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Thursday, March 21, 2024

International Public Notice: Failure of Legalization

 By Anna Von Reitz

When a government wants to do something that is fundamentally evil and unlawful and illegal, it has to justify its action via a process of legalization.  

This typically involves: (1) specifically limiting the impact and scope of an action so as to make it legal; (2) offering exemption; and (3) providing remedy, such that those who would otherwise be harmed have a means of avoiding harm.  

Thus, they can "legalize" abortion, which is essentially murder.  They can legalize conscription of medical doctors. They can legalize the use of a private military scrip as a domestic currency. And the list goes on.  

All sorts of horrific things can be legalized, because the legal system doesn't deal with living people. It deals with proxies -- that is, persons, and the legislation that applies to persons is not supposed to be applied to living people.   

Legislation never applies to living people. 

However, if the Legislators don't provide exemption and remedy for living people, none of these legalizations stand. 

Furthermore, if they don't honor the exemptions and actually provide access to the remedies, none of these legalizations stand.  

We are faced with a situation wherein the Territorial and Municipal Congressional Bodies undertook acts of legislation -- such as the registration of babies via the Sheppard-Towner Act -- which were supposed to address Persons ---  indentured servants in the British Territorial jurisdiction, knowingly and voluntarily operating as U.S. Citizens, or Municipal citizens of the United States born into slavery.  

In the real world, this legislation was applied in a self-interested fashion and misapplied universally to the freeborn American people; this failure to exempt renders the whole process and all claims based on it illegal as well as unlawful.  

Their legalization process which was supposed to limit the action to the registration of babies belonging to U.S. Citizens (initially and later to Municipal citizens of the United States) failed on the first default: failure to limit their action to those reasonably required to comply with it, failure to disclose the process to those who did, and failure to provide exemption.  

Same thing with the issuance of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES as a domestic currency; the legislation provided for specific exemptions and remedies spelled out in Federal Code Title XII, such as debt swaps known as Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions, but nothing was done to actually provide those exemptions and remedies. 

Again, their proposed legalization failed for lack of making the exemptions and remedies accessible. 

The Municipal United States Government and its pitiful excuses to legalize their actions all hinge on the fact that they never adopted any of the Federal Code, except Title 50, the so-called War Powers Act. 

Although the Federal Constitution (1787) provides for the existence of a plenary City Government within the District of Columbia to administer and maintain the Federal Capitol, the City of Washington, DC, it does not provide that duty or power to the members of the Municipal Congress.  It does not provide for the existence of an independent, international city-state organized as a foreign municipality.  And it does not provide for "war powers" of any kind attached to the intent for this congressional oligarchy, which was merely charged to maintain the security and neutrality and good order of the Federal Capitol for the conduct of Federal business.  Period. 

Thus, the adoption of the Territorial Federal Title Code 50 and trying to excuse any of their repugnant actions based on non-existent "War Powers" that the Territorial United States Government never received, either, provides no basis for legalizing anything. 

Not only is there no actual war and no "War Powers" because all that ever happened here was an illegal Mercenary Conflict, so that there is no application of the Law of War available, but no delegated authority to engage in or declare war "on our behalf" was ever granted to any Territorial or Municipal Congress, nor to any Municipal oligarchy tasked with maintaining our Federal Capitol City.  

The Inheritors of Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman's perfidy are in a sticky wicket of their own making. They have been acting as a Mercenary Force, charging their expenses to us, and delivering the profits to foreign interests -- the British Crown, the British Monarch, and the Pope -- all with absolutely no authority vested in them to do any of this. 

So all the Municipal Government's attempts to legalize their repugnant acts based on the idea of having War Powers falls flat. The only thing they were ever authorized to do and which they have done very selectively and poorly, is to provide for the security of Washington, DC. 

These Legislatures vested as Territorial and Municipal Congresses have acted in Gross Breach of Trust, gross violation of their Service Contracts, and gross failure of their Usufructuary Duty. 

By seizing upon the names of American babies and using these as the basis to create corporate franchises benefiting their corporations they accepted the role of Public Usufructs.  

A Public Usufruct can use a Lawful Person's name to create Legal Entities, only to the extent that they hold that Person harmless from any ill-effect resulting from the creation of these Legal Entities. 

That is, the British Territorial Government could create a Benjamin Leroy Fuller franchise for itself, only so long as they hold the original and actual Benjamin Leroy Fuller harmless and protect him from any harm resulting from their action. 

The same goes for the Municipal United States Government.  They could create a BENJAMIN LEROY FULLER franchise, only so long as they hold the original Benjamin Leroy Fuller harmless, and protect him from any harm resulting from their action. 

Instead, both these foreign Territorial and Municipal Corporation parent companies and all their attached "Federal" Government Personnel, have grossly failed their duty as Public Usufructs.  

They have failed to disclose the existence and purported purpose of these franchise corporations named after their American victims.  They have failed to provide the exemptions and remedies owed to the living people. 

Any legalization they provided failed in the misapplication of their legislation to Americans, or in failure to provide exemptions, or in failure to make remedies accessible --- or all three. 

Their pernicious and self-interested pretense of war when in fact no war was declared by any Congress having authority to declare war, their pretense that a Mercenary Conflict is owed the Law of War, and that they have War Powers apparently engendered out of thin air, is self-interested fraud on the face of it.  

Likewise, their assertion of oligarchic power over the City of Washington, DC, even the power to turn it into a foreign, independent, international city-state, has been grossly overstated and fraudulently employed to create a new "object" for their supposed powers and to redefine a grant of power that is limited to maintaining the security and neutrality of the Federal Capitol defined as the City of Washington, DC. 

All these evils, all these contractual breaches, all this negligence of duty owed, all this harm caused to our country and our people, has been done by foreign Principals owing us good faith service and by commercial and municipal corporations that stand in Breach of Trust and guilty of all manner of crime carried out in our names, but not for us, not for our benefit, and not under our direction.  

We have, therefore, taken action to address the other Principals who are in violation of both our Treaties with them and our Contracts with them.  We have also brought liens against their corporations and property interests to satisfy their debts and the damages done to our people and our country. 

There should be no question in anyone's mind why we are doing this, why it needs to be done, nor any failure to support us in this recoupment action.

The Perpetrators of these evils cast upon our country have used our resources to wage illegal mercenary war on the innocent, have used our sons and daughters as cheap and clueless mercenaries, attempted to consign our freeborn people to the status of indentured servants and debt slaves --- and now, when things are getting hot for them, they are fully intending to move their parasitic sideshow to China, where they will repeat the same performance if allowed to continue with their war-mongering for profit and their legal fiction schemes. 

So we are calling an end to it, or else, an end to them and their systems and their city-states and everything else associated with the entire crime syndicate, including currencies based on theft and fraud, securitization of living flesh, genocide, unlawful conversion, unjust enrichment, illegal enfranchisement (impersonation), illegal mercenary "wars" for profit, kidnapping, human trafficking, peonage, enslavement, conspiracy against the Federal Constitutions, identity theft, personage, barratry, abuse of our credit, inland piracy, deliberate pollution of food and water sources, and many, many other crimes.  

Issued by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

March 21st 2024


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