is British Military

    From another video comment:
    Annie Masters: Yes, she is the Queen of my country and she did surrender. Absolutely. I am very happy to see that.

  7. Very interesting indeed ra string!


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