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Friday, June 8, 2018

Gross Ignorance

By Anna Von Reitz

Pause and observe the ongoing debate of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Bill and wonder----just how ignorant the Territorial United States Congress really is?

They have finally awakened enough to realize that they haven't got any war-making powers, but they don't know why.  

They know that they have no statutory authority to declare war on Iran.  That's a blessing. 

They still think that it is POSSIBLE to have "statutory" war-making powers --- and they are serious about all their discussions concerning this concept, too. That's a real problem.

In truth and in fact, the only war-making powers they have ever had for the past 150 years is in the euphemistic sense of corporations going to "war" against other corporations.  

The Civil War....The Spanish-American War....World War I.....World War II....Korea.....Vietnam.....Iraq I.....Iraq II.....Libya.....Afghanistan....and all the many, many, many lesser conflicts, incursions, and "police actions" ---- have all been illegal commercial mercenary "conflicts". 

Why?  Because the Territorial United States Congress has no lawful ability to declare actual war, and statutory authority to declare war doesn't exist by definition. 

This is why the Nixon Administration kept on calling it "the Vietnam Conflict" instead of "the Vietnam War".   Tricky Dick was a lawyer and a sharp one.  He knew what he was mired in over in Southeast Asia.  He knew that calling it a "war" would obligate him to follow rules he didn't want to follow.   

Same thing with changing McNamara's title from "Secretary of War" to "Secretary of Defense".   More weasel games.  More twisting.  More lawyer BS. 

All the protocols and conventions, all the diplomatic efforts, all the pomp and circumstance ---- the Lieber Code, the Geneva Conventions, the Hague Conventions --- all for naught, because none of these "conflicts" have actually been wars.  

Anyone who knew the truth about this was free to thumb their nose and skate, because there are no rules of war, no treaties, no civil conventions that apply to "private commercial security actions"----and that is all we have been engaged in for longer than any of us can remember. 

Our honorable men, our soldiers-in-fact, have been used as gun fodder and as very ill-paid mercenaries in wars for profit for fifteen decades.  

Iraq doesn't want to sell us their oil anymore?  We bomb them to smithereens and pollute their entire landscape with nuclear waste that we used to keep in salt mines in Nevada.  

Libya wants to lift the yoke off the necks of the people in Africa by using a gold-backed currency?  We invade this much smaller, virtually helpless country, and pound our chests and kill their leaders and pretend that it was something glorious.  

Well, no, it wasn't.  It was thuggery of the very worst sort, being directed from Mayfair and Black Port, routed through Washington, DC.  

How dare those upstart Africans aspire to have their own money and live their own lives?  At some point, they might even aspire to use and have the benefit of their own natural resources, and that really would be inconvenient for certain European interests.  

The "American" Civil War was over bad British investments in Egyptian Cotton. The First World War was a squabble between Cousins over who could build the bigger navy.  The Second World War was another squabble between half-brothers, deliberately set up to fleece and then destroy the Jewish population in Continental Europe.  Things just got a little out of hand.  Korea?  Opium.  Vietnam?  Rubber plantations.   Iraq?  Oil.   Libya?  Gold currency.  Afghanistan?  More drugs. 

It's not pretty.  It's not patriotic.  It's true.  

It's also true that nobody in their right mind would volunteer to go risk their lives to promote robbery and self-interest and political thuggery in other countries, so there always has to be a cover-story, some reason however vaporous, that justifies all this senseless aggression and puts a nice, moral face on Commercial Feudalism. 

Just listen to the Musical Chairs propaganda as the vermin test the water, trying to find some excuse to go to war with somebody, because face it, we've been used as the source of mercenaries for the past 150 years. That's how Washington, DC, makes its money --- by selling our children into slavery at home and into mercenary service abroad. 

We replaced Landgrave Wilhelm von Hesse-Kassel as the supplier of mercenaries worldwide and as a result, we've been kept at constant war for 150 years, selling our young men just  like the Hessians all bought and paid for by George III to come over here and fight with the Colonists for eight Pounds Sterling. 

It's like Spinning the Wheel of Fortune.  Where is the arrow going to land next?  Iraq?  Iran?  Afghanistan?  Turkey?  Spain?   How about Mali?   Lord knows that they tried to get some kind of civil war ginned up right here in the United States, working every angle of racial and economic divisiveness to do it.  

And meanwhile, painfully, blinking like moles come out into the sun, the members of the Territorial United States Congress begin to wake up and smell the java: we don't have statutory authority to declare war.....uh....well, there such a thing as statutory authority to declare war?   Ever?  At all? 

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  1. "The "American" Civil War was over bad British investments in Egyptian Cotton. The First World War was a squabble between Cousins over who could build the bigger navy. The Second World War was another squabble between half-brothers, deliberately set up to fleece and then destroy the Jewish population in Continental Europe. Things just got a little out of hand. Korea? Opium. Vietnam? Rubber plantations. Iraq? Oil. Libya? Gold currency. Afghanistan? More drugs.

    It's not pretty. It's not patriotic. It's true. "

    Like to see this taught in high schools EVERYWHERE!

  2. Hey i noticed something . The 6th amendement acknowledges that we are given the assistance of "Counsel" but who thought that meant a "Lawyer" or an "Attorney" ? I bet they tricked us into thinking we needed one .

    1. WELL THAT IS THEIR PRIVATE FOR PROFIT CORPORATION, so of course you must use an attorney if you want to be shanghaied and hoodwinked...

  3. "No one, however, seized on the opportunity quite like the Egyptians, who had just a few decades beforehand freed themselves from almost 300 years of direct Ottoman rule. Under the ambitious leadership of Muhammed Ali, an Albanian soldier who had seized power in 1805 and is widely considered the founder of modern Egypt, the country had already embraced cotton as a valuable cash crop. The discovery 40 years beforehand of a fine long-staple variety by a visiting French engineer – a Monsieur Jumel – meant that Egypt was also well on its way to building a reputation for high-quality cotton, which linen-makers rave about to this day.

    But now, with prices continuing to soar and desperation high in northern England as the mills of Manchester exhausted the excess supply left over from a bumper American harvest of 1860, authorities in Cairo moved with extraordinary speed to ramp up additional production.

    In 1861, Egypt had only exported 600,000 cantars of cotton (a traditional measurement equal to about 100 pounds), but by 1863 it had more than doubled this to almost 1.3 million cantars, the New York Times reported at the time. By the end of the 19th century, Egypt derived 93 percent of its export revenues from cotton, which had also become “the major source of income for almost every proprietor in the Delta,” writes Roger Owen in Cotton and the Egyptian Economy."

  4. Ww1germany.was the industrial leads of the world Benedictine monk's thought them to work and thair economy was based on labor.
    England was based on imperialism . Ships were just a manifestation .
    Ww2.after the Belfort agreement between lord Rothchild and England to propagandize.dumb Yankees into war for Paistine . Ww2.the Germans tried to again kick out the money changers and the attacked.

  5. Not to mention, the opium! There were less than 75,000 heroine addicts on North America before Vietnam! More than 750,000 by the end of Vietnam. i have video footage of friends who flew the missions paving the routes for the "Golden Triangle"!
    Check the records, Bell (as in Bell & Howell) Copter didn't fair to poorly throughout the duration of the "conflict" either. Matter of fact, they made a few billionaires for their trouble!
    Ah Yes, & lest we forget Monsanto! Can you fit into an Earth calculator how much they made selling "Agent Orange", the napalm, & other chemicals used to decimate the locals for profit & shareholder returns?
    Let's not even bring up the munitions dealers. This would be a very long post & relatively meaningless. Other than the fact that, Anna & team has really nailed it here!!! It's up to US to demand & enforce the restraints on the territorial "Congress" & hold them personally accountable for their crimes against humanity! Take Heed!
    All The Best,

    1. haha same thing in WWII which got the turks to cede a little parcel of land called no other than israel today.

  6. Again, not a word on the Vatican. Do they or do they not have blood on their hands. The god of the OT says in Deuteronomy that if you meet someone that does not believe in me, kill him. So they did. That dude sure liked blood. Thank God the word and the way came when it did but even that did not stop the blood shed. Through wars and sacrificing children on the altar to this rancid god it still goes on to this day. He is about soon to have his ass handed to him.According to those born again, Jesus was to be the last blood sacrifice. Just to clarify :
    For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

    1. While it is possible Anna is relying on her past mentions of the Pope and vatican. i cannot get past this feeling that many still think the "catholic church" is the one true church.
      You know kinda like socialism, they just haven't perfected it.

    2. Exactly. All those "God-fearing" people don't realize that the God they worship is the same entity as the Devil they hate and fear so much. The same bloodthirsty, power-crazy manipulator and its equally corrupt partners in spiritual crime. As above, so below. All the corruption, thievery, con games, manipulation, obfuscation that this blog is rightfully denouncing, is a reflection of what is happening on higher planes. Corrupt gods deceitfully extorting devotion from humans (and countless other races) while posing as legitimate and benevolent authorities.

    3. Jack Heart has released a new article on this very issue and the fake timeline, today on VT. Many dots connected.


    4. Marc,
      i would not say 'all.' imo
      Many in the "organised church" just do not seem to understand.
      John 4:24 God is Spirit, and His worshipers must worship Him in spirit ...

    5. Especially over the past 2 decades, there has been soooo much exposure about the RCC that it is unbelievable how the catholics still cling to that so-called religion. Rome is totally pagan. Rule of thumb is.....if it aint written in the bible, then throw it out of your life !

      There is absolutely NO benefit in sprinkling, in going and confessing to some mere man behind a screen, doing any 7 steps to salvation (is bunk), or by attending church, warming any pews, or by joining some 'church' or by ''being a catholic, or being a baptist'' or by being anything else, or doing any of those things.

      What will get anyone into the Kingdom of God must be done individually. (A friend of mine got saved in the mens restroom at work, lol)

      Repent, and BE converted. You must be born again, or you will not see the Kingdom of God. Therein is salvation. Your time is running out, and no one has any promise of tomorrow.

    6. well in 1213 everything was given to the church right?!

    7. Not only is there no benefit to attending church, but there are some problematic consequences. I have a friend who, as a child, was feeling sick every time he was brought to the "sacrament" of communion. Which is not that surprising, since that is the watered down version of a cannibalistic flesh and blood ritual. He also remembers seeing very nasty entities coming down at him from an energetic vortex while he was being baptized. That being said, the Bible, like any other "holy book" has its own limits. Yes, there is a lot of valuable wisdom and beautiful truths in there. There has to be; you don't catch flies with vinegar now, do you? But there are also lots of distorsions. I find it naive to believe that because something was written thousands of years ago by scribes, priests and prophets, and handed down through generations, it has to be pure truth. Religious texts were often tainted by political agendas, bad translations, deliberate alterations of the original, etc.

    8. Mark,
      i believe the distortions come from men.(mankind.
      With the Holy Spirit one can still gain Truth from the Bible no matter how man has changed it and distorted it.
      The Truth can be revealed to those willing.

    9. Also,
      i am grateful for my introduction to the organised church when i was young. There are benefits.And yes i saw many hypocrisies.
      There were also benefits in leaving and not attending for more than 30 years. Now as an adult i have witnessed the polo ticks, the games, the click, the money ex changers, the love of money, the church is run like a business, etc. etc.
      Pretty well the exact opposite of the True Church.
      And i am grateful to have been given the eyes and the ears to witness this.

    10. penny, you still seem to be under the misguided belief that the RCC is 'the church'. It is NOT. NOT. N O T NOT. It is the RCC who has spread that propaganda all over the earth and its time folks woke up. That place is 'of the devil himself' so puleeeeeze stop giving it any credence.

      Now if I may, this is what ''The Church' is: (And you can take this to the bank)

      The Church consists of those individuals who are born again. They It is a group of People and nobody knows where they all are, how many there are, or even who they are. They are 'this one, and that one' and they are all over the world in many various countries.

      ''the church' is NOT......N O T not any building, or any organization. Not even 'organized religion' is 'the church'.
      In fact God says that when His Judgements begin to come upon the earth, He will begin it ''at the so-called house(es) of God''. In other words, He will begin with 'churches' because they have changed the Truth for a lie.

      So can we please stop referring to the catholic church as 'the church'. They are merely an organization which is run like a business.

    11. Mark, no the bible was not written by men. Men wrote what God told them to write. Rev. 22:8 And I, John, saw these things and heard them.........(KJV)
      When Paul preached, he often gave word directly from God by ending with ''thus saith the Lord'.

      Men write books, but the bible is written by inspiration of God. He spoke, men heard and wrote what He spoke.

      The Koran is written by men,totally....for example.

    12. Mark, when I was really young, maybe 5 yrs. old, I recall our family going to a catholic church for a wedding of a friend they knew. I remember I just wanted to get the hell outta there. It was full of something that was just plain eery and all I could do was agonize and think 'hurry up and let me out of here"! That was the first time I'd ever been there, so my reaction was not prejudice, but was quite 'natural'.

      afollower is correct. It is man who has distorted the Word of God; watered it down, changed it, and exchanged the Truth for lies. But that has been the result of People not wanting the Truth, so now churches/pastors tell people what they want to hear, and its not worth bothering with.

    13. The Bible is the most destruive book that man has ever seen and it has brainwashed more people than any other book in our known history

    14. To assume that another cultures holy book is written by men but somehow your cultures holy book is written by God shows exactly what is wrong with all cultural religious beliefs..

      When you elevate your beliefs above another culture you will look down on the other culture while failing to look in the mirror at your own..

      If you were born Muslim I'm sure that you would see the Bible as written by Men and the Quran as inspired by God..

      I don't know how people can't see this obvious problem and they will cling to their local flavor of religion while making every excuse to do so but this is the harsh reality of religious brainwashing.. Even if you reject and can see through the church you will still cling to its writings..

      This is why we have so much division and hate in this world.. People really need to grow up and realize that God didn't leave behind a handbook and didn't choose one culture over another as then God would be a biased asshole.. It's okay to live life simply not knowing exactly what will happen after death..

    15. Your evedince that the Bible was inspired by God is that it says so? Wow, now that is good evedince.. So if some guy now days named John wrote a book and said that God was inspiring him would you believe him? How come God isn't speaking to anyone now days but you believe that God was speaking to people 2000 years ago? Do you see the problem here?

      Being emotionally attached to a book and belief system will not allow you to see truth.. It creates biases and leads you away from the truth..

    16. Abby, first I want to thank you for discussing your beliefs with me in honor and respect. These exchanges are not always easy for me, because I know people deeply cherish their beliefs about the sacred, and I don't wish to offend anyone. So, it is with great respect that I say this to you and to a follower: prophets are people who have the ability to communicate with non-physical realms. What makes you think the voices coming from these realms are necessarily coming from truthful sources? It is not because some ancient, mighty entity claims to be the Universal Creator, that it really is. Nor that it necessarily has your best interests at heart. It is not because a guy said "this is the word of God" that he has a clue who he is really dealing with. It is not because it is written in an ancient book that "this is the true word of God" that the words are true. Truth is a living frequency that only the heart of hearts can recognize; it is not dogma written in scriptures. The problem is, we are dealing with very ancient, very experienced, very sophisticated tricksters. They have infiltrated and subverted all of our spiritual traditions. The way they proceed is that they give us some level of truth, and it can be up to 90% truth or even more; our heart recognizes truth and we say YES! And then, in our enthusiasm, we forget about discernment and in the remaining 10% (or less), they implant their programs and manipulations. They use truth as bait. They use love (their version of love) as a weapon agaainst us.

    17. Discernment is always needed. i agree.
      These tricksters you speak of are spirits within people. And they do reveal themselves.

    18. Snide,
      "How come God isn't speaking to anyone now days but you believe that God was speaking to people 2000 years ago?"
      It would seem that not many people are listening. and many of the ones that claim too are only hearing what they themselves want to hear. And as far as division and hate in the world goes,
      The Truth is one of the greatest dividers of all.

    19. Truth doesn't divide, it's those who think that they have truth who divide.. And those who cling to lies...

    20. Marc, I am not the least bit offended by your thoughts. Those that have read my comments in here for quite awhile now, know that I am the first one to give everyone freedom to think as they choose.
      a follower is quite right; great discernment is needed. Add to that, it takes knowing the very character of God to know whether what we hear is something God would say. Or if what we hear lines up with His Words and His Ways, and even His mannerisms.

      Oh, I have heard people say some of the most outlandish things and my insides go 'reject ! reject! reject! lol.
      These days I tend to think truth has dwindled to about 10%.

      At the same time I find it relatively easy to know 'the voice I hear' is from the Right Source, because I receive confirmation on it, and when I do I am always astounded myself. I am also very happy about it because it keeps me knowing I am hearing correctly from the Source it is coming from. For me, it has to be a two-way street; I cannot just aimlessly believe something, without there being proof of it.
      There also has to be good in it, or an outcome/result. There has to be genuine activity, not just deciding to take up some belief system.
      Now I have to say this about ''voices'. I have heard the audible voice of God 3 times in my 40+ years. This happened because I would not have otherwise believed what I was hearing.
      Generally, and aside from those times, God speaks to my mind, and it is clear as a bell. Other times He just strongly lays something on my heart.

      Let me tell you of an incident: About 20 yrs. ago a nice young man came to my office and handed me a book he wanted me to have, which he bought for me. It was something he had just came upon and was so excited about and wanted to share it with me. The name of the book was ''Conversations with God''.
      I read about 2 pages or so, and had to stop. It was so opposed to God's character, and was really in opposition to the bible. The book was written by a man that was going on and on with these long ''God said to me'' stuff.......and I stopped and said to myself....God is not jabber jaws! He does not speak in long diatribes; He is a God of very few words.

      He says a LOT in just a few words. The most I've ever heard were 7 words, or Less! Not only that, the things that Author claimed 'God said' wounded worse than the most liberal democrat/commie, lol. One thing I recall was ''God doesn't mind people sinning''.

      Sheesh, it didn't even take discernment to know that book was trash. I waited for the young man to return to my office, but he never did, as I wanted to return the book to him.
      Then God led me to put trash where trash goes, and that was the end of that.

      On a lesser note, at times I have lost things, and couldn't find them. Like a silver and turquoise bracelet I've had for longer than I want to mention; I looked everywhere for it and could not find it. I simply asked God where did I put it; and I left it at that. One day shortly after that, I just ''happened to look'' in a small box with small drawers, that I never use, and just opened it for no reason, and there was the bracelet. So in that case, it was just God leading me to look in that little box....without a word said.

    21. Snide, the word koran does not even warrant being put in the same sentence with the bible.

    22. Snide,
      The Truth is what reveals the lie. Therefore the Truth is a divider because so many will not hear it.
      Many find comfort and hope (all false)in lies.

  7. The real and the rest of the "attact of conscious" will come when our "judicial system" realizes that their NOBEL "authority" over us was an illusion to and seeing the TRUTH finally and having to come to terms with the the fact that all their decisions and rules they made against us wasnt for the benefit of society but for the wizards of finance.....them for the wrong reasoeither and they put so many people in jail and ruined lives, all because they were more interested in the money than the TRUTH...!! Now so much time has gone by that the judges stopped looking for the TRUTH and so we have a judicial system full of judges (with no real authority), think they have positions of Royality (Nobility) that they were taught they had but never did....what a wake up call when they really have to justify what they did to us and the entire world....!! And you wonder why Kim Jung Um , wants nukes against this BEAST we created and the military so proud of their human traitorist actions against people for years now....i wouldn't wish that kind of guilt and betrayal they will finally realize how badly they have all been deceived......its was best said in the movie "Apocalist Now" with Martin Sheen and Richard Burton, the American Cornell who went rogue, only to find a man finally confronted by evilness of what he was told all his life,it's for your country and that your actions no matter how horrible it seems at times, that you are actually saving lives but instead realizes that he was the one committing the "horrors of war" not them....oh, the horror, the horror...!!

    1. James, this hits the nail on the head! Real truth for many is head to swallow.

    2. And yet nukes against the beast is also foolish.

  8. I watched some London City you tubes. The Lord Mayer who must be a billionaire as part of the requirements for such office, claims they are the gift to the world, and without them we would all be suffering greatly. He went to several places they invest in like China where he said the 80 billion in industrial investments was working out well. The people of London are sick of them and say all they ever want to do is make everything in to banking, not respect for art, music, creativity, only more banking stuff makes them happy. People started to protest around the banks there in London City and the bankers put bicycle parking racks all around with only small walking places for workers. They claim the taxes they pay London more than makes up for any complaints that are constantly coming in. They even have a special officer that sits in on the UK Parliament to make sure no laws are passed that might harm London City. The Queen has not jurisdiction there and must knock to make entrance on the private property which is posted Private Property and of course does have law, made by London City, so they claim to follow their own law oblivious of anyone else. Money laundering and stuff is standard procedure there, making off shoring and Panama for instance look like playground games. Rotten to the core and will find out one of these days and soon that men and women are not bigger than God.

  9. So greed and lying between brothers and half brothers can lead to war.
    So our day to day behavior between one another has ramifications?
    So words matter?
    There is no quick fix to this.
    Most can not even communicate without taking jabs at one another.

  10. C.Johnson - thank you! (for all your posts)

  11. Agreed Daga, thank you so much C.J.!!!Your insights have been a huge help for so many!!
    Much gratitude, love and peace


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