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Thursday, March 21, 2024

Today's Happy Place Reminder

 By Anna Von Reitz

Yesterday, I shared a "Happy Place" moment with everyone with the American Bison video. Thanks again to our very talented Assembly Member who created this lovely video!  

It's a special reminder of all we love and also all that we share with the American Native Nations.

Today, I got another jolt of beautiful connectivity and joy:

This version of John Denver's classic song, "Take Me Home Country Roads" is tuned to the natural and health-giving 432 Hertz scale.  Please listen to it and note the differences compared to the broadcast version of this song that you are used to.   

After about 30 seconds, maybe a minute into the song, you will notice your body shifting into this different resonance. It may be a pleasant chill up your back, or a sense of being more solid and physical, or a feeling that you are humming....there 
are many possible responses, but if you are alert, you will notice your own physical response. 

This particular frequency produces characteristic vibrations that are known to promote health and well-being, so if you are a fan of John's music, and even if you aren't, sit back and give yourself a shot of acoustical Vitamin C.  

And thank you, my friend and Assembly Member in Louisiana, for sharing!  


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