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Friday, June 8, 2018

Mark Robinson Takes On Gun Rights

By Anna Von Reitz

Here is an absolutely wonderful rant on a subject that deserves a rant: gun rights owed to the law-abiding people everywhere.  Watch and learn if you have any questions about reality and the Second Amendment: 

And let me add my solution to the mix ---- everyone who wants to disarm themselves after listening to this is certainly welcome to step right up and do so.  Neither Mark Robinson nor I will prevent anyone from voluntarily turning in their guns to the nearest police station.  

That said, the proven increase in crime that follows disarmament of a population has to be dealt with by --- as Mark Robinson points out --- police forces, and this increased reliance on police enforcement means more taxes.  So there is a direct correlation between increased taxes and the refusal to do one's duty to keep and bear arms and uphold enforcement of the Public Law. 

As that is unarguably so, it is also only reasonable that those who abdicate the responsibility to defend themselves and others from criminals need to bear the burden of their choices by paying an Individual Disarmament Tax (IDT) to be assessed each year as a tax on a privilege --- to not keep and bear arms. 

What do you say to an extra $3,000 per year---each? 

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  1. so a dis-armed family of 4 would pay...$12,000.00 EXTRA for being socially irresponsible, incompetent,and uncaring. Those that are onboard with to your local police station..with your arms of course.

  2. The 1902 Dick Act gives you the right to have every kind of weapon that the military has, from the biggest guns down to a cap gun. Never been repealed.

  3. People have been deceived again by buying into the false narrative that guns will always be a problem, or if that kid wasn't allowed to have a gun none of those killings would have taken place.....But the real problem lies again in the complete ignorance about guns and weapons in general...when you purchase a gun it should be mandatory that you not only know how to use it properly, but know how to take it apart and clean it, and know how to store it...and you also need to go to the shooting range and pratice, practice practice...!! Remember, awhile back I said it should be illegal not to carry a gun....with only a few exceptions, like the elderly, people with a history of mental problems, disabled people, and a few others...but everyone should be packing or you aren t involved in making your community a better place to live....and if law enforcement thinks they have more rights or power than the people to do anything they want, like trying to arrest someone for just carrying a small amount of drugs, than he can RIP, for trying to enforce Corp rules on peaceful people...I wonder how many police car chases would end if the state would just come out and say, there is no reason to run from cops anymore, if the only reason you are running is because you have a gram of coke or some other drug in the car because you will not be charged or arrested or even fined...!! 70% of all chases would stop overnight..!!

  4. Employees were never granted any constitutional rights.
    Employees can NOT stand superior to tge people.
    No employee has the authority, by his or her job, to convert the rights and legitimate authority, to tgat of a servant class, or to become subservient to them at any time.

  5. The amendment was put there to protect the peoples rights. These are not rights governments or any other man or woman can give or take away, like your arm they are a part of you. When the seek to change or take away that prevention, a law that is they are to be defending and adhering to, they only seek and excuse for violating peoples rights claiming it the law is some kind of government permission and can be taken away. True for subjects or employees, like in the Army if they say put the gun away you do or else. The government is not giving us anything, only trying to remove protections intended to protect us from this very thing, governments seeking total control "dehorning" the people so only they have guns. More people are murdered with blunt objects so the entire guns are dangerous is false. It is people who are dangerous and best as always to get along with your neighbors and avoid conflict entirely.

  6. I was raised with guns anla to hit my target with the accuracy of a sharp shooter at a very young age, never committed a crime never shot up a school,movie theater ECT I can leave a gun by my front door all day and it will not have mysteriously killed someone.
    Responsibly is in oneself.
    Ever notice how many police shootings there are in one day and the police just get a piad vacation for murder.
    Is there a problem

  7. ,,,..."payable to the gun-toting neighbor


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