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Sunday, March 3, 2024

International Public Notice - End of the FDA and NIH

 By Anna Von Reitz

The political, military, and economic consequences have arrived. It is coming home to the State-of-State and Federal "Government" Corporations of this country and the world -- and especially the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration and the NIH, aka, National Institutes of Health. 

Both of these organizations have proven to be uniquely corrupt and self-interested and have failed their Public Mission. 

We know from the research of Dr. David Martin, our own research, and the research of many others, that the build up to the so-called pandemic began over thirty years ago with the first patents on modified coronavirus, in England. 

Once again, Britain is at the bottom of the dogpile. 

We know that the so-called coronavirus vaccine contained mRNA fragments and created a pathway for the cell-by-cell injection of foreign genetic material that hijacks the natural protein synthesis system of the cell and redirects it to produce viper venom proteins. 

We even know exactly which viper venoms were used as the templates.  

The NIH certainly knew all of this information and more from the very outset of the coronavirus operation and did nothing to correctly inform, warn, or direct any effective countermeasures. 

We know that these now-internally produced venom proteins attach to the same receptor sites as nicotine and acetyl-choline. 

We also know that, for the past 30 years, roughly the same time that coronavirus has been in the process of weaponization, nicotine has been demonized and lied about by the FDA.  

How do we know this?  Because in 1994, before the entire Congress, the seven CEO's of the biggest tobacco companies all swore that "Nicotine is not addictive."  

They were telling the truth; how do we know that? 

First, they are the world's top experts on the subject of nicotine all swearing under penalty of perjury, and second, if nicotine were addictive, we'd all be addicted to tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplants, potatoes, cauliflower and a host of other vegetables that contain nicotine, and third, an exhaustive 2015 study by Harvard University reached the same conclusions: nicotine is not addictive.  

Nicotine is not even a drug subject to the scrutiny of the FDA; it's a naturally occurring nutrient, and harmless in the concentrations found in tobacco.  

Three years after the Great Swearing Before Congress, the Food and Drug Administration came out and said that Nicotine is addictive and started plastering warning labels on cigarettes and other tobacco products. 

So, the industry experts testified before Congress that nicotine is not addictive, and the FDA said it was. 

It turns out that the addictive components of cigarettes are man-made compounds --- pyrazines that the FDA allows to be added to cigarettes and tobacco products. 

The FDA allows over 500 such additives to tobacco products, including arsenic, which is added to cigarette rolling paper for no fathomable good reason at all. 

Strangely, having heard the testimony of the Tobacco Company CEO's just three years before, not a single member of Congress questioned the FDA.  

It is clear that the FDA is not only incompetent, but evil, and doing the exact opposite of the job they are hired and paid to do. 

The same can be said of the members of Congress, especially those who heard the testimony back in 1994 and had every reason to question the FDA findings. 

Instead, they all sat mum as stumps.  

This all makes sense, when you consider the Long Game and know that the Federal Government was granted specific regulatory control over alcohol, tobacco, and firearms (not defined as handguns, rifles, etc., but heavy armaments like mortars and cannons) and makes a significant amount of the money intended for its own support from taxes and regulatory fees called "Sin Taxes" on these items. 

The FDA's initial rubber-stamping of the addition of pyrazine compounds to tobacco products is self-evident: they wanted tobacco products to be addictive so that they were guaranteed more sales and income from tobacco sales. 

They later lied about and demonized nicotine -- making a sacrifice of their tobacco sales in order to pursue a much bigger Game Plan and unimaginably more profit -- to be recouped down the road by the Medical Industry. 

The reason they demonized nicotine and lied about it so specifically is now obvious. 

People who smoke don't suffer from the mRNA injections because nicotine binds to the cell receptor sites more aggressively than the snake venom proteins produced by the mRNA templates.

If the venom proteins can't connect, we don't suffer respiratory illness, heart malfunctions like myocarditis, degradation of our nervous system leading to ALS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease, etc., IBS, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis. 

And the Medical Industrial Complex doesn't make vast profits off all these diseases.  

Taxing these profits offers the Federal Corporations much more profit than mere tobacco sales; they already made hundreds of billions of dollars selling the crap that makes us sick and then collected billions more from the illness and death they created -- on purpose. 

The witch hunt against nicotine has continued and accelerated with many of these False Governments pledging to ban nicotine products altogether by 2030. 

We have this to say:  the FDA and NIH are among  over 350 Federal Agencies created by Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Administration and following Administrations as Subcontractors serving the Federal Government Corporations.  The cost of these Agencies like all the others has been foisted off onto the American people using the same impersonation schemes we have fully described elsewhere. 

There is and has never been any provision in our contracts with the District of Columbia or the Municipal Corporations housed there agreeing to hire all these extra employees to assist them in their duties.  Those expenses should have been their corporate expense, not the expense of the people of this country. 

This is Due Notice of the Fact that all Federal Agencies including the FDA and NIH and all expenses related to them, are being back-charged to the Principals responsible effective May 1st 1880

If they wish to continue funding the FDA, FBI, FEMA, DOJ, DHS, DOD, etc., out of their own profits, that is their business, but the work of these agencies and their mandates and regulatory actions will generally speaking have no effect upon Americans who are not directly employed by these same Federal Municipal and Territorial Corporations and the expense of their continued existence will be borne by the District and Municipal Corporations hiring them and directing their operations.    

The responsibility for these Agencies and their operations and performance is squarely on the District and Municipal Corporations and so is the liability for their lack of performance, malfeasance, and corruption. 

If these same referenced Corporations wish us to continue to respect their hegemony over the regulation (interstate manufacture, sale and transportation) of tobacco products they must immediately redirect the FDA and NIH and all associated corporations to serve our Public Good, issue public notice that nicotine is not addictive, and remove those chemicals that have been added to natural tobacco products to make them addictive and overall harmful to our health.  

This is not negotiable. 

These District and Municipal Corporations received regulatory authority as stipulated in good faith and they must operate in good faith.  As things stand, the FDA and NIH and their associates are all exposed as ruthless profiteering organizations with no regard for their contractual obligations --- so much so, that they lack all credibility and are not believed by the public anymore.  

As demonstrated in the case of the Big Lie about nicotine, the FDA has consistently malfunctioned and acted in gross malfeasance contrary to the Public Interest and Public Good in pursuit of corporate profits. 

By promoting the coronavirus pandemic and harming the health of over a billion people for the sake of personal and corporate profits the NIH is also culpable and liable for the damage it has done and is no longer needed as an institution.  

The Territorial and Municipal Congresses operated in Gross Negligence owed to the Public Trust and their continued inaction and self-service about these and other matters cannot be excused or condoned. 

When our Federal Subcontractors hire Agencies to do their work for them and then allow these Agencies to undertake actions that are detrimental to Public Health and Well-being, those Federal Subcontractors are 100% commercially, personally, and morally liable for the consequences of their actions and the actions of the Agencies and Agents under their direction.  

The fact that the cost of supporting all these Federal Agencies was foisted off onto the American Public and not paid for by the Territorial and Municipal Corporations hiring them out of their own receipts means that every single one of these Agencies have pretended public roles and authorities by association and in fact owe us good faith and service and some reasonable degree of competence as the people paying their paychecks. 

The Food and Drug Administration aka FDA and the NIH in the whole development of the coronavirus disaster has failed consistently on every aspect of good faith, service, and competence.  

We are including for ease of reference a link to a  Dr. Bryan Ardis's work on this topic; Dr. Ardis is by far not the only medical expert speaking out about this travesty and apparent failure of the Congresses and FDA to protect the Public; his presentation is, however, convenient: 

If the Territorial Congress fails to act to correct this situation, we will act upon their Corporations and their Principals according to their liabilities and contracts. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

March 2nd 2024


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