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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Mass Shootings – When will these atrocities be stopped?

by James Jaeger

How many more mass shootings have to happen, before we as a nation address these atrocities?

Well, we’re making a movie right now that DOES address them.  The movie is titled GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS – How an Armed Citizenry Deters Tyranny and Atrocities.
An “atrocity” is like what happened Friday morning when 10 people, most of them kids, were slaughtered in yet another mass shooting at a school.  There have been over a dozen school shootings in the last year!
As usual, all the networks and pundits are screaming to take away guns.
Our movie proposes different solutions, solutions you will never hear on network TV.   In the movie we propose things like taking a look at 1) the psych drugs the shooters are on; 2) the violence from Hollywood movies and games; 3) the ill-prepared schools; 4) the growing “gun-free zones”; 5) the lack of concealed carry by teachers; 6) the moral decay since Engle v. Vitale  removed worship in the public schools and 7) the motives of the Globalists who want to usher in a one-world, totalitarian police state.
GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS presents remedies to the problem that Hollywood, the 6 TV networks, the public schools and even the clergy are NOT talking about.
But watch the new trailer to see why we REALLY keep and bear.  Hopefully this will motivate you to donate to help us get this film completed.

Right now the production Budget of GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS is almost zero.  We desperately need funds to complete this movie.  The immediate funds we need are to interview Stewart Rhodes and Pastor Baldwin in Montana; to interview Sheriff Mack, Dan Wos, David Kopacz, Kirk Whatley and Dan McConigell at the FLAG DAY SECOND AMENDMENT RALLY in Belchertown, MA on 16 June 2018.  We also need funds to interview Edwin Vieira, Larry Pratt, a rep from TheWellArmedWoman, activist Kaitlin Bennett, and good guy with a gun in Texas, Stephen Willeford.
Each one of these interviews will cost between $500 and $1,000 but if each of you reading this donate $50 to $250, we will be able to fund them.  See the Budget for details.
As you may be aware, we have just interviewed G. Edward Griffin and you can see a clip of him in the new trailer or at the website under “Excerpts”.
This is speculative, but if you help us fund the production budget, we may also be able to get Wayne LaPierre, Oliver North, Ron Paul and/or Pat Buchanan in to this film.  That said, it takes time OR money to package major “names” like these.  Time unless you have money. In other words, we ask our experts to interview for free, but a Michael Moore, with a $4.3 million budget, just pays his interviewees $100,000 each and gets the interview and movie done almost instantly.  This is how the Left works.  This is why they are able to bury Conservatives – unless a few conservatives who are successful industrialists step up to neutralize the Left’s deep pockets in the Hollywood, the New York media and people like George Soros.  So we could do the same thing as any Michael Moore.  We could get virtually any star to interview instantly – but then we would have to raise the Budget for GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS from $77,467 to $377,467.  Frankly it’s a miracle we have been able to produce 8 of these documentaries so far for under $100,000 each. And the credit really goes to YOU – visionary donors who had the guts to make a movie happen even though all the odds — especially the Mainstream Media — are against us.
Have you ever heard the old saying that:
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
Well this applies here because serious evil is happening around this nation.  Children are regularly being shot in our schools, monsters on psych drugs are roaming the land and the Left is spending millions of dollars on movies that use these atrocities to further infringe your right to keep and bear arms.  Case in point:
GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS will cost $77,467 to produce
BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE cost $4,300,000 to produce
The Left can spend 56 times more money making their ANTI-gun movie than we are able to spend making our PRO-gun movie?!  What’s wrong with this picture?
Folks, if you do NOTHING — as the adage from Edmund Burke says – evil WILL triumph. America could go the way of Australia or Britain if we’re not careful.  If that happened, you and your kids would live in a “gun-free zone” that spanned the entire country.
So suspending or terminating this movie project because of relatively small sums needed to finance the Budget could be a serious liability.  Seeing the Left allocate whatever it takes to defeat the Second Amendment is disheartening, if not treacherous.  If we had the $4.3 million budget Michael Moore wasted on BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE alone, we could have made many pro-Second Amendment movies.
Even still, the $15,888 you have so far allocated to GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS has enabled us to get a lot of work done.  This includes researching the subject, developing a salient, feature-length script, creating artwork, building the official website, auditioning and hiring voice-over talent, producing 3 trailers, and sending a camera crew to LA to interview G. Edward Griffin.  Do you think we could have gotten all this done in Hollywood for $15,888?
In Hollywood, the telescript alone for GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS would have cost $29,286 — even at Writer’s Guild minimum.  Don’t believe me, see page 23 of the WGA Basic Contract. And to write and produce three trailers it would have cost us $5,000 or $10,000 per trailer.  So considering the production values we are able to deliver for this project really makes it a labor of love.
Those of you who have been donating are not expected to give any more “love.”  What I would hope and suggest, however, is that you give some tough-love to your fellow citizens — especially those of means who have never donated.  Hopefully they will donate so evil does not triumph.
The unfortunate fact is this movie could take forever unless some donors of means come into the project.  It is taking us longer than need be to produce this film because so much of our time is going into writing these Progress Reports and other things to raise money from numerous smaller donors.  We appreciate the smaller donors, but we need some larger donors who will come into the project with $1,000,  $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000.  These donations will garner a prestigious Associate Producer, Executive Producer or Producer screencredits on the MAIN TITLES of the movie.  Plus donors of $5,000 or more will receive a deal whereby they can acquire — directly from the DVD manufacturer — the right to acquire DVDs for about $2 and sell them for whatever they want.  This easily gives major donors the ability to, not only recoup their donations, but get 2, 3 or 4 times their donation sum back.
The universe has blessed us all with different gifts, gifts that we are “supposed to use to serve one another as stewards of God’s varied grace.”  Therefore, I know, to some people, $50 is as difficult to come by as $5,000 to others and a donation of $50 can be as “kingly of a gift” from one as a donation of $5,000 can be from another.  Every one of our past 8 documentaries — all on the Internet as free public services — has been graced with 3 or 4 major donors, so I am grateful but I am also hoping this will happen for this important film as well.
Donor-funding of these movies makes it possible to put them on the Internet for free – otherwise we would have to charge.  Many don’t understand this.  If the movies were investor-funded, they couldn’t go on the Internet for free because the investors would want to recoup their investment and the only way this could happen is if we were to charge.  This would mean many, possibly millions of people, would be MUCH less likely to see the movies. Because our movies are posted for free, they are more easily screened by the millions of people that most need to see them.  Again, if the movies were only available on DVD or Pay-cable TV — because we had to pay back investors  — a much smaller audience would see them.  Word about the Second Amendment and Militia System would NOT get out.
REMEMBER, the Mainstream Media will not lift a finger to promote any of these movies and it will continue to exploit mass shootings to further its agenda to disarm Americans.  They are a part of the problem.
We are grateful for the donations that have come in from about 170 of the 50,000 potential donors, but we really need some major donors to get this project done.  This film is so important and it’s cost of production so minuscule in the larger scheme of things.  I just don’t understand why LIBERALS easily finance movies like COLUMBINE for millions and GOOD GUYS is having difficulty raising even $77,467 from CONSERVATIVES.  Come on fellow conservatives — don’t be conservative — the liberals are eating us alive. Donate
Nudge your fellow conservatives to donate.  Pass this email around. God helps those who help themselves.  We can abandon this project and allocate the screen credits to another movie, but what movie is more important than a movie about tyranny and atrocities and safeguarding our kids from this two-headed monster?!  If you don’t know what I mean, watch the new trailer for GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS at .
And if you like reading scripts or love details, read the latest and final version of the narration script. This will give you the whole picture, down to the molecule, as to why this film is so important.  It’s at
And mostly, if you want us to continue with this movie please go to and donate what you can.  And send your friends — the ones with overly-expensive cars, houses and vacations — to that URL.
Since 2005 when we released the Telly Award-winning FIAT EMPIRE, millions have screened our subsequent 8 films and they will screen GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS — if we get it completed. I say this because there are not very many conservative filmmakers making real Constitutional films out there.  Films that are based on the work of experts like Edwin Vieira and G. Edward Griffin and that feature patriots like Ron Paul, Stewart Rhodes and Pat Buchanan are rare.  And why is that?  Because conservatives don’t donate to film productions like liberals do.  So keep that in mind and let’s change this pattern.  Let’s change it because we care.  Let’s conserve not donation funds, but that which is good: the nation, as envisioned by the Founders.

P.S.  Please forward this email to your family, friends and associates and ask them to donate here.  If each person receiving this email were to forward it to just 6 other people — especially people of means — the exponential reach of this message would exceed that of FOX NEWS and CNN.  That’s something to consider.

Photo:  Stuart Villanueva / The Galveston County Daily News. Santa Fe High School student Dakota Shrader is comforted by her mother Susan Davidson following a shooting at the school on Friday, May 18, 2018, in Santa Fe, Texas. Shrader said her friend was shot in the incident.




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  1. TheMillenniumReport: It’s imperative that every U.S. citizen understands the real purpose of Operation Gladio C. It concerns an ultra-secret blueprint for triggering gun control legislation that is being implemented by a covert NATO-directed organization throughout the fifty states. Every school is a potential target of this ongoing clandestine military operation. Each mass shooting is executed as a false flag black operation so that the true perpetrators can elude detection, which they always do.


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