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Thursday, March 21, 2024

More Dots -- and Not the Quantum Kind

 By Anna Von Reitz

In the 19th century, a group of very nasty individuals ruled the world -- kings, potentates, and popes, but another group of despots was rising, the industrial robber barons.  

A lot of what you are witnessing right now is a knock-down and drag out between these two factions, plus a third faction representing the military forces. 

The roots of the pandemic lie with a particular group of nogoodniks in England and their American collaborators.  In England, this group was led by Lord Pirbright, a Rothschild banking scion, founder and funder of the Pirbright Institute and Cecil Rhodes, owner and operator of the British South Africa Company -- a British Crown Trading Company that finagled a contract from Lord Pirbright to function "as" the government of South Africa. 

This was the very first time in recorded history that a private, for-profit corporation functioned as the government of an entire country --- regrettably, it wasn't the last instance of this abuse.  The Perpetrators learned nothing from the failure and terrible consequences of their experiment. 

These same players were responsible for the world's first Concentration Camps and the first non-consensual medical experimentation on the inmates of those camps, mostly Dutch prisoners and civilians interned during the Boer Wars, who were, among other things, injected with experimental vaccines. 

No, it wasn't Hitler who first thought of these things. It was the British who taught the Germans these evils. 

This core group of British Elitists were aided and joined by the American pharmaceutical magnate, Henry Wellcome, who endowed the Wellcome Trust named after him. 

These people were firmly convinced of the superiority of the white race.  They were also eugenicists who thought that only certain people and kinds of people should be allowed to breed and that mankind should be bred like so many dog breeds,  

They were wealthy, they were evil, and they were kooks. 

And unfortunately, their wealth was preserved and used to support the continuance of their evil and their elitism and their prejudices and their cruelty and their "breeding" programs right into the current day. 

The first coronavirus patents were advanced by what? The Pirbright Institute and Wellcome Foundation.  And further research and patents were developed by another branch of the same poisonous tree --- the Pasteur Institute. All in Europe. All funded by the same core group of misanthropes and their followers. 

And here's another of their acolytes, Jonas Salk, another perverted self-hating humanoid who advocated using vaccines to depopulate the planet: 

Add Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and Anthony Fauci to the long list of sickos seduced by the money and polluted by the ugly wrong-headed elitist ideas of this core group of nasty, self-important, thuggish progenitors of the Nazis. 

Yes, British progenitors of the Nazis. And, as it turns out, the worst elements of the Municipal DOD and the British Territorial Military, too.  

Eugenics. Human breeding programs. Abortion. Corporations running governments. Gross racial prejudice. White Man Bawahnya beat-your-chest nonsense. Licensing of doctors and lawyers. Misuse of credit at public expense. Impersonation. Money laundering using fictitious persons. Mercenary warfare. Enfranchisement of the working class. Enforcement of the British-Romano Caste System on other countries and their populations. Aryan and Egyptian artifact research (to steal any ancient technologies). Suppression of rival technologies. Patent fraud and theft of inventions. Cashiering natural resources to prevent fair market competition. Concentration and internment camps. Non-consensual medical experimentation. Use of vaccines and other injectable substances as weapons. Kickbacks to doctors, nurses, and hospitals for prescribing their own patent medicines. 

These and numerous other repugnant ideas, beliefs and practices were cherished and nurtured by the same group of perverts. And here they are, still causing trouble -- or, to be more exact, their ideas and money and gullible new followers are still causing trouble.

They are at the bottom of the whole dogpile of the pandemic. 

Which begs the question --- why don't we seize the assets of the Pirbright Institute and the Wellcome Trust and the Rhodes Foundation as criminal institutions and get rid of these evil men and their influence once and for all? 

Their venal ideas and lack of compassion, selfishness, elitism, and racial prejudice have caused no end of suffering and criminality, so let's put these institutions created to promote this garbage on the slag heap of history?  

No more Rhodes Scholars.  No more Pirbright Institute "initiatives".  No more Wellcome Trust grants. 

It's bad enough that we had to endure them in the 19th century and the 20th century, too, without allowing them to pollute the 21st century as well. 

Let's just recognize these criminals for who and what they always were, roll the assets into a Victim's Trust, and go from there? Happily stamping out all their works and all their ways as we go?  

Makes sense to me.  


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