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Friday, June 8, 2018

British--- Not Russian--- Meddling

By Anna Von Reitz

As most of your know, in my opinion and experience, every dog pile on Earth rests solidly on a British-built Foundation:

South Africa?   British.
Middle East?  British.
Drug Trade?  British.
Wars, Wars, Wars?  All British.
Commodity Hoards?  British.
Dishonest Banks?  British.
Moth-balled Federal United States?  British.
IRS?  British.
Bar Associations?  British. 
Racial Caste Systems?  British. 
Human and Child Trafficking?  British.
Sexual Perversions?  British. 
"American" Civil War?  British made to look American.
Derivatives "Bubble"?  British made to look German.
Territorial United States?  British made to look American.
ISIS?  British made to look Muslim. 

You simply cannot underestimate the sheer criminality and destructive power of the British Raj.  You can't comprehend the audacity, mendacity, diabolical guile, and ferocious appetite of the British Crown Complex.  And when it comes to meddling, nobody does it better.  

That is not to say that they haven't needed and had a great many collaborators all around the world, helping them out to help themselves to everyone else's everything.  They have been loyally assisted by friend and foe alike. 

The lure of unlimited gain and perversion without fear of punishment is a powerful inducement for deluded, soulless people everywhere, so you find them in Bangkok and you find them in Baton Rouge, and you find them in Cairo, all ticking along like a well-oiled clock, smirking and nodding in a self-satisfied and superior way, flicking their little hand signals and grappling around looking for a secret handshake. 

I take no pleasure in pointing the accusatory Flying Finger of Fate at the Brits. I understand how severe their own suffering has been at the hands of their government.  

Fleet Street and Westminster and Parliament are Equal Opportunity Abusers. They will cheat and enslave their own people as fast or faster than anyone else, and you have to admit that where it comes to stealing land and private property, the value of labor, and the freedom to enjoy life, they have ruthlessly drained their Home Islands with the same vacuous lust that is their hallmark elsewhere. 

So in this entire Circus surrounding the ridiculous, groundless, politically motivated "investigation" into President Trump and a purported Russian connection and Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election----which has cost the American people enough to run the whole government --- I didn't have to think about it more than a nanosecond to know that, yes, the Brits were not only at the bottom of the investigation, but also most likely the ones meddling in our elections.  

The Pot always calls The Kettle black in their world.  Always.  Predictably.  

And here, drumroll.....a few miles outside of the Mainstream Media, but stalwartly reported just the same----- proof that it was the Brits, not the Russians, meddling in our elections:

How about it, Mr. Trump?  Shall we have an investigation into British Meddling --- for the past 150 years?  

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  1. >> How about it, Mr. Trump? Investigate, or be investigated.
    Your employment agreement was quite clear.
    Defend the Constitution from "all enemies, foreign and domestic". The buck stops with you.

  2. The YouTube channel, "American Intelligence Media" has done an excellent job exposing the Crown as America's arch enemy. They have excellent articles on their various, affiliated, websites as well regarding SES, SEL, Serco, etc.

  3. This is a new post. Maybe I can get my question answered here. I’m 2/3 of the way through this paperwork process. I need some specific answers on a specific form. It seems as though nobody is around anymore to help. I had two gentleman that helped me but it seems they have fallen off the face of the earth.

  4. The British Crown Complex does not have anything to do with the actual king/queen of England. This article, as usual is half Truth!!! The Crown is owned and controlled by queen ann's favorite people group that she refuses to call out-The Chosenites-headed by the Rothschild clan!!! Here is some FACTS that you won't see posted on this forum:

  5. Drug trade jewish sassoon.faimialy, they lobbied the English navy to bombard China till they opium America we have the sacular/perdue.drug family .
    War is a rothchild /beruik.funding both sides . judiciary is majority jewish. the isis.and give the Christian be headers free medical.south Africa gold mines/Dimond mines jewish no land lost only dutch small farms.

  6. Hey Anna, so the Vatican is innocent ? The impostor queen has to bow to the doorman behind the gateway to Hades called the Temple Bar. All barristers societies in all countries are franchises of the Templar Bar and most if not all are moon worshiping masons and Jews The Rothschild name came from red shield and they were Bauers from Germany and the de facto Queen is also ancestor from Germany. Google JAH vs Regina. The Windsor name was taken in 1917 to deceive.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I watched the money videos as suggested here by Anna and learned money is actually out money, like and ounce of silver a very stable kind or actual money. The paper stuff is currency. That is why the bank checks have both a number amount the currency and the written in words amount that is the alleged money yet in this system all is debt instruments so that is not really money. All the currencies and there have been many thousands with pictures of dictators, presidents and of course never just some local american national farmer but one of the "elevated ones" have failed. Some like the Colonial dollars were over printed and become worthless. Eggs in Germany for example went from .08 marks to 205 billion marks in a year and German government usurpers were printing up quadtrillions. Governments always print more currency to try and fix and then the prices go up at stores until finally they have to leave it alone and then the gold and silver by the market balance out in price. The gold and silver however stores value and the paper does not, merely functions due to people believing it is money and accepting it as normal. I know government defines money as whatever they say it is but only the gold and silver as far as money is concerned has always retained value, all the currencies become worthless. It is not the goods and things increasing in price due to an increase in value, the price climbs are and effect of over printing currency. As the currency falls gold and silver climb as well as anything of real value. Crummy system of the elite Merovingian (s) who had over 10000 castles before the claimed the name Nights Templars. One name game after another until finally now claiming our names are their property using deceit, trickery fear and death to convince people to voluntarily agree. Drug problems, wars, we know of the fruit produced by such actions and where it stems from a real problem for them due to hiding the truth, facts and such things are the only hope such actors have.

  9. And you were dead in trespasses and sins, in which you once walked according to the course of the world, according to the ruler of the authority of the air, of the mind that is now working in the children of disobedience,...
    World wide web is and can be a tool of the (air waves) of the adversary. Revisionist history, lies, half truths etc.

  10. The people in charge of currency are not as powerful as the people in charge of the GLOBAL RESOURCES - those that invest in the banks that seeks usurp natural resources (including "human capital") by causing a nation to go into debt. They remain invisible, nameless and faceless, living in darkness. Some of them are Jews, but many were from the Island of Britannia (Druids), who co-mingled with the Romans, whose offspring are now spread all across the world.

    There seems to be a conflict between WHO the "13 illuminati families" that rule the world are... If you google it (like I did), Springmeier's 13 will come up and his list includes the Kennedy family, Onassis family, Rockefellers, all the usual suspects. But sites that talk about the "Saturnalian Illuminati" gives you an entirely different list. Of course both of them lists the Rothschild family, although the latter says the Rothschild is the least powerful of the bunch--

  11. Edwin, your brain shortage didn't go back far enough. In 1066 all Nobility of England ended. Then the Pope Jumped in to claim the ownership of the whole world in secret? How funny, by excommunicating King John when was not willing to sign that dishonest Trust / Treaty in May 1231.

    So YES, The British crooks thereafter 1066. So Anna is right.


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