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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Situation Report June 3, 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

A French banking cartel, BNP Paribas, sought to rule the world.  This was primarily engineered by George Herbert Walker Bush.  The instrumentality to secure a world-wide lock-down on all commercial transactions was "Homeland Security" under the watchful eye of Dick Cheney.  Just as it says in the Bible, nobody was allowed to buy or sell apart from the Mark of the Beast. [This all concerned banking at the wholesale level, so most people remained blissfully unaware.]

And then, the rest of the world rebelled and formed an answering system -- the Asian International Investment Bank and BRICS and CHIPS.
So now, in answer to worldwide dissatisfaction with having their commerce controlled and eaves-dropped upon, the same basic perpetrators--- claiming now to be "White Hats" and inheritors of the "Homeland Security" functions, make the following demands: 

1. We, the States and the People, have to leave the jurisdiction of International Trade and "voluntarily" (have we heard that word before?) enter the realm of international commerce; 

2. We have to do this by establishing a commercial Transnational Corporation in "the UK" --- Britain, again, always, Britain at the bottom of every dog pile ---- and by so doing, subject ourselves to THEM, allow them to dictate what we can or cannot do, and have their snoops up our butts in all respects forevermore. We also have to deposit $30 million in fiat credit to pay for their "services" --when they are already in our employment; 

3. We are being coerced to do this in order to receive back the control of and access to vast actual, factual gold, silver, platinum and other assets which belong to us fair and square and which are on "Special Deposit" at their banks and which are in fact underwriting their "central bank system"; 

4. They have grossly over-stepped any merely presumed office related to securing these assets for us. They have in fact pretended to be our "guardians" while functioning as our employees; 

5.  This sets up a scenario similar to the children's fable of "The Spider and the Fly"---- they invite us in and offer hospitality in hopes of having a dinner for themselves, but as I informed the vermin this morning, those are our assets, not theirs, and if they wish to appear to be thieves and criminals subject to international arrest and prosecution, all they have to do is continue their bad behavior; 

6. We are acting in our proper jurisdiction and if we enter any commercial jurisdiction at all, it will be as clearly identified American Vessels owed all protections and guarantees of the original equity agreement between our government and the British government---- not as specious transnational corporations subject to regulation and seizure; 

7.  As it stands, the British Government has acted in Gross Breach of Trust and deserves no further credibility in any of the claims that it has made or is making against the American Government, the American States, and the American People---or "for" us, either;  

8.  As it stands, the Municipal Authorities have abdicated their responsibility and thereby promoted this situation in which banks have been allowed to seize upon private assets and retain control of those assets in contravention of both public and private law long after the owners have been properly identified and have asked for an accounting of the assets; 

9. If this situation is not rectified immediately, it will be cause for all parties concerned to "go public" and expose exactly how these banks have stolen from their depositors and used various means of deception and false claims to excuse their self-interested and criminal actions.  

There won't be a bank left standing in the western world once people understand exactly how these false governments and the banks have acted as parasites and sought to strangle and control and deprive us all.  

And that denouement will not be long in coming worldwide if access to our actual assets and credit owed is not made available tout de suite, together with an end to all claims of debt and bankruptcy connected to these venal and insupportable claims. 

I am a member of the generation that remember The Who --- and the lyrics of a certain song: "Meet the new boss.... same as the old boss..... pray we don't get fooled again....."  

This is precisely what the French and British governments are colluding to do --- fool us and the rest of the world into thinking something has changed, when it has not.  A new computer system has been authorized to carry out the same old rot. 

 It changes nothing that needs to be changed. 

We are not commercial entities.  We have no cause to enter the realm of commerce, especially in view of Britain's failure to protect American shipping and its long-established practice of preying upon American shipping in Gross Breach of Trust and commercial agreement.   

No, we are the actual owners and beneficiaries and trustees of the assets which these commercial entities owe us, free and clear and upon demand. 

It would be a terrible mistake for anyone to form any sort of British Corporation or Transnational Corporation under British auspices, as the British Government is a criminal entity which must inevitably be brought either to repentance or justice. Naturally, those doing business under corporations they charter will be subject to the same penalties and losses as the parent organization. 

Equally, it would be a mistake to incorporate under French auspices, for the same reasons. BNP Paribas is as guilty as the Bank of England ever was. 

We, the American States and People, are owed vast amounts of money and credit, both.  We also represent a coalition of eighteen Historic Trusts that have been stolen and commandeered by these white collar criminals with the approval and participation of the "governmental services corporations".  Together, we represent a vast portion of the world's wealth and the world's gold, silver, and platinum reserves.  

Possession by pirates does not change ownership.  And promises must be kept. 

When the assets were deposited as Special Deposits (that is, Holy Deposits), they were deposited in trust and safe-keeping with the understanding that we, the living people, would have control and access to our assets at all times.  Nothing has changed that would validate any restriction or change to our original agreements concerning these assets. Our assets are ours and so is any credit owed to us by the banks for their use of our assets to underwrite their client base transactions. 

It has never been our desire nor our intention to use our assets for any destructive aim, nor has it been our desire to destabilize any economy or bank, but we wish it to be known and accepted that our assets are ours and that we have every right to control our own assets without any obligation to function in commerce and without any specious claim that we are or ever were bankrupt, and without any further claim by our employees that they have any duty or right to sit in judgement of our use of our own assets or any business requiring us to form a British Transnational Corporation to receive (1) an accounting of our assets on deposit and (2) to the nominal extent we may require, return of our capital investments and Special Deposits left in safekeeping with any bank in the Central Banking system. 

Let this be sufficient Notice and Decree.  We wish our assets to be audited and control of our assets to be returned to us free and clear of debt or encumbrance; the cost of the audit, not to exceed the common costs and parameters of audits generally, may be deducted from the asset base.  

We wish it to be known and accepted that we are not wards of any state, not bankrupts, not paupers acquiescing to any commonwealth estate, not voluntarily yielding any Powers of Attorney and not allowing any Powers of Appointment--- we are in full life and standing with respect to all our assets in all realms and jurisdictions.  

We also wish it to be known and accepted that The United States of America [Unincorporated] is still in existence and operation and has been in such continuous operation and existence since September 9, 1776, and it is owed all of its assets in international jurisdiction returned without debt or encumbrance of any kind--- which includes the assets and the interest and dividends and annuities owed to our States and People and the return of all copyrights, titles, patents, insurances, and other intellectual property established under our (much abused) delegated powers. 

We wish it to be known and accepted that such duty and return is due now and there is no excuse nor provision for any excuse otherwise.

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  1. Put it in writing . Everything in triplicate lots of sworn witnesses . Dealing with thieves !

  2. So far the new boss (all) look like the old boss.
    And the old boss does not wish people to see the Truth. The old boss will not allow discussion.
    Now why no mention of intercourse with same sex? Is this not an abomination?
    "Remember," says St. Jerome, "that a woman drove out the inhabitants of paradise.
    Remember? Does any one remember that a man was also very involved? Does any one remember that he also made a choice?
    Oh i am sorry, No one must speak of these Truths nor bring them to light.

    1. i should add, a little of the old boss still seems to be in each of us.

    2. re: Now why no mention of intercourse with same sex? Is this not an abomination?
      ezra pound claimed to have traced this back to the same "sin" as usury: no productive fruits. same "sin" as masturbating. or, other way around, that is why "usury" was a sin: same as sodomy.

      so, the bankers commit "crimes against nature" all day long.

      (paraphrase) "it seems protestantism was done solely to legalize usury"

      see also william avery, the dispatch of merchants, 1976

      i see the "pride parade" and i wonder "what about the gluttony, lust, sloth parades?"

      pound seems to have started his research a) he studied history as it related to poetry/writing b) noticed with change of rulers came change of bank (e.g. bank of england 1694) c) noticed usury made for bad art

      the last c) is because there is a constant artificial rush, nothing of value/time/duration can be done, you just get ersatz quick one-offs, nothing that requires weeks/months/years of effort.

      the rush comes from inflation (savings DROP value, you HAVE to "invest") and the artificial interest.

      likewise, usury is the million-headed hydra. cut off one head, three more grow. (e.g. have to "borrow" more to pay the interest on the "national debt", because that money doesnt exist yet)

      so, the abomination is all over nowadays.

    3. i should add, according to pound, such is/was a "Crime against nature" as opposed to "Crime against god" directly.

      it is a "crime against god" indirectly, in the sense he set up "nature" a certain way, and one can either work with that or against it.

    4. so, when you think "bankers" then "anal rape" is literally what they are doing.

      not just an expression. same exact "crime against nature" as the physical act.

  3. This is being issued by Anna now on June 3. Can we mark the days till we hear the response? My presumption is that it will just be added to the rest of the pile of 'unfinished business''.

  4. Then why do u bother posting some of your insidious posts Abby if so disgusted by Anna's lack of snail paced progress ?

    Ah, you want the potential windfalls profits if Anna actually hits a like jackpot.

  5. It's been stated on this site and others that their is actually a difference between attorneys and lawyers, so let me set the record straight.....

  6. Forget the MONEY..!! I'd be a lot happier if we just got rid of all attorneys like Andrew Jackson did....and live happily ever after...Banks know how to steal, but attorneys make it legal for them to get away with it....."divide and conquer"..!! As far as judges are concerned, we can get any number of people to fill those places, just using common sense....just keep it "corpus delicti " no charge or money...period...!! A housewife could do that...!!

  7. Here's a little more of Unfinished Business: ''As of June 12, 2011 all claims to our assets were released via Public Registry #983210-331235-01004 ''

    From some of my Notes; and nobody cares about follow-up? Released, to who; where?

  8. Mark Taylor's book The Trump Prophecies tell us that the US and Israel will now be the energy kings.
    The middle east will now come to us for their oil. Plus God told Mark that we are to receive 7 times that which has been stolen from us. Time is up for the corrupt says the Lord.
    Dark into light. I just hope we can be responsible Christians and beneficiaries of the coming global reset.

    1. The Mark Taylor – Trump Prophecy is a Delusion – The Trump Chronicles Part 2 – By Nathan Leal

    2. Just yesterday I heard a pastor say 'we are not going to let satan have america'. I said wow, doesn't he know satan already has america??

  9. Thank God it ALL happens in His time, not ours, and We just answer the calling IN every moment IN full faith and confidence.....regardless of our naysaying egos that just get IN the way!!!! Its ALL good!!!
    Much Love, Peace and Gratitude Now

  10. Mr Ford of Ford Motor company a long or several years ago, decades said if the people find our how the money system works there will be a revolution in the morning. It is easy though to not pay attention, just create your beleif. Like just say America is high tech and smart, I don't worry about conspiracy theories, my government takes care of it for me so I do not even need to know anything about it. Like Obama said on record, "The people are not capable of understanding bond sales so we take care of it for them" Nation of dummies, in flying planes it is called fat happy and dumb, often right them something happens and you either die or scare you self real bad finding out you better pay attention. Paying attention is one payment you do not want to miss as it does carry penalties.
    Just read the 1860s "Banking Emergency' find the reference to the committee meeting where the bankers, hired to congress due to congress not knowing about banking in part, and forced upon them. Teh bankers decided that Lincolns gov printed dollars were out due to banks not getting any profits, a few other options and finally running out of time passes emergency measure that provided cash for government and banks to profit, but was to be revisited which never happened, only more twisting of the screws on the people to empty out their pockets and estates to support banks and their owners, who also can be factually identified and yes this Emergency Banking shenagin is a fact published in the congressional record and elsewhere. Nay sayers who revert to personal attacks to cover the fact they are choosing ignorance that comes masked with over confidence in made up themes that have no facts or backing, ignorance coin flipped on other side says Arrogance. Just the facts maam as Sgt Joe would say.

    1. "the coming battle" book is good too. google it and/or buy used. u.s. banking history prior to 1900 or so.

      they are pro gold/silver when it suits them, then against it.

      pro fiat when they do it, against it when lincoln does it without them.

      it truly is satanism and entirely self-serving.


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