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Friday, March 2, 2018

Google Infringing Free Speech--- Again?

By Anna Von Reitz

This week several information websites/channels have been shut down with censorship being provided (allegedly) by Southern Poverty Law Center and the (formerly and still at heart Jewish) Anti-Defamation League. 

I haven't seen the proof of who the censors are, so reserve judgment on that part of it, though it does make sense that Google would rely on organized volunteers instead of spending its own money to do its own censorship.  

This should, no matter who is responsible, spark a huge debate about censorship and First Amendment rights and the limits of "federal" trespass on our property assets--- because make no mistake, rights are property assets.  


Those who elect to function in the capacity of federal citizens have an obnoxious habit of thoughtlessly trespassing on the rights of others.  They don't even stop to think that if they trespass upon others and censor others, that they are ultimately also trespassing against their own estate and curtailing their own freedom.  

We see this with their gun control spiel and we see it with these attacks against news and media outlets that don't actually do anything immoral or illegal, but which these people simply find offensive for whatever reasons.  

I find the overall hypocrisy of the Southern Poverty Law Center offensive, but I don't try to censor them, even when they are ignorant and when they tell outright lies. I just figure everyone has a right to be a horse's rump. 

Ditto the (J)ADL --- defaming anyone is a bad thing, even if it is Alex Jones. 

As for Google, what possible excuse does it have as a private business making use of public airwaves and public infrastructure for infringing upon the First Amendment Rights of Americans?  None that I can see. 

It's likely to turn into a full scale you-know-what match, complete with treble damages.  

Nobody has to like the SPLC just like nobody has to like Alex Jones, but when we actively set out to quash their free speech, that's a different thing.  That's an infringement on the basic principles of this country, which allows such disparate opinions in the first place, and which we all depend upon whether we come at it from the standpoint of freedom or the standpoint of liberty. 

My advice to Google?  Review the content and if they aren't advocating overthrow of the government or showing lewd pictures, turn those censored sites back on.  

My advice to SPLC and (J)ADL --- stop being schmucks and stomping on other people's rights in the name of defending your own.  Your opinions and likes and dislikes don't rule the world.  Other people have the right to hold their own opinions and beliefs, too.  

And any infringement of anyone's viewpoint is an infringement on everyone else's viewpoint.  Remember Patrick Henry --- I paraphrase --- 'I may not agree with what you say, Sir, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it."

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  1. an anti white anti southern organization all ways has all way will.funneling huge profits in offshore accounts.all the while teaming up with enforcement and now google.

  2. Facebook has shut down all who post the truth of David Hogg graduating from a California school in 2015 and the people that posted his 2015 senior yearbook picture and facebook page has had their accounts shut down and the people banned. Hogg is 25 years old, his father is an ex-FBI agent and probably from the same "cell" that are trying to take Trump down. Watch the Good Morning interview of a teacher who clearly saw the shooter and he was wearing full body armor with metal face plate and shooting a rifle she has never seen before. This is a blatant false flag with Hogg being the chief crisis actor. Go to and see all that he has posted of this evil event brought to you by this very evil gov't!!! Of course, everyone has the right to disagree with the Truth and believe that only FOX/FAUX NEWs is telling you the Truth. Hopefully the brain dead will be the first ones murdered by this gov't when they totally disarm the People, and it's coming!!!

    1. Uh, Unknown, some good info here but are you sure about Hogg's age? That was only 3 years ago and would mean D. Hogg graduated HS at 22 years old.

  3. Anna, the quote is from Voltaire, not Patrick Henry. And I agree with it.

  4. Question: If our wealth was used to create Google, Facebook, Twitter, DARPA, MIC, etc aren't we owed a return on our investment? The funds were used w/o our knowledge or awareness & these entities are being used to control & destroy us.
    If these entities are used in crimes against us, seems we have a host of claims against them. Those CEO's who partake in these acts are to be addressed & if found guilty, their acquired assets stripped during their term are to be returned to us.
    Could we the peeps own these entities as a result of a great fraud, Ponzi scheme, secretive funds shuffling to make our claims? Notice too there is a very specific identity who run these entities can't be denied, & are put in place to carry out the criminal agenda, & are but a 1.8-2% of US population. Their hiring practices clearly demonstrate selectivity among their own kind.
    Seems to me using our wealth means we are owed.

    1. + Wink Wink - Excellent questions and conclusion. Thanks.

  5. To me it looks like all these major Corporations are managing their books just like the banks...Otherwise how do CEO' s like Bill Gates and Besos (of Amazon can make say they are worth 50 to 100 billion dollars..!! No company in the world can make that kind of profit unless they are hypothenticating their other words the biggest thieves the world has ever known... I heard something on utube that Trump isbor has frozen all the assets of these people like Gates and confiscating their wealth using civil forfiture laws. I hope it's true. No one person should ever have or deserve that kind of money...!!

  6. Good timing Anna with this blog! I found out yesterday that my 300 word comment on a Police recruitment video was removed by youtube. I wasn't rude and didn't say they were stupid or anything of that nature, I just stuck to the facts. It's my first confirmed censorship. I'm so proud! LOL

  7. Oh one other thing. I've just got back after a 4 hour trip down to our office and was told of a very interesting event. Two of our team were at their computers, which are in the same room, and (I'll call her Kate) started reading out a section within legislation to Bob. Bob interrupted Kate and said "No no no , your not reading it right". Kate replied "I am". Both had a look at their colleagues computer screens and way and behold the wording had been change slightly on Bob's computer yet they were both on the same Act and same section. Both have confirmed this with me. Now that's frightening.

  8. Very much a a lack o common respect amongst violators. Media entertainment news we hear of assault weapons. Who with any common knowledge of rights would think such a term name designates anything other than something to use in a wrongful action? We do have a right to defend but absolutely no right to assault anyone. If any censoring should occur it would be selling stuff under name of violations like Bob's Guns for Violators Store, with models, murder special, assault pistols, tools to commit rapes etc. Even screwdriver could be so named. When I hear or actions so called agents claim to have I imagine myself, and think, "Can I just walk over to that man or woman, grab them, tie them up and put them in a cage, harrass them anyway and so on. If you do not have a right to do it, you cannot delegate such non-existent right to an agent either. Where do these agents of assault and harm get any authority from the people? I know the Elk are not delegating it, and it is not a right but serious wrongs, that most everyone if they thought about would see, so I wonder, what authority is it they are claiming? The state, a non-existent invisible entity with only agents that appear? So is attacking someones website a necessary defensive action? It is the military creating the assault idea, like making first claim on natives land then saying you can assault them pretending you are defending your land.

  9. Anna had my comment about her book on Amazon censored.

    The ADL and SPLC are merely 'trusted flaggers' on youtube. They can flag posts but they cannot delete them or accounts, or block websites.

    Anna is obviously confused.


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