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Saturday, March 3, 2018

A Modest Proposal Update for 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

Approximately 12% of the population in this country came a long time ago from Africa. That means that Chuck Schumer's call out of President Trump for naming 86% of his nominees as white people and condemning him for supposedly not observing proportions of racial representation is mistaken at best. Trump is actually scrupulously within the percentage parameters, even assuming that such obligations are meaningful.

Some of the most prejudiced people I know are people of color; of course, they have been encouraged to see things through racially tinted glasses all their lives and to interpret all the slings and arrows in terms of race. They've been taught to see things this way by politicians keen on benefiting themselves from racially motivated voting blocks, instead of letting people unify along lines that matter to all of us: lower taxes, safer streets, better housing, more jobs, decent medical care and schools.

Just like I don't believe in money, I don't believe in race. We all bleed in one color: red. We all cry the same tears. That's good enough for me.

If we could all change places for a week, we would in short order discover that everyone suffers racial prejudice. Everyone suffers from name-calling. Everyone suffers from false assumptions. Nobody's own unique self is being totally respected. We are all suffering these tilts and jilts, whether it's me being called a "Nazi" or my friend being called a "Nigger" or my other friend called an "Injun" with a snarl. It's all the same thing when you get down to it, and it's all wrong and it all hurts, and it doesn't stop just because somebody makes a law against it or because a quota is fulfilled.

In fact, the existence of such quotas just underlines the prejudice and puts it in red letters: see everyone? We are prejudiced but we are trying not to be prejudiced! Oh, look at us, and applaud because we are trying.... I cringe every time I hear it. It's time to stop "trying" and just be.

As of April 4, 2018, it will be fifty years to the day since Martin Luther King, Jr. was gunned down. I remember that day. I remember the sense of confusion and blind loss, and a couple months later, when Robert F. Kennedy followed him to the grave, it was the same. Two men. One black, one white. Why? All they tried to do was protect people, and uplift people, and make a path forward toward a better future for all people. What was their crime? Why were they slain?

We all know the answer if we think about it. It's because there is an element in our society that hates itself, that hates all men regardless of their color, and which cannot bear the prospect of unity or peace or success. It's against these ideas that the bullets fly, and why is that? Because some men get very, very rich by promoting war and death and disease and prejudice. Because some politicians get a lot of votes by race-baiting. Because a lot of us are dumb enough to fall for all their crap.

So here's my modest proposal. Let's stop thinking in terms of race or sex or any other perceived difference. Instead of indulging in group-think because it is easy, cheap, and fast, let's take the plunge and bother ourselves to think in terms of who we are and who all the other people are, too, because in truth and in fact, we are each one of a kind.

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  1. As I recall 50 yrs. ago things seemed to be quite peaceful in society; people seemed to mind their own business. But after MLK, the black race seemed to think that 'fairness' meant they should have half of the good jobs....forgetting they were only about 12% of the population. That is actually the first time I noticed racism coming into the fore.
    They began demanding jobs solely based on their race even if they did not have the qualifications. And still today, they are of the notion that they should have 50% of the higher paying jobs and even if they are not the best qualified for them. This is what is at the root of racism from what I have observed for past decades.
    What is ''funny' today is that now both white and black are pushed aside in favor of the foreigners.
    May the best qualified man or woman be hired regardless of Age or Color.

  2. Yes Abby...and let's start with the sports industry ...that is to say the professional sports arena, where the NBA and the NFL are 90% black..!! What happened to affirmative action.. Oh, I guess they can make exceptions.. Let's make it fair to everyone...RIGHT!!And they don't have to be the most qualified to get the job...lets even things up a little.....forget the damn profits..!!

  3. James, we have stopped watching NBA and NFL because we got tired of the ''lopsidedness' and because of their ongoing bad behavior and bad manners, acting like clowns and very unprofessional. Yet it is white folks supporting it all, thru ticket sales and high prices of goods advertised on their commercials.
    I have also been critical of those who have gotten the privilege to earn such ultra-high salaries, and then see so few of them, if any, who go back to their own neighborhoods and shared some of their good fortune with them. (Mo Williams did retire from the NBA and return to his roots in Alabama, and established a Youth Center for young kids of his color which I thought was very noteworthy.
    Then on the other side of the picture, there is LeBron who is just about the biggest racist I've ever seen, of any color.)
    In the end, it isn't about color at all; each individual has to earn their own individual stripes, according to their fruits. Whites
    have and also are discriminated against in many way. Women have been and still are discriminated against as well.
    And about 20 years ago, a new and focused discrimination began against white educated males; that is just about the time women were being hired in top jobs that had formerly gone to white educated males. This has had a far reaching destructive pattern in our social fabric.

  4. Anna,
    You’re such a wonderful soul and I know without a doubt there isn’t a racists bone in your body.
    I wish that all sides could just forgive each other and start over with a clean slate but that won’t work unless the haters change or are removed from our midst.
    And since we can’t remove them just yet, those who can forgive must lead the way.
    But the problem with simple forgiveness is that it doesn’t provide a plan to stop the continuous hurt.
    In 1790 Blacks represented 19.3% of the population in America. But that number steadily declined all the way to 9.7% in 1930 when it slowly began to rise to 14.2 %.
    But there are many who would argue that if not for the policies that intentionally suppress the growth of this group’s population their numbers would be much greater and this would be true for the American Indians as well. Both groups suffer for evil insidious conspiracies that have gone on for hundreds of years with the express purposes of reducing their populations.
    The majority of the continuous hurt and pain comes from sheer ignorance. Woodrow Wilson removed all information related to Black achievements and the Black Founding Fathers from our history books so generation after generation of American children have grown up with the belief system that Gentiles founded America all by themselves. It will take a lot of re-education to change this.
    But for now clear thinking people who look to President Trump to act in fairness look for actions that align with a picture of balanced population not one that has evolved as the result of intentional suppression of minority groups in order to sustain the dominance of Gentiles. Retaining ill-gotten gains is never a sign of true peace.
    A population composition of 86% Gentile reflects the reality born of intentional hurtful activities that suppressed the natural development of at least two groups of minorities in this country; American Indians and African Americans.
    If President Trump and all the Gentiles who work to bring peace are sincere, their actions must not seek to retain a dominant ratio gained through dishonest hurtful plots carried on over centuries, but a ratio that speaks to the desire for true peace and balance.
    If we are to move into peace, the poor, minorities and women must be elevated. Any movement that does not recognize this is a movement that cannot bring true peace.
    With all my love,

    1. Charlotte, Gentiles are simply non-jews. It has nothing at all to do with skin color.

  5. First, thanks for a great article. Next, Mr. Schumer the zionist can rail against Trump all he wants from a prison cell for his ongoing treason against this country. He can preach his rhetoric to the "African-American" inmates he holds so dear. We had to endure their candidate and were called 'racist' and attacked with black flash-mobs endorsed by the Previous President. How quickly he would have us forget.
    As for racial strife that can be traced back further than MLK. Wikipedia says this is a hoax. Henry Makow,Phd,says it is real enough: Makow - Is Plan For Racial Strife Another Hoax? - Rense
    Wikipedia will tell you that the book "A Racial Program for the 20th Century" (1912) is another anti-Semitic hoax. It says the book and author Israel Cohen didn't exist. The reason for this lie? This book contains a famous passage that reveals the Illuminati-Communist race strategy, later applied to women and other minorities ...

  6. Divide and conquer was always the idea of the 500 years old globalist (Jesuit) agenda. This never changed. "Roman constitution" against "American constitution" and "Bill of rights". The infiltration is almost everywhere to take over.
    Even Jesus explained that he was sowing fine seed on the field and the enemy came in the night and sowed weed among the wheat. Finally the separation of these would happen in the harvest time which we can see is about to happen.
    Real unity of the world will only be after this harvest time once the new government (Kingdom of God which Jesus explained to pray for) removes all wickedness.
    Until then (not very long any-more) we will see the "Father of the lie" still in power over this world to divide.

  7. Our collective consciousness defines the reality we experience. Our only recourse is to mind our own soul for an example to others.

  8. according to Genesis, God created man male and female he created them and gave then collectively dominion over all things, In 325 ad at the instruction of the great emperor Constantine, women were put in second position and did not even allow the gospel of Mary Madeline Christ's favorite apostle to be published. NO FEMALE PRIESTS ALLOWED, discrimination against the female ever since,


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