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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Catholic Church Exonerated; Bankers Implicated

By Anna Von Reitz

Let me explain why I -- a card-carrying Lutheran since 1963 -- don't jump on the bandwagon and decry the Roman Catholic Church.  

Part of it is because of my own experience as a critic of the Church's secular administration.  When we brought forward evidence of the vast corruption and criminality infesting the incorporated governments, Pope Benedict took immediate, actual, practical steps to deal with the problems we exposed.  

He responded as any honest and good man would. He got out his mop and bucket and went to work. 

Later, Francis continued the work Benedict began, albeit, in his own fashion, and with an obvious concern to protect the Church and its interests.  Given that the Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic Church, his concern in that regard did not surprise me or seem inappropriate. 

So, although I could wish for faster responses or actions taken in a different order, I can't criticize the Church for lack of response or inappropriate response to the issues raised.  

Francis, like Benedict, has picked up his mop and bucket and soldiered on. 

My Shinola Sensor also takes note of other indicators--- for example:  

What other human institution has taken a stand against the wholesale murder of babies, deceitfully disguised by the word "abortion" as if that magically transformed murder into something else?  

What other institution blocks and guards the slippery moral slope that, having once discounted human life on the basis of age, prevents the next logical mis-step and permits the murder of the elderly and infirm?  

Lest we forget, Obummer's Secretary of Education suggested that we should be able to "cull" children up until the arbitrary age of six, and get rid of any that, in our obviously omnipotent opinion, don't measure up.

The Roman Catholic Church is the firewall against that kind of thinking.  It is the ultimate bulwark against moral "relativism" and the one solid defender that unborn babies have in this twisted world. 

Now, given that fact--- and fact it is--- do you smell something rotten in Switzerland when the same Church is accused of child trafficking and child molestation and even child sacrifice?  

Nothing, absolutely nothing, could be farther removed from actual Church teaching and doctrine.  It is in fact that exact opposite of what the Church stands for.  

To me, it looks like a typical Satanic set up: pretend to be a Catholic the same way Satanists pretend to be Jews or Muslims, do their ugly criminal work while wearing a nun's habit or a priest's robes, and then let the Church take the fall for their evil doing.  

That is, after all, the known modus operandi of the Satanists and always has been: mirror everything.  Steal the identity of your enemies.  Commit your crimes and shove the blame off onto them, while you put on another costume and exit stage left.  

While acting under the guise of being "US Citizens" the same Bad Actors have done the same kind of hatchet job on Americans. 

So I don't get all excited and jump up and down when someone makes claims of genocide and ritual sacrifice. I sit back and take in the view and I ask myself -- who is who? 

What's to keep a Satanist from pretending to be a saint?  Why wouldn't a criminal put on the face of a prosecutor?  Haven't we been told that Satan himself appears as an "angel of light"?  

It has been ten years and though there has been plenty of gossip and many cases of reported sexual abuse by the clergy --- some of it actual and some drummed up to get money --- and even some sworn eye-witness testimony, there still isn't a shred of actual evidence of ritual sacrifice on the record. 

None.  Not a single bone.  Not a single bloody rag.  Nothing.  

And bear in mind, that Satanists spin lies like a spider spins webs. 

Every lie is a prayer to Satan in their worldview, so what is "eye-witness testimony" from such witnesses worth?  Sworn false testimony is just a bigger lie --- more points if you don't get caught.  

This latest attempted arrest of Pope Francis, purportedly on his way to officiate at a ritual child sacrifice, presents the important question --- if these idiots knew that such a sacrifice was scheduled to happen, why didn't they simply wait until the "Ninth Circle" convened, and catch the whole lot of them in the act?  

No, I'm sorry.  My Shinola Sensor is beeping.  Loudly. 

Why is it that Kevin Annett and the ITCCS showed up at exactly the same time that Pope Benedict moved to correct the banks?  

Why is it that when you look at the actual, proven genocide and human trafficking records, it all stacks up against the governments?  And the banks behind the governments? 

Like the Nazis killing off their Priority Creditors, so they wouldn't have to pay them back?  

Like the "U.S. Trustees" copyrighting the Given Names of children as  property belonging to foreign investment corporations?  

Like the Bush and Obummer Administrations militarizing our police and setting up FEMA Camps---planning to get rid of their Priority Creditors, just like the Nazis. Again. 

The actual motive for all the killing and kidnapping and identity theft is money, not religion.  Unless, of course, like the Satanists, your religion is idolatry and money is your idol.  

Let's give everyone some clues here:   

It wasn't the Roman Catholic Church running the US Patent and Trademark Office as a criminal enterprise.  It was Serco, formerly RCA, a British conglomerate, and behind Serco, it was N.M. Rothschild.  These are the entities actually responsible for perpetuating and enforcing the institutionalized fraud, racketeering, and identity theft that has engulfed the entire world. 

And it surely wasn't the Roman Catholic Church setting up a giant owl statue -- an idol known since pre-Canaanite times as "Molloch, the Devourer" at the Bohemian Grove in California.  Molloch was originally an iron furnace, which the Babylonians and later, Carthaginians, would heat up red hot, and then throw their living first-born infants into its gaping mouth. 

This is what the bankers and politicians were playing at and memorializing in California with their "Cremation of Care" ceremonials. Like abortion, making sacrifices to "Molloch" was another way of getting rid of the unwanted babies resulting from their orgies and perverse, hedonistic life-styles.  

And this is also what was going on in the Valley of Hinom, which caused it to be a place of horror. 

The doctrines and trappings of this ancient and profane religion in the modern era are on display at the Bohemian Grove and in the words and intentions of Agenda 21 and the Genocide Treaty.  It's also self-evident in the practice of declaring everyone to be "dead" and subject to the statutory law. 

Remember that I told you that religion is the source of law?  

So it will not seem so strange to you, when I tell you that Satanism is the source of codes, regulations, and statutes--- all those things that deceptively appear to be "law" --- but aren't.  This is a deception of the Father of All Lies, carried out by his servants, the members of the Temple Bar. 

And what is the "Bar"?  The Bar is also called the "Veil".  It is the demarcation between the jurisdiction of the land and the sea, and also between life and death.  

Remember the scene from "The Pirates of the Caribbean" where Captain Barbossa says something like, "Oh, so, Missy, you don't believe in ghosts or ghost stories?" And a flash of lightening shows that he and his crew are all walking skeletons. "Well, you'd best be believing, because you are in one!" 

According to the Bar Attorneys responsible for these heinous acts and fraud against the living people---including the act of kidnapping and trafficking us into the jurisdiction of the dead in the first place --- we are all ghosts.

Lucifer has come to murder and enslave and destroy, and to do it under color of law, under a pretense of benefiting and enlightening the people he is preying upon.  

Be forewarned and keep your Shinola Sensors handy.  Things are about to get very interesting. 

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  1. "Wow…
    Trump’s military drops a bomb every 12 minutes, and no one is talking about it – Lee Camp"

  2. Regardless, what ''good deeds' you give the RCC credit for, they still spew a false gospel and a false salvation message, which is ''just become a catholic and get sprinkled and you are saved''.

  3. The Organised Church and state combined seem to = a beast
    The Vatican is a large bank and a harlot we have been warned of. My shinola sensors go off when people (leaders) go out of their way to "exonorate them.
    Ask yourselves who are the daughters of this whore?

    1. a follower. You are correct. Nearly all these protestant denominational 'churches' are nothing but copies (daughters) of the RCC whore church. The pastors wear white robes, and sprinkle babies, their parents deceived to think doing so makes their baby a saved person with a guaranteed seat on the other side of the pearly gates.
      These harlot churches are not a whole lot different from their ''mother church' the RCC. Just a different Name on the sign outside.
      When will folks begin to use their brain, and realize getting dunked or sprinkled or thrown into a river, is NOT gonna persuade God to let anyone thru the gates. Get Real !
      Water has NOTHING to do with it.
      Scripture even tells us........''john baptized with water, but NOW it is God who baptizes us WITH the Holy Spirit of God''.
      (that is, IF you are truly baptized; which has pre requisites to it BTW)
      Water was used in previous times, prior to the arrival of the Holy Spirit, which came on the day of Pentecost in the upper room at Jerusalem that day. This is when water baptism went by the wayside.
      If you listen carefully, I think you will hear the pastors say words indicating you are being baptized INTO THEIR church organization, when they offer water baptism. But NO man can baptize anyone into the body of Christ; into heaven.

    2. Yes, Birth certificates are one thing. Yet i wonder what is done with all the Baptismal records? This may be creepier yet.
      Water in the Bible = Word-The True Word.
      And yes there is a lot of false water in the world.

      The "peace treaty" or verbal agreements, between the vatican and the jews is note worthy.
      Also The Peace treaty or verbal agreements between the vatican the lutherans, the protestants all should be considered. Look at the connections the web. This is so easy to do.
      Consider: On the world stage, almost all of the organised churches follow the same celebrations and traditions. These are man's traditions.Even many who say they are atheist fall into this trap.
      Every day is His.

  4. Update: Got my ncsn passport back. How do you know how many stars you have? I have 4 stars below the word passport, first star starting at the p of port like " ****", and directly left of the word Nationality. My "USAUSA" looks like that, only the first three bold. But I have 3 stars in the upper right hand corner in a shape of an upside down reversed L. Any comments. Am I a 3 or 4 star? Mailed my request for certified copy of passport records and they received cm on July 9. Got my USTC LOJ order. Sent out Form 12277 application for withdrawal of filed form 668(Y) denied b/c the provisions for withdrawal, as defined in IRC Section 6323(j) have not been met. What the F????????? Does anyone out there know what this is all about? Where did I go wrong or is this a new fraud tactic by Satan. 1Freeman you got any suggestions. I took your advice on Christopher at and it payed off, Thanks a million. Do you have a LLF lawyer number for me? I think it's time for real help. Thanks to all.

    1. michael, seems like everything 'we gotta do' is a pain in the ass, lol.
      Sometimes I get the feeling 'they' just make everything complicated just to keep us busy and occupied and to stop us from actually living life........and then at the end they make sure you die penniless, lol.
      Like I am finding out that a lot of the elderly are no longer able to keep up their homes, so they are selling them and going out and paying excessive rents using up all the proceeds from their homes. By the time it is all spent on rents they will end up with Zero assets, and in dire straits if they outlive their home sale proceeds, which is a probability.

      Ain't it grand? Lol. I'm pretty sure 1Free will be along to answer your question. No need to fret and get your BP out of whack.

  5. The three unholy rotten trinity corp orations: ! City OF LONDON,VATICAN,WASHINGTON DC they control just about everything
    Vatican equals the roman catholic church,one of the richest deceiving organ izations in the world. All re legions keeps us divided and that how they like that.
    How many wars are started with re legions? Many. One of the laws they make reference is thou shall not kill. They dam well do a lot of that.
    What about all these free masons and there holy bible the King James masons bible?
    There is so much that is still hidden from us,that Im sure the Vatican knows in the vaulted secret library. Who holds the key to these secrets? I certainly do not know these questions accurately but there is much more there that Anna does not know.
    This is hell in my opinion.

    1. lawrence,
      While i understand your sentiment, (this is hell.)
      It is not, How well we act and react to what is being thrown at us does matter.
      It is all about the journey. There is more than any of us Know.

  6. The three unholy rotten trinity corp orations: ! City OF LONDON,VATICAN,WASHINGTON DC they control just about everything
    Vatican equals the roman catholic church,one of the richest deceiving organ izations in the world. All re legions keeps us divided and that how they like that.
    How many wars are started with re legions? Many. One of the laws they make reference is thou shall not kill. They dam well do a lot of that.
    What about all these free masons and there holy bible the King James masons bible?
    There is so much that is still hidden from us,that Im sure the Vatican knows in the vaulted secret library. Who holds the key to these secrets? I certainly do not know these questions accurately but there is much more there that Anna does not know.
    This is hell in my opinion.

  7. Oh, Anna ... Of course, the Vatican is ready to throw the banksters under the bus! The tyranny and deceit of tthe banks have become wayt too obvious, so now the men in robes are quite willing to sacrifice the middle men, so they can look like they're innocent. After all, that's what they're good at, isn't it? As Emperor Friedrich II put in in the Middle Ages, "popes are wolves in sheep clothes". Are there exceptions? Of course, there are. There always are. It doesn't change the nature of the system.

    "What other institution?" All right, let's get there. What other institution in the known history of the world claimed for centuries that you had to belong to it if you didn't want to spend eternity being visiously tortured by demons? That is psychological and spiritual abuse on steroids, a rape of the human psyche.

    As to law being based on religion, I agree. They are part of the same system of control. Both are authoritarian rules of conducts imposed from above under threat of violence, be it physical or spiritual. My belief is that in the natural order of things, all rules are based on a living web of co-created agreements between souls. Now, that's quite a different paradigm, isn't it? A

  8. Marc,
    Good to see you commenting. The Nature of a system is dependent upon the people. Yep.
    All the isms go wrong even capitalism, when the people become corrupt. This all goes back to the individuals at every level and their choices.


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