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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Bob Hurt Pretends, But.... Read On, Campers!

By Anna Von Reitz

Bob Hurt pretends that there is something insufficient or "not proper" about me and my material. 

But a closer examination shows that Bob is suffering from delusional dysfunction. 

What I am telling him --- and what the public records are telling him --- doesn't jive with what he has been taught and what he assumes to be true, so he is in what we popularly call "denial".   He doesn't know why he doesn't believe me.  He can't tell you what is wrong about my reference material or my approach --- which is to let you read it all for yourself.   He just doesn't believe me. 

He isn't alone.  

He is also a member of the law enforcement community, which adds an extra layer of misconception.  The roots of that misunderstanding have been carefully bred by the Masters who use the police and military as both fodder and guard dogs. 

Bob also seems to assume that I am the only one bringing forward this information--- and that isn't so, either.  Not by a long shot. 

For insight into the role of the Rothschild Empire and the overall history from the seventeenth century forward read: The Ruling Elite by Deanna Spingola.  This is a reasonable, scholarly work of history. 

In it you will learn that the Rothschilds got their real start working for Landgrave Wilhelm of Hesse-Kassel, son of Frederick II, the nice man who sold the King of England 30,000 Hessian mercenaries to fight the Colonists.  You will learn that the House of Rothschild brokered that deal and has profited from war ever since. 

You will learn that "Wilhelm conscripted his male citizens and trained them as soldiers. Then he sold or rented them for "peacekeeping" services to Europe's royal families." (page 13, Trafford Publishing paperback edition)  --- just like FDR conscripted, trained, and profited from our boys in World War II.  Just like the vermin have done ever since.  And just like the UN is doing now.  Just like what China proposes to do with its idle "million man" army.  All in the name of "peacekeeping" ---- just like always. 

Wake up, America!  Wake up, Bob!  Smell the coffee?  Hear the birds sing?  

You will also learn that Rothschild fingerprints are all over BNP Paribas-- a conglomerate which dominates the Paris Stock Exchange and the largest global banking group on the planet---but here is the kicker: "they own Reuters, the Associated Press, Havas, Wolff, and have controlling interests in NBC, CBS and ABC.  They are still gold agents for Britain and control the London Bullion Market Association (restructured since the publication of the book in 2011)....."  and that's just page 31-32 of one book.

Solves the entire mystery of why "our" Mainstream Media is so incredibly useless and monotonous and dishonest, doesn't it?  

Time for everyone to realize that it truly isn't "our" media--- its their media, and they are deliberately dumbing us down and force feeding us 24/7 on whatever mentally deficient garbage they wish us to consume. 

Here is another wonderful--- even necessary --- reading choice for my friends and followers:  Emergence from Illusion, a Memoir of Ricardo Johansson.  

This is one of those small, seminal gems that anyone can read in a day or two. It very clearly and concisely and informally treats all the same issues that I address, simply from a more European historical and philosophical perspective. 

It takes in the broad view of the circumstance including the money issues at a glance and offers the author's solutions, which are just as straight-forward.  

Talk about a breath of fresh air in a very musty room!  Ahhhhh!   Thank you, Ricardo Johansson! --- another voice lifted and heard!    

Please note the subtitle of this book: "Nation building should begin at home." 

And so it does and should and is taking place at this moment.  It is in a change of mind, a resolve and expansion of knowledge taking place in each one of us, the end of pathetic silent obedience to tyranny and false guardianship and an end to casting off our own responsibilities. 

Here is a quote to whet your whistle [Bob]: 

"In all actuality, mankind's need for independence from tyrannical corporate terror and oppression by a few is no different today than at any time in the past. The only real difference from today and the past is our super technology that serves to make corporate tyranny potentially more dangerous on a world-wide basis.  As a side-note, I thought you might find it as interesting as I did that the present Corporation of Government operative in America is now training its inter-corporate police forces to believe that the American Founding Fathers, were, in fact, terrorists.  (Search YouTube for "FEMA calls founding fathers terrorists").  I would assume that the police officers would extrapolate that to mean that anyone who currently considers the actions of the Founding Fathers to be valiant, and who celebrates the 4th of July, would be a terrorist sympathizer at the very least. The humor here is, of course, that the European Royal Monarchy and its corporate culture-control Agents would naturally consider anyone opposed to their style of corporate government to be a "terrorist". 

What Bob and his cohorts in the police and military are being trained to believe is actually more subtle and sophisticated than just the "terrorist"  or "paper terrorist" meme we hear coming from the mouths of young Shipping Clerks (Bar Attorneys).  

What they are in fact being taught is that all of us patriots and nationalists all over the world are ignorant clod-hoppers, perhaps well-intended, and perhaps not, similar to dumb beasts and cattle out in the feed lot.  Of course, this idea that we are uneducated and ignorant makes the police and military feel that they are superior to us, because they have been taught that we are uneducated and ignorant and that our opinions and ideas are to be discounted. 

We couldn't possibly know better than they do, because, after all, they have been educated (by the Masters)  and we haven't.  

The plain fact of the matter--- that all the secrets are crimes and the excuses for it are all horse hooey --- is thus veiled behind a wall of egotism and self-righteousness of the "my government, right or wrong" kind, that is fed from an endless well of ignorance on the part of the police and military.  

People have asked me--- why do you bother with Bob Hurt?  Because, in his own way, Bob Hurt is everyman in our government, another old Flatfoot, a man who isn't bad or good by his own devices, but simply misinformed and left in a welter of denial and confusion---despite the fact that his own experience must have left him with abundant proof that what I and all the other critics are saying is in fact true. 

Imagine being that conflicted?  Imagine spending your life in "law enforcement" only to learn that you were enforcing the wrong kind of law?  

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  1. All truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed and third it is accepted as being self-evident , it is just a matter of time, time we don't have

  2. The Germans studied humans with different levels of I Q's and found that people with an average I Q of 100 will follow rules and do what they are told without questioning it. Once you start getting above that 100 mark, people start asking or questioning things that goes against their right and wrong meter. That's why they chose guards for the concentration camps that had a I Q of 100 or less. The government has used that information, and information from other studies like MK ULTRA and many more, to chose people for the kind of jobs where the employee will just do what he is told. They end up being law enforcement and FBI agents that will kill without thought, Clerks of court, working at the DMV, and IRS for example. When you ask them a question about the law or some requirement, they don't have a clue about what you are talking about. I once went to the DMV to get a title changed into my name for a 1956 Chevy. The car had no engine or transmission, but in this state, you need an emissions test before they will give you plates for the car. I had a long discussion with the clerk about the fact that i didn't want plates, only the title put in my name because it was going to be a while before i got an engine for the car and got it back on the road. What should have taken 10 minutes took over an hour and a discussion with two higher up clerks before i got someone with enough brains to understand you can't get an emissions test on a car with no engine in it, and that IT HAS NO EMISSIONS TO CHECK. The police are refered to as the 100 club, and you can even find cases on line about not hiring people because their I Q was to high for the job. I have had enough conversations with law enforcement to know they don't what they are doing or who the law applies to. When i told one he was a fiduciary, he laughed and called over one of the other cops and repeated what i said, only to have the other cop laugh and ask what is that? It's a true sad state of corruption.

  3. "God made the idiot for practice, and then He made the School Board" --Mark Twain

  4. Jimmy carter thought he was going to disclose alien technology , he was wiped into line and set up with failure in the hostages in IRAN.JFK set up with bay of pigs and threatened to abolish the CIA.well you see how that turned out.these CEO's.get bitch slapped .NIXON won in a landslide 48 states but hounded in media out of office like the Donald.
    only the alternative media can counter and law good souls like the Colorado 9.

  5. Both law enforcement and attorneys are so far in denial or flat out brainwashed for so long, and getting paid so well that they simply make themselves believe that they are doing good things for society , otherwise they would listen to there subconscience mind telling them there is something not right about what we do sometimes...!! But not enough to quit...!! Typical military training is first to break you down mentally so you become compliant and respectful for the chain of command....then they build them up as a unit...!! That's what we need in the patriot community...disapline...!!

    1. Seems the last thing you would want is 'another' group of robots. And taking orders from whom?

  6. not a book, but damn good source link on Rothschild timeline ( or google history of the Rothschild- rense)

    Sample from above link supporting Anne's post's allegations:

    Futhermore, the Rothschilds have control of the three European news agencies, Wolff (est. 1849) in Germany, Reuters (est. 1851) in England, and Havas (est. 1835) in France.

    1. Leland,yup. All News can be traced right back to being rigged by Mr. R. Sort of funny, if it wasn't so dangerous; we are living in a world run on total lies, every which way.

  7. But not to worry about the Rothschild menace folks because they happen to be queen ann's favorite people group, "God's Chosen People" ad nauseam, yada yada yada!!! And this article is the pot calling the kettle black about false claims, like her personal definitions and hubby claiming to be THE "Secretary of State" because the Great Seal of the US "LOOKS LIKE" some of his family crest!!! I had already explained the details of heraldry in a previous post for the mentally challenged on this site but do you own research on that topic and discover that the symbols do not belong to any particular family/clan but to any person that could attain the ranking of a knight!!! Also, the family coat of arms was subject to the heraldry rules so again, no one has special claims of ruler ship just because they think someone stole some common symbols that they erroneously believe that their family/clan belongs exclusively to them!!! When you point the finger at other people annie, you have THREE fingers pointing back at you!!! Quit peddling you own crazy articles and then you might have a right to criticize others!!!

  8. read when rocks cry out, that will REALLY blow your mind that is just the tip of the iceberg. read the george washington letter to the sultan of morocco, that too should be really surprising to find out what happened even before that. everything we have been taught has been turned upside down, literally.


  9. Bob Hurt pretends that there is something insufficient or "not proper" about me and my material

    I have great respect for the amazing amount of material you and others have gathered. But that is all it is, material. When no one accepts it,regardless of how true oh maybe, then again it is material. And on the topic of IQ, I certainly don't have over 100 IQ. But am familiar with all the shenigans that have been played on the populace. Nothing you had brought up am I not aware of. Just not historically. Why because, I sense the the problem years ago probably about my highscholl grad year and have researched the good and bad, and who and what is responsible. They call it conspiracy, and people believe it. That because they the news media have always been own by the people pushing the stories and public attitude, Donald Trump a good case point. People hate him because that is all they hear or choose to.

    I am coming to terms that your effects great as they are will never manifest, mainly because the people control will never own up to being wrong, business as usual. Conspiracy as you may. If it were going to be effective it would have been so by now.sorry to be a downer, but reality sucks!

    1. Robert, your last paragraph says it all; its exactly my premise as well. It all hinges on that. Even the Patent Office is not relenting. Even the NBA doesn't want to admit they fix the games and especially the play-offs.

  10. Fascinating debunkers here parading as profound truth tellers. I think I will hit the amusing I. Q. peddling folks first... & others have discussed worldwide i.q. stuff before & there is actually a study done on world wide i.q. standards for what that is worth. Check it out yourself:

    US residents in general have a 98 average i.q. according to this source. Most people posting here far surpass that average i.m.o.....usually.

    I currenty live with a Mensa...., but never actually did an i.q. test, though my older brother did hitting 150 i.q. I guess...Since he hit me in the head with a hammer when I was 2 or so....u can run with that prognosis if entertained by it.

    I know quite well a (deliberate) reject of War College in his high school years from Winona, Minnesota who registered 186 i.q. back then. One of his Winona (& my) friends run the Simon Black, Sovereign Man website & various rural farm enterprises in Chile & worldwide.

    As confusing the illegal US CORPORATION claims r in ALL their so called legal justification for their ongoing war crimes....I truly appreciate Anna's common sense decernment of the various legal intrigues in order to end their reign of terror on this earth if possible.

  11. Regardless of anyone’s personal IQ, I suggest it is important we be aware of the fact that the terms ‘Law’ and ‘statute’ are distinct and contradictory. Consider: Law is fixed and not in a state of flux; whereas, statutes, rules and ordinances are bylaws of fictions or corporations and capable of being modified by majority vote of the stockholders and potentially can be in a state of flux. As such, as regards the superior Law of these united States, the common Law, statutes are only color of law, not Law; thus, all the living souls mentioned above are but actors playing the roles of officers in fictional entities on stage in the theater of Life.


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