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Friday, March 22, 2024

Ron Paul Predicted Today’s Disasters. What’s Next?  Tucker Carlson Interview with Ron Paul


  1. How much is Ron Paul worth today? And how did he do it?

  2. Its hilarious people think the lone speaker ron paul is predicting anything. He was part of it for Decades. He Warns like Eisenhower warns, to get people aware and to accept what comes. Theres not a worthwhile individual shilling for the fed gov today. The whole of the FED gov should be disbanded and reformed in much smaller capacity with ONLY a charter to defend the national border and deal with the states requirements the states tell it to in the international jurisdiction. Beyond that the FED GOV could be disbanded and every American would be better off for it.

  3. Paul served on the House Banking Committee and argued for the return of the gold standard that the U.S. had maintained from 1873 to 1933. During his tenure in the Senate, he had an annual income of $100,000. He also draws an income from the various boards and colleges to which he is attached.

    Thanks to his strong personal brand, his YouTube channel has a strong following and contributes to his monthly income. As with most notable people, he has a modest portfolio of long-term investments. His retirement plan and Air Force pension also pay out monthly dividends. Paul famously served as a U.S. Representative while his son, Rand, was a senator. He is a published author, with several books to his name, and serves as a Fellow of the Mises Institute.

    Ron Paul retired from politics in 2018, although he is still active as a paid speaker and a professor at various universities. Does all of that equal 8 million?

    1. Who Cares. He didn't DO anything to prevent Any of it other than Announce it to everyone not in a position to prevent it. People are Stupid, and seemingly Happy for it.


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