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Sunday, March 3, 2024

For Minnesota and Everyone Else

 By Anna Von Reitz

There has always been a Federation running continuously through our history as a country from 1776 to today; it has been embodied by and carried forward by the individual people and their progeny who were involved in the Federation and its work from the start.  

As an instrumentality of the States and the people of this country it is the only such organization that survived the Civil War -- and it only did that by a hair's breadth.  It very nearly died, both because of the dangers involved in continuing its operations and mission, and because of the time span involved. 

Just a very few people-- less than 200-- carried the entire burden for decades.  Most of them survived in remote locations and lived as migrant workers to avoid persecution by the Tory Corporations that usurped upon our lawful government.  

They had to run in the dark and keep on the move, change their names, change their occupations, change their locations like criminals on the run.  My own husband moved eleven times in the first twelve years of his life and endured much humiliation and abuse; he had no chance of a normal life because of his family's unspoken obligation to keep the Federation of States alive.

Just as many people mistake a "church" for a building and not the body of people making up a church, they mistake our Federation and our American Government as a whole, as a thing apart from the body of people who have preserved it.  It's not. 

It is literally as even Abraham Lincoln admitted and described it, a government made of people, existing by the people's participation in it, and designed for the good of the people. 

In the days to come, the people of this country will become educated again about their country and its cultural and philosophical foundations, its organization and institutions, its laws, and their heritage.  

A full appreciation of The United States of America defined as an unincorporated Federation of States will be part of that education.  For now, what is most important and what everyone needs to focus on, is understanding their own role, their own empowerment and limitations, and their own State Government. 

Too many people go from being slaves to imagining that they are the kings of the world. They don't yet grasp the fundamentals of governing themselves, much less governing their State or their country or anything beyond that -- but they must learn. And quickly! 

Too many also are so grammar-deficient that they can't tell the difference between the adjective "Federal" and the noun "Federation" --- and mistake our Federation of States for the Federal Government they are familiar with. That's a stumbling block also.  They are two separate things entirely, but until people get that through their heads, they react as if we were Big Brother. 

Still more people get hung up on the difference between the Federation of States and the Confederation of States-of-States, but that should be easy to dispense with.  

Everyone can observe that there is a State, such as Michigan, and there is a State-of-State called the State of Michigan. 

The Federation has the actual States as its members, whereas the former (pre-Civil War) Confederation had our American States-of-States as its members. 

Today, there is and can be no active Confederation.  It disbanded in 1861 and neither it nor the Federal Republic it sponsored has ever been Reconstructed by the actual States of the Union.  

Please make this information widely available as needed. 

Just as the Tories brought in and substituted their British Territorial States of States organizations for our American States of States on an "emergency basis" after the Civil War, they are now trying to promote the idea that their States of States are the members of the original Confederation and that their Confederation is going to reboot the Federal Republic. 

This is another self-interested British Territorial lie seeking to pull the same kind of Substitution Fraud Scheme as when they substituted "a" President --- Abraham Lincoln --- for The President, meaning The President of The United States of America, our Federation of States. 

We must all work hard to learn the facts and be ready to stand our ground and assert our right to run our own country and government -- and our Federal Subcontractors and the Principals responsible for them must be convinced that we know who we are, know our own history, and know them for who they are, too.  

Therefore, work with all speed and spread the word by all vehicles and venues possible, and teach the American people their own history and ability to determine their own destiny.  Make it clear and simple and consistent and true, so that the chaos and confusion that our self-interested government service providers promote is recognized for what it is and set aside. 

We are repopulating our States of the Union first, instead of our Counties,  because we are coming at it from a completely different starting position than the Founders.  

The Founders were the inheritors of already established Estates that in due time became States, when they were already acknowledged to be standing on the land and soil of those States. 

Today, we are also the inheritors of those same States, however, we have been trafficked as babies by a process of registrations, so that we are no longer recognizable (when we start this journey) as Americans populating the land and soil of the States. 

When we start our journey home, we are evidenced only by a Municipal Corporation franchise operated in our NAME, and by the Estate of a British Merchant Marine Warrant Officer who is presumed to be dead and lost at sea.  

We have to overcome these false representations and impersonations and "return" to our birthright jurisdiction and political status in order to inherit what is justly ours.  

The order of operations by which we have been defrauded goes like this: from the soil to the land to the sea to the air jurisdiction.  

Following the Maxim of Law that as a thing is bound, so it is unbound, we must go in the exact opposite direction to reverse the damage: from the air to the sea to the land to the soil. 

This is why I, acting as Fiduciary, have extracted all the Municipal PERSONS and their assets, in favor of those who have hands and feet, and in whom the flesh lives and blood flows --- each one of you, and this description of the inheritor/creditor cannot be overcome by pretending that the actual inheritor is a corporation, dead man's estate, etc. 

That removed you and your assets from the jurisdiction of the air.  

Next, there is the question of the "dead" British Merchant Mariner and "his" Estate --- you are the only one having the actual survivorship interest, but if you don't claim it, the Administration of the Estate remains in the hands of the British Territorial Government and their appointed Executive Administrators -- the Bar Association Members. 

When you stand there on your flat little feet with the evidence of the fact that you were trafficked away from your natural birthright political status -- the Birth Certificate that shows your "death" and the "birth" of the missing British Merchant Mariner -- and declare that you are the owner of the only survivorship interest in this Estate and that you have returned to your birthright political status, guess what? 

You have made the second correction and returned from the sea to the land jurisdiction of this country where you began.  

Because the land is inextricably connected to the soil, upon "arriving" home on the land in your State of the Union, you also automatically repopulate the County where you now live. 

You can now see how you have been removed from your birthright going from soil to land to sea to air, and then, are transported back again, from air to sea to land and soil. 

We have to do what we are doing in the order that we are doing it in order to achieve the desired end result.  

We can't just flap our arms and crow, "I'm an American!" when the paper trail says that you are only evidenced by a Municipal Corporation franchise operating in your NAME and by the Estate of a British Merchant Mariner who is lost and presumed dead. 

Recording our own paper trail to intersect their Legal Process and return us to our rightful political status and identity and jurisdiction is the only way that we can overcome, arrive back home, and claim our inheritance.

Like a game there are rules, and like Nature itself, there is an order to it that has to be observed, step by step. 

We have overcome this pernicious Legal Process designed to sequentially denigrate us first to the realm of "humans" and next to the realm of corporations --- and just in time, because the next "click" in this programme would have had us denigrated further to the status of patented Genetically Modified Organisms, so-called transhumans, owned by DARPA, licensed to Microsoft, Inc., and having no rights at all.

It's thanks to the Federation that your assets have been reclaimed, that you have a sure pathway to save your inheritance, that you are protected by our Public Law from commercial claims to own you as GMOs, and that you have a future. 

The Federation was alive and looking out for you and yours.  It's because of the Federation that all of this has been brought to your attention and you have been enabled to escape the clutches of the Satanists responsible for these usurpations against you and against your State of the Union.

So, those of you entering upon the State Assemblies, stop quibbling and running willy-nilly after this guru and that guru, and don't fear the power of the Federation, because that power is standing for you and yours. All the relief that you need and seek will be expedited if you focus on the work needed to complete the assembling process. 

Remember that it's okay if you feel confused and uncertain and even scared; this is a lot to take in. Just make a good faith effort to read the words and follow the logic -- and go back and read it as many times as needed.  

If you remember nothing else, know that the Federation of States endured the darkness of 160 years to be here and do its best to save you, but you must still take action to save yourselves. You have to read and think and learn to operate your own life and your own State and your own County, and ultimately, your own country, too.   

The present members of the Federation of States have an average age of 82.  Nobody here is gunning for any personal glory.  All serve as volunteers with no salary and no pension benefits. If this suggests to you, as it should, that you have to get moving and take up the torch -- it should. 


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