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Friday, March 2, 2018

February Report on Advertising and Fundraising using Mint Builder

Who is Paul Stramer

From Paul Stramer

I am looking at the statistics from our efforts in February to fund this whole educational operation for Anna and the advertising budget.  Mint Builder has allowed some increase in activity in promoting our Internet presence by our participation in their pay plan.

First, The Mint Builder company sent us $1000 in February from residual commissions for having over 80 people on autoship for their MS70 coins. We now have 701 of Anna's supporters as members of Mint Builder.  If you don't know what Mint Builder is click this link:

We also received $2905.90 in donations from Anna's readers for the support of the Anna Von Reitz website and the LCW Blog.  This is something of a record for one month from many small donations, and kind of a fluke compared to some previous months which ran far less than that. Thank you and God Bless you all for donating.

Now let me tell you where that all went.

In February alone we spent $1394.72  on direct advertising for list building using traffic exchanges, autoresponder systems, and banner ads on various ad systems, including Boost My Online Biz where we have almost 50,000 people now that we can send email to once a day, with about 160 new people coming in to just that one system every single day.

In February we have added another 168 new people to the mailing list of people who want the announcements of each new article when it comes out from Anna.  That list is now 4521 people receiving those announcements.  We started that list out of pocket about 3 years ago, using the AWeber email system with NO advertising budget for the first two years. That system now costs us about $800 per year. So part of your donations go to that every month.

We also have ongoing expenses for phone, electric power, office supplies, server costs, and local internet service provider fees, not to mention normal living expenses.

Lately I have been spending 10 to 12 hours per day in the office weekdays, and about 5 or 6 hours on Saturday. My office is in my home, in a separate room, with my Ham Radio Station.

The new super-computer that Anna's readers bought for me last spring continues to amaze me every day with it's speed and ease of operation. What used to take an hour or better, now takes about 15 minutes, as I get better at operating this beast. I could never have done this without that fabulous tool. Again, God Bless you all for that.

Just moderating the comments on the blog now takes a significant amount of time each day, so the old machine is relegated to almost nothing but email, and this new one, to things that I need to browse on the Internet for. They are hooked together on a local area network so I can load files from the old machine on this one for presentation on line.

We also spent $335.00 on the phone last month, mostly helping people with their Mint Builder business that generates some of this budget, or trying to answer your questions. I need to remind everyone that I am not any kind of legal scholar, and mostly contribute to the internet part of this, so I am not the best one to ask those kinds of legal questions of.

I promised to send Anna 25% of everything that Mint Builder generates and once the advertising budget is taken care of up to 50%.  We will get there, and Monday I will send another $250 from that funding. I can envision a day down the road when we have several thousand people participating in Mint Builder and generating lots of financing for this effort.

Once again, thank you for all your support.  If you can't do Mint Builder and help that way, perhaps you can consider using the PayPal button on either website, this one or
to donate.  We are expanding our advertising every day now to build this educational effort.

We include you in our prayers every day.

Thanks again,

Paul Stramer
Eureka Montana
406 889 3183 office     8 AM to 2 PM and 4 PM to 8 PM  weekdays mountain time.
406 253 4257 cell/text


  1. Paul have you tried magic jack. You already have internet connection all you need to do is buy magic jack, cost around 40 or 50$ and that pays for the first 6 months then it is about $40 per year, that is what I use for land line so I can have a fax. Averages about 3 to $4 a month.

    1. I have found that VOIP systems leave a lot to be desired when it comes to call quality. I can't use majic jack, vonage, or skype for business because the quality is just not there. I have a flat rate cell phone from AT&T that I do most long distance on, but we have 3 lines to support all the web stuff we are doing. This job is complicated and it takes some pretty good Fiber Optic lines to make it work. Without that top notch fiber optic phone system I couldn't do this.

  2. Paul this is great!!! question:How much of the $ donations to websites were dispersed to Anna & LLF?You didn't mention those contributions that contribute via one time or monthly using your PayPal account as the middleman to forward/disrespect such designated contributions. How exactly do you keep track of this, it must be quite a task? thank you!!

    1. Yes it's a big job and part of what costs me 10 to 12 hours per day to keep up with it all. I personally thank the person that sends each donation no matter how small. Those donation amounts and totals for individual donations will never be published. If people want to donate directly to Anna and the Living Law Firm they should do so, and that way I don't have to keep track of it. Send those donations to if you are using PayPal for that. The donations coming in here are to support all facets of the blog maintenance costs, and the server costs as outlined in the article, not to mention my time involved in all this. Remember that I have NEVER asked Anna for one thin dime, and she has NEVER paid me for ANYTHING. We do all this by donation only, and it's more work than I can handle full time. I think that should be worth something. Right now it pays the bills. We have some retirement Soc.Sec. that pays the rent, and a bit more for grocery, but my wife and I life modestly in a leased home, and have for 18 years. Our children are grown and gone. So our expenses are fairly low compared to most other locations. I can do this only because of the reader base supporting us, and remember that it took three years to build that base, without any help from anyone else except people's generosity in both spreading the website addresses around the world, and donations so we can advertise. We now have a little war chest of advertising and you will see this effort grow like mad in the next few months because of it. This is an ongoing project that is just getting started.
      Thanks everyone for making this possible.
      God Bless you all. You won't see me quitting any time soon, Good Lord Willing.

    2. You can also donate directly to Anna by sending a check or money order, or cashiers check to:

      Anna Von Reitz
      PO Box 520994
      Big Lake AK 99652

    3. Of course what skill you dedicate is of great importance, no question about that! My question was not intended for you to take so personally, and for you to feel such a need to justify or defend yourself, and was simply asked as a means to understand better "how" you are able to keep the designated accounting of donations intended to support ANNA&Team's work directly and distinguished and separate from supporting your internet marketing efforts and website work? I'm sure you understand the accounting question is simple enough and ALL readers and supporters of Anna's work making contributions through your personal websites should be able to ask the question and get a direct answer about "How" you possibly manage to keep this huge task of accounting all correct.
      Example: I use your Paypal account on either website to support via designation in "NOTES" a monthly "Subscription" of 50% to be dispersed to Anna & LLF and 50% of monthly subscription to support your "Website work" My question is "How" do you keep track of ALL these specified %'s when someone is "Subscribing" on those terms??
      I do believe this is a fair question that there should be no problem in answering as we are ALL beyond any lack of transparency in any/all matters concerning good faith contributions and the accounting thereof. Wouldn't you agree?

      Thank you

    4. If you are not happy with the monthly reports and the way I am doing things just quit donating, or send your entire donation to Anna directly. I am not going to make a report to the penny of how this money gets spent. It's not public information.

  3. Can you send more info from Frank O'Collins?


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