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Monday, June 4, 2018

What Does North Carolina Say?

By Anna Von Reitz

You will all remember that Larry Becraft sent out a screed last week or so, in which he claimed that Rod Class was lying and that the issues in North Carolina never meant anything and were just ignorant dismissed cases that Rod Class pursued and then blew out of proportion.  I disagreed and then Larry and his Boy Robin, Bob Hurt, jumped all over me, and tried to discredit me, too.  

Larry even went so far as to try to put words in my mouth (a legal specialty) and present false information (for the second time) that I made arguments that in fact I never voiced at all, thereby setting up a false argument and premise for himself that he then proceeded to pursue as if it were real and as if it had anything to do with me and anything I ever thought or said.  


Anyway, for all of those who have been confused by the lawyer crappola--- here's what North Carolina says, in Rod's favorite phrase, black ink on white paper, and in my favorite phrase --- from the horse's mouth, via one of our researchers---quote: 

You are right. North Carolina actually admits to all of this, in writing, in the following links. Pass this on to your followers as proof of the following written admission.  

The important thing to realize is that we are surrounded by such "public-private" subcontractors as far as the eye can see.  The "US POST OFFICE" is a subcontractor, not a public entity at all,  the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA is a municipal subcontractor and vendor, the DMV is another private municipal subcontractor, and so on and on---- the US ARMY, NATO, FBI, FEMA, all these entities are not "public" and not part of our government.  They are "service providers" under contract to other entities.  

For example, both the FBI and the BLM are subsidiaries of THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, INC.  

The American Bar Association and the Internal Revenue Service were both run for decades as subsidiaries of Northern Trust, Inc.  

This is the fact that Larry doesn't want you to know for some reason.  He thinks that all these entities are legitimate public government offices when in fact they are private subcontractors merely in the business of providing governmental services. He tries his best to obfuscate the facts, even when the organizations themselves fully admit it and disclose it in their contracting and vendor bid processes, EINs, CAGE numbers, Dunn and Bradstreet listings, and all the other "proof" readily available that what we are dealing with "as" government is not in fact government.

And certainly not our government. 

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  1. I have the Rod Class cases in my files somewhere, and i read them all. The D A and judge admitted the county tax office was staffed with contract employees and so was the law enforcement. If non of it was true, someone spent a lot of time making up the evidence in the links of this article to make Rod look good.
    It doesn't matter what the subject is, someone will pooh pooh it and say its all crappola. Rod always goes with the black ink on white paper so he can push them into the corner where they will finally admit it. There are just too many nay sayers that only have an opinion about everything without any facts to back it up. They seem to like to come to this site to blast their hot air.

  2. If FRN's are used, it is not government, it is contract. If you have to apply, it is contract because there is no delegated authority. Criminals do not care when the masses sleep. Zombie movie anyone!

  3. Google :who owns the U.S.corperation?
    Third listing states the U.S. government members are all f treasonous , sworn oath to foreign co.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The United States of America, the Confederacy of States owns the United States. It was created for exclusive jurisdiction on land leased by or belonging to the United States of America, see Article 1, sec. 8 clause 17. This roughly translates to the fact that the United States is authorized by the Constitution of the United States to enforce their jurisdiction in just 26-27% of land of the States.

      Many United States District Courts are not located on land belonging to the United States of America, and therefore, possess absolutely no jurisdiction to adjudicate court matters.

      In addition, ALL United States District Courts were created by a Article IV congress instead of the Article III courts they were authorized to create, and, these Article III were to be only inferior to the United States of America Supreme Court so they were of no use to the congress.

      This is why there are no Article III courts ordained and established ever established in America. There is one in existence in Hawaii but in name only since it has never been ordained. The judges (administrators more accurately) are all Article IV legislative administrators.

      They are all fake and it is our job to root them out so evey community is aware of the illegal nature of these United States District Courts, which are the sales outlets for enforcing the United States Code, their own Supreme Law of the Land. Which Land? Why the land they own of course.

      But only the United States District Courts provide congress with the necessary cover to establish their nefarious acts of treason, and these Article IV legislative courts (non-judicial) were created everywhere in lieu of the Constitutionally authorized Article IIV courts.

      The United States has no jurisdiction over lands or people they do not own (by birth or consent), absolutely none!

      When we learn this thoroughly and incorporate the consequences of this knowledge into our dealings with the United States successes will come more and more often.

      But if we remain lazy in our efforts to validate, understand and implement these vital facts they will continue their lawless acts and a readily available remedy will continue to lie useless in the weeds.

  4. Trust me, it's not only in the patriot movement, these naysayers are infested throughout the internet , if for no other reason than to start controversies...Repubulican or Democrate (like there's any difference), or conservatives v liberals, Christians against other Christians and everyone else, etc....Everyone things they have all the answers to everything....but when patriots start slanderous remarks against other patriots, then there is something matter where we all start, eventually we should all be meeting in the middle...some of this is actually caused deliberately by patriots that charge for there services who are nothing but con artist who just want to sell materials for profit...those few dishonest patriots who give people legal advice on the complex system we have developed as a nation and only in this for the money , give all the legitimate patriots a bad name...i see this constantly on different patriot sites...The best patriots are the ones who give their time and energy either for free or almost for free, and exsist more on donations....!! It's so if we aren't fighting enough people, we insist on fighting each other.....!! And when one of us goes down and taken into custody, others in this movement can't wait to say "I told you so", without taking into consideration that the courts and judges are all corrupt and it didn't matter if he had the truth.. all it takes is the wrong judge and the wrong response and proceedure and you will be screwed...!! That's it..!! But it had nothing to do with the truth.. and ever thing about the court winning..!!

  5. It would be tremendously great to get access to Dunn and Bradstreet

  6. Some service providers, they show up with their services offer them "voluntarily" and after a few years of "helping the people" have them all scared, thinking it is mandatory to accept their services, and employ armed men and women to confiscate your property, put you in a cage, extort your funds all since you just "voluntarily" wanted to do business with them and get a pretty sticker to put on your car for several hundred dollars. Every place they have showed up to "help" things have only rotted, people getting more and more broke, small farms and buildings looking more like relics everyday. Airports with healthy communities happily flying around, tooling on planes and having fun, creating a nice place to be for anyone, are not mostly in ruins, planes sitting around for years, dust all over them, due to the "helpful" attorneys and "helpful FAA British contractors. Not one American National, that I know of ever can get a flying job in Africa, or other British "business deals". It is all British pilots taking up these jobs and a good portion of jobs through out the states are taken up by British pilots. Just a coincidence that the FAA and UN are destroying the peoples aviation and expanding their own? It is only the commoners, plenty of business jets and foreign contractors come in to the larger airports that in many cases are barely open.

  7. It's not over for them until we all unite and awaken to their breach of trust & duties. There is no colored people white or black and there are no corporate citizens at all. These criminals may only have partners and associates. I dare never to use the word employee, servant, subject, or citizen to refer to a living being again. We are all people and have a right to liberty worldwide.


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