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Thursday, March 21, 2024

International Public Notice: 2014 Final Judgment and Civil Orders

 By Anna Von Reitz

On April 11th 2014 acting as living man and woman and as true Fiduciaries of the lawful American Government, we issued the final findings against the foreign corporations acting "as" the Federal Government: 

In the Presence of God, Pope Francis, and the World:


Let it be known to all living and dead, and to all those responsible for administration of the affairs of the living and dead, that all commercial contracts ever actually or presumptively existing between the living man known to the public as “ james-clinton:belcher” and the living woman known to the public as “anna-maria:riezinger” and their similarly named ESTATES and privately held American express and inter vivos trusts, including “Anna M. Riezinger-von Reitz and James C. Belcher” and the following incorporated entities---the United States of America (Minor), the city-state of Westminster, United Nations, UNITED NATIONS, the UNITED STATES, Federal Reserve, FEDERAL RESERVE, International Monetary Fund, IMF, and all their respective franchises, agencies, and departments including the State of Alaska and STATE OF ALASKA---  are all and uniformly invalidated for semantic deceit and non-disclosure. 

All signatures of the living man and woman are rescinded from all documents in the possession of any of these incorporated entities which claim or seek to claim any beneficial commercial interest in them or their ESTATES or which claim any representative capacity related to them or their ESTATES whatsoever. 

All interest, good faith service, and accrual on investment owed to the living people as the beneficiaries and entitlement holders of their own ESTATES is due and owed to them and their heirs without exception or prejudice by the officers and administrators of the United States of America (Minor), the city-state of Westminster,  and the United Nations. 

Be it also known that these and other individual American Nationals now exercise their birthright upon the land of the organic states united by the Articles of Confederation (1781) and that they have the full and unimpeded right to act as Judges of these organic states, to issue orders related to their administration, and to demand compliance with all Articles of the national trust indenture and commercial service contract known as “The Constitution for the united States of America”  and all related international treaty provisions owed to us by the United States of America (Minor) and the United Nations and the city-state of Westminster, and any successors, executors, administrators, corporate officers, elected or appointed officials, trustees, agents, agencies, franchises, franchise operators, and employees thereof, now and in perpetuity. 


To:  All Concerned and All Recipients of FINAL NOTICE dated February 3, 2014

Final Judgment and Civil Orders

Fifty-five (55)  days have passed without any sworn affidavit in rebuttal of the facts presented by the FINAL NOTICE OF COMMERCIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE DEFAULT issued to the individuals, persons, and institutions responsible for default.  All have been promptly and properly notified of mis-administration of the public trusts established in the Names/NAMES of living Americans and the organic American states by incorporated entities doing business as the United States of America, Inc. and the UNITED STATES, INC. and their trustees, officers, employees, and agents who are under contract to provide governmental services to those harmed. 

Under Law of the Sea the claims and demands presented by the FINAL NOTICE OF COMMERCIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE DEFAULT dated February 3, 2014 are decided and are now in permanent settlement.  They stand as fact in law. 

Notice of the Motu Proprio issued by Pope Francis acting as Trustee of the Global Estate Trust on July 11, 2013, has been presented to all directly interested parties in Alaska via ancient Edict of Notice: Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents and Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals.   The United States of America (Minor) and the Federal Reserve Banks dba the United States of America, Inc. and the United Nations City State and its agency the International Monetary Fund, (IMF) dba UNITED STATES, INC. and its STATE OF ALASKA franchise are commanded and required under contract to the Global Estate Trust to perform according to The Constitution for the united States of America and to cease and desist action against the American people and the organic American states, including Alaskans and the Alaska State created by The Alaska Statehood Compact.  

The Alaska Bar Association, its members, the various Court Administrators, and the Alaska Judicial Council have been similarly notified and ordered to cease and desist practices, presumptions, and procedures which serve to defraud living Americans and lay false claims against their private property assets under pretense of war and color of law.

The entities addressed under FINAL NOTICE OF COMMERCIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE DEFAULT dated February 3, 2014 are all competent to recognize their culpability and failure to perform under commercial service contract, failure to honor the national and state trust indentures, and failure to provide full and free disclosure of contracts solicited by the named governmental services corporations and agencies cited for default. 

Absent a fully disclosed and actual maritime contract entered in evidence and subjected by the court to examination and open discussion, no valid contract can be presumed to exist and no American ESTATE or other vessel can be prosecuted under any maritime or admiralty jurisdiction.  No contract based on unilateral, uninformed, undisclosed, or otherwise prejudicial claims of residency, benefit, status, license, mortgage, or other contract lacking true equitable consideration and consent can be maintained with regard to the ESTATES of American Nationals who are living inhabitants of the land and air jurisdictions of the Global Estate Trust, and not naturally subject to the jurisdiction of the sea. 

All such American Nationals who are inhabitants of the land and their ESTATES are additionally protected by treaty and national trust and are owed safe conduct for themselves and their commercial vessels on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.  For military tribunal purposes, all American Nationals, American ‘persons’, and commercial vessels are non-combatant civilian Third Parties.  

All Provost Marshals, all members of the civilian police forces, all members of the American military, all members of STATE operated National Guard units, all members of government agencies including the U.S. Marshals Service, FBI, State Troopers, BLM, BATF, IRS, and other code enforcement agents are ordered to recognize the civil authority of the organic 50 states created by Statehood Compacts and united under The Articles of Confederation, and to also recognize the absolute civil authority of the American people inhabiting these organic and geographically described states in all matters pertaining to them and the administration of their domestic government on the land known as The United States of America (Major), not to be confused with the United States of America (Minor) which is a foreign, maritime entity under commercial contract to provide governmental services for The United States of America (Major). 

All police and military officers are obligated to honor the Law of the Land in all dealings with or pertaining to the organic states and their living inhabitants without exception, noting that these people and states are owed the terms and conditions of the original equity contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America, are to be addressed under American Common Law exclusively, and that they retain their natural and unalienable rights, including their natural identity, property rights and controlling interests without prejudice and regardless of fraud and monopoly inducement practiced against them in breach of trust and contract default.    

All actions of the various Probate Courts operating in maritime jurisdictions and merely presuming death based upon the inaction of American National beneficiaries of the American Republic and serving to establish maritime salvage liens against their ESTATES are by these Orders invalidated, made null and void.  All American Nationals whose names and ESTATES are presently included on tax rolls, and who are recorded by census data, school records, birth certificates, and other public documents must be presumed to be alive and competent in the absence of a properly sworn Death Certificate signed by the local Coroner stating cause of death, date, time, and place, corroborated by at least two responsible and knowledgeable living witnesses. In the case of legitimately missing people diligent search and fully disclosed publication of all claims against their estates must be made by giving Notice to the last known address and next of kin. Any contrary presumption or practice is fraudulent, null and void.  

Any action of the Probate Courts operating in maritime jurisdictions and making claim upon actual real assets of similarly named American Nationals in behalf of legal fiction “missing persons” owned by the United States of America, Inc., UNITED STATES, FEDERAL RESERVE, or any franchises or agencies thereof, are similarly rendered null and void.  Once created legal fictions do not have any necessary or valid estate; such estate as they may legitimately be granted must be obtained under conditions of fully revealed and disclosed contract entered into voluntarily and with explicit individual understanding and consent. Any estate obtained by legal fiction entities by process of semantic deceit or undisclosed contract belongs in fact and law to those defrauded. These Civil Orders command and require the return of all titles to land, homes, properties, and businesses which have been held under color of law by the Federal Reserve doing business as the United States of America, Inc., and their bankruptcy Trustee, the Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, and their administrative agents, including the Custodian of Alien Property and the Comptroller General. 

All separate registrations under the Sheppard Towner Act and the Selective Service Act of American Nationals and their progeny by agents of the United States of America (Minor) dba the United States of America, Inc. and its various State franchises and subsequently maintained by  STATE franchises of the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund, are invalid as a class for anything but traditional recording purposes and the benefit of any securities based in whole or in part upon these and any other involuntary or undisclosed registrations such as “Vehicle Registrations” are private property benefiting the individual American Nationals who are the lawful entitlement holders of all commercial vessels operated under their given names by any corporation providing governmental services, including banks. All vessels in commerce operated under the names of American Nationals are owed full treaty and trusteeship obligations from the United States of America (Minor) and the United Nations and all franchises and agencies which these nation states operate worldwide.  

These Civil Orders command performance delivering unto Caesar upon the land, including return of all real assets and property owed to American Nationals free of claim, debt, and encumbrance created under conditions of fraud, breach of trust, and breach of commercial contract.

All judges, attorneys, clerks, and other employees of incorporated courts and court systems, together with the international banks employing them, who have knowingly failed to fully and freely disclose their nature, identity, status, jurisdiction, standing, and venue are subject to international criminal prosecution for felony fraud under full commercial liability and officers of the law and military officers who enforce illegal actions ordered by these in-house international commercial  tribunals against American Nationals at the request of any such “court” are responsible for war crimes committed against non-combatant civilians as of September 1, 2013.

All politicians and Trust Management Organization employees acting directly or via franchise or agency who have been elected or appointed to private corporate offices within governmental service corporations, their franchises, or agencies, and who have knowingly pretended to occupy public offices of the American organic states and who have transgressed beyond their limited and private authority are fully liable for impersonating American public officials while acting as private corporate officers.

All federal and federal franchise (“State” and “STATE”) employees who have willfully and knowingly conspired to misinform, mislead, mortgage, indebt, extort credit from and otherwise undermine the material interests of American Nationals via non-disclosure, fraud, racketeering, force of arms, extortion, compulsion, semantic deceit and constructive unlawful conversion are guilty of international war crimes against unarmed and non-combatant civilian inhabitants of the land and against commercial vessels belonging by birthright and copyright to those inhabitants.

The United States of America (Minor) and the city-state of Westminster and its franchises, employees, and agents, are ordered to comply with all stipulations and limitations required by the original equity contract known as “The Constitution for the united States of America” when addressing American Nationals, and when providing any and all government services to American Nationals inhabiting the land of the domestic geographically defined 50 states.   They are likewise commanded to release all titles and claims held under color of law against the ESTATES of the American states and the American Nationals inhabiting the organic states of the Union.  All incorporated governmental services organizations must immediately cease all action against the material interests of their employers and creditors, the American states and people, and settle all accounts.

There are no so-called “war powers” allowed to any member of Congress representing The United States of America (Major), which has remained at peace since 1865.  Likewise, there are no “emergency powers” granted by any of the organic states, no indefinite detainment provisions applicable to any American National under the National Defense Authorization Act 2012 or any similar “Act” of Congress. All “Acts of Congress” undertaken without full commercial liability and not fully enacted as Public Law apply only to the employees and citizens of the United States of America (Minor) and no claim of employment or “US citizenship” made by the United States of America (Minor) against any inhabitant of the land of the 50 states can be maintained on the basis of undisclosed, unilateral, or second party contract or presumption in violation of the actual American Public Law governing US citizenship, US Statute at Large 2.

Any deliberate or systematic use of the given name of any living individual man or woman by any incorporated entity pretending to represent them or their material interests to create legal fiction entities operated under-in-or for their name without the full knowledge and consent of that individual is a prohibited abuse of the rights of usufruct. All such acts, proposals, programs, and agencies created by the United Nations and by the United States of America (Minor) addressed to American Nationals seeking to conscript, obligate, indebt, misinform, or entrap them into any contract whatsoever in which the identity and true nature of the Parties is obscured, not in kind, or wherein the actual terms, claims, conditions, and results of contract are not made explicit, plain, and fully revealed are null and void ab initio, as if they never were.  All representations serving to misappropriate the good faith and credit of American Nationals and their organic states in favor of any incorporated entity are self-interested, null and void.  All registrations, licenses, application processes, and similar devices used by the Federal Reserve dba United States of America, Inc. and International Monetary Fund dba UNITED STATES and the FEDERAL RESERVE now operating as an entity incorporated under United Nations auspices, and their various agencies and “state” franchises, are fraudulent, null and void, contrary to Public Law of the United States of America (Major) and the individual free states. 

Any undeclared agent of the United States of America (Minor) or the United Nations caught soliciting such contracts will be arrested, prosecuted, and deported and no further enforcement of such contracts will be allowed on the soil of the United States of America (Major) against any birthright inhabitant of the land.

Such foreign, repugnant, and misrepresented commercial contracts include but are not limited to: vehicle registrations, driver licenses, marriage licenses, voter registrations, applications for welfare or medical or insurance benefits, including “social security insurance”, claims of foreign citizenship or foreign personage, residency, mortgages, and public employee retirement benefits.   

Parents are not enabled to indebt, pledge, conscript, or otherwise enter their children into any form of bondage, debt, peonage, or enslavement. Any and all relinquishments of individual or parental rights must be voluntary, fully disclosed, completely enumerated, fully discussed, and the real natures and actual identities of all parties to any custodial, commercial, or grant contract of any kind whatsoever, like any agency appointment, must in all details be fully revealed and disclosed, explicitly discussed, explicitly agreed upon, and voluntarily entered into by all parties.   Any contracts failing these requirements and merely being presumed to exist via tacit agreements, third party representations, or presumed benefit are null and void.

These Civil Orders require that all law enforcement and military officers currently in the employment of the United States of America (Minor), the city-state of Westminster, and the United Nations, together with their commercial companies under contract to provide services within the 50 states United be fully and freely informed of these facts and the limitations that are fully applicable to them and their operations on American soil.  All American Nationals are to be considered non-combatant Third Parties without exception, who are owed peace and protection and performance upon all commercial contracts, treaties, trust indentures, and agreements entered into with the Global Estate Trust and its members, franchises, and agencies.


These Civil Orders also require that corporate administrative tribunals being operated as courts of any kind explicitly and fully declare their identities, natures, venues, services, ownerships, and proper jurisdiction in plain, explicit, fully revealed language with no further purpose of evasion, obstruction, or lack of good faith service.  They are additionally commanded to scrupulously observe their limitations and to clearly state their foreign jurisdictions whenever addressing American Nationals.


These Civil Orders come without the United States of America (Minor), without the United Nations, without the city-state of Westminster, without representation, and without prejudice. 





This Final Judgment and Civil Orders are issued upon our civil, commercial, and canon authority, by our living hands and our testaments jointly sworn and Witnessed by Our Seals and autographs before Pope Francis and all nations, declaring that the truth of these matters has been established by due process without rebuttal, and that they have been decided this 11th day of April 2014.  We hereby autograph, seal, and issue this Final Judgment and Civil Orders to all officers, appointees, agents, franchises, agencies, subsidiaries, and employees of the United States of America (Minor), the city-state of Westminster, and the United Nations operating on the land of the 50 organic states of The United States of America (Major) and subject them to performance of all treaties and contracts owed as employees, public servants, trustees, administrators, commissioned officers and  in all and any capacities whatsoever which allow their presence on our soil and which provide for their strictly defined and limited use of our property:

_________________________________: Judge anna-maria-wilhelmina-hanna-sophia:riezinger-von reitzenstein von lettow-vorbeck non-negotiable autograph, under seal and in service, all rights reserved; ________________________ : Judge james-clintwood:belcher non-negotiable autograph under seal and in service, all rights reserved.   


The actual signature page and other proofs of service have been published in our book, Disclosure 101, and distributed worldwide; they have also been recorded. 

Please note that references to the United States of America (Minor) refer to the British Territorial Government and its role as a Federal Subcontractor, dba the United States of America, Incorporated. 

References to The United States of America (Major) refer to the actual Federation of States operating as an instrumentality of the physically defined States of the Union; this unincorporated entity is both the Delegator of all Powers conferred to the original Confederation and the Federal Republic and also the Successor by Operation of Law to the American Confederation of States formed under The Articles of Confederation (1781) and the Federal Republic formed under The Constitution for the united States of America (1787), until such time as our American Government is fully restored.  

Please notice that this finding and judgment came at the end of a seven (7) year period of Due Process and Notice, and prior to the 2015 bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES, thus establishing our absolute identity and right to establish priority liens and claims upon the assets of the UNITED STATES prior to its bankruptcy, and providing a superior lien against its assets, all established under the Uniform Commercial Code prior to and during the bankruptcy proceedings, where despite this effort on our part and despite the UCC records, other countries and city-states were granted priority status against the actual Priority Creditors --- the States and people of The United States. 

This is yet another example of the self-interested Municipal and British Crown Corporations and their Personnel offering our assets as chattel backing their debts and our physical assets as payment to their secondary creditors, when in fact they were and are over 35 Trillion dollars in debt to us and have been in debt to us longer than any other Creditor of theirs except, possibly, the people of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 

These practices of fraud leading to economic and financial peonage and enslavement, coercive control and abuse for political advantage must come to an end and a settlement.

None of us agreed, for example, to enshrine a coercive commodity transfer monopoly, the Swift System, created by the same people who were busted for a similar transfer monopoly of crude oil and refined oil transfers while doing business as Standard Oil, nor have we voluntarily granted these criminals any kind of control over our ability to transact in international trade or commerce, either one.  

Such coercive control is only established if one accepts the idea that 320 million Americans knowingly agreed to act as Federal Dual Citizens and obligate themselves as both U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States under contract to these service purveyors as indentured servants and slaves.  

We would not encourage anyone in such a misapprehension. 

We believe that it is glaringly self-evident and has been self-evident for a long time that the Swift System used to make bank transfers has been operated by the Rockefeller and Standard Oil Heirs as the same kind of illegal transfer monopoly as the Standard Oil transfer monopoly that was busted in the early 1900s for monopolizing transfer of oil commodities--- only this time, the commodity being transferred is bank currency on a worldwide basis. 

The Swift System Transfer Monopoly is just another example of the patently criminal nature of these commercial and municipal corporations masquerading as "our" government, and the overall criminality of the Central Banks, which were created for unlawful and illegal purposes of commodity rigging and control from the beginning of their existence. 

These matters are or should be self-evident and must be addressed. 

The establishment of an honest, transparent, and non-political banking system is an imperative need for this country and the rest of the world, and is fundamentally necessary for the security and well-being of all nations and all life on Earth.  

We cannot continue to be reduced to the confines imposed upon us by a 19th Century Bully Boys Club seeking to create a form of Corporate Feudalism and impose it on us using legal deceits and Territorial Police Forces completely analogous to the British Raj in India and a government by corporations scheme analogous to the "government" provided in South Africa by the British South Africa Company. 

These phony authorities and criminal organizations that have been institutionalized over time without disclosure and without consent must be uniformly and consistently dismantled and Corporate Feudalism enforced by private police forces must be recognized for what it is --- a modernized and mechanized Caste System imposed on the living people by faceless corporations, protected by paid retainers, and otherwise very little different from the structures of Feudal Serfdom.   

The British Monarchy, the Popes in their Office as Roman Pontiffs, and the British Crown have long operated as enemies of human progress and decency. The massacre at Amritsar is echoed by the massacre at Lahaina, the hail of bullets merely replaced by the firestorm caused by laser and scalar weapons unleashed against an innocent civilian populace --- a civilian population that was owed the good faith service of these criminals. 

Now it is apparent that they propose to replace one of their horridly criminal and mismanaged corporations with another, flipping from the USA, Inc. to other venal paramilitary mercenaries operating as Black Rock, Inc.  

And all the while, none of these corporations have any right to exist, no basis beyond our merely "presumed" agreement to have them exist. 

This is where any such presumption of acquiescence to continue the existence of any predatory corporation ends. We demand, in fact, that these out of control criminal organizations benefiting from the privilege of incorporation be brought to a swift and peaceful end.  We further demand that they cannot be replaced by any similar or worse incorporated entity.  

No matter what they call it, Black Rock,Inc., USA, Inc., or Billybob, Inc., this practice substituting corporate subcontractors for our lawful governments is fraudulent and criminal; it still results in the abusive use of commercial Mercenaries to promote war for profit, to oppress civilian populations, to steal from those civilian populations, to masquerade as governments to abuse the powers of government, and to cause havoc, death, disease, and misery upon the Earth. 

Our ancestors, faced with the possibility of this specter in the 1850's insisted that the Pope, responsible for the definition and creation of all these various kinds of corporations, must take the responsibility for destroying them when they are operating for unlawful purposes or engaging in unlawful activities. 

This is why the Pope bears this responsibility and has the power under Ecclesiastical Law to liquidate corporations that are engaged in criminal activity. 

It is more than past time for Pope Francis to get off the pot and liquidate these offenders and otherwise turn over the ownership of these corporations to the lawful national governments and living people that have been harmed and offended by these vaporous creations of the Roman Curia.  

Issued by: 

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

March 21st 2024


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