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Friday, June 8, 2018

Rat Legacy

By Anna Von Reitz

The rats set up a system for themselves that they patented via misuse of the US Patent and Trademark Office. 

Administration and oversight of the US Patent and Trademark Office is one of the duties that we delegated to the Federal United States.  

When the Federal United States was moth-balled after the Civil War, the Territorial United States began operating the US Patent and Trademark Office, with the result that foreign interests began manipulating our patent processes. 

They also took over the US Copyright Office and abused those delegated powers, too. 

Gradually, over time, the vermin incorporated virtually every government on Earth and established two levels of incorporated government --- territorial and municipal. 

Thus we have the territorial government of Japan, Inc., and the municipal government of JAPAN, INC., and both have been chartered as franchises of the USA, Inc., and the UNITED STATES, INC., respectively.  

All around the world, wherever you go, you find China and CHINA,  Egypt and EGYPT,  Germany and GERMANY..... 

Not only have all these usurping governmental services corporations been chartered and franchised and controlled through the US Patent and Trademark Office and the US Copyright Office, but all these territorial and municipal franchise "governments" have gone on and chartered hundreds of thousands of other franchised corporations---- S Corps, C Corps, LLC's, Cooperatives, Public Transmitting Utilities, Trusts, Foundations---- and on and on. 

Imagine a vast, interconnected spider's web, with all these properties and assets being gathered together with the power over them being gradually consolidated into fewer and fewer hands. 

The rats planned it this way.  It was all going to be in the control of a few oligarchs, who were going to use the United Nations as their storefront.  

The plan required bankrupting the two main Holding Corporations --- the USA, Inc., and the UNITED STATES, INC. both, so that all the thousands of franchises and all their assets would be "subsumed" into the bankruptcy of the parent corporations, and thereby become available as chattel that the banks behind all this could seize upon and claim as abandoned, uncollected property.  

When the dust settled, only a handful of people would own and control everything. The rest of us would be paupers and slaves, disposable as cattle. 

If there is any question about this, I have the patents these vermin wrote which explain their criminal intentions and the entire structure they set up to harvest the value of our labor and create such evils as "Life Force Value Annuities" and to take false title to our land and our homes and everything else.

We have it in their own words, black and white, with the names of the attorneys responsible and the business agents who signed off on all this rot.  We know how they split up the roles and the profits, how Deutsch Bank got saddled with the so-called "Derivatives" and how Bank of America got the land assets and how Merrill-Lynch did the title swaps to unlawfully convert ownership of our assets, how the Bank of New York Mellon was used as a clearinghouse for trading in slaves, how the Bank of Canada was used to pay kick-backs to the Territorial State of State Governors. 

It was all documented in their own words, patented as a "System" ---- a totally criminal and immoral system--- on public display at the US Patent and Trademark Office. 

So, that's what the rats did to feather their own ratty nests at everyone else's expense, and they were brazen about it and about their abuse of our Patent Office.  All this criminality was done "in our names" without our knowledge or permission, for the gross benefit of Third Parties --- international banks and foreign governments, while we ourselves were primary targets and victims of the scheme. 

But something happened in the midst of all this backdoor trading and scheming.  

Against all odds, the Americans who had been slumbering for 150 years, woke up! 

Like Rip Van Winkle we came staggering out from under our rocks and demanded to know what was going on? 

The rest, as they say, is history.  The vermin went forward with their bogus bankruptcy plan.  We placed our claims against them. They vacated their own constitutional contracts.  The delegated powers reverted back to us.  We declined their assumption of contract.  

And now, instead of them being the owners of everything they schemed to steal--- we are the Priority Creditors and Lawful Entitlement Holders and only sovereign government still standing and having rightful claim to all these corporations.  Every single one.  

The advantage for everyone is that we aren't crooks and we don't aim at world dominance or profit from war.  We are just the old Mom and Pop American Government cleaning house and taking out the trash.  So, it's best for all concerned to get behind the effort and push.  

If you are American, come home to the land and soil of your birth, get your political status records straight, and boot up your county jural assembly.  

It doesn't matter if you are in Okinawa or Fredericksburg.  If you want peace, if you want your stuff back, if you want to breathe free ---- well, here's your chance. Support the peaceful, lawful process we have initiated and help in any way you can. 

We are in need of donations to keep The Living Law Firm in the field.  We've had several medical issues and one death to deal with on top of unusual travel expenses and all the rest of day to day costs. This is a totally volunteer effort.  Nobody gets a salary, but we try to help the team with emergencies (the water heater explodes, the kid breaks their ankle) and with actual expenses that otherwise have to come out of their pockets--- paper and ink, filing fees, travel expenses, and so on.  

If you have the good fortune to have some extra to spare, I am still Paymaster for the whole operation.  Send to my Paypal at: or via Snail Mail ---- Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. 

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  1. Anna is there a link to view those patents you spoke of ?

    If there is any question about this, I have the patents these vermin wrote which explain their criminal intentions and the entire structure they set up to harvest the value of our labor and create such evils as "Life Force Value Annuities" and to take false title to our land and our homes and everything else.

  2. Unlike Trey Goudy senate intell. Committee can't find his assistant with both hands. get transferred out of country out of jurisdiction . Let's have public trials .

  3. When I get home I will post the information where you can go on line to view the most important patents.

  4. These basterds are even more clever than I gave them credit for...!! It's like Great Britain committed murder then pinned it on us, making the entire planet focused on hating us instead of the real culprit....!! But if we never had authority to do all this, then every country that accepted the U.S. Dollar as the "reserve currency" of the world are also involved in this scam also which means NO COUNTRY has authority either..All govt. on earth have no authority truely is all an ILLUSION...!! I think Putin knows this about us..In fact, he probably understands it better than us..Thats why Trump wanted to know why Russia isn t going to be at the "Summet" G7 meeting...originally it was the G8 which included Russia, but they kicked Russia out because they took over Crimera, because if they didn't, it looks like we were going to do it....see, Trump may not know this whole maze, but I think Putin does and Trump needs his help...!! The FOX NEWS CHANNEL is having a field day with the nonsense the Demacrates are pulling along with the judicial system that is finally being exposed for their complicidness with all this...!! I can't understand why Trump still allows the Federal Reserve to still exsist...

    Megan Markel has no idea of what she has gotten herself into with the Royals...!!

    1. Always underestimating Trump is how Trump got into the US CORPORATION office...James

  5. Fascinating! from 2016
    1. I just deleted 43,000 emails. I have also been inundated with calls. Please, unless you have something that applies to the Big Picture, leave me alone and let me work. I am up to my ears in vexatious international claims and banking issues trying to recoup and deploy American assets. I do not have time to sneeze, and I cannot get involved in individual law suits.

    2. I have 390 million Americans who are in deep Kim Chee, all of them wanting answers and remedies for everything from tax issues to unlawful arrests to foreclosures to correcting their political status. If there were any simple 1,2,3 and One-Size-Fits-All answers we would have published the recipe already. It’s not that we are stupid and just need someone to suggest it, okay?

    1. What made a cookbook? After judges are brought up to speed, throwing out bad cases will be their chore.
      When well informed juries become the norm, justice prevails. Empty American jails of victimless crimes.

  6. When Presidents call Prime Ministers liars, pistols or swords can help settle disputes between gentlemen. Best two out of three shots wins. Make America honorable again!

  7. If every American had 1,000 milliseconds (just a second :-) of DONALD J. TRUMP's time (and authority), in 10.36 years, we'd all be great, but DONALD J. TRUMP would be too tired to play golf or make any more deals.


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