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Thursday, March 21, 2024

A Favor Request from All Americans, All Assembly Members

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have literally millions of people who have been grossly misinformed, disinformed, misled, lied to, and defrauded.  

Here in this country, and around the world. 

The last few days have seen the publication of some of the best work yet in terms of explaining the Great Fraud, the connection of the unlawful conversion of our political status to the currency system, and so much more. 

Do your part. 

Inevitably, with a Fraud Scheme this massive, there is an unavoidable SHTF moment. 

As we recently explained, the Federal Reserve has been refusing to print FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES because those notes are evidence of indebtedness on their part, and may also be considered evidence of crime.  

This means that smaller banks in their system are being forced to close their doors simply because they can't meet the daily demand for cash.  

The Federal Reserve kicked things up another notch on March 11th, when it stopped making credit available to these smaller banks to loan out for mortgages and car loans, etc., effectively shutting down any expansion of business operations for thousands of smaller banks in the Federal Reserve network. 

Be aware that these actions on the part of the Federal Reserve are being taken on purpose to reduce their "exposure" and liability, and also to open up the opportunity to seize upon all these smaller banks that are in distress because of these deliberate moves by the Federal Reserve. 

Remember that any kind of money or currency is a commodity.  

This is analogous to what happens if a car parts manufacturer suddenly quits manufacturing car parts and garages go under: they can't fix cars for lack of parts.  In the same way, the smaller banks can't provide cash exchanges or loans when the Big Mama Federal Reserve stops rolling the presses and signing off on the credit. 

Is there something wrong with the "money"?--- yes. The Bretton Woods system was never correctly implemented, so the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES were never actually "legalized" in this country. 

The Criminals-in-Charge thought it would be more advantageous for them to just say that they were providing remedy for their actions instead of actually providing remedy.  Just like they thought it would be smart to strong arm the people of this country to just endlessly extend more and more and more credit to them instead of swapping debt for services. 

Failure to provide and implement the remedy published in Federal Title 12 --- exemptions for Americans not employed by the Federal Government called Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions --- has led to the fact that FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES were never legalized for use as legal tender. 

This also led to an astronomical rise in the National Debt of the British Territorial United States and its USA Corporation --- a debt that they intended to dump on the backs of the Municipal citizens of the United States, who would then go bankrupt, and leave everyone fraudulently misidentified as "citizens of the United States"  on the hook for their spending.

Both the USA and US -- corporations operated by foreign governments -- are complicit.  

The most recent round of this fraud just took place beginning in 2015 under Obummer. 

So, understand that all this is going to get messy and we have two layers of Swamp Muck to clean up. 

And understand that there are a huge number of innocent people unprepared, who don't grasp what happened, who don't know what to do or who to believe --- all they are going to know is that all the local banks are closing and cash is disappearing, and they will, understandably, feel panicked. 

Rather than really clean up their own mess, the Vermin have set things up to starve people out, so there will be fewer Creditors.  

That's what all the attacks on the farmers, all the pollution of the food, all the land grabs --- are about. That's also a good bit of what the pandemic was about.  Killing creditors, so they can't collect, and so their assets can be seized upon as intestate estates. 

We are doing all that we can to resolve this Mess and clean it up and put a stop to the crimes against humanity, but you need to help. 

Even if they think you are nuts at first, tell your friends and neighbors.  Give the General Information handout to as many people as you can, especially to lawyers, doctors, and politicians, bankers, and senior bureaucrats.  Share it and do your best to explain it to friends and family.  

At least people will have an inkling what is going on and why.  

Encourage them to claim their natural birthright political status and inheritance.  Help and show them how.  

Get them signed up for an account with the Global Family Bank, so that they will have a safe means to buy food and make other transactions during the inevitable aftermath. 

Help quash the move the Vermin are making to demonize "sovereign citizens" by handing the police and lawyers and judges our International Public Notice: The Sovereign Citizen Myth.  

Get together with your neighbors to form Neighborhood Watch Groups.  Have heart to heart talks with the local police so they aren't caught off-guard.  Dump the General Information publication for Attorneys, Doctors, and Politicians on them. 

Especially the District Attorneys and District Prosecutors.  And Congressional Delegations. 

And a copy of the Notice about the Sovereign Citizen Myth. 

Send it in the mail.  Drop it by their office.  Be nice. Be polite.  But be determined.  What you are sharing with them is the truth.  No need to be mad or apologetic, either one. 

If at all possible, put aside extra food, water, fuel, and medications for your family, and if you can, prepare to help your more extended family, too. 

And by all means, if you can, put a bit aside to help the Federation which is the only government actually representing you as living people and working to protect you and your assets in international jurisdiction. 

Don't worry about supporting Trump or Biden, either one.  They aren't your government.  They are "Presidents" of corporations that are Subcontractors of your government.  


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