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Monday, June 4, 2018

The Latest Red Herring Argument

By Anna Von Reitz

The scam artist’s goal is always to create some kind of confusion, and then to profit from it in some way.
It could be to confuse your identity literally, so as to steal it. (No, your Honor, that’s John M. Doe, he’s a British Citizen, not John M. Doe, the noted American national.)
It could be to confuse the capacity in which you are acting, so as to bring false accusations against you. (But your Honor, he’s a licensed Commercial Vehicle Driver, not a private man merely going to the grocery store.)
It could be simply to confuse the public, and so delay action on pressing matters of state. (We don’t really know what color the sky is….sometimes it’s blue, but sometimes it’s grey or white or even black and we don’t know what to do as a result. Best to sit on it and wait.)
The modus operandi is always the same: create a confusion or problem, and then steer toward whatever result you want to come out of that confusion or problem.
Here is a good case in point.
Recently, in patriot circles, there has been a debate introduced about “enumerated” and “non-enumerated” powers. This is because the Constitutions delegated nineteen enumerated powers to the federal government.
The word “enumerated” --- then as now --- simply means “numbered”. We numbered the powers granted and described them in detail so that there could be no mistake on the part of the federal government at any level regarding the set limits of their activities and authorities.
The confusion being introduced is between “delegated” and “non-delegated” and “enumerated” and “non-enumerated” powers.
So let’s cut to the chase: All powers mentioned in the Constitutions are delegated powers whether enumerated or non-enumerated.
All powers that are enumerated are powers delegated to the Federal Government.
All powers that are non-enumerated are not delegated to the Federal Government and are reserved and retained by the States and People per Amendment X.
Think of it this way --- If you are creating a business plan and organizational chart to run a dog kennel, you have no reason to mention cat care.
It is the same way with the Constitutions.
These documents are creating an organization to exercise the delegated and also strictly enumerated powers entrusted to the three branches of the Federal Government---Federal, Territorial, and Municipal.
They barely mention the non-delegated and also non-enumerated powers of the States and The United States of America because those topics are outside the scope of the Constitutions.
Those are all cat care issues that are the responsibility of the States and the People.
The rest is easy.
If we did not specifically delegate a power to the Federal Government, say, the “power” to wash our socks, then we may safely assume that it’s no business of the Federal Government’s, and we are not under contract to accept (and pay for) their sock washing services, even though such sock washing services may exist and may be offered.
The proper way to think of the Federal Government –whether Federal, Territorial, or Municipal – is as a group of three foreign subcontractors, each with different responsibilities.
The actual Federal Government was supposed to handle mutual defense, proper coinage, international trade relations, etc.
The Territorial Government was responsible for management of Territories until such time as they became States of the Union.
The Municipal Government was supposed to run the District of Columbia as a common meeting ground for all the States
Simple enough.
All worked well until the Civil War came along, and that illegal commercial conflict allowed an evil and surreptitious change in the structure and functioning of the Federal Government.
Quite simply, the British Territorial Government crept in under color of law and darkness, and substituted itself for the Federal Government we are owed.
We have the complete history of this process showing how Territorial States of States imposed upon the people to create and adopt “new” state constitutions in the wake of the Civil War.
Unknown and undisclosed to the people, these were not rewrites of the constitutions in effect prior to the war, but instead were completely new “States of States” ---- Territorial States of States --- usurping the position of the original lawfully designated Federal States of States.

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  1. Literally forced to sign new constitution first one we volunteer second pure unlawful force.

  2. DONALD J. TRUMP is no JAMES T. KIRK. Elected public servants who win every argument tend to lie, cheat, steal, and act like a king. Free range Americans are self-governing, self-defended.

  3. Man's answer to everything as soon as the population grows beyond what they perceive as uncontrolable, is to "CENTRALIZE" it to make it manageable and to make to some degree...."UNIFORM" But when running Corporations, it's been shown time and time again that "centralization" is a recipe for disaster and inefficientcy...If you have a company as big as Macy's, does it make any sense to make all decisions about "woman's shoes" from a central hub in Florida, who knows nothing about the wants or needs of the type of shoes that people want in L.A....Every state, every county, every city and town is different from any other state, county, and city, because it's all related to demographics....what was the real reason for a central govt, especially a central military for all 50 states, when we have only fought one "single" war where the enemy actually came to our shores.....Great Britain..!! No one since then has ever stepped foot on our shores since then... Instead, we have have landed on just about everyone else shores as the aggressors..!! We had no reason to create a central military complex run from Washington D.C.
    That was the entire reason for creating a central Federal Govt in the constitution....there was no other reason for a Federal anything, except for the purpose of creating a uniform monitary system....and that's it..!! The only people that seems to understand this were the "Anti Federalist" when they were arguing about a constitution..!!
    It looks like we should have listened to them...they were right..!!At least they saw the constitution as a detriment to our country and argued strongly against it.....SMART..!! Now we have people that argue non stop on what the constitution means....that has created a need for the most heinous group of people that have ever been devised by man.....attorneys..!! You want a constitution America, then your asking straight out for attorneys that will and have controlled everything since one during my entire educational experiance, ever talked about our constitution the way you do judge one talked about 3 different United States and what they mean... no one ever talked about the 19 delegations of authority contracted out to a Corporation...!! There is nothing you can say about the constitution that we benefited from judge Anna...and the only ones that do care has everything to do with "civil rights" which have been risen to the height of unalienable rights, thanks to the confusion of this one document...!! Has there ever been a contract in the history of man that has been argued over for the last 200 years, and will last another 200 if we don't get rid of it....!! I am beyond sick about this document and if I can do anything to eliminate it from the annals of history, I am going to do it...and I hope I get to light the match that destroyes it once and for all, along with the flag it represents...and replace it only with a flag of war flags allowed...people are very simple minded. If you tell them how to boil water, how do you expect them to understand a completely different language called legalese....why do you insist on defending this document so much judge Anna.....WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY!!!!!!!!!! I could see you arguing about it as a pro federalist and not an anti Federalist....My problem is trying to understand WHY...!!!!!

    1. james, you give much to ponder and think about. After reading your essay here, I see our country has been run like ONE big ''state'' and it has lost its 50-State individuality and its State Governments. THAT IS THE PROBLEM !

      What has happened is they have Governors Conferences, they all get together and stupidly decide what they are ALL going to do ALIKE in all their home states. I call it 'the governors conference of monkey-see, monkey-do''. And thereby all state governors sit and just give away our state individuality.

      And suddenly, we find the exactly same thing going on in all 50 states. There is no difference anymore. And so the end result is we no longer have any choices if we wish to escape the shit that our state does, and go to another state where it is not happening. ALL our state governors have sold us all OUT. They have not even told their own people they even HAVE these conferences.

      James, you hit the nail on the head ! I just had not thought about it before.

    2. Abby, it's called UNIDROIT. That's why you can cite a Washington statute in Ohio.

  4. We owe nothing, ( of course, that also implies we own nothing.)

    In reading this book: Financial Vipers of Venice by Joseph Farrell I get it totally.

    The early church/s's priests or rabbis, (the elite) who could read and write, instilled a world view of debt and sacrifice to the "others" (insecure individuals) convincing them that only wealth and power can give a sense of security. The elite kept the fact that each and every human being is a microcosm of the ENTIRE universe, that we are all endowed with the "god within" and the world is abundant.

    Anything that went against the world view of: "you must sacrifice", "you must pay your debt", you owe", "it's the survival of the fittest" were hidden, kept quiet, or destroyed and if you were a person of influence you were killed.


    1. Unknown, Financial Vipers of Venice is
      2nd book in a 3 part series, as Dr Farrell loves to do. The first is Babylon's Banksters, and what a treat it is. Dr Farrell is one of my favorites, a meticulous researcher with a fabulous mind. The name of the 3rd is Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery: The Fascist International, 9/11, and Penetrated operations. But Babylon's Banksters should be mandatory reading for all.
      It's the same people, families, who have been running this scam on mankind for centuries and they're raised with a completely different mindset than everyone else; they actually believe they own us like chattel property, and they have always run their Banks through Temples for control purposes, and as Dr Farrell says..."IT is high time they be done away with."

    2. ET - Regardless of the number of books and films we've been given, the same group of people that have been plundering the White population of the earth are still in charge and running the store. Any time there is a social or financial disaster on the face of the earth these people are always in the role of the perpetrators and/or instigators. Every major war since the beginning of the 19th century have been tools of their origin and the results have been tremendous amounts of wealth accumulated in their coffers. Our Fed and IRS are the most obvious tools being used against the American public now, and have been for over a century - both are illegal when considered against the standing law of the land. Since they own and operate our political, financial, education and entertainment systems there is little chance of any regaining control of our nation by the rank and file. As Mark Twain said about the weather -'Every body talks about it, but nobody does anything about it!"

    3. Yes William, they've been behind it all. The Rothschild's trace their lineage all thew way back to Nimrod, who built Babylon (confusion), and after Nebuchadnezzer carried Jacob's (the Supplanter, who stole his brothers birthright) offspring captive into Babylon, there was an intermingling among the ruling classes of the Babylonians and Jews and these have been the troublers of mankind ever since.
      But as far as doing something about it goes, this I believe is the most important thing Anna is trying to tell us. They stole our Birthrights. Unbeknownst by us and through fraudulent means. This should infuriate everyone who hears the truth of it. Reclaiming it is what we do. We outnumber them to the Nth degree.
      The mighty Lion is no match for the millions of fire ants on whose hill it happened to lay on.

  5. Have y'all come to see yet, that the only solution is 'armageddon'? Or do ya still think you are going to change all this rot.
    (I know some people are just slow learners.)

  6. Talk about population explosion and getting out of hand: In 1850 our world population was a mere 1 Billion. Here we are almost 170 years later and its 7.4 Billion. If you still have math skills, do the calculations where it will naturally be in just the next 50 years (as we have larger numbers now so it is not going to take another 170 to reach 16 Billion. It will happen much fasters.)

    At that rate, it will become impossible to feed everyone. Now, if thats the kind of world you are working so hard to ''save'' ....then you are welcome to it. It aint gonna be the utopia you dream of.

    1. Make google your ally before posting Abby....

    2. The Earth/Heart is life support itself. This principle is self regulating, owing its power to that which is its source. There is no over population, as anyone that has traveled the country can testify, obviously. Why should the Creator be so poor as to need mans help, as if that were possible? Hitler and the T-4 policies became the green movement and heath care with its death panels! The insane/unwashed masses demand their own demise, awesome. Stupid people claim to understand (God) a word and then profess their ignorance of the nature of light, sound and incandescence. "Freedom from the known"

    3. About your Hitler nonsense....

      "The most effective ammunition one can use to blow-up the official fairy tale of the Holocaust ™ consists of the many inadvertent admissions that the enemies of truth let slip out from time to time. Indeed, one can wreck the entire Holohoax tale just by using such admissions, and nothing else.

      Some examples -- the Holohoaxers themselves admit that:
      Forensic tests on the "gas chambers" ™ do not reveal any trace of "gas" or "poison."
      Millions of corpses or remains were never discovered.
      There is no German documentation of any mass killings.
      Tales of Jews being made into bars of soap and lamp shades were invented.
      Zyklon B ™ was a pesticide developed to kill typhus-lice, not people.
      The Holocaust story relies heavily upon Soviet reports.
      Football / Soccer games and other forms of entertainment took place in the camps.
      The International Red Cross had access to all camps and never mentioned any mass killings.
      Some Jewish "survivors" claimed they knew nothing about "gas chambers" ™ in Auschwitz.

      Of course, after being forced to make these huge concessions, the hoaxsters always return with the quintessentially Jewish and truly psychopathic "yeah but" -- that goes something like this: "Yes, it is indeed true that (insert any of the above), but blah, blah, blah -- the Holocaust still happened." String enough of these "yeah buts" together and the silly story begins to take on ridiculous proportions. "

    4. Allies did far, far more unwarranted damage....Then there is the Russian angle...

      "This successful practice was very soon followed by the Allied forces in the cases of other German cities,[4] like Würtzburg – a tightly packed medieval housing city that exploded in a firestorm in March 1945 in one night with 90% of city-space which had no strategic importance destroyed.[5]"

    5. Hitlers T-4 policies did in fact become the green movement and has nothing to do with someones story/his-story so the no-sense comment is in retrograde like your thinking process. These policies were not initiated by Hitler, they have been recycled for thousands of years. So what does this rambling have to do with euthanasia?

    6. Breaking it down for you, what does your comments have to do with population control? Just in case you needed to be reconnected.

    7. Abby are you the one to implement Ageda 21? who is expendable? Should my children be be first so your children have a right to eat? Or should neither of us give a shit about the nameless poor in Africa? Wasn't there a Star Trek episode dealing with this topic in the 70's. Who gets to decide who lives and dies???

  7. I agree with you, Abby, we're headed for a Problem on a global scale, call it what you will. Using the fruit flies in a test tube metaphor, that double every day and on the tenth day the tube is half full, what's the eleventh day look like? There's also the toxic load the Earth is carrying from the extraction of fossil fuels, the decimation of forest systems that bank carbons and release oxygen, contamination of waters, and dependency on centralized systems for our basic needs; food, shelter, transportation, and I could go on. We're still affected by Natural Law. The Earth's Life is a web of interdependent beings, each one unique and integrous in it's own right. One of our assignments here is to tend Her. We're part of that web and we've upset the Balance. Every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause. We will reap the results of our actions, and inaction, by the way. What to do, or not, has always been the question. What Anna is doing is courageous and I value the clarity of her understanding and her ability to communicate that in a way it can be heard. I also appreciate the fact that she's shown us ways to be pro-active, because helplessness in the face of overwhelming odds is just discouraging, if not down right depressing. I just don't think the 'boys club' is going to give up their big guns without a squabble, even though you can't eat gold. I wonder if they have grandchildren?

    1. Unknown, too many people flat out refuse to look at the real truth, look ahead and see where the road is leading to.
      I live in a city of about a million people now; it is growing by 8,000 more people per year. It spans about 25 miles from one end to the other. It is impossible to drive to other parts of town during the week, because you will hit work traffic dead stopped one way or the other.
      As soon as the outerbelt is widened another lane, they begin immediately to widen it again to accommodate the growth. All companies build or expand or relocate to the large Cities; and the rest of Ohio remains the same, or is deteriorating.

      It has become obvious that those in Power are trying to corral people into the large cities by not providing jobs outside the Cities.
      We have noticed all new housing is built in commune type enclaves, with only a few feet of space between the houses. Those are the new neighborhoods now. Other housing is in the form of Condo's which are all built connected.

      I feel claustrophobic just talking about it. I feel like I just want to move the hell out of here. But God moved me here 18 yrs. ago and I can't leave till He lets me leave, lol.

      But all of this tells us we are absolutely getting overpopulated. Anyone who denies that is simply blind. When I was born, america had a population of just 120 million. Now it is nearly tripled. I can tell you it was far far better living here with just 120-130 million people, than it is now.

      The handwriting is on the wall.

    2. Condensing numbers of people into smaller areas does not mean over population, "blind" too funny. Agree, there is an agenda at work, does not equate to over population and if science is based on law, then foolish people are against both despite what they profess. The facts show less people are having babies because they are confused about this whole business of things. Confusion leads to distress in every form and analyzing anything leads to paralysis, not ideal for the propagation of the species! Something is on the wall alright and it's not literary.

    3. Old info..."According to the U.N. Population Database, the world’s population in 2010 will be 6,908,688,000. The landmass of Texas is 268,820 sq mi (7,494,271,488,000 sq ft).

      So, divide 7,494,271,488,000 sq ft by 6,908,688,000 people, and you get 1084.76 sq ft/person. That’s approximately a 33′ x 33′ plot of land for every person on the planet, enough space for a town house.
      Given an average four person family, every family would have a 66′ x 66′ plot of land, which would comfortably provide a single family home and yard — and all of them fit on a landmass the size of Texas. Admittedly, it’d basically be one massive subdivision, but Texas is a tiny portion of the inhabitable Earth.
      Such an arrangement would leave the entire rest of the world vacant. There’s plenty of space for humanity."

    4. "The company is true while hope remains" Many are called, but few come!

  8. CJ,what is the purpose of an I-9 and who do you provide it to?

  9. C.Johnson - thank you for sharing! Just out of curiosity - even though you do not use your SSN# your earnings are "reported" for your retirement ... ?

  10. Thank you C Johnson.
    This is the link to the file for anyone interested, the first [file:///C:/Users/dayso/Desktop/i-9-paper-version.pdf] above didn't work for me, so go here:

  11. The power is in owning your land. Creating a fort for protection. I have not delve into the whole property tax issue yet, I've sent letters and such but nothing. So I'm in the process of a work around for that. My manufactured home or Trailer issue has provided much needed insight on how powerful it is when you own your land and use M&B description without using the address that was assigned. Currently the Sherrif has not been back. I'm not sure what will happen on the back end with the financial institution(debt collectors) but this has been going on since 1/2018. So far they have not been able to reposses the home. Its protected by my fort(land). I can't lie its definitely hard to find work when you are no longer using the Social Security number. Which is why I downsized and have no extras. I was never a consumer really, I spent money on rent, bills and the costs of living in a big city. Which is why I don't fight vocally or go to court about such knowledge that has been provided, I focus on my family and hope that more people are able to see there is a way to live simply and not be dependent on man and his benefits, privileges to sort through that mess. The rub is most are trapped in their lives, bills, mortgages.. Its like having a gun pointed to your head all the time. We all need room to breath. At the end of the day... You can't put your trust in man.


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