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Friday, March 2, 2018

Gun Control 101

By Anna Von Reitz

Gun control, like bladder control, is a personal matter. 

All those who feel that they can't control themselves should by all means take measures to donate their guns to competent authorities before any accidents occur. 

All those who (generally speaking) want to impose their will on other people, have feelings of anxiety, and who can't control the impulse to trespass upon others are invited ---indeed, encouraged--- to turn in their guns and other weapons at the nearest police station.  

We can arrange to have Social Psychologists assigned to each one of you as Caseworkers and make sure that your homes are sanitized of all possible dangerous tools, objects, and substances.  Of course, you will have to retrain yourselves to eat everything with your fingers, and won't be allowed to use soap. Also, you won't be allowed to cook or eat cooked food, but that is the price we pay for safety.  

Since virtually all perpetrators of these mass shootings have been progressives it only makes sense that all progressives and members of the ACLU and Democrats (generally speaking) be disarmed as quickly as possible, unless of course, they sign and record a public oath with a video-taped Pinky Promise Ceremony promising everyone that they won't go nuts in the foreseeable future.  

Disarm yourselves immediately, with our blessings; but, expect to pay a large "Security Tax" next year as part of the overall gun control effort.   

After all, if we have to control your guns for you and use guns in your defense against predators and crazy people and pay (admittedly useless) police forces to stand around while you are being shot at, it is only reasonable that you pay a substantial additional tax for being unable or unwilling to shoulder your share of the burden of public safety.  

How does an additional $5,000 per year in taxes sound?  And two weeks a year of community service on assignment with the state militia?  That sounds fair. 

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  1. Certainly the time has come when fictional make believe is being used against people, things they might do ( and often things anyone might of could do), using psychic opinons (psychologist and psychitrists, who today are 99 percent drug prescribers) who look at paper tests, verbal questions, computer tests, and other tests only they know what mean, then use the scores to make a claim you might drive off the road even though you have never been in an accident, no one is concerned about your behavior ( except the professionals over at the drug den or I mean behavior center) Your actual performance in the real world is ignored, no tests in the car or plane and even doing well in and actual car handling test is no proof you have the underlying capability to do what you are actually doing good job of everyday. Guess if they cannot get the guns plan be is to rot out people brains, try to eventually prove people are incompetant and use a few planted drugged up patsys while professional mercenaries actually do the dirty work. Schools popular lately. That is right what Anna says, people afraid they or anyone is on the verge of "going nuts" ( actually a slang term for a lot of things) and attacking. Best stay away from that stranger. A gov training film I watched said suspect especially you friends and family of being dangerous sneaky terrorists. Notice them acting strange? Eating more icecream than normal? Report em right away. Sure, no wonder most people sleep through the dumb training films. What about martial arts folks? Should they be handcuffed around others just in case?

  2. This article should be on the front page of the L A Times Newspaper, not for us.. we already know what they want..!!

  3. Some of Anna's article's have me sobbing at the cruelty and injustice being perpetrated on the people. This article brought on a deep belly laugh that was appreciated and needed while I study to learn how to get out of being a slave. God bless you Anna and Team!

  4. Ha ha ha...nice stab back at the gun-grabbers and fools who subscribe to that mentality. I have always said, good, you want to confiscate guns and disarm people? Start with the federalized police and alphabet agencies. Then, the US army and Marines; then, the Sheriffs and municipal police forces. Start from the top down...and, We the People STILL won't give up our guns. We will become the mobilized police forces on the continent and keep you all forever in check, as was written into the founding fathers' documents that established this great nation. "We hold your charter to even have guns and badges -- or, we revoke it, based on your performance, which, as Anna says, is and has been 'admittedly useless'". Let's all re-post this far and wide!

  5. This article should be sent to every newspaper in this country as "letter to the editor" to be published nationwide! Amazing Anna!!


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