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Friday, July 13, 2018

The Move to China

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember that I told you that the rats were moving their base of operations to China--- because the parasites are leaving one host and infecting another?
Well, here you have it in black and white, Campers.

15 USC 43
Federal District Court of China established in DC in 1943.
ICAN made the "Department of Commerce" into Commerce, Inc.
A "Registrar" is a designation under the supervision of the Secretary of Commerce.
The China Trade Act says that "the official Registrar shall be in China." That Act was passed in 1922 to set up a Chinese Corporation (evidently to replace the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation) with an agent in DC.
46 USC 12-101 then beats out the details of this "Registrar - Registry" scheme, in which shares of the "domain name" are sold to investors around the world. "Domain" is a synonym for "Estate".
So what are these bastards selling?
Shares in your Estate.
Then 31 USC 9101 creates the convenient generation skipping arrangement, so the investors "inherit" everything and you get nothing.
So they are infringing on your natural Common Law copyright to your Given Name, just as I described it to you, by registering it. And then they are selling the right to use your NAME to bring charges against you.
The vermin are leasing your NAME to investors who get paid dividends when charges are brought against your NAME.
So, the unspeakable cads lease your NAME to the phone company and the electric company and the "City of ________" and they lease it to the "Fiscal Services Bureau" and they lease it to the Internal Revenue Service, and as if that were not enough, they lease it to the IRS, too. Then they lease it to The State of California Superior Court and the Superior Court of the State of California and the California Federal Franchise Board and.....
You all get the picture? Know why China is suddenly so rich and America is so poor? Because the scum of the Earth transported your wealth via the Magic Trick of "registration" to China.
False registration. Fraudulent registration. Unconscionable registration. Criminal identity theft. Unlawful conversion.
Become the storm and show DC and Peking and Brussels what "Shock and Awe" really means.
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  1. They did this through expilatio! ORC. 3705.11 Report of the Foundling child/decedent, live born, intestate, remains of the day buried in the Smithsonian institution, the National treasure-y, storehouse for X maternal tissue evidenced on the record of live birth located/locus-standi at the house of last resort/Library of Congress relegating the people a stranger in a strange land.

  2. Carl miller couldnt have said that any better, right...

  3. We need to go after this scum with a international common law court superior court.clasd action suit.

  4. Sorry to rain on your parade there Johnson, but giving "official notice" to these vermin is the same as not doing anything at all because there is and will be NO ENFORCEMENT to make them do anything!!! And common Law is DEAD in case you haven't noticed it!!! How many "decrees" did her hereditary/legal/lawful/whatever he is hubby make and has been IGNORED!!!??? THREE of them that I am aware of, so you think "uniting our individual states" is the answer, I can tell you it isn't going to happen!!! The rot is too far gone, it is going to have to collapse as the only other remedy is force of arms and no one is going to resort to that!!! So...if what you think you and those on this forum is going to "save you/country, more power to you, but the reality is nothing is going to change. Been there, done that, enjoy!!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The only evidence of "Common Law" in our courts is when "Real Crimes", with "Real Victums" exsist...all of a sudden , Grand Jury's are convened, and a "True Bill" is issued by a quarum of the Grand Jury..then an "indictment" is ordered for the person's arrest...!! But 90% of all criminal indictments come in the form of "INFORMATIONS", which depend on hearsay evidence by the police reports (these guys have never even written BOOK REPORTS in school , let alone an honest police report, with anyone except them as the parties with first hand knowledge to a crime....!! Hasn't anyone NOTICED who many rights a "murderer"(or rapist, or serial killer, or all heinous crimes) has, compared to people being charged with "Drug Crimes", with no injured parties, claiming injury or with first hand knowledge of any crime other than the Corp. State employees working for a "private servicing agency"...!!! It is well spelled out in the constitution that any crime involving an amount greater than $20 needs a true bill from a quantum of a Grand Jury....period...!! Oh, everyone says that would take to many resources to provide, or make it impossible to convict anyone of something....Duh..!! That's the whole reason why it's the state cannot justify the genocide of people through "privately owned and operated" jails for profit....!! The only other place we find "Common Law " is in our "smalls claims courts"..!! Maybe it's time we start using those courts for our REMEDY".Who cares if the largest amount you can sue for is $20,000, I believe is the latest figure...!! In that court, I have won every single time...and no attorneys allowed there...In fact I took a high Corp. to court over a damaged engine I bought, but was defective...!! When we showed up to court, the company still brought their attorneys which the judge took "noticed " of, and from that point on, the judge was on my side...He couldn't believe the arrogance of this company...!! Judgement for the plaintif...ME!!!

  5. "Unknown" Every time I read Anna`s discoveries it gives me more courage to fight and to use the data to confront the bastards. , it works. As for you, it seems you feel like a sheep who want to give up and let them-psychopaths and parasites to slaughter you. Your postulations are full of apathy which is one step from the grave. Do something to climb the ladder to find the higher and healthier emotions.

  6. Thanks Anna!
    Your team is getting incredibly sharp!

  7. Anna....I told you they were going to use other countries registrars or "registration systems" to keep this up...!!! It tells me the "deep state" isn't dead yet...!! Trump wants to meet Putin for a reason. There is no way we want to fight China alone...its going to take at least two superpowers , like America and Russia to fight China. We sure as he'll don't want Russia and China as allies....!!I guess all the chemtrails,GMO's, vaccines, big pharma, Monsanto's roundup, floride, chlorine, and all the other ravages upon our bodies are killing us fast enough...!! They desperately want a "WAR"....!!!And at this point, they don't care who we go to war with...!! But for some reason they want war with Russia...!! Putin isn t hindered by by a corrupt Congress that only obstructs everything Trump wants to do. He's a threat to their NWO...!! And the last thing they want is Russia becoming an alli with US....!!! Our MSM has just become one more "weapon of war" against us and focused on Russia, Russia, Russia...!!!

    1. james, I keep feeling like putin and trump are actually working together, and any anamous between them is just for show, since the lib/nwo'ers would be on a warpath if they knew/thought they were on friendly terms.
      I just think their two personalities would be on good terms. I could be wrong, but its a gut feeling 'bout those two.

      In fact, all three of them are meeting in Finland, not just the two of them. And they are going to discuss something having to do with 'world economy/money/finances' I understand it from altogether different sources. And that will be a good thing.

      A Note: All this russia investigation related to the past election is IMO nonsense. It really makes no difference at all if there were any who were messing with the election or not - - hillary never had a chance for actual real votes anyhow - she never had more than a couple hundred folks show up for her rally's. People just did not want her, but she and her fellow crooks were planning on stealing her way in....just like with Bush.
      All this russia stuff from the media is nothing but a distraction. When that happens, we ought to totally ignore it and look for what is Really going on that they don't want us to notice.

    2. Not ALL of china is bad that is how they control us there is good and bad in all things like the US. So Putin, Trump and Xi along with the positive faction of China are joined in the fight vs the communist cabal faction of china.

    3. Similar to what theyve done in the US. Good video to watch. James please dont drink themsm koolaid about russia same thing happened there as the USSR and now putin and the republic of Russia is what America will do when they defeat the socialist cabal leaders. Watch this will explain better who "they" are.

  8. "This is why I don't like the supreme court nominee of trump. He's a jesuit bar attorney. More of the same, once again." CJ in Paul Stramer recently...

    1. It has been so obviously done for that reason not quite known yet but it will be revealed why. Hidden in plain sight.

  9. C,

    It is very true fraud vitiates all contracts, however, what if everything we are sent does not say what we think it does and then presume we know? These gangsters use the 4 corner rule for a reason all the while conjoining languages. I know for a fact then when you call them on it and they continue, then it's fraud without a doubt. Getting them to stop is a different matter, like Credit River Case. Unbelievable!

  10. Historically heads on pikes alwsys was effective...I have pikes , FYI

  11. cube, that is my whole point in all that I say - - ''getting them to stop is a different matter''.

  12. C,

    I know what is you are saying about most people and non-action. I am not one of those people and I have put myself right on the front line. The facts were laid out, in detail, just like the Credit River Case, when you take on the pure fraud of the State and the banks using the public law, these criminals all work together to suppress any effort to move forward. I have said, once enough people realize there is no law, then we may
    see change and it must begin with us. Here is something else to consider, when I started researching Supreme Court rulings, I found some rulings to be just metaphors for whats been done! I had to go to the law libraries to find case law as well as some public law they hide and you can't find online. Amazing journey to say the least.

  13. Wilfull Tresspass against ones unalienable Rights by use of color of law


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